TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I’ll Be Different’

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Different how?

In “Dead Reckoning,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, John Ross (Josh Henderson) enters the hospital room, where Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) sits in bed, waiting for him.

JOHN ROSS: I don’t want to be like this anymore. I don’t want to be the guy that … I don’t want to be the guy that could have done this to you. I know it’s going to be hard for me to convince you of that right now. All I can do is try to prove it to you, every single day of my life. [Sits on the bed] Pamela, I’m so sorry. For everything.

PAMELA: I didn’t call you in here so you can try to fix us, John Ross. I called you in here to tell you to stop sitting out there, because it’s over.

JOHN ROSS: Pamela, don’t say that.

PAMELA: Look, I spent my entire childhood trying to get my father to love me. And all I’ve done in my adult life was continue that pattern by falling for a man who would put greed and ambition before me. And just like with my father, I was willing to do anything to get you to love me, John Ross. But I see now: Our marriage was just an excuse to get my shares of Ewing Global. You didn’t put your mother away to get her help, but to push the IPO through. I see now that there will never enough success, enough money, to fill that hole where your heart should be.

JOHN ROSS: Pamela, please. Look, I love you, okay? I swear, from now on it’s going to be different, okay? [Voice cracks] I will be different. I will. I will be different for you. I’ll be different. I promise.

PAMELA: You ask me what I want. I want you to leave because our marriage is over.


  1. Dan in WI says:

    This scene was incredible. To those who say a soap can’t be realistic, I give you this scene. I felt it. I loved it. This scene is a strong contender for scene of the season.
    If only this episode had ended here I would have given it an A as well.

  2. Garnet McGee says:

    That was a great scene. What I loved is that Pamela was not dismissing him out of meanness and bitterness but out of self preservation. Josh’s delivery of his lines was so realistic. It felt as though he was just thinking those thoughts rather than acting lines written on a page.

  3. Pam killed Tommy, John Ross covered up J.R.’s murder, in Texas its a no testify against your hubby/wife state. They’re even at 1 each they should just let it go.


  1. […] delivery in the scene with Pamela deserves special attention. John Ross tells his wife he’ll be “different” four times in quick […]

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