#DallasChat Daily: Who’s Bobby’s Best Wife?

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There have been three Mrs. Bobby Ewings on “Dallas” — Pam, April and Ann. Picking a favorite is almost as tough as choosing between Ginger and Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island,” but let’s try anyway.

Your #DallasChat Daily question: Who is Bobby’s best wife?

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  1. Kelley Tyler says:


  2. Dan in WI says:

    I’ve always been a great fan of April. The main reason: She is the only Bobby significant other (wife or otherwise) who never left him.
    Pam left twice: once over Bobby pulling out all the stops in the fight for Ewing Oil and once in an attempt to be “noble” over her injuries. After all JR did to her you would have thought she’d support his defeat in that war and all nobility aside Bobby loved her but she cast him aside instead of letting him be a great husband to stand by her.
    Jenna: She was just one messed up person in the grand scheme of things. She left him prior to the show and was often times quite cold to him during the show. It certainly didn’t help that Katherine stacked the deck against them by involving Naldo.
    Tracy Lawton: Couldn’t stand to get too close and Westar v Ewing Oil also got in the way. She left him.
    Kay Lloyd: This one might be horse a piece. Neither was willing to leave their current life to make a relationship.
    April: Once she made her turn from heel to face she was the ultimate Bobby loyalist and kept trying to make it work to the end. Granted she had to withdraw and regroup a couple times when Bobby’s hard headed will drove her away. But she always came back.
    Ann: It is clear at this point in both their lives that the both come with a ton of baggage. Let’s face it that really does stack the deck against them and they have probably done good to be together as long as they have. Aren’t we to understand this is Bobby’s longest actual marriage? That said I think she to is close to leaving him and for her worthless ex-husband no less. (I still don’t buy that nonsense that there is a human buried somewhere in there.) Now I could be wrong about that. Time will tell. But right now it sure looks like there is a high potential for her to be the latest to leave Bobby.

    The only one tough to categorize is Jorie Taylor. JR and Callie proved May and December doesn’t work well. Plus one can argue if this ever really was or wasn’t a realationship for either case.

    Am I forgeting anyone? There was Lisa (Aldridge? I think was her last name) but that was never a honest relationship. I’m also not counting Jeanie (Pam look a like) as Bobby was doing his best Jenna impression at that point.

    • Dan said it all. I’m team April. She truly loved him, even when driven back home for a while. I sill get sad when I think of her death on the show.

    • Pam left 3x. She left once in the beginning for a few episodes. That was when her friend was working for JR and got pictures of her in bed. Then she left after her mother died, due to the fight for ewing oil, and then she left to be noble after her accident.

  3. Jennifer Irons says:

    IMHO, Ann is Bobby’s best wife mostly because she is not whiny like Pam was! April really did not live long enough to be a wife to Bobby!

  4. I like Ann. Sure she has problems, a stupid daughter, and a crazy evil ex husband. She also is very strong and has a big generous heart. She is alive and never slept with JR..

  5. Garnet McGee says:

    I got bored with the original and stopped watching in season 7 before April appeared. Pam was a good wife for Bobby in the first 3 or 4 seasons. Ann has a problem with not telling the whole story. Despite her penchant for leaving out crucial details, Ann is tough enough to make a life with the Ewings so I’ll go with Ann as his best wife. She would be a much better wife if her daughter took a slow boat to London.

  6. I think they all had great qualities of femininity to bring II the Ewing table, but I prefer Pam as she was Bob’s real love.

  7. Marilyn Hadey says:


  8. Pam will always be Bobbie’s Juliet

  9. Pam for sure. The chemistry of those two on screen is enough to overcome any plot to let you know they belong together. Plus Pam made Bobby accept her *gasp* going to work! Fast forward over thirty years and it looks like poor old Anne isn’t allowed to do such a thing!
    If Jenna = first love, and Pam = true love, then Anne = companionship love.

  10. Pam all the way for me. There was real true love there by both parties and they were so hot together.

  11. PAM all the way bobby first love same with pam. BOBBY & PAM LOVE FOREVER xxx

  12. Bobby & Pam true love.

    • I must say Pamela forever.. …as Romeo and Juliet. No miscredits to April and Ann…
      I can only agree with previous speachers in this, Bobby and Pam love forever,,


      Uppsala Sweden

  13. Pam from Seasons 1-5, then the writers changed her and made her weak, Pam was the best because she truly had his heart and he had hers. Out of April and Ann, Pam was Bobby’s true love!!!!

    • I agree Pam changed after the first few years, although I think she regained some of her strength during the later years. Thanks for commenting, Mary Ann.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Pam was clearly the love of his life. Circumstances made their marriage difficult from the start and sadly they killed her off but she was the perfect wife for him with her beauty and strength of character. After that Jenna his first love was the best I think. April was a pale shadow of Pam and not even pretty, she tried to be funny and witty but I could never believe in them as a couple.

  15. I disagree with others about Pam being the great love of Bobby’s life. She left him (and Christopher) after the accident because she didn’t want them seeing her plastic surgery results. How vain and selfish is that? April zeroed in on Bobby and launched a steadfast, persistent campaign to win his heart. She knew what she wanted and went after it! I have to admire that about her. She wouldn’t have left him for some silly reason like Pam. I just wish producers of Dallas would’ve allowed April to live. They killed her off with a few episodes left in the series…why not let her live if they knew the show would get canceled? That way Bobby and April could’ve ridden off into the sunset together on the series finale…maybe April tells him she’s pregnant in their final scene together? Just a thought! Team Bobby -n- April all the way!!!💜💜💜

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