‘Which Ewing Dies?’ ‘Dallas’ Producer Offers a Tease

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Watch you backs, darlins

Warning: This article contains clues about the identity of the Ewing who’ll die during “Dallas’s” September 22 cliffhanger.

The character who dies in “Dallas’s” season finale is named Ewing, executive producer Cynthia Cidre told Dallas Decoder yesterday. “It’s a Ewing we know well,” she said.

Cidre declined to give additional details about the death, which has been the subject of intense speculation among fans since earlier this week, when TNT began airing a promo that promises “one Ewing will die” during the September 22 telecast.

Some fans predicted the show would kill off someone who is close to the Ewings but not necessarily a family member, but Cidre’s comments suggest this won’t be the case. She wouldn’t say if the character is played by one of the show’s main cast members, which keeps alive another fan theory — that the show will kill off someone from the original series, not one of the regular characters on TNT’s version.

The two-hour finale will be comprised of two episodes, “Endgame” and “Brave New World,” that will air back-to-back. Cidre said the death will come toward the end of the second hour, but it won’t necessarily be the last scene.

The “Dallas” producers decided to kill off the character for storyline purposes, not because the actor or actress wanted to leave, Cidre said. “It’s really what serves the story. We knew we wanted to hit something big at the end of the season. This is our first year without Larry [Hagman], and we wanted to make our own name in the ‘Dallas’ universe. It’s a pretty amazing scene,” she said.

Executives from both TNT and Warner Bros., the studio that produces “Dallas,” encouraged Cidre to go through with the death storyline when she pitched it to them. “They came back and said, ‘Trust yourselves. If you think it works, do it. … See if you can surprise [the audience] again.’”

Cidre predicted fans will be eager to see what happens to the Ewings after they lose one of their own. “New things are going to happen. There’s going to be new blood. There’s going to be new conflict. … You can’t just keep playing the same conflicts over and over again,” she said.

The two-hour finale will find “pretty much all” the characters in physical jeopardy, Cidre said. The first hour is more action-packed, while the second hour wraps up the year’s storylines before concluding with what she called “our biggest cliffhangers of all time.”

More “Dallas” dish from Cidre:

• On preparing for a fourth season: Although TNT hasn’t renewed “Dallas” for another season, the show’s writers are back at work crafting storylines in case the series gets picked up. Cidre has delivered a 60-page “bible” outlining the new storylines to TNT and Warner Bros., and the first few scripts have been written. If TNT decides to bring the show back, Cidre said the network will probably announce the renewal in October, and cameras will start rolling about six weeks later. “We still have our building, we have our stages, we’re paying rent. We just don’t have an official pickup,” she said.

• On possible fourth-season airdates: Cidre’s writing team has been told to prepare another 15-episode split season. If “Dallas” is renewed, she expects the show to follow the same schedule it did this year, with eight episodes beginning in mid-February, followed by a break and the year’s final episodes starting in August.

• On “Dallas’s” Monday time slot: Although many fans wish TNT would move “Dallas” to a less competitive night, Cidre said she doesn’t mind airing on Mondays. However, she wishes “Dallas” could follow “Major Crimes” or another one of TNT’s popular dramas. “Because our show is sexier, we do get a slightly different demographic. It would help to have a lead-in,” Cidre said.

Which Ewing will die during “Dallas’s” two-hour season finale on Monday, September 22? Share your predictions below and read more news from Dallas Decoder.


  1. I think its great what is being prepared for Dallas TNT. The season finale & the writing for Season 4 is just marvelous! TNT Executives, keep Dallas TNT on the air & Renew! All fans everywhere, email your support & comments for Dallas TNT to have a Season 4 & beyond to: info-tnt@turner.com ASAP. The executives are listening to the fans & want to hear from us. Dallas TNT 4-ever!

    • Well, even in the final series of the old show they would always prep for next season. This is not a huge surprise.

      I always wondered what work they had done for the 1991-1992 series of the Classic show that never happened.

