‘Which Ewing Dies?’ Here Are Three Possible Scenarios

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“Dallas” has thrown viewers for a loop with the promo for next week’s two-hour season finale, which declares, “One Ewing will die!”  Who will it be? I have no idea, but that won’t stop me from trying to figure it out. Here are three possibilities:

1. A “main” Ewing dies. In the promo, when the the looming death is announced, shots of five characters flash onto the screen: Bobby (Patrick Duffy), Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), John Ross (Josh Henderson), Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Ann (Brenda Strong).

It’s hard to believe “Dallas” will kill off any of these people, each of whom brings something valuable to the series. The “safest” Ewings would seem to be Bobby and Sue Ellen, two beloved figures from the original “Dallas,” and John Ross, who’s become a fan favorite on the new show. Ann has a loyal following too, and her character offers an important link to the Rylands, who are now prominent players in the “Dallas” universe.

By my reckoning, this leaves Christopher as the likeliest candidate to die among the five Ewings shown in the promo. Losing Metcalfe would be a shame since Christopher is “Dallas’s” most upstanding character, fulfilling the role Bobby once played on the original series. (Bobby is still a hero, but now that he’s running drugs for the cartel, he’s also a little morally compromised, don’t you think?)

On the other hand: TNT’s original concept for “Dallas” — John Ross and Christopher clashing in the foreground while J.R. and Bobby battle in the background — changed after Larry Hagman died. Increasingly, the central conflict within the Ewing family is the generational struggle between John Ross and Bobby, leaving Christopher an odd man out.

So if forced to guess which one of these Ewings might head to the Big Southfork in the Sky, I’ll go with Christopher — although make no mistake: I hope it doesn’t come to that.

2. Another main character dies. What if “Dallas” plans to kill off Pamela (Julie Gonzalo)? She’s still a Ewing via her marriage to John Ross, although she made a big deal of declaring herself a Barnes in “Boxed In,” this week’s episode. If you stretch the definition of “Ewing,” another candidate emerges: Emma (Emma Bell), stepdaughter to Bobby, stepsister to Christopher and stepcousin to John Ross. That’s about as close as you can get to being a Ewing without actually being one.

Or consider this: What if there’s a come-from-out-of-nowhere revelation that Harris or Judith (Mitch Pileggi, Judith Light) are Ewing kin? Or what if Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) turns out to be a bastard son of J.R.? Don’t roll your eyes. This is “Dallas” we’re talking about.

Nevertheless, my choice among this crop of candidates is Elena (Jordana Brewster). She isn’t a Ewing, but that doesn’t mean things won’t change during the course of the two-hour season finale. Suppose Christopher and Elena have a quickie wedding, only to have the happy occasion end tragically when she’s killed by the cartel? Not only would this be a shocking twist, it would also echo one of the most memorable moments from the original show’s later years: the murder of Bobby’s bride April (Sheree J. Wilson) during their Parisian honeymoon.

And just so we’re clear: I’m not one of the “Dallas” fans clamoring for the elimination of the Ramos family. I like Brewster, although I wonder where her character can go after she waged war against the Ewings this season. If Elena has reached the end of the line, will the show get rid of her by killing her off?

3. An off-screen Ewing dies. Just because the promo suggests a Ewing will die next week, we shouldn’t assume the victim will be someone from the TNT series. What if it’s a character from the original series? There are several choices among the extended family, including Lucy, Gary, Val and Cally, as well as Ray and James, who are Ewings by blood, if not name.

Here’s one potential scenario: We lose Gary, setting up a fight between Bobby and John Ross for his portion of the Southfork mineral rights. Another possibility: Suppose Ray dies off-screen — perish the thought! — paving the way for the show to introduce an adult version of Lucas, Bobby’s son, whom Ray and Jenna raised?

Indeed, if “Dallas” is going to kill off a character from the old show, the death will have to serve the storyline on the new series. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Something else to keep in mind: I’m the guy who figured Cliff really did kill J.R. What the hell do I know?

Who do you think will die? Share your theories below and read more posts on Dallas Decoder’s “Which Ewing Dies?” page.


  1. What if they did in fact kill off Bobby? Then the show truly would focus on the younger generation. Let’s say that both Ann and Emma are allowed to return home and he stays behind as a hostage because the success of the drugs being moved now falls onto him and not the Rylands. If Bobby died, Ann would most likely have little reason to continue to exist at Southfork but Sue Ellen would assume the Miss Ellie type of role at that point.

    This is not something I would want to see happen but it’s just pure speculation.

    • Bobby dies in the original series, so why not this one? He can do a “Step by Step” reboot. Then when that gets canceled, he can come back to “Dallas”. I think Bobby is the only one that can die and come back. He has experience.

