TNT’s Dallas Styles: ‘Dead Reckoning’

Ann Ewing, Bobby Ewing, Brenda Strong, Dallas, Dead Reckoning, Elena Ramos, Emma Bell, Emma Ryland, John Ross Ewing, Jordana Brewster, Josh Henderson, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Nicolas Trevino, Patrick Duffy, TNT

Do you have a favorite coat in “Dead Reckoning,” this week’s “Dallas” episode? There were plenty to choose from.

This segment was filmed in the winter, and the cold weather matches the somber mood perfectly. The atmospherics also allow the cast to bundle up in looks that fit their characters: John Ross (Josh Henderson) sports his cool brown leather jacket, one of his signature looks since “Dallas’s” first season, while Bobby (Patrick Duffy), Ann (Brenda Strong), Elena (Jordana Brewster) and Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) all appear to be wearing wool coats.

Then there’s Emma (Emma Bell), who sports what looks like a highly stylized, waist-length jacket to her nighttime meeting with Luis, the emissary from the drug cartel. The first time I saw the outfit, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is this what one wears during an a nighttime meeting with drug lords? I also worried poor Emma might not be warm enough.

Then I remembered: This is Emma Ryland we’re talking about. Something tells me she has no trouble keeping warm on even the coldest nights.

What were your favorite looks in “Dead Reckoning”? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and read more “Dallas Styles.”


  1. The heavy eyeliner & thicker lip gloss on Miss Ryland in her mtg. with the drug lords was even sexually attractive enough for C.B. & Andrew to go straight for a few minutes.

  2. Ann's Coat says:

    Who makes the coat in the upper left that Ann/Brenda Strong is wearing?

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