  2. We will find out what happens soon enough.

  3. This show is a disgrace to the legacy of DALLAS

  4. It’s not going to be Ann. I’m sure of it. Bobby will stick to his deal and never go along with choosing one over the other. Also, Bobby’s already lost two wives. It would be so useless to go down that road again. Plus, Ann deserves better – I like her and she provides an important story arc with links to the Rylands. I think that Elena freaks out on Nicholas after finding out about Drew and then shoots at him but hits Christopher in stead as he has tracked them down.

  5. I think it will be either Elaina or Christopher who dies

  6. Cider kills an original Ewiing ( Bobby or Sue Ellen ) the shows over no matter what TNT decides. It might go on without Sue Ellen MAYBE. But without Bobby its ALL OVER!!!!!

  7. I figure Christopher should die he serves very little to the show. But we gotta remember he too is J.R.’s son although nobody knows but Bobby and Sue Ellen.

  8. If you read the first few paragraphs, we see “fans think the show will kill off someone from the original series, not one of the regular characters on TNT’s version.” I’m not thinking it is Christopher. He is vital to the future key of the family’s business. I am guessing it will be Gary Ewing. But, this is just a guess at best.

  9. To get off of who dies for awhile. The new Dallas fails to the Original. The makers of this Dallas. Has not even rebuilt the set of South Fork. This inside in very bland it looks like middle upper class instead of Power and Fortune. It fails badly.

  10. I do not think Larry Hagman would approve of this. J R … He was a better director/writer than… Cidre… could ever think to be,.. along with Patrick Duffy, She is making dallas look like a crime show, I for one have had enough, and if she kills off Christopher, I am done, , other ways to end, a series, than a main cast member, killed off, Hagman was different,….. he died. Sure yearn for the ole days of DALLAS !

  11. This drug cartel is a joke. Just think how Jock and J.R. would have shut it down back then “The Cartel” would have barely got near Ewing Oil. Before it would have been “RAN OUTTA TOWN ON RAILS” Like Jock said ” BOY! POWER IS NOT GIVEN TO YOU. YOU TAKE IT!!!

  12. Chris could die and Lucas could show up as Bobbys other son. But I hope it is Ann. And It is certainly not Gary, She does not have the right to kill him, He belongs to Knots Landing

    • I think you’re right that Lucas will appear and that Christopher will be the Ewing that dies. Not that I want that to happen. I like Ann and want her to remain a character on the show.

    • Gary Ewing along with Valene are Dallas characters who originated on the original series and were created by David Jacobs, they were later brought on to the spin off Knots Landing. So in other words this current team can do what ever they want to any original or current Dallas character, but they don’t have the rights to the other Knots Landing characters such as Abby and Bobby & Betsy even though they are Gary & Valene’s children.

  13. I think the “It’s a Ewing we know well” sounds like Bobby or Sue Ellen which I can not see happening under any circumstances unless the show was definitely not coming back. I originally thought it was Christopher which I guess it still can be but I don’t feel I know Christopher all that well. It may be Gary. We know him well and he was on the TNT screen for a few episodes. It was also bring Lucy back into the mix for some drama I suppose.

  14. The only two Ewing’s that we know well really, are Bobby & SueEllen. We know everything about their characters as we were brought up with their characters from day one of the original Dallas. What really do we know about Christopher and/or John Ross’s past? They really are two young for us to know them well, as the show ended when they were still much younger. Dallas had to fast-forward them to today’s Dallas & give them a “back story.” All we know is they were raised in that nutty Southfork ranch & they both bed women faster than I can change the tv channel for Pete sakes. To have Gary Ewing die, doesn’t make too much sense, unless he’s somehow involved in the Cartel, which I doubt. OR could they be in the works of bringing his character back more full time. He, Ray Krebbs & Lucy have been brought back for weddings/funeral’s basically.

    If either character of Bobby or SueEllen is the one to be killed off, it will be, in itself, shocking. Then out of the two of them, I’m wondering if it is SueEllen, ugh. And boy do I HATE saying that as much as I say it could be Bobby. Double ugh, but then that would mean both Ewing brothers are dead & it’s up to SueEllen, Pamela & Ann to help the two boys get it all back & get it back on course, if that’s even possible.

