#DallasChat Daily: Which Sister-in-Law Belonged with Bobby?

Abby Ewing, Bobby Ewing, Cally Ewing, Cathy Podewell, Donna Krebbs, Donna Mills, Jenna Wade Krebbs, Joan Van Ark, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Priscilla Beaulieu Presley, Sue Ellen Ewing, Susan Howard, Valene Ewing

Bobby would never steal one of his brother’s wives, but I bet some of those gals wish they had married him instead. So how about we play a little fantasy matchmaking?

Should Sue Ellen or Cally have married Bobby instead of J.R.? If Valene and Abby hadn’t married Gary, would they have been better off as better halves to Bobby? Instead of marrying Ray, should Donna and Jenna have waited around for Bobby to become available?

Your #DallasChat Daily question: Which sister-in-law should have married Bobby?

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  1. Marilyn Hadey says:


  2. I don’t think he should have been with any of his six sister’s-in-law, I think he had good relationships with the five we saw him with on screen, apart from Jenna at times.I don’t recall him sharing a scene with Abby

  3. I suppose Miss Texas marrying Brother-In-Law Bob would have been okay, even though she popped out John Ross Ewing The IIIrd, J.R.’s kid. After all, Half-Brother Ray Krebbs married Jenna Wade, even though she was preggers still with Lucas Wade Krebbs, biologically Bobby’s kid. Interesting C.B., this really should be explored further in DALLAS: Parallels boy!

  4. If Donna suddenly went for Bobby it would have been the ultimate Ewing backstab leaving Ray from Emporia saying, “what do I have to do to get over on this guy?”

  5. I think Bobby’s relationships with Donna and Sue Ellen were fantastic! I wouldn’t want him to be with either of them. BUT, if a slow relationship developed between Bobby and Donna and then for them to realize that they were really just being silly and only friends, that would be really neat.

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