TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Goodbye, Daddy’

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The avenger

In “Victims of Love,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) enters the prison cell where Cliff (Ken Kercheval) sits at a table.

CLIFF: [Rises] Pammy, I knew you would come. Thank you.

They sit across from each other.

PAMELA: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for helping the Ewings put you in jail, for failing to protect your legacy.

CLIFF: Your whole life, I warned you about trusting the Ewings. I was trying to protect you. But what matters now is that you do know the truth — and I didn’t kill J.R. So now, you can get me out of jail. We can have a second chance. We can start all over. We can get the company back — together. I love you, Pamela. I miss you so much. [She pulls out an envelope and slides it across the table toward him. He opens it, removes an old document and studies it.] This is a deed to Ewing 6. That was Digger’s.

PAMELA: That plot of land was robbed from your father. And because of that, I was robbed from ever having one.

CLIFF: Pamela —

PAMELA: All I ever wanted from you was love. But you always hated the Ewings more than you ever loved me.

CLIFF: Darling, that’s not true.

PAMELA: Yes it is. Because if you truly loved me — because if you truly wanted to protect me — then you never would have done what you did when you killed my babies. I can never forgive you for that.

CLIFF: I’m so sorry for what I did. [Sniffles] But you want to leave me here? And you’ll forgive me if I stay in prison? I know I failed you. I did. I, I did.

PAMELA: It’s over now. You avenged the wrongs done to your father, and I’ve avenged the wrongs done to me by mine. [She rises and walks away, then turns back to face him.] Goodbye, Daddy.


  1. The lost babies are always mentioned, and rightfully so…but what about Pam herself, and the other people on that rigg? Cliff knew he was endangering his daughter’s life and others, yet he locked his conscience away in the closet and ordered the explosion to proceed.

  2. Wasn’t Harris Ryland also involved in the rig explosion? If I remember correctly, Ryland ordered some guy to force Drew to blow up the rig. Cliff and Drew have paid for their sins; now it’s Ryland’s turn. It would be a mistake for the Dallas writers to make Ryland a hero. He works better as a villain.

    • Harris Ryland was involved. The thing is, Drew did it and he did not have to. He could have warned his sister Elena. Drew Ramos choose to kill other people in order to keep his sister and himself safe. He could have fought against the people threatening him and his family. Harris Ryland did not order the explosion knowing people were on the rig. Cliff Barnes ordered the explosion knowing his daughter carrying baby twins, his grandchildren, was on the rig.

  3. Garnet McGee says:

    For the first half of the season it is like they wanted us to forget about the twins. They were only mentioned once by Pamela. It seemed to suit the story arc they wanted to build with Christopher but not Pamela. Finally the twins are being mentioned by her again. Her suicide attempt would have made more sense if we had seen her still grieveing. I see foreshadowing for a who’s the daddy storyline for Elena and John Ross that will threaten to tear apart they by then mended relationships with Chris and Pamela.

  4. It was a decent scene, but I could do without Evil Cliff Vader and Pamela the fake persona who marries both cousins and attempts suicide through a “revenge” threesome. The actors are great, but their characters have no credibility and no believability.

  5. Bye indeed Cliffy u little prick!

  6. Debbie, yes, Roy Vickers was part of the explosion plan…Cliff made a phone call and had him killed in jail after he confessed to Pamela the explosion was no accident. Yet another reason Cliff, while innocent of JR’s murder, is exactly where he belongs. Not that Vickers was any loss to the world.

  7. This scene reminded me of what Ann says to Bobby in the previous episode about ending a blood feud “…you walk away!” Is this scene the end of the Barnes/Ewing feud?

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