    I still say that it will be either Ann or Christopher & Christopher dying will be bad enough, he is, after all, one of the two Ewing grandchildren that inherited all that he did. Then what does that do for his share & whose hands his share lands in since he has no children of his own & he maybe had NO will OR trust, though I’m thinking that they all would as it is all possible Wow, what a tangled web they have woven…. and I’m very much looking forward to Monday’s 2 hour finale to entangling it all.

    • betty collins says:


  15. Pat, please brush up on your “Dallas” history. Kristin miscarried J.R.’s baby. She subsequently got pregnant again, and Jeff Faraday is the father. Christopher is not J.R.’s son.

  16. Hmmm, killing off a Ewing when there are so few of them is a stupid idea! Why not kill off useless characters like Elena, Carmen and Emma?!?!

    • AlaskanPrincess says:

      Cidre said “You can’t just keep playing the same conflicts over and over again,” wow – I guess she never watched the original Dallas! It was pretty much the same conflict, over and over and over….J.R. versus (brother) Bobby (does good triumph over evil???); 2 sons vying for their father’s favor, both with a different approach to business, and life itself.
      The original fleshed out characters more – we watched as Miss Ellie fought for her man, (when Jock was keeping company with a young artist); her breast cancer scare, her reluctance to ‘date’ after Jock’s death, (and her fear of ‘intimacy’ ,e.g. sex!) We saw a dying Jock, struggling as he thought about his 2 sons, and Ewing Oil. We watched business colleagues and family friends who were alternately allies and enemies; and saw the Ewings circle the wagons in the case of the latter, even when they knew the enemies were justified. One exception to ‘circle the wagons’ was when Miss Ellie contested Jock’s will. I’m guessing we viewers rooted for different family members while that happened. We watched Sue Ellen evolve through the years: first as a new bride trying to gain her husband’s love & attention, becoming desperate for his approval and a baby; then as she took lovers to get even with J.R. We saw her struggles with issues of self-esteem and sobriety. We cheered when she remarried. Didn’t we all believe that, for all their flaws, both J.R. and Sue Ellen loved their son John Ross??
      Who knew John Ross would grow up to be the person he is now? Give us some insight to how /why he is more J.R. than Sue Ellen. Possibly flashbacks to show us what he’s thinking, what’s influencing his behavior would be one idea. Did he spend more time with Sue Ellen and her husband in England, or with J.R. and his women?? Did Miss Ellie have any impact on him??? When he was growing up, what was his relationship with Bobby and Christopher??
      We watched the Barnes/Ewing feud – learned how it began, and watched as it was perpetuated through the years. From Daddy Willard “Digger” Barnes, his wife Rebecca (later married to the rich WENTWORTH), son Cliff who vowed to even the score with the Ewings, daughter Pam who married Bobby EWING – a match that from the very first episode made us keenly aware there was no love lost between the Ewings and the Barnes.
      We watched as J.R. bedded virtually every female he came in contact with. … and the result this had on the women, his wife Sue Ellen, and even his family. The women varied from willing participants, some of them had pursued him, some were targets of J.R.’s blackmail. Again, what did John Ross think and FEEL about all this as he was growing up? Did he admire his father’s behavior? Want to emulate J.R.? Or did he (or at least some part of him) resent the way his mother was treated, how she was hurt??? How aware was he of his mother’s drinking problem? How did he feel about it??
      There were the ‘shirt-tail relatives’: Garrison Southworth, Jack and Jamie Ewing, April Ewing and her sister Michelle, Mitch Cooper, and his family – including sister Afton. Gary Ewing and wife/ex-wife/wife Valeen..
      These incidents are just a very few examples of how much the original series was about the lives of the members of the Ewing family.
      The story lines weren’t all about the ratings, but the ratings followed the (mostly gr8) story lines. We cheered for, alternately booed, ALL the characters at one time or another. We loved them, we hated them. The original Dallas wasn’t just ‘sensationalism’ – or topping the last episode/season! We also watched simply to see what was happening in lives of the Ewings – and those involved in their lives.
      Don’t get me wrong – I am enjoying the new Dallas tremendously. However, I think developer Cidre, and all the writers, should watch & be familiar with content of original Dallas (series and movies). It’s not just about topping the sensationalism of the last show or season! (You have to admit running drugs for the Mexican drug cartel took the plot to an extreme!) IMHO, Nicholas TREVINO (Joaquin) a homeless Mexican orphan who was taken in & raised by the Ramos family who went on to become an international business man – only to team up with the framed and imprisoned Cliff Barnes- was a wonderful twist! So, WT??? And, learning that the Ewings did indeed frame her daddy, Pamela just left him in prison – but with Bobby & Sue Ellen buying back Ewing Global, NOW she says ‘the feud is on again’?! And WHERE is her mother? Pamela overdosed, could have died, and no Afton??? Afton isn’t one of my favorite characters but it doesn’t ring true that she wouldn’t have shown up when her daughter was in the hospital.
      Hmmm, Christopher told Elena he would ‘take care of it’ (it being her shooting Nicholas) -if he was indeed in the car when it exploded, will Nicholas’ shooting be blamed on him to save Elena? More likely he didn’t die. but we’ll have to wait to find out. Nicholas’ mere involvement with Elena, especially after she’d been involved with both John Ross AND Christopher, was enough to create controversy (and some jealousy); Having Elena pregnant with Nicholas’ child is another gr8 idea (given her continuing ties to the Ewings and her mother working for the Ewings) Turning Nicholas into a total villain, and making him ‘like a son’ to the head of the cartel – took it a level or two beyond what was needed. It would seem we can expect to see more of him, since he views Elena as ‘his destiny’ and anticipates she will come to him in 8 or 9 months. [This is where he should still, or again, be partnered with Cliff Barnes. It was a stroke of genius having Trevino (especially given his tie to the RAMOS family) form an alliance with Cliff Barnes!!
      Killing Drew, killing Christopher (IF he died in explosion) – just not necessary! The original also developed peripheral characters, and we came to know them over the years, it helped create consistency and made the show more true to life.
      Beyond that, we need MORE episodes in a season. I don’t know how the network expects to maintain loyal viewership when there are so few shows, and it’s so long between ‘seasons.’ Sorry, I don’t get how Aug. 18 – Sep 22 is even half a season! It seems like network is doing everything they can to work against it! To those (viewers) who have opined that season 3 offered a full season -IMHO 14 episodes is NOT a ‘full’ season – in the original, that’s about half a season. Plus, content is now only about 46 min. (per ‘hour’ show) compared to original having been about 49. so in 10 episodes we’re losing about 60 minutes (more than one ‘show’!)
      After 22 years we got Dallas back – please don’t be part of making the return fail. This show could be a run-away hit. l’m definitely looking forward to Season 4. Obviously one problem with ‘cliffhangers’ is if show is cancelled, we’re left hanging on the edge of that cliff!

