‘Dallas’ Takes a Ratings Hit Against Tough Competition

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See for yourself, honey

To the surprise of no one, “Dallas” took a hit in the ratings this week.

The TNT drama’s latest episode, “Dead Reckoning,” debuted August 25, opposite NBC’s Primetime Emmys coverage. The result: The Emmys drew 15.59 million viewers — the annual broadcast’s second biggest haul in eight years — while “Dead Reckoning” drew 1.84 million, according to Nielsen data.

The “Dead Reckoning” audience was down roughly 7 percent from one week earlier, when 1.97 million viewers watched “Dallas’s midseason premiere. Among the advertiser-prized demographic of adults between ages 18 and 49, “Dead Reckoning” drew an estimated 557,000 viewers.

Speaking of the midseason premiere: DVR users who recorded that episode, “Denial, Anger, Acceptance,” and watched it within three days boosted the audience to 2.8 million viewers, slightly ahead of “Dallas’s” DVR-boosted average during the first half of the third season. When DVR users are counted, “Denial, Anger, Acceptance” drew 1 million viewers between ages 18 and 49.

How does “Dallas’s” Monday ratings compare to other TNT shows? The network’s most-watched drama last week was “Rizzoli & Isles,” which scored 5.21 million viewers on August 19. At the other end of the spectrum: “Franklin & Bash,” which drew 1.2 million viewers on August 20.

Also, in case you’re wondering: “Dead Reckoning’s” August 25 audience is “Dallas’s” fourth-smallest opening night audience this year. The lowest: John Ross and Pamela’s wedding episode, “Lifting the Veil,” which drew 1.78 million viewers on March 17.

Overall, “Dallas” is averaging about 1.97 million viewers on Mondays this year, down from approximately 2.66 million viewers during its second season and more than 4 million viewers during Season 1.

TNT hasn’t announced if “Dallas” will return next year. The network is expected to wait to see how the show performs during its summer run before deciding whether to renew it.

What do you think of “Dallas’s” latest ratings? Share your comments below and read more news from Dallas Decoder.


  1. bullshit…it needs to be renewed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mary Andrers says:

      TNT needs to change Dallas to a different day of the week. It’s a great show, but it won’t win against Monday Night Football.

  2. jennifer early says:

    Super bummed that the ratings are dropping. Dallas is my favorite soap opera ever. I live to see John Ross and Pamela ever week!!! I love all the characters. They are all beautiful people. I pray they come back next season. I dont know what I will do with myself if I dont get to see the Ewings anymore :/

  3. They need to revamp the show get it back to what Dallas is really about…the Ewings, Oil, Cattle ranching, Ewing family issues etc… I think that is what most people are wanting more originality of what it use to be. I suggest everyone email TNT and ask them to renew. Michael.Wright@turner.com

  4. Debbie Young says:


  5. Pretty small drop considering what was up against it. The +3 numbers are very encouraging and a sign of its appeal holding, not dropping.

  6. Jennifer Irons says:

    Dallas is the best show on television, bar none and TNT would be unwise to cancel it! There are just too many of us fans who love and need this show because it makes us happy and we love the characters! JR and Larry are gone, but he would, in my opinion, probably be heartbroken if Dallas was not renewed for another season! He would want the show to go on and it really should. The cast are doing a phenomenal job and can certainly carry on without LH and JR!(even though I wish they didn’t have to)! Dallas needs to be renewed and ASAP!

  7. No surprise, but disappointing nonetheless. Get it off Mondays, for bleep’s sake.

    My biggest fear, from a creative standpoint, is it will get cancelled with Cliff Barnes out of jail and back on top of the world. I’m assuming the season finale is completely in the can with no time for a significant face-lift…I can only hope it doesn’t end with Cliff besting the Ewings just like in the finale to the old series. I know there was some justice the first time around…Cliff wasn’t completely crazed and nefarious…but I hate the idea of it happening again.

    • Dan in WI says:

      Your fears about a deranged Cliff winning just before a cancellation are very real.

