#DallasChat Daily: What Was J.R.’s Greatest Weakness?

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman

Bullets may not have had much effect on him (until the end, that is), but J.R. Ewing wasn’t invulnerable.

He was easily tempted by other women, he had trouble making ethical business decisions and his deep-seated jealousies often got the better of him.

Your #DallasChat Daily question: What was J.R.’s greatest weakness?

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  1. It can’t be easier: Sue Ellen!

  2. Dan in WI says:

    JR really only had one scruple and that is the golden Ewing rule of not taking advantage of another Ewing in trouble from an outside source. That was really the only thing that kept him from being 100% ruthless.

  3. Arrogance.

  4. Not weak exactly but physically JR was not particularly strong by the extreme macho standards of Dallas – think Bobby, Ray, Dusty and that guy who took Pam on a wild goose chase to Columbia after the emerald – compared to them JR tended to shy away from physical activity ( except of the horizontal variety with the ladies!) and mostly was on the losing side in any fist fights.
    Perhaps this was part of his charm – and maybe slightly excused his scheming ways – he had to use other, more devious methods to get what he wanted.

  5. I think it was his obsessive need to please & get approval from Jock,

  6. Anything in a skirt

  7. Garnet McGee says:

    His greatest weakness was his inability to be honest with himself about his emotions. I think his cheating stemmed from a need to control everyone all the time and not be emotionally vulnerable. His greatest weakness contributed to his greatest vice which was his inability to be faithful or even kind to his wife.

  8. That he didn’t get to sleep with Miss Jenny, Jennifer Irons b4 he died! He was getting around 2 it.

  9. His. need to please and seek approval from Jock alive and in death, his lust for power and women

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