      Season, Number of Episodes, Year/s: 1: 5, 1978; 2: 24, 1978-79; 3: 25, 1979-80; 4: 23, 1980-81; 5: 26, 1981-82; 6: 28, 1982-83; 7: 30, 1983-84; 8: 30, 1984-85; 9: 31, 1985-86; 10: 29, 1986-87; 11: 30, 1987-88; 12: 26, 1988-89; 13: 27, 1989-90; 14: 23, 1990-91. Plus telemovies / reunions: (Prequel) Dallas, the Early Years (180 min.); Dallas J.R. Returns (120 min.); Dallas War of the Ewings (120 min.); Dallas Reunion Return to Southfork (120 min.)
      “New” Dallas: Season, Number of Episodes, Year/s: 1: 10, [13 JUN – 8 AUG] 2012; 2: 15 [28 JAN – 15 APR] 2013; 3: [first half] 8, [24 FEB – 14 APR] 2014; [2nd half] 6**, [18 AUG – 22 SEP] 2014 (**or 7 episodes in second half if you calculate last show as 2 episodes instead of 1, since it was 2 hours.)

  17. If they kill Bobby, Sue Ellen, John Ross, or Christopher then they are stupid, stupid, stupid. But… I already think they are stupid for hiring writers who give us confusing story lines that don’t honor the past while building a strong and well-deserved future. So I guess it won’t come as a big surprise if they kill one of the 4 remaining Ewings. If they do it, I’m done watching. My guess is that lots of others will be too.

