TNT’s Dallas Styles: ‘Boxed In’

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Every outfit on “Dallas” tells a story, and so does every hairstyle. In “Boxed In,” this week’s episode, the characters’ tresses told us a lot about how they were coping with their latest crisis: the kidnapping of Ann and Emma.

Consider Judith, whose unkempt mane symbolized her emotional unraveling. Her hair was almost as wild as it was last year, when she wound up in the hospital after taking that nasty spill down the stairs. I admire Judith Light’s willingness to appear less than perfect on camera, but I also admire how “Dallas’s” brilliant hairstylist, Charles Yusko, uses Judith’s locks to serve the storyline. No matter what the writers give Judith to do, Yusko always manages to create the perfect look for her. One fan said it best the other night during #DallasChat: Judith’s hair has become a character of its own.

My favorite look this week belonged to Julie Gonzalo, who was striking in the scene where Pamela slyly persuades Nasir to loan the Ewings the money they need to buy the divisions of their company being liquidated by the cartel. Gonzalo’s bright red lipstick reflected the power and confidence she brought to this scene, and I love how her hair was pulled back in that no-nonsense ponytail.

In another clever touch, costume designer Rachel Sage Kunin dressed Gonzalo in a smart black-and-white suit — a nod to the black-and-white Stella McCartney dress Pamela wore during her trip Las Vegas earlier in the season. (Meanwhile, Josh Henderson’s hair seemed a little bigger than usual in “Boxed In’s” Las Vegas scene, just like it was during John Ross’s first encounter with Nasir.)

While we’re on this subject: Some of us out here in Fan Land feel like taking the “Dallas” writers to the woodshed after Luis (Antonio Jaramillo) attempted to charm Ann by taking a swipe at Harris. “I don’t see him deserving you,” Luis said. “Perhaps he was more handsome with hair.” Ouch! This is the second consecutive episode in which someone has made a wisecrack about Harris’s hair, or lack thereof. Last week, John Ross referred to him as “that bald bastard.”

C’mon, writers! How about a little sympathy for the follicly challenged members of your cast — and those of us watching at home?

What were your favorite looks in “Boxed In”? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and read more “Dallas Styles.”


  1. I hate that they have made John Ross, the son of JR Ewing into a clown. Of all of JR’s traits that he has they chose cheating? Every scheme John Ross tries, it always blows up in his face.

    • That bugged the heck out of me too. On the one hand I’m glad that we’re getting a return to the tough, independent Pamela from early Season 2, after having her act like a clueless insecure wife in the first half of Season 3, I don’t like that they seemed to have knocked down John Ross to do it. She tells him off, calling him an idiot, and he doesn’t say anything, then she humiliates him in front of the Prince, and he just sits there looking stupid. I can’t stand that. When they got married last year I was wanted to see the two of them being badass TOGETHER, as a couple, wheeling and dealing and scheming against everyone else. Not fighting each other.

      And I didn’t like Julie’s hair pulled back like that.

      • @J.R. LeMar …. in my opinion, the difference between J.R. Ewing & John Ross Ewing is Bobby & Christopher Ewing – J.R. is no longer alive, so now John Ross has to fight his uncle/cousin over everything & they cut him up to pieces to keep him in line as they are trying to protect their interests. No one did that to J.R. – like who? No one, J.R. was doing all the slicing & dicing. And Pamela Barnes Ewing is no push-over – she is unlike SueEllen in ways, not all ways but some. She has learned, at the knee of her father, how to treat people as well. Pamela did warn John Ross, that if he did anything to ruin their marriage, that was it. He thought she was just kidding, until she saw that video, now all bets are off, along with the gloves. I wanted to see them as a power coupling, doing GOOD, not necessarily scheming but they could scheme every now & again. LOVED Julie’s hairstyle & I normally am not in favor of that bold, bright red lipstick on too many women, but the color looked just great on Julie. She is one beautiful young woman. LOVE the way Judith Light always looks, always looks beautiful, all of her great hairstyles, Monday night she looked downright scary because of her emotional state. LOVE Judith Light – she plays her character to the hilt & then some. Great actress. And the biggest laugh I had was, even when the scene was very dramatic, Luis couldn’t believe Ann was married to Harris Ryland – perhaps he was more handsome with hair – omg, that was HILARIOUS. Just like his remark to Emma the week before regarding the Beach Boys …. WHO is coming up with this delicious dialogue coming out of these people’s mouths? I am looking very much forward to Monday’s finale … now the question is, what Ewing dies? My opinion is Ann – but it could very well be Christopher. I wish neither, but I think one of these two. 😦

  2. I love the way the cast dresses .I am a big fan of # Charles Yusko hair. My self I love John Ross and love the way he dresses

  3. The hair & lipstick is wonderful but as a fan, I want to see Dallas TNT renewed, so we can
    keep seeing that famous look. Email your comments & desires that our show is renewed for a 4th Season to: The executives are listening to the fans!

  4. I certain that I saw Charles Yusko as a background character in an earlier episode this season. The cast on Dallas looks great and Julie Gonzalo is my favorite every week. Yes Harris Ryland is bald, so what, John Ross is short. Although the lines are funny, I think they might be used to show that John Ross and Luis are flawed people.

  5. Way to squeeze the writers on the “bald” cracks, CB.

    Us bald brethren need to stick together. Bald is beautiful.

  6. Pamela looked amazing in the scene with Nasir and John Ross.

  7. Judy Light’s raggy hair reminds me of the Miss Texas episodes from the DALLAS:CBS series wherein Linda Gray is walking the streets in an alcoholic haze unkempt & messed up, drinking booze with homeless folks to feed her addiction. A performance Miss Gray should have been awarded an Emmy (TM) for. I specifically remember Ex-Husband J.R. (Larry Hagman) making a comment about that on NBC TV’s “Late Night With David Letterman.” And by gawd, ol’ J.R. was right! Larry said he was “blown away by LInda’s performance.” Quite the compliment & I believe he would have gone gaga over Judy’s turn here! But then as Tony Danza pointed out: Judy Light IS THE BOSS!

  8. Judith Light’s hair continues to drive me insane…even after the cancellation. I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s the same mane that she wore during “Who’s The Boss”. While I LOVED her playing Angela on that show, I think something new should be tried for her if Dallas is to continue. It’s SUCH a contradiction to see Tony Danza’s “Angela” looking and acting the same as “Judith” in Dallas, snorting coke and talking about prostitution the way she does. Perhaps that was the idea…to make her seem more unsettling when her character is on screen. If that was the idea, then they succeeded…in spades.

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