#DallasChat Daily: Do You Admire J.R.?

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman

J.R. Ewing achieved a lot of great things in life, but his methods were usually terrible.

Did the ends justify the means? Did the good outweigh the bad? Are you able to look past all of J.R.’s lying, cheating and scheming and find qualities in him that are commendable?

Your #DallasChat Daily questions: Do you admire J.R.? Why or why not?

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  1. Jennifer Irons says:

    For the most part, I could not admire him b/c of his constant cheating on Sue Ellen and his dirty business dealings, but I came to admire him in the new series b/c he genuinely wanted make amends to Sue Ellen and he truly loved his family!!

  2. Yes! The more i watch him the more i admire him. As an actor, Larry was the best, the one and only, i miss him a great deal, Having seen dallas back to back, this is the 3rd time i am watching him in his glory and the longer i watch him and how he played JR, was second to none. Having said that, i am up to the bit where he mortgages soutfork, what a devil but you cant help but love him! His one lines were fantasic and he delivered on everything.

  3. Well, you already know my answer (hint: what’s my name?).

  4. Dan in WI says:

    I enjoy watching him. I’m entertained by him. But he is no paragon of virtue so no I don’t admire him.

  5. Totally admire!

  6. I can’t use the word admire in relation to him, he treated his first wife dreadfully

  7. Kelley Tyler says:

    I do, yes! I believe anyone that has been a bit “timid” through out his entire life, admires someone as confident, outgoing and yes, devious as JR! JR was a “bad boy”! In my day the “bad boy” was always the most popular. Having said that, and having personal experience doing some of the things JR did, putting my wives through hell being the worst, I certainly don’t condone JR’s actions.

  8. Garnet McGee says:

    Not in the least. He had a handful of minutes when he was decent but the rest of the time he treated people like objects and only thought of himself.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Admiration is not a word to be used in connection with JR. Smart, courageous , creative and never dull are ones that can definitely be used when talking about JR. His treatment of women especially Sue Ellen, his dirty business tactics and never really thinking of the consequences to his actions (mortgaging South Fork and BD Calhum) are all deplorable things he did and that is nothing to admire.

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