  18. All I can say is, please do not let it be Bobby or Sue Ellen! These two characters are a HUGE importance to the show. We want more viewers, we don’t want to lose more!! I love Ann and wish she would stay too. Hoping it’s not Christopher, because like Cidre said, “it is a sexy show,” and Jesse Metcalfe simply adds to the term “candy to the eyes.” No, if it has to be a Ewing, I guess it should be Ann (but I hate to see her go too). Difficult choice here as I LOVE all the Ewings!

  19. Gosh I really hope its not Bobby! I just dont know if I could watch anymore if it was….

  20. I love the show, but I have been watching the original and what kept it interesting was all the different story lines – everyone wasn’t involved in the same story. There wasn’t a killing every time you turned around; it was kept interesting with variety and smaller stories. It is supposed to be a soap opera

  21. Maybe they will kill off Ray or Lucy Ewing. Of course, that would be stupid because it’d be totally out of left field. Or maybe Christopher and Elena elope only for Elena to be killed off – that would be similar to what happened to Bobby when April was killed on their honeymoon.

    • If they killed off Ray, this could be the catalyst that would be needed to introduce Lucas Wade who is Bobby Ewing’s biological son with Jenna Wade. Remember in the original series, Jenna left Dallas with Ray Krebbs taking Lucas whom Ray was going to raise as his own son. Having Jenna arrive for Ray’s funeral on Southfork bringing along Lucas would be a great way to introduce Lucas . Even in the original series Christopher as a young boy was worried that Bobby would love Lucas more since he was his biological son and Christopher was the adopted one. A funeral for Ray could bring his first wife Donna back for a episode along with their daughter Margaret as well. If done right a story line like this could be a major turning point for Dallas and the conflict between the two sons of Bobby Ewing fighting for their father’s approval and recognition would be like the original series when it came to Jock and his two son’s Bobby and J.R. basically doing the same thing for years. I wish the current team would take advantage of introducing a grown up Lucas even at the expense of having to kill of Ray. There have been rumors that we may see Jenna Wade return for a while now, maybe in season 4?

      • This would be a great story Line, Ray is connected to Bobby and the Ewing’s he is their 1/2 brother, and had a big part in orginal Dallas, good story line here, Hope this is what happens, even though they never even said why Ray now is without Jenna.

  22. J.R. has two sons besides John Ross – James Beaumont and a son by his second wife Cally. Could one of these long-lost Ewings return only to be killed off?

  23. I think it’s Sue Ellen. She’s doing so little now in the show. They made her a drunk taking her back from the stong woman she had become. She is grieving for JR and upset and disappointed in John Ross. Bobby is needed to be the glue between Christopher and John Ross so they keep the family together. They should kill off Elena she is just a poor excuse for an actress and serves no purpose in the show. Too bad they killed Drew he was a like able guy and Emma loved him.

    • But Sue Ellen is as much glue between Christopher and John Ross. She is Christopher’s blood Aunt. They seem to be the only surviving members of the Sheppard family. Too bad Dallas TNT hasn’t developed their relationship better.

  24. Reading Cynthia Cidre clues .I now think it is John Ross. With Pamela(a Barnes) getting John Ross’s half of Southfork. Then Elena will be pregnant with John Ross’s baby and gold digger Elena is she will fight for John Ross’s half of Southfork for her baby .
    Cynthia Cidre loves the characters Bobby and Christopher too much to kill them off. They have said more than once John Ross and Pamela had no prenup.
    If it is John Ross I will be very upset.

  25. I think it’s Sue Ellen -and either Pamala or Elana’s mother shot’s her !

  26. if it’s john ross, say good bye to DALLAS

  27. Just playing around with the possibilities, I see 3 more:
    Joaquin is not his real name, so he might be a long lost Ewing. I think some folks were speculating about that the week he showed up in Dallas. For example he could be an illegitimate offspring of JR, or James Baumont’s son Jimmy. Who knows. Since he already let Drew’s killing happen he must be killed off at some point anyway according to long-standing soap law.
    Another possibility is a fake death. The cartel story may force one of the Ewings to go into a witness protection program, at least for a while. That would add some interesting drama next season, imo.
    The last possibility – albeit unlikely – could be a metaphorical death. The Ewing in me is dead, long live the Barnes, says Pamela. But after they hiked up expectations for a week with a hashtag campaign, this possibility would be quite a let down.

