#DallasChat Daily: How Do John Ross and J.R. Differ?

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J.R. Ewing liked to say John Ross was his son “from tip to tail,” and John Ross certainly has a lot in common with his daddy. But John Ross also likes to think of himself as his own man, as we saw when he confronted Sue Ellen over her drinking and shouted, “I am not my father!”

Your #DallasChat Daily question: How is John Ross different from J.R.?

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  1. Dan in WI says:

    This one is simple for me. JR was much more deliberate and thoughtful. John Ross is more of a shoot from the hip type.

  2. Jennifer Irons says:

    John Ross doesn’t have the same charm and charisma that JR had; IMHO, JR was more subtle when he wanted to put the screws to his adversaries whether it was Bobby or an outsider. John Ross just comes right out and says what he plans on doing.

  3. John Ross tries too hard.

  4. John Ross is esoteric & modern, not wearing the cowboy/oilman hat in order to get delas done with the younger crowd. While Father J.R. with his stetson was more of a backslapping, booze guzzling behind the scene kind of guy who stabbed u in the back while slapping it at the same time. Plus, u’d always wanted to forgive him as he gave u that ever fantastic smile!

  5. JR is more deliberate and manipulative. John Ross is emotional and impulsive. JR was more charismatic but John Ross has better style. JR was his own man but John Ross even at 35 still seems a bit lost.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think JR would have dreamed of building on or changing South Fork the way John Ross has. He may have drilled on the land but I don’t think he would have changed the house!

  6. John Ross is the perfect combination of J.R. and Sue Ellen: he is a ladies’ man like his father; he is emotional and impulsive like his mother. The big difference between these two men is that J.R. was always very respectful to his parents, especially his mama. J.R. NEVER would have spoken to Miss Ellie the way that John Ross does Sue Ellen. John Ross needs to treat his mother much better than he does, and J.R. would be the first one to tell him that!

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