TNT’s Dallas Styles: ‘Victims of Love’

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The Ewings took their company public in “Victims of Love,” and with the whole world watching — even Wolf Blitzer was tracking their every move — each member of the family suited up for success.

“Dallas’s” ace costume designer Rachel Sage Kunin dressed the Ewings in outfits that fit their characters perfectly: Bobby (Patrick Duffy), the silver-haired patriarch, donned a gray suit with a conservative-yet-stylish striped necktie; Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), who recently gave herself a fresh start by sobering up, looked stunning in all white; and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), “Dallas’s” most upstanding character these days, went with all solids — a blue suit and a gray shirt, accented by a tie that bore a subtle pattern of dots. Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) was relatively subdued in her dark pants and sweater, but she doesn’t have much to celebrate these days, does she?

Then there’s John Ross (Josh Henderson), for whom business suits have become a symbol of power and ambition, much like they were for his daddy on the original “Dallas.” The Ewing Global IPO was the biggest gamble yet for Henderson’s character, who has been trying to make his mark in the world since the new “Dallas” began. Appropriately, Kunin dressed John Ross in a blue pinstriped suit and navy tie — a bold look for a bold character. Also, notice how he’s the only Ewing man to wear a pocket square in this episode; it’s another small detail that signals his determination to stand out from the rest of his family.

There’s symbolism in the outfits worn by the other characters involved in the IPO too. Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace), the corporate raider with blood on his hands, wore a crimson tie with his perfectly tailored suit. Meanwhile, Hunter (Fran Kranz), the videogame entrepreneur who shocked everyone when he seized control of Ewing Global, subverted traditional business styles the way so many techies do in real life: He wore a collared dress shirt under a T-shirt bearing his company’s logo (“Git It”), a tweedy jacket and bright blue pants. Later, when the Ewing cousins confronted Hunter about his takeover of their company, Hunter wore a gray sweatshirt — a sly nod, perhaps, to one of the world’s most famous corporate wunderkinds: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

“Victims of Love” also gave us two memorable coats: Ann’s twirly number (it’s the second cool outer garment worn by Brenda Strong’s character in recent weeks), and Judith’s gold coat. Like the red power suit Judith Light wore in publicity stills for this episode (that scene was apparently left on the cutting room floor), the gold was a fitting symbol for Madam Ryland, a character whose brazenness knows no bounds.

It’s also another example of how Judith has become one of “Dallas’s” most fashionable characters. I suspect a lot of fans aren’t just tuning in each week to see what she’ll say and do next; they also want to see what she’s wearing.

What were your favorite looks in “Victims of Love”? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and read more “Dallas Styles.”


  1. Judith is the most fashionable character of Dallas, she has the best outfits and the best lines… I love her she is such a bitch… And the black dress she was using when she made the deal with Luis, it’s gorgeous

  2. The box that Candice’s hands were in was very stylishly wrapped C.B. Sorry 4 the crudeness here but I’m being totally honest.

  3. Was it just me or did anybody else think that in the scene where Pamela confronts Cliff in jail that she seemed strikingly like her Aunt Pam? Something about the way she was dressed, her hair, even the way she walked down the stairs!

  4. There is a wealth of character insight in the wardrobe. There is also true when it comes to Cliff Barnes. Great insight! Rachel Sage Kunin is the real deal and I hope eventually you do get to do a follow up interview with her.

    • I wish the production team would spend more time correcting the bland Southfork interior set than focusing so much on the wardrobes, which are fine. The Rylands and Sue Ellen have nicer homes than the Ewings, and the Omni Hotel has been overused to the point of absurdity. Couldn’t Carmen and Ann stayed at other places? Haha!

      • I have a feeling that once John Ross is finished remodeling Southfork, things will be extravagant. The small size and living conditions for the wealthy Ewing family has been the running joke on “Dallas” since the show started. Having all those rich people living in such a small place is probably one of the most hard to believe aspects of the show.

  5. I’m loving this new Dallas is much as I love 14 years of the old one. I hope for many more years:))))

  6. I’m loving this new Dallas is much as I love 14 years of the old one. I don’t run for many more seasons:)))

  7. i love Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) business suits. could some one please tell me where they are tailored. thanks in advance.

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