  2. I too think Bobby and Sue Ellen are safe. We already lost Larry Hagman and losing a second original would be ratings suicide. I have to believe the core audience, which seems to have stabalized at just under 2 million per episode, would shrink if we loose one of them.
    I too agree John Ross is the safest of the new cast.
    So yeah if we are going with a full (adoptions aside) Ewing it is going to be Christopher or Ann.
    Now will it be Christopher since Metcalfe is a co-headliner in the credits? But he is the most easily replaceable character in that his death would be another way to open things up for Lucas to come onto the scene. It wouldn’t just have be a Ray Krebs death to open that possibility as our site master opines. I liked the concept of James Beaumont even if its execution was lacking on CBS. This would be a second chance to get that right.
    But Bobby wives are just as easily to replace (see CBS). So Ann is just as possible though there is no built in replacement out there unless you believe Duffy and Clarke have some natural chemistry. I for one don’t. Past that I don’t see Jorie Taylor being dredged back up. Then again I didn’t see Tracey coming back either. Of course you don’t have to have an immediate replacement for Ann anyway.

    If we do go beyond actual Ewings…
    First off I think it would be a cheap cop-out if we do. When the voice-over says Ewing (it did say Ewing right?) and we flash those faces on the screen it better be one of those five. If the intent is a swerve then that misdirection is a bit much for credibility.
    I think the two that have the least use going forward are Emma and Elena. Lucy never had a long term use either and I think we can agree Emma and Lucy are the same arch-type. Elena on the other hand will be stuck in limbo. Do you make her a villian in her own right? If not how can you redeem her without straining credibilty. It can’t be done, at least not quickly and given how short these seasons are…

    To go with a death that isn’t even a regular cast member would be even more of a cop-out. I’m not going down that road.

    • I don’t think it’s going to be Elena . Has to be some reason they show the hole being poked in her diaphragm.

      • I forgot that part. We have to have the obligatory Joaquin vs. John Ross paternitity storyline now. I withdraw her name as a possibility.

      • Yes, she’s gonna end up pregnant with John Ross’s baby!! She can’t die

    • Not Elena, Emma or Pamela they will all be pregnant by John Ross

    • Andrew Hass says:

      I do wonder if there had been a season 4 of Dallas and if Christopher was indeed dead if Bobby would have reached out to his biological son Lucas.I’m not saying Bobby would have used Lucas to try to replace Christopher but he might have wanted to get to know Lucas.

  3. I think Bobby and Sue Ellen are safe. The public outcry would be great if either of them was killed. I would hope they would not kill off Pamela. She’s one of the better / stronger female characters on this show. That said, the powers that be at this current incarnation of “Dallas” are slowly but surely erasing the Barnes family from the canvas. Pam died in 1989. Katherine Wentworth is supposedly dead (which is ridiculous as she could really jumpstart many storylines). Cliff is now seemingly in a Mexican prison for the foreseeable future. And Afton appears sporadically. So what would be the loss of yet one more Barnes? In your second scenario, the obvious choice is Emma, a character who brings absolutely nothing to the table. Though you raise a valid point with Elena. As for your third scenario, that is certainly possible. But I don’t think they could kill Gary or Val because of their ties to “Knots Landing.” (Even though I realize those characters are “Dallas” creations) My vote would be for Emma, if only for the fact that it would (hopefully) hasten the exit of the entire Ryland clan, none of whom I like.

    • If Emma dies, then the resentment and feud between the Ewings and Rylands heightens significantly. Emma technically is a Ewing stepdaughter. I can just see Judith’s character now! It would also put tension on Bobby and Ann. Ann won’t die because she’s the link with the Ryland story line.

      • Ann being a link to the Ryland story line has already been established…she’s not needed for that part anymore. If Ann gets killed it would only intensify the rivalry between the Ewings and Rylands…Bobby and Harris will blame each other for her death.Even though I like Ann I don’t see her as a pivotal character. With that said, I think the powers that be would kill Ann off before any of the other Ewings (who I consider major characters)

      • I forgot to add that Emma may be a Ewing stepdaughter but calling her a Ewing is a stretch. Legally and biologically she’s a Ryland…

  4. I would bet that one of the off-screen Ewings die , I’m leaning towards Lucy just call it a hunch

  5. I say Ann plays the martyr role and forces Bobby to rescue Emma instead of her. Ann overhears something, gets herself killed, but she finds a way to leave some hint about what she heard and Bobby gets a little crazy avenging her death and holding Emma responsible.

  6. It wouldn’t be the first time Bobby would have been killed off, they could ‘kill’ him but later on in the season or in a few seasons time, bring him back like they did in season 10 of the original show. I’d say Emma as that could draw Ann and Ryland back together causing issues within the Ewing household, and the Ryland Matriarch using it to her advantage, unless he puts a stop to her plans

    • Or kill Bobby and when you bring him back the entire TNT series is a dream. (More of an Newhart twist on the CBS Dallas plot twist.) Nevermind…