    I am curious about the cliffhanger anyway: Just killing off a character is probably not enough anymore to end the season. The killing will not be a surprise anymore. Neither wil be the death of the Ewing character, because everybody is getting prepared for that already. So the season ending must be big.

    • How would I play this season/series finale!? Elena just finds out who really killed her brother Drew & Christopher is there to console her. Elena & Christopher elope & as Christopher carries Elena across their hotel room threshold & puts her down, Elena’s brother’s killer & Lover is standing behind the hotel room door & goes to shoot Christopher in a jealous rage only to shoot Elena in the back, where at that point Christopher wrestles with Elena’s brother’s/killer/Lover for the gun & as the screen goes black, a gun shot rings out!? Season premiere, unlikely: Elena is dead, along with her brother’s Drew’s killer/her Lover, Elena’s mother is hauled off to a mental institution after losing both of her kids & finding out who killed both, who was like a son to her, John Ross’ consoles Christopher & Pamela Rebecca sees another side to John Ross & her hatred melts away towards John Ross, along with her heart melting for John Ross & Pamela Rebecca falling in Love with John Ross all over, again & Emma goes on to hump the new cowboy ranch hand at Southfork! The drug cartels & Ramos’ is out of Dallas & the Ewing’s lives for good, Southfork is rebuilt like Miss Ellie had it after the fire & life goes on at the dysfunctional Southfork with an occasional Ewing showing up out of the Southfork woodwork, “because if you can’t take care of the losers in the family, then what is family for!?” But Cidre & this new Dallas is not too bright, so I don’t see this happening.

  28. Bad to kill off the original ones.

    • Every time I read quotes and interviews from Cynthia Cidre, it make my stomach turn. She calls Dallas a “sexier” show with a “different demographic.” Pathetic .

      She thinks her sad, dark show is “delicious.” Give me a break.

      Christopher or Ann. I think it is one if those two. Cidre already announced plans for Sue Ellen in season four. I am sad if Cidre or any of the current writers are brought back next season.

    • betty collins says:


  29. I would like to see the show run consecutively, and I would like there to be more than 15 episodes. I am also a fan of the original Dallas series, and would like to see as many of the original cast members as possible return next year. I would also like to see less smut than we had in season 4. It would be nice if they could eliminate the drug cartell for season 4, and keep the story about the Ewing family and their businesses

  30. Paul DoBell says:

    Has anyone considered that while a Ewing – any major character named Ewing – doesn’t mean that they aren’t subsequently ‘brought back’ – as in – shot, no heartbeat, pronounced ‘dead’ – but last heroic efforts could then manage to recover a heartbeat but leave the cliffhanger open as to if they will survive as they have ‘died’ and even in being brought back barely – are still closer to death’s door than anything else. As such, a Ewing would have ‘died’ – meeting the teasers and claim, but not actually kill them permanently…

    • Paul DoBell, I actually like that idea because I don’t want them to eliminate any blood Ewings. The Ewings are what Dallas was always about. If they kill them off and change too much, they should rename the show. Don’t call it Dallas anymore if it deviates too far from the original Dallas.

  31. hilaryliston says:

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    Everyone tune in for the season finale. I love this show!

  32. why TNT??????

  33. Better be careful….. every …..Ewing is a must…I can’t imagine one being killed off…and I really hope the show is picked up!!!!!

  34. They could kill off Jack Ewing, Cally Ewing, Lucy Ewing or even bring back Pam just to kill her on screen once and for all. But none of these deaths would change things significantly. Only two possibilities really change things.

    They kill Pamela, with no prenup John Ross inherits everything, and they end the Barnes Ewing feud. They have John Ross burn the pardon and Cliff stay in jail and is never seen again. Or they kill Cliff first and then when they later kill Pamela John Ross really does get everything. Killing Pamela would be a huge mistake! Julie and Josh are what they got right about the new show.

    The other option only really works if they have Christopher marry Elena. They could then kill her but that doesn’t change anything. If they kill Christopher then Elena inherits everything because they