#DallasChat Daily: Who Was Jock’s Favorite Daughter-in-Law?

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Every “Dallas” fan knows Bobby was Jock’s favorite son, but figuring out which daughter-in-law he favored is a bit tougher.

Jock was no fan of Pam when she arrived at Southfork, but he movingly persuaded her to stay at the ranch when Bobby threatened to take her and leave after her first miscarriage. Jock scolded Sue Ellen when she went missing after J.R.’s shooting, but he also rushed to her defense when Cliff claimed he was John Ross’s father. Jock was friends with Donna before she got together with Ray, but when the couple’s relationship hit a rough patch, he refused to intervene. As for Valene? Yes, Jock helped prevent her from raising Lucy, but the old man also showed up at Gary and Val’s second wedding, hoping to mend fences.

Your #DallasChat Daily question: Which one of Jock’s daughters-in-law did he like best?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Have a great discussion!


  1. I am going to say Pam is his favorite. My reason are as follows – Pam proved to be loyal. Pam did not shot his son. Pam is a nice trophy for Jock, in addition to Southfork and Miss Ellie. Valene ran off with Lucy to Virgina and Jock had to send private detectives to bring his granddaughter back to him. Donna had all of the environmental interests that seemed to be a turn off to Jock, even though Miss Ellie shared some of the same concerns as Donna. It is clear that Pam is the favorite.

  2. It has to be Mi9ss Texas C.B. W/o Sue Ellen bumping uglies “barely” as she said with J.R,.’s spermazota, she wouldn’t have bore his namesake grandson (that he named), John Ross Ewing The IIIrd & the dynasty of J.R.’s would have been over.

  3. I’m going with Sue Ellen as well since she bore him his first grandson!

  4. Garnet McGee says:

    Donna was Jock’s favorite. He didn’t like Pam’s family and he disapproved of Sue Ellen’s drinking. He didn’t really notice them too much unless they wanted to do something he didn’t like.

  5. I think it was Pamela, she had spirit

  6. Brandon childers says:

    We all know he didnt like Val, in my opinion he barley knew donna, and she could have ruined his marriage with that DOA land crap. Sue Ellen or Pam, probably Pam. If you take all daughter in-laws into question I think he would have liked April more than any of them, and possibly Jenna

  7. Pam for sure. I think this is a case where no matter what the script said the actors played it that way. I remembering reading that Jim Davis and Victoria Principal really got along well, and that she reminded him of his daughter who’d died a few years before.

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