  7. Elena is pregnant and her unborn is a Ewing and he/she will die

    • That’s it….i think Elena will lose the baby she is obviously carrying for John Ross…I think she will die trying to kill Nicholas…the baby being a Ewing should fulfill the season shocker that a Ewing must die…the scene shows her shouting(at Nicholas) that he must pay for what he’s done…I think Nicholas’wife lets Elena know that Nicholas was there when they killed her brother…and that will set her off….i think they need to keep all the original characters…keeping with the Dallas original scripts always had Bobby and JR feuding(brothers)…Bobby and Sue Ellen are up there in age…if something, in real life, should happen to either one of them…they would need Christopher and John Ross as charaters to keep the series going…Pamela would be a huge mistake to kill off…she keeps a bit of the Barnes Fued alive…Anne has to go…i think Anne makes Bobby choose to take Emma back with him and stays behind…she can easily be killed off in the crossfire…as we see in the season finale clips…there is some sort of shoot out…i think they were already writing Anne out of the script in so many ways…her lying to Bobby…Bobby kicking her out of the house after the fire…and her kissing Ryland….if they wanted to kill off Sue Ellen, Bobby, or Christopher…they could and would have in the season opener of the house fire…Elena has served her purpose…her character is no longer necessary…she has gotton retribution for her family and the mom is set…R.I.P. Elena…

  8. Elena will be pregnant! Remember, that hasn’t played out yet, and the baby will end up being by John Ross.

    Elena will lose the baby after some attack by the Cartel and baby dies. In that scenario, a Ewing will die! Its going to be Elena’s child by John Ross that dies.

  9. I think Pamela Barnes Ewing with John Ross getting every thing she has making Cliff Barnes go nuts that a Ewing killed his daughter. I really hate to see any Ewing die .I would not care if Elena died .From what I read the cartel is going to double cross Bobby and John Ross is in danger John Ross will go half way around the world about a secret about J.R. Anything to do with J.R makes me excited

  10. If they’re really going to kill off a “Ewing” it has to be Ann. Which is a shame since she was my favorite new character in Season 1 but ever since she shot Harris in Season 2 it’s been downhill for her, so I don’t even care now. If they’re going to even try to redeem then just go ahead and kill her.

  11. Marilyn Hadey says:


  12. I was in total shock seeing the promo of a Ewing dying off. My bet is either Ann or Christopher. I am also open to believe it is someone from the past as well such as Gary or Ray, to introduce us to Bobby blood son with Jenna Wade. Of course Caly would be interesting as well and then having J.R. other son come into the fold with revenge against John Ross would be delicious as well. I have no idea where this is going but will def be watching next week;

  13. I thought about Elena being pregnant with John Ross’ baby, but what if Pamela is pregnant? It would make her more revengeful ( is that even a word?!) since she lost the babies with Christopher. Just a thought.

  14. Ann is going to die off.

  15. Here’s my thoughts…. I believe Anne will be the one to be killed off. This will make room for the return of Pam Ewing in which I hope and pray the producers have a surprise to reprise Victoria principal In her former roll!!!!!! Although I’m the first season we learn of her death by seeing her death certificate, what if cliff barns made it up and Pam is still alive waiting for the right moment to return!!!!!!! And the plot thickens as she joins forces with her niece and her brother to gain control of Ewing global, but she finds out she is still in love with bobby after all these years!!!!!!!

    • Oh God, NO.

    • hardrockfootballfanatic says:

      The odds of that happening are next to zero. Jenna would be less of a surprise than Pam and frankly I never cared for Pam. If they brought Pam back, it wouldn’t be with Victoria Principal and I am not sure the audience would accept that at this point.

      • The longtime fans REALLY need to get over this Victoria Principle obsession. She’s said a bajillion times, including just last year in a press release, that she has no interest at all in ever coming back to the show. But some fans just won’t let that go.

      • Amen

      • Be a mistake to get rid of Emma-she’s just such a wild card. I am putting money on Christopher (face it, he’s bland in this role) or Ann-because a McKay brings back some of the “old” drama and I am tired of Ann’s “Woe is Me” face. Also this act will put Harris on the warpath-then again, if Ann lives, she and Harris could go to war against Bobby and whoever, which could be fun. The way I see it is that the attempt to pit John Ross against Christopher hasn’t stuck.

  16. Offscreen characters won’t work. It’s Ann or Christopher-or Elena. BUT killing off Elena is very much like OHMSS (the bond film and novel) and I don’t see Cidre going that way. Christopher and John Ross have no onscreen chemistry and Metcliffe is a not a very good actor, at least in this role. Ann and Bobby have very little onscreen chemistry. Emma is too much fun to get rid of-and she’s grown so much as an actress. I love the scenario of Pamela and Elena going against Ann and Bobby and Harris, with Emma caught in the middle.

  17. The pacing of the 9/15 episode was much better-so we can be assured that Cidre is listening and reading! I do think Elena has gone as far as she can and her character-as written, has very little depth. I think the actor (sorry, cannot remember name) who plays the other “son” of the Drug Lord has done a superb job with the role-he someone makes the character almost sympathetic and tortured-sort of like a John Ross against JR. Excellent character.

  18. Sue-Ellen or an off screen Ewing dies.

    • No Sue Ellen, No Show. Linda Gray is on of the few actors on this reboot who has really allowed Sue Ellen to become stronger, but still very vulnerable and tortured.

