#DallasChat Daily: How Did J.R. Change?

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, TNT

No one goes through life without changing at least a little — even mighty J.R. Ewing.

We watched J.R. for more than 35 years, observing him through milestones like the death of his daddy, the birth of his son, the dissolution of his marriage and the fall and rise of his empire. How did these moments affect him?

Your #DallasChat Daily question: How did J.R. change over the years?

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  1. Change, J.R.? He became even more evil, but 4 the good of his family rather than himself!

  2. Oh & thank gawd 4 it!

  3. Art Kelly says:

    Media references to J. R. Ewing as the “villain” misunderstood the character and his appeal. It is true that, in the very first few episodes of mini-series Dallas, J. R. was a bad guy, but Larry Hagman slowly added subtleties and vulnerabilities to the character that eventually transformed him into the protagonist and star of the show.

    Hagman was so successful in his delivery of lines (that other actors likely would have delivered in a heavy-handed way) that he was ultimately given much more authority in the production of the original series of Dallas.

    After Hagman’s death, I believed the new Dallas should have tried–it would have been very difficult, but maybe not impossible–to find another actor to continue the role of J. R. Ewing. But to bring it off, the actor selected, and especially the director and producer, would have had to fully understand that Hagman took the character in a direction that was not foreseen when the series was originally created.

  4. Marilyn Hadey says:


  5. Garnet McGee says:

    He hasn’t changed enough in the original to suit my tastes. He has a few more scruples about going after Sue Ellen so far but his cheating ways have not changed. He did change during the reboot. He expressed genuine understanding that he hurt Sue Ellen when she did not deserve it and remorse about the way he treated her. His most telling line was that he wasted his life chasing women he didn’t love and pursued deals that didn’t matter.

  6. The big question is: If JR had not died at that point of time, and had indeed got back together with Sue Ellen, how long would he have managed to stay a proper, faithful husband this time? It is true that he had aged, but could JR really have changed *that* much??… Too bad we’ll never know now! But it’s always fun to speculate! 🙂

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