Say What?! This Week’s Best ‘Dallas’ Sound Bites

“Dallas” delivers the most delicious dialogue on television. Here are the best sound bites from “Victims of Love,” this week’s episode.

Dallas, Emma Bell, Emma Ryland, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, TNT, Victims of Love, Wolf Blitzer

What are your favorite lines from “Victims of Love”? Share them below and read more “Say What?!”


  1. Brandon Childers says:

    Lets go make us a drug deal

  2. “Lying and cheating were the only two things you were good at and now you’ve failed at them too!” – Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing

  3. Seriously? Pamela’s “only two things you were good at” line didn’t make the pic? That was way by far the best line of the episode.

    • Got to agree here. Frankly the FBI line made me cringe because it was just too easy and too corny. There was both creativity but yet vitriol here.

  4. Garnet McGee says:

    “How are you at romancing men?” was the true zinger.

  5. Wolf Blitzer has thicker fur on his head than actual wolves!

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