    • SueEllen…Without JR, there are no good story lines for her…can’t keep her drunk forever…although she does play a very good drunk! I don’t want to see her go, but I think they don’t know what to do with her.

      • Here I have to disagree. They actually do know what to do with Sue Ellen. They know how to use her to manipulate the Governor to get Bobby appointed to the Railroad Commission. They know how to pair her up with Bum and let chemistry take over.

  19. Omg.. it’s fantastic.. however the ‘wooden’ christopher has no future scope and is the worst story line of ‘his love life’ this season being the only thing he’s done.. Sue ellen and bobby i agree would be ‘show suicide’ as for the characters of john ross is hardly explored neither too is pamela’s, anne and emma have both been higher profiled than christopher- which hopefully will see some future cat fighting with emma and pamela, elana is on cliffs hit list so she’s safe for now and her (next generation baby just needs john ross to save her life and get the j.r. title in there plot line) lucy, gary and ray are safe because they are just wedding props.. so i’ll put my 3% stake of ewing global, and my 2% stake of southfork’s mineral rights, and miss ellies pearl necklace on Christopher …

    • I hate to put anyone out of a job, but Christopher is not a strong enough actor to put anything other than teeth and “I’m so GOOD” into this character who could have been really a prime role if he’d shown some conflict.

    • Ann or Christopher. The show could easily survive without these two. Ann doesn’t have much else to do except be the wife of Bobby, and Christopher just fights with John Ross. It is time for new Ewings to enter the fold. And by. “New,” I am referring to Lucas, another offspring and another classic character like Lucy or Gary. I’d like to see a story arc with Ray and his reactions to all of the events. Southfork burns…Ewing Global is in jeopardy…Ann and Emma are kidnapped…what do the other Ewings (that we never or seldom see) think about all of this?

  20. Kevin Rodgers says:

    Sue Ellen, John Ross, Bobby, and Christopher are core Ewings with strong ties to the original series and should all be off limits. Lucy, Ray, and Gary haven’t been active enough on the new series to die as a result of the Mexican cartel storyline. With rumors swirling that Priscilla Presley (Bobby’s old flame, Jenna Wade) might come back, it looks like Ann Ewing may soon rest in peace.

    • I agree. There are better roles for Christopher and Ann and I love the idea of a Female Team against the Ewings, but hopefully they wipe out Elena because it’s just not a good part as the series develops. Emma is one to watch as well as Pam.

  21. I think that they will kill off Ann. The cartel said that they will let only one of the hostages go. Ann will sacrifice her own life to save Emma. The writers can do more with Bobby storyline-wise if he is single. And if the cartel kills Ann, Bobby and Harris will blame one another, intensifying their rivalry.

  22. Elena and Christopher are the 2 characters I would miss the least. I find both weak and uninteresting. As a fan of the first 14 classic Dallas seasons I’ve been very disappointed with the Christopher character. Maybe it’s a lack of range from the actor because I think Josh Henderson has done an incredible job as John Ross. Won’t shed a tear if it’s Elena. Horrible character, IMHO. As for any speculation that it’s Bobby or Sue Ellen … c’mon people. This isn’t 1985 with Dallas at the top of the TV landscape. Struggling to maintain 2 million viewers it would be suicide to kill off the originals following Hagman’s death. My guess, as per TV tradition I think the more they hype it the less impactful it will be. Hopefully they prove me wrong.

  23. If it’s Christopher, troubled son Lucas can enter. Christopher’s story about his mother didn’t go anywhere and no other story is on the horizon. They don’t really know what todo with him this season. Lucas could add some drama by fighting John Ross and Bobby.

  24. I believe that an off screen Ewing will die. Killing off one of the main characters of the show will not help Dallas in the ratings. it seems logic to kill off a Ewing that isn’t present in the new series depending what the plot is all about.

  25. Killing off Pamela would be sad, but it would be great for John Ross as he is her sole heir, not Cliff. Then he’d have her assets and could use them to neutralize Cliffy if he ever got out and increase his cash flow in order to get assets from Ewing Global back into the company fold, but under his & not Uncle Bobby & Cousin Christopher’s control. But remember the Wildcard here. If Pamela dies, Miss Texas will definitely be around to reign in her son as he’ll be distraught but at the same time out of control!

  26. I see ANN DYING OUT…..

    • My bet is on Christopher, or Elena and her baby-but they wouldn’t be able to tell who her baby is by until they do an autopsy which I don’t know is possible and that’s gruesome, anyway. Or it could be Carmen who could turn out to be one of Jock’s illiget. kids-which would not bother me because her character adds nothing to the show but a little telenovela

    • It will be Ann. She will then return and narrate the show like desperate housewives.

  27. Nobody needs to die, just on with the show, don’t stop now, we have along winter in front of us we need good Dallas shows on.

  28. Until I logged on here tonight I didn’t know a Ewing was headed to the proverbial guillotine. I love my DVR, but it drives me nuts that it will cut out a few seconds before a program is completely finished. They need to design these things to recognize when a show is actually over, as opposed to the literal time schedule!

