Let’s Discuss ‘Dallas’! Join Our #DallasChat on August 26

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First love

You’re invited to Dallas Decoder’s next #DallasChat on Twitter, which I’ll hold Tuesday, August 26, from 9 to 10 p.m. Eastern time.

Our topic: “Dead Reckoning,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode.

If you have ideas for questions, leave them in the comments section below, tweet them to me @DallasDecoder or post them to my Facebook page. I may choose one or more questions and ask them during our discussion.

New to #DallasChat? Here’s how it works: For one hour, I tweet 10 questions to my fellow “Dallas” fans. Each question is numbered and includes the hashtag #DallasChat, so your answers should do the same. Please include the show’s official hashtag, #DallasTNT, in your tweets too.

Here’s a sample exchange:

Q1. Should John Ross be with Elena, Emma or Pamela? #DallasChat

A1. I like him best with Elena. She was his first love, after all. #DallasTNT #DallasChat

Two tips:

  • During the discussion, enter #DallasChat in Twitter’s search field. This will help you watch the search results so you can follow the conversation. Click “All” to see all the related tweets.
  • Be sure to include #DallasChat in your tweets. This allows the other participants to see your contributions to the conversation.

This promises to be another fun conversation. Please join us!


  1. Foisting the Ramoses on viewers with a makes-no-sense “revenge” storyline is going to continue to drive viewers away. Drew was a wooden character from day 1…simply a plot device. Carmen is annoying, and Elena is just as much of a snake as John Ross. I really and genuinely don’t like these characters. Even Bobby and Sue Ellen are shells of their former characters, and Cliff is a cartoon villain. Cynthia Cidre ruined a once-great show. Even if Dallas gets a season 4, Cidre will continue to sling this out-of-touch, inauthentic garbage…drugs, brothel, madam Ryland, whores, doggy-dress-up scenes, a threesome, CSI wannabe footage, history rewrites, erroneous set designs (wrong Southfork floor plan), the list goes on and on. I’m tired of the excuses. This is NOT Dallas.

    • “Dallas” is my favorite show. It is a soap opera. I never heard of a soap opera with believable storylines. This website is for “Dallas” that enables people to talk about the show because they enjoy watching and also appreciate “Dallas.” If there is a website that focuses on hating the show, you should go there. If not, feel free to make your very own “I do not like new Dallas only like old Dallas” website.

      • People can post their opinion of Dallas TNT here…like it or not. If you don’t agree, that’s YOUR problem. The story lines are trash. I will not defend Cynthia Cidre’s poor execution of the show.

      • Dan in WI says:

        Okay mjsmith, I’ll grant that soaps don’t have to believable storylines, but they need to leave enough room for one to suspend disbelieve. It is a very fine line to walk but the distinction exists.

      • I follow the characters. I look at it as entertainment. I do not believe much on t.v. I do not really trust news broadcasts. The news might reflect what is real from a bias angle, fact intentionally omitted, and opinion interjected into the story. The crime shows are unbelievable too. Some lady in a lab can run tests in minutes that take weeks in real life. T.V. “reality” shows are also fake. I am even skeptical about some sports games I watch, but that is a different story. I will admit there are some storylines and turns that do not make sense. This season, Drew Ramos went from unbearable guilt for killing Pamela and Christopher’s twins to blind rage when he was told that JR swindled his father. It seemed odd that someone go go from such extreme guilt about what he did to a family to immediate rage on a turn of a dime. I like the storylines on “Dallas”. There are so many unbelievable things about “Star Wars” and I do not see that stopping anyone one. What did turn people off to Star Wars was the poor characters like “Jar Jar Binks.”

  2. I must be in the minority I for one have no issues with Elena Ramos or Jordan Brewster who portrays her. I have been disappointed with the whore house and drug cartel nonsense, but one thing that is so good about Dallas is the twisting plots you never see coming, I for one choose to look for what Dallas is doing right instead of comparing it to the highlight success it was in the 80’s this is another version of Dallas and I for one enjoy it. I agree some changes need to be made to bring up the ratings but I am disgusted with all the hatred people post about the current development stories, the season is not over yet and there are more climax stories to this season I wish everyone would quit judging off one episode and ride the season out and see how everything unfolds.

  3. Elena letting John Ross “tap” her was genius in a drunk screw off. They both probably needed the sexual release but the Ewings have used both since time immemorial. The Ramos clan using Elena’s birth canal to get the letter against the Ewings was justified. Hey John Ross, its like Nixon with the Watergate audiotapes, burn the evidence such as J.R.’s letter b4 its found. Some1 always finds it.

  4. I loved the old dallas…I even love the new Dallas but the episode I saw today was jus’t boring. We need to see story’s about Ewing Oil, about family twisting, about goold old Bobby and bad Jhon Ross. About Cliff barnes wanting to get back at the Ewings…

  5. I look forward to talking about “Dallas” during Dallas Chat tonight. I missed last week because I had to watch the episode “on demand.” Excited to hear what everyone else has has to say.

  6. Marilyn Hadey says:


  7. Garnet McGee says:

    As a fan who rooted for Elena and John Ross (Jelena) as a couple during season one I thoroughly enjoyed that sex scene between them. It is too soon for Pamela to take John Ross back anyway. They need more time apart even though they are made for each other. The cartel story brings this show down but it might eventually work as an umbrella story.

  8. great episode, keep dallas going, all year long, like the ole days, sept-may, and bring back high fashion, and pool fights.Nothing on, compares to DALLAS AND NEVER WILL !

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