#DallasChat Daily: Is Bobby a Good Husband?

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Bobby has had three wives on “Dallas,” and each marriage had its ups and downs.

He stood by Pam when the Barnes-Ewing feud was at its peak, but his chauvinistic streak revealed itself on more than one occasion during the course of their marriage. Later, Bobby became April’s knight in shining armor, but only after he got over the fact she once slept with J.R. Meanwhile, on TNT’s “Dallas,” Bobby has been a supportive spouse to Ann, but he’s also been a bit of a hypocrite, flying off the handle whenever he discovers she’s kept secrets from him, even though he isn’t always Mr. Forthright himself.

Your #DallasChat Daily question: Is Bobby a good husband?

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  1. Dan in WI says:

    Bobby is flawed. No doubt about it. Yes he’s a chauvinist. We saw that with Pam and Chris points it out. We also saw it with April. He wouldn’t let her help out monitarily during the Westar tanker collision storyline. And yes he doesn’t tell Ann everything. In the case of Ann isn’t he protecting her though. Couldn’t she also be in trouble if she knew the truth of framing Cliff for JR’s killing? Isn’t he giving her plausible deniability?

    Anyway, end of the day we’ve seen much worse husbands on Dallas.

  2. Jennifer Irons says:

    Even though Bobby has not been the PERFECT husband to any of his 3 wives, I still think he was a good one because as angry as they may have made him(fairly or unfairly), he still loved them and always forgave them. You are right, though, CB, that he can be hypocritical when chastising Ann for keeping secrets from him since he has done the very same thing to her too, eg. not telling her in Season 1 about his cancer! That was a pretty huge secret to keep from Ann!

    • Agreed MIss Jenny. Did u notice however that Husband Bobby was legally separated from Wife #1 Pamela when he impregnated Jenna Wade with Lucas, who happened to be raised as Half-Brother Ray Krebbs child? Also that “god-damned Barnes woman” had sexual relations with Mark Graison 1st so Bob having sex with Jenna was fair game. This means that Husband Bobby never cheated on any of his 3 wives.

  3. Dan makes a good point but why didn’t he give Christopher plausible deniability? He told him the truth and John Ross. Up until now he’s been a pretty good husband. But his treatment of Ann over John Ross and Emma was over the line and humiliating. I hope when she finds out about Cliff that she calls him out. I love them and want them to stay together but there are major issues they need to face.

  4. Marilyn Hadey says:


  5. Garnet McGee says:

    He is a good husband even though he has a bit of a double standard. In his defense, not telling the whole truth is not a habit with him. It is with Ann. Compared to John Ross he is the perfect husband. I enjoy watching a couple older than 40 something dealing with marriage’s ups and downs. (I’m not sure how old Ann is supposed to be since Emma is 22 and she was supposed to be around Emma’s age when she became a mom).

  6. Bobby has his flaws, but I wish there were more men like him in real life!

  7. Bobby is great husband material. Tall, handsome, strong, rich, and (most times) a morally nice guy. Who wouldn’t want to come home and boink that every night!!

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