    Man, what is with all the anti-Christopher sentiment? I didn’t realize there was so much dislike of him (and/or Metcalfe) out there. I suppose his not being a blood Ewing makes him inherently more disposable than some of the others. I have pondered over the years whether Jock could have ever accepted him as a true grandson and heir. I think ultimately he would not have, despite his love for Bobby. But I think going forward there is plenty they could do with the Christopher character. For starters, explore his dark side a little. After all, he IS the product of two nefarious people — Kristen Shepard and Jeff Faraday. And at some point I would like to see/hear that letter his mom (Pam) wrote in its entirety. I’ve tried using the pause button to see what is visible, and I did get “I never stopped loving you, not for one minute. I saw the way you looked at me with my bandages…” Sure would be interesting to get the rest some day.

    There isn’t much that could make me disavow the show entirely, but it would be very hard for me to go on watching if Pamela got the axe. She is far and away the most intriguing figure on this version of Dallas, from her very first scene in the pilot when she and Chris got extracurricular in that country club locker room, to wielding her power and influence in last night’s episode. And I’ve since become a big Julie Gonzalo fan in general. She rocked a mean set (of fangs) in Vamp U…lol.

    Was Cliff seen at all in the preview for the finale? It no longer seems totally implausible he could indeed be in that Mexican slammer permanently. Ken Kercheval’s acting days might be coming to a close, and maybe Cynthia does consider JR’s Masterpiece sacred and does not wish to tarnish the greatest victory of our “hero.” But it’s also easy for me to imagine a scenario in which health issues arise for Cliff (perhaps that disease in the Barnes family rears its ugly head after all this time) and Pamela gets a conscience about Daddy suffering and maybe dying in such a shabby environment.

    I don’t want any of the major players to die, but Ann is the one I’d miss the least. I’ve really never warmed up to her at all. I can see it happening too…Bobby loses yet another beloved to tragic circumstances, which makes him reiterate what he said to Cally after the death of April: “Marrying a Ewing is a curse. Don’t walk away, run!”

    Unfortunately, I don’t think last night’s episode will bode well for the ratings. Despite the action and heavy emotional vibes, I found it to be one of the overall weaker efforts this season. If I were a fair weather fan who hadn’t seen the show in a while and chose last night to return, I would have not have found much incentive to tune in again for the finale, except maybe the curiosity factor regarding who will be killed off.

  29. BTW, how come nobody on the show has wondered out loud why Cliff hasn’t shown up yet to raise chaos? It’s possible Sue Ellen explained to everybody that Pam was holding the pardon and chose not to give it to him, but it just seems like a rather big oversight to me.

  30. It will be Ann. She will then return and narrate the show like desperate housewives.

  31. I hope it is Emma. She really has nothing to do with the show. I think she is useless.

  32. This might be a myth or not but a lady can get pregers on the very first time she and the man do it. So I not saying that the babies are for John Ross, but I’m going with Nicholas “Joaquin,” because she would have had babies for John Ross in the Season 1, cause they were together. But getting back on the subject, I don’t want anyone to die off the show. But what I figure, it will either be a “Non-Ewing” or 😭 (someone we wouldn’t be expecting, like one of the characters in the picture.) 😭 *nervous.* But come on people, it’s Dallas. It leaves you with cliff hangers, keep you on the edge of your couch, type stuff. So no one will really know what to expect next Monday. Some random guy/girl can come out of the blue claiming to be one of JR’s son/daughter. Someone can take their own life. We wont know how it will play out. And also to add, I don’t think that its stopping at Season 3. Because what’s gonna play out this season finale, it will leave a lot of people angry & confused. So some answers is required, and I’m guessing Season 4, Episode 1 will give us Dallas Fans some answers.

  33. I am feeling that it is going to be Ann. The bridge between the Rylands is built and she no longer needs to be involved wit the show. The only reason Christopher will go is because Jesse Metcalfe is disappointed with his role on the show and/or they just can’t afford to keep him on for Season 4. He could be upset about his talent being squandered. Christopher is presented as a main character and he is anything except that. I like the Ramos storyline. I like the drug cartel storyline. I am starting to warm up a little bit to Carmen because they are finally addressing the time, “the 1990’s” that she started working at Southfork. If I was writing the show I would have James Richard Beaumont “Ewing” die. He would show up for two seconds. He would say something like “I’m baaaaaaaaaack!” and right after that, John Ross or someone puts a slug in him. This would really tie up some loose ends.

  34. I think it will be Ann . Because if one has to die she would want it to be her so her daughter would live !

  35. hardrockfootballfanatic says:

    Ann seems the obvious choice but the question is “Is Ann too obvious” Christopher is possible because rumors are Metcalfe wants to do other things (you can’t believe everything you read though, so who knows). One thing I do recall is that John Ross discovers another one of his father’s secrets and goes searching for answers, so it is a possibility that the Ewing who dies isn’t someone seen on camera.

