#DallasChat Daily: What’s Your Favorite ‘Dallas’ Pool Scene?

Bobby Ewing, Cliff Barnes, Dallas, Fern Fitzgerald, J.R. Ewing, Ken Kercheval, Kristin Shepard, Larry Hagman, Marilee Stone, Mary Crosby, Pam Ewing, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal

The Southfork swimming pool scenes were one of the original “Dallas’s” most-loved traditions. Do you have a favorite?

Was it the time Donna shoved J.R. into the pool? Or maybe it was the time Jamie pushed Marilee into the water? How about one of J.R. and Bobby’s pool fights? What about the season-ending cliffhanger that found Cliff discovering Kristin’s dead body floating in the pool? Or maybe it was one of Pam’s sexy swimming sequences?

Your #DallasChat Daily question: What’s your favorite “Dallas” swimming pool scene?

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  1. Jennifer Irons says:

    All of the pool fights between Bobby and JR were my favorites; it always appeared to me like they were done for comic relief and the fact that JR never was able to fight back against Bobby was a hoot!

  2. Dan in WI says:

    You mention Pam’s pool appearances, well I just rewatched Sue Ellen’s Sister this past week and there was absolutely nothing wrong with Colleen Camp’s swimming scenes either.

    It’s funny really. While I always enjoyed watching someone end up in the pool there is no one occurance that stands out in my memory over any other.

  3. Kelley Tyler says:

    Well, I’ll just be honest. I was a “relatively” young man when Ms. Principal spent time in the Southfork pool. Oh, the memories… Okay, I’ve said enough!!

  4. The fight that breaks out in the 1982 episode when JR and Sue Ellen get (re)married – first JR and Cliff and then just about every other male character end up in the pool!

    On the subject of fights, whilst I would never want my beloved Dallas to descend into the cat-fighting silliness of a certain rival Soap whose name I won’t mention, it would have been nice just occasionally to see some of the ladies going at each other ( only when the script realistically demanded it ofcourse – Sue Ellen and Mandy Winger for instance!)

  5. I like the scene with J.R. overseeing Cliff grabbing Kristin out of the pool. Albeit dead of course. It gave him absolute power and control just standing there on the balcony b/c he knew that he hadn’t murdered her!

  6. I like the swimming pool scene from JR and Sue Ellen’s wedding, in which JR, Bobby, Cliff and other parties got involved.

  7. My favorite is the one not long after JR was shot when he & Sue Ellen were splashing water at each other as Pam & Bobby argued.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The pool scene where Bobby beat the crap out of JR when Pam told him JR sent her on a wild goose chase to find Mark (glad she did not, Mark was dying at that point I guess since Season 9 was a dream) This scene was hilarious with JR telling Donna and Ray to shut up and Bobby dragging him out of the pool.

    • Ha ha. Yes! I also love how — after the pool fight — Bobby drags J.R., soaking wet, to the Ewing Oil offices. I can’t recall the reason. Was it to listen to a tape or something? I remember being amused by it.

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