Emmy Voting is Underway. Will ‘Dallas’ Make the Cut?



Will “Dallas” receive Primetime Emmy nominations this year? The conventional wisdom says no, although at this early stage, the TNT drama is a contender — along with more than 100 other shows.

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences released the preliminary ballots this week. Academy members are asked to vote for their favorites in each category through June 20; the final nominations will be announced July 10.

The preliminary ballots list hundreds of shows and individuals. Most submissions come from networks and production companies, although anyone can pay the entry fee and submit themselves for consideration.

In the dramatic series categories, the preliminary ballots list Patrick Duffy and Josh Henderson as lead actor contenders, while Linda Gray is the show’s sole candidate for a lead actress nomination.

The other “Dallas” cast members — Emma Bell, Jordana Brewster, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Julie Gonzalo, Jesse Metcalfe, Mitch Pileggi and Brenda Strong — are listed in the supporting categories. The ballots also list two guest stars: Judith Light and AnnaLynne McCord.

“Dallas” is also one of 108 shows on the ballot for best dramatic series, while director Steve Robin is up for a nomination for helming “Like Father, Like Son,” the episode where John Ross confronts Sue Ellen over her drinking.

It may be heartening to see “Dallas” listed in these races, but don’t get your hopes up, fellow fans. Each category has only a handful of available slots for nominations, which are expected to go to critical darlings such as “Breaking Bad,” “Game of Thrones” and the resurgent “The Good Wife.”

It’s also worth remembering “Dallas’s” tortured history with the Emmys: Although Barbara Bel Geddes won the lead dramatic actress race in 1980, the series picked up only a handful of nominations during its heyday. The tradition continued last year, when the academy snubbed Larry Hagman in the supporting actor race and shamefully omitted him from the special tributes during the Emmy broadcast.

The 2014 ballots also contain a few oddities where “Dallas” is concerned: The “D” in Di Pace’s name isn’t capitalized, Gonzalo’s character is listed as “Rebecca Sutter” and voters are asked to consider Light’s work in “Venomous Creatures,” a second-season episode that falls outside this year’s eligibility time frame.

Do you think “Dallas” deserves Emmy nominations this year? Share your comments below and read more news from Dallas Decoder.


  1. Take your Emmy’s & stuff’em where the sun don’t shine you rotten television critic bastards! You don’t know great acting when you see it!-J.R. Ewing.

  2. garnet mcgee says:

    The acting and directing on like father like son are emmy worthy. Although many in the cast are capable of award winning performances they were not given award winning material. Dallas is my favorite show but even with my bias I can see it is not in the same league as Breaking Bad and the Good Wife. Not even close.

  3. Linda Gray is long overdue for an Emmy!

  4. Josh Henderson and Linda Gray need to be nominated. Her for JR’s funeral and Josh for either his reaction to JR’s final letter or his confrontation with Sue Ellen this year in the Kitchen.

  5. Even though she’s not a regular, Judith Light. She definitely brought some of J.R’s spirit with her. There are a few episodes where she has scared me s***less. The one where she snorts cocaine for instance. Larry and her could have been a great dynamic duo. We’ll always treasure our Larry Hagman. 🙂

  6. Jennifer Irons says:

    Linda Gray definitely should be nominated, some of her best scenes were when she was drinking and she pulls off alcoholism very realistically!

  7. Linda’s tape can’t include anything from s2 (she should’ve been nominated last year IMO). For this year’s tape, I hope she includes scenes from the last few eps of the first half of s3. HOWEVER, I keep thinking she may fair better in the Supporting Actress category. Although she is DEFINITELY the LEAD actress on the show, she seems to be “supporting” Josh as John Ross. I wish them the best of luck, especially Linda. She is LONG overdue.

  8. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has a long way to go, before they earn my respect.I believe in redemption. I also know that this organization’s main focus is not on honoring television talent or paying respect to the historic television significance of “Dallas” and also Larry Hagman. I would love to see Linda Gray win. I am not going to be disappointed if “Dallas” does not receive a single nomination because that is what I expect. Sad.

  9. Dallas favorite show period, but no, it deserves little Emmy consideration. The writing just isn’t THAT great. This isn’t necessarily a slap at Robin or Cidre, but for example… One of my Other favorite shows is Sons of Anarchy, and The Americans…SOA is amazing story telling, tremendous, and even that show gets snubbed, which is an atrocity. Regardless, I think that Linda Evans and Josh Henderson both qualify – Josh more in the Lead role and Linda in a supportive role, but this show, though i and many others adore it, is not in the Emmy arena.

  10. Anonymous says:

    No it wont and shouldnt either, as its not great and thats being honest
    Larry Hagman should have won during the original run


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