  36. In a stunning twist of events the cartel lines up Sue Ellen, Bobby, John Ross, Christopher, and Ann and begins the fire squad

  37. From “the Dallas Morning News” affiliated site – “ne caveat: If TNT is messing with us and it’s just a pseudo-Ewing, like Emma or Elena, let’s make a pact now to rain down social-media hell upon them. Also, If you want “Dallas” to continue, be sure and watch this one, live if possible. The show hasn’t been renewed yet, so unless the ratings are exceptional, this could be the actual end.
    We invite you to predict which Ewing will die (you can also take part on Twitter with #whichewingdies. ”

    Nicolas Trevino a.k.a. Joaquin Reyes (Jaun Pablo di Pace) — we’re convinced he’s JR’s illegitimate son 39.91%
    Ann Ewing (Brenda Strong) 35.78%
    Pamela Ewing (Julie Gonzalo) 7.34%
    Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) 5.5%
    Christopher Ewing (Jesse Metcalfe) 5.28%
    Sue Ellen Ewing (Linda Gray) 4.59%
    John Ross Ewing (Josh Henderson) 2%

    (They have quite a theory about Nicolas! Even for “Dallas” that is a stretch.)

    • i posted last week on fb that it wouldnt surprise me to find out that nicholas was jrs son and then he gets killed. wouldnt surprise me at all! though i think itll be christopher who dies…

  38. Emma is going to die! Will someone bring Pamala back, I like to see her and Bobby get it on. lol

  39. I don’t think it will be Christopher… I believe Christopher will end up being a “blood” Ewing, since his mother Kristin (Sue Ellen’s sis) and JR were getting it on. Leaning towards Ann or an Ewing from the past.

    • Agree!! JR is Christopher’s daddy and Cliff is John Ross’ daddy! All that time Christopher was whining about not being a blood Ewing, the roles are actually reversed and he IS the blood Ewing and John Ross IS NOT!

  40. I think Bobby and Sue Ellen and all the other original series stars should be, theoretically, safe. I doubt they’d kill off someone like Gary or Valene or even Ray or Lucy. I don’t even see that they are in the episode.

    The whole Nicolas Trevino story of being taken in as a member of the Ramos family smacks of Ray Krebbs being taken in. I wouldn’t be suprised to find out he’s a Ewing only to have him die.


    Elena and Christopher are reunited only to have her shot or something. They marry as she is dying, and she dies a Ewing. Very soap operaesque.

    Emma dies and she’s thought of as a Ewing only because of Bobby being married to Ann.

    My hope is that either Elena or Christopher are killed.

    It would be a bold move to kill Christopher and possibly take the show in a whole new direction in a possible season 4.

    And yet the best choice would be Elena. She never worked as a character to begin with, had zero chemistry with Jessie Metcalf and the whole Ramos clan could bow out with her.

    Really hope there is a season 4. I watch every week, ableit days after on DVR.

  41. Maybe, they will kill off Ann, John Ross & Christopher! Then those three can go back to Desperate Housewives! lolol

  42. Maybe, they will kill off Ann, John Ross & Christopher! Then those three can go back to Desperate Housewives! lolol

  43. My first thought was Anne, but maybe Sue-Ellen is tired!

  44. Has anyone remembered what Nicholas did to Elena’s contraceptive by poking holes??? Yea….. which means she might be pregnant…. by John Ross! I would be devastated if any of the 5 amazing main Ewings are killed off horrendously. So Elena might find out she’s pregnant by John Ross in the finale episode, then something happens for her to have an unfortunate miscarriage losing John Ross’ unborn Ewing baby. (O_O)

    • The only reason I don’t like this is because the show already “killed” the twins… are t hey really going to kill another Ewing baby? That ranch needs a couple of kids as it is… there haven’t been kids there since John Ross and Christopher were growing up.

  45. I’m not obsessed with seeing every past character return, but I absolutely agree it is time to re-introduce James Beaumont. There is plenty that could be done with that character. It’s kind of ridiculous that there has been zero mention of him through two movies (JR Returns and War of the Ewings) and nearly 40 episodes of the new series.

    I can’t see any shocking revelations regarding the bloodline of Christopher or John Ross. This stuff was all dealt with pretty thoroughly and definitively more than 30 years ago and there is little reason to mess with that ancient history now. But I have wanted to see someone mess with John Ross about his mother’s shady past. Old newspaper headlines about Cliff Barnes claiming paternity of JR3 are surely just a Google away, lol

  46. I think it is Nicholas Traveno. I believe he is the son of J.R. Ewing and Carmen and he was put away to live in an orphanage. In the preview, Elena is the one holding the gun and claiming that someone has to do die for what he or she did to her family. She is not going to be happy when she finds out Nicholas was a part of killing her brother and she is already angry about his revelation to her that he was part of a plot of getting Ewing Global. And his wife will be arriving also. Either of these two women have a reason for killing him. He has finished his part and is no further use to the storyline. Then the baby Elena is probably pregnant with will probably turn out to be John Ross’s–not the baby of her half-brother Nicholas. I would not like to see any of the others being killed off, but if I had to give one up, it would be Ann. Just leave Ryland and Judith alone. They are the best actors on the show.