      I didn’t mind it when it happened on CBS Dallas. That Cliff was much closer to my Cliff than this Cliff. Plus like it or hate it, that was planned because (as I recall) the producers new almost from the word go that the last season would be the last season. If it happens here it will be unintentional.

  8. Great show, but thry need to bring on some heavy hitters ! Like abby donna mills, pam, jr other son to overpower

  9. This week’s episode did great to only lose such a small number of viewers to the highly-watched Emmy’s. As last week showed, nearly 1/3 of Dallas’ viewers watched by DVR. I would expect a similar increase in numbers this week.

    In addition to weathering it’s season split by several months, season three of Dallas is scheduled on the toughest night of competition against phenomenal ratings boosters for the other networks. It doesn’t have a lead-in show nor does it lead to another first-run program. Everything about it’s time slot is completely brutal, and if it was any other program, no one would still be watching.

    It’s a great program with a very united cast mixed with veteran actors, and actors who will also likely have long careers. The cast gets along fabulously, and makes the work environment a great one. The actors appreciate all of their fans, and that loyalty is reciprocated.

    If TNT doesn’t renew this show and use it to fill it’s toughest slots other shows can’t endure, the executives are missing an amazing opportunity. If they miss that opportunity, there should be other networks lined up and willing to take this show. They’d be crazy to pass on it. This reboot of Dallas should not be off the air. With a little more promotion from TNT or another interested network, I think this show has a lot of life and good storytelling still left.

    Please make the best decision for this show. I promise I don’t sit around writing posts like this. My 18-49-year old husband and I really look forward to this show, and faithfully watch it live every week.

    Thanks for listening to my opinion.

  10. Dallas, is the best show on the air, I am a loyal fan, and not in the 18-49 crowd, have watched Dallas since it’s inception, the cast is great, and I love this show. Look, orginal dallas, was on Friday nights, @ 9pm from sept -may, and what a hit, this re cast is good, but splitting up episodes is bad. I hate that, .TNT are you listening, DO NOT TAKE DALLAS AWAY!

  11. DALLAS needs to go back to Wednesday nite and get rid of Elena and the drugs….More of Judith and Rylan. Love this show except Elena and her family. Bring back Ray, Gary,for Bobby to have his brothers. And Lucy.

  12. Dallas is a great show. My husband and I watch this every Monday night. The night should be changed to another night since we are going to have Monday night to put up with also.

  13. Well it is simple move Dallas away from Monday night line up. I read last fall that TNT did this split to help raise the ratings ok that is a great idea however they decided to bring Dallas back during its critical time ever, the season finale of Dallas has to go up against the opening of the voice now WTH is wrong with TNT do they not understand that Dallas just needs to be moved to another night and to quit having the show competing against all these other high rated shows. Just move it to a new time slot plain and simple

  14. there is a TNT press release that stated Dallas August 18 episode had brought in over 5 million viewers across all platforms… i think thats pretty dang good. of course, im not sure if advertisers care about anything other than live +3 ratings but viewers can be reached on those other platforms…hopefully TNT will renew DALLAS,maybe move it to Friday and promote the heck out of it

  15. Put it back on Wednesday nights where the TNT series started. That night they had the best ratings for the show. It was wrong for TNT to put the show on Mondays opposite WWE Raw. It got clobbered by it.

  16. RENEW!!! Thursday night is a much better night! They’re going to have lots of disappointed fans if it’s not renewed…

  17. Rob in San Francisco says:

    This is the VERY BEST written, acted, directed and produced entertainment on the planet and THANK YOU for your thoughtful and spot on analysis of the 08/25 episode! BRAVO to Cynthia Cidre and her amazing Team, BRAVO to TNT for this treasure and BRAVO to all the sponsors for making this possible! Can’t wait to see the 09/01 episode and PLEASE KEEP THIS AWESOME SERIES ON THE AIR FOR F’IN EVER!!

  18. Renew AND promote!

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