  47. What do we know? Jesse wants out. From IMDB neither he or Patrick are listed for the last episodes. Tracy shows up as does Nicholas’ wife. John Ross attempts a rescue that goes wrong but we know he’s OK from that because next episode he travels half way around the world to visit somebody to do with JR. Nicholas turns on the cartel and Christopher goes to rescue Elena. From IMDB there are pipeline workers, Nasir is back, there’s a medical examiner (so somebody is dead early on), SWAT team agent, a Mexican prison guard (so somebody visits Cliff) plus various CIA people.

    OK here’s what I think.

    Christopher rushes off to rescue Elena. When he finds her Nicholas is gone. They pledge their undying love for each other, quickly elope ala Pam and Bobby, and spend the night together. Meanwhile Nicholas gets shot and killed. Everyone assumes it’s the Cartel but his wife had him killed. A widow gets a lot more than a divorcee. John Ross attempts his rescue and recovers Anne and Emma but Bobby and the Cartel are gone. Bobby is the new hostage.

    Meanwhile Ewing Global assets are still being sold. Tracy shows up. She’s inherited Hunter’s shares of Ewing Global and is proceeding with the plan with the Cartel. When Christopher hears of Nicholas’ death he rushes to Nicholas’ wife to try to buy his 1% of Ewing Global (possibly with Elena’s money). Elena rushes to Cliff to become his proxy. Working together is the only way to stop the Cartel. Meanwhile John Ross has discovered something and rushes half way around the world to see the Prince. Well actually his wife, who has been working with JR against Cliff, drumroll… a very much alive Katherine Wentworth. Money in hand they buy as many Ewing Global assets as they can. John Ross now heads to Southfork. Christopher now learns what’s happened to Bobby. He and Elena rush to Southfork. Everyone is at Southfork, including Bobby and the Cartel. They are about to shoot Bobby when Christopher jumps in. Who is shot?! Oh no it’s Bobby! Fake out, Christopher slumps to the floor. SWAT team arrives and takes out the Cartel. Christopher makes Bobby promise to look after his wife for him, which of course he does. Christopher dies a hero. His new wife is at Southfork with a family that hates her ala the original plan for Pam and Bobby. She will inherit Christopher’s Ewing Global shares. Then Elena puts her hand on her stomach to let us know us she is pregnant. Who’s baby is it? Bobby will assume it is Christopher’s. The Ewing’s (Elena, John Ross, and Pamela) and Cliff now control what’s left of Ewing Global with Tracy as a minority shareholder. John Ross, Pamela, and Katherine now control a new company that has all the prime assets sold off from Ewing Global including the Christopher’s Methane technology.

  48. Or the could kill off JACK EWING!

  49. I think that Elena will find out she’s pregnant with john Ross baby cause remember her diaphragm was messed up by Nicholas and some how Elena will get shot or hurt and then the baby dies

  50. I wish the show would explain better, and not contradict itself. What did everyone dilute their shares to? How come Nicolas doesn’t need that friggin super majority? Why the hell would Hunter rewrite his will to leave his shares to Nicolas, that means they could kill him? Why is the CIA able to know Emma made a deal with cartel, but unable to protect her from being kidnapped?

  51. I don’t think Nicolas is the bastard son of JR, I was thinking he was the son of the leader of cartel, that’s why he gave him a second chance and cares so much about him.

    I think it will be Ann who dies if one of main five. Ann isn’t going to leave Emma there and bobby knows that, he will take Emma for Ann. Sue Ellen, bobby, Christopher, and John ross all have roots in the ordinal show, I think we forget that yes duffy and grey are the actors who do, but all four characters do

    • It’s not that we want Christopher gone, it just that it appears Jesse wants off the show and he already has a guest role on another show lined up so maybe the rumors are true. I forget which show. I hate the idea of losing any Ewings. Couldn’t they just have him and Elena run off and elope for a few seasons? The family feels too small already. This just feels like a ratings stunt not an organic way to move the story forward. I wish they’d cast the actor who that played Tommy Sutter as Chistopher, the actress who played Marta Del Sol as Elena and the guy who is playing Luis as Nicholas.

      • If it is a rating stunt (not Metcalfe wanting out) then at least it isn’t a tawdry as the threesome. But I tend to think it’s not. After there is no guarantee of a season 4 so a ratings stunt could be pointless right about not.
        Jarmillo as Nicholas/Joaquin? I don’t know it seems they wanted pure beefcake sex appeal as Nicholas and Jaramillo doesn’t bring that.

      • Garnet McGee says:

        I thought I was the only one who thought that Callard Harris (Tommy Sutter) would have made an amazing Christopher. He was a great actor who created a dynamic character. I could have easily seen him as the good guy. If they were concerned with casting an actor who provided a physical contrast to John Ross they could have dyed his hair or had him wear contact lenses. Yes I also think they could have found a better Elena too. Angelica Celaya (Lucia Trevino) would have been perfect.

  52. I think that that it could really be Ann, Emma, or pamala
    Let me start with Ann, Too me it kind of seems like they dont let her play as good as she really is. She is a well establish actress and killing her off would be a hugh amount of money that the show dont have to pay her for. She has the crapy part on the show. Bobby really dont tell her much she really is left out. and the love doesnt seem to be there. So killing her off well it seems like a possibility. I can acually see her death cause more problems with the rylands then her being alive. Think about it if she dies ryland will never forgive bobby and bobby would blame him (ryland) for being in this mess.
    Emma, Really dont have a purpose on the show when she was with john ross yeah i got it but now that that 2 mins are over. I just think she done but lets be honest here for one min, EMMA IS NOT A EWING! so it wouldnt be fair if they said #oneewingwilldie and emma dies. Its kinda like emma is not a freaking ewing! but secreatly she makes the most sense. Hands down I hope its her!!!
    Pamala, I really like her but lets be honest they can easily bring in a new love interest and she can be a bitch like pamala. She is good but she is replaceable. She is new and not a vetern like Sue Ellen and Bobby! so they are SAFE! im not even concidering that its them. Right now tnt and dallas cant take that risk and loose any more viewers.
    Nicholas/Joaquin well i quess it could be him but how will they explain in 2 hours that he was J.R. bastard child They have a really good story line with him (Nicholas/Joaquin) for the upcoming season 4 plus elaina pregnancy.
    Let me add i feel like Bobby, Sue Ellen, Christopher, JOHN ROSS, are safe! Please do not kill off Christopher! Im in love with him. #oneEwingwilldie and it be not be christopher or john ross!

  53. If they kill off Christopher I will be truly heart broken. I know that Bobby and John Ross are the ones that are going head to head now, but what if something happens to Bobby later on down the line. Then who will John Ross go up against. I say keep Christopher or if you have to kill him off, bring him back. Look how many times JR came back. I watched this show when it first came on and I love the new Dallas. I thinking it would be Ann, because her and Bobby are on the outs. She would do anything to save him or Emma.

  54. I don’t want any of them to be killed off. There’s so much more storyline to create with everyone in the picture.

  55. It’s definitely going to be one of the core six … Bobby, Sue Ellen, John Ross, Christopher, Ann or Pam. My money is on Christopher. He dies as a hero saving Elena from Nicholas.

  56. OMG! They Killed Christopher! You Bastards!

  57. It’s going to be Christopher. He goes to the car to wait for Elena and a guy in another car sets off the bomb as Elena is walking to the car as it explodes in front of her.

  58. I do not like the way it ended.christopher was the only reason I watched the show.not that it matters to you but you have lost a viewer

  59. Should’ve never killed off Christopher. He was one of the better characters on the show!

  60. BAD MISTAKE to kill Christopher Ewing. He was a strong link to the original series and one of the core characters. They better resuscitate him at the hospital and nurse him back to health. “Dallas” needs Christopher Ewing.

  61. Linda Susan says:

    It’s Christopher… Jesse Metcalfe basically said so on Twitter and another cast member told him “It was nice working with you, good luck ahead”. Stupid decision, Dallas writers, wth is wrong with you. We are still adjusting to the death of Larry Hangman and now you kill off Christopher? He was a balance to John Ross just as Bobby always was for JR…not sure I’m still interested in watching a show that is no longer interested in it’s fans. So, so, upset.

  62. I can’t believe they killed christopher,why?? I really hope he can scape of the ddead on next season and elena loose the maybe….so they can be together finally

    • Andrew Hass says:

      Well i don’t think we the viewers ever saw who was in the car when it blew up.So maybe grabbed before he got in the car and a body was planted in the car to make it look like it was him.Then the bad guys could use Christopher as leverage down the line to get Bobby to do whatever they want since they would have Christopher as a hostage.


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  2. […] Which Ewing Dies? Here Are Three Possible Scenarios …Sep 16, 2014 – By my reckoning, this leaves Christopher as the likeliest candidate to die among the … On the other hand: TNT’s original concept for “Dallas” — John Ross and …… Jesse Metcalfe basically said so on Twitter and another cast … dallasdecoder.com/2014/09/16/which-ewing-dies-here-are-three-possible-scenarios/ […]

  3. […] Which Ewing Dies? Here Are Three Possible Scenarios …Sep 16, 2014 – By my reckoning, this leaves Christopher as the likeliest candidate to die among the … On the other hand: TNT’s original concept for “Dallas” — John Ross and …… Jesse Metcalfe basically said so on Twitter and another cast … dallasdecoder.com/2014/09/16/which-ewing-dies-here-are-three-possible-scenarios/ […]

  4. […] Which Ewing Dies? Here Are Three Possible Scenarios …Sep 16, 2014 – By my reckoning, this leaves Christopher as the likeliest candidate to die among the … On the other hand: TNT’s original concept for “Dallas” — John Ross and …… Jesse Metcalfe basically said so on Twitter and another cast … dallasdecoder.com/2014/09/16/which-ewing-dies-here-are-three-possible-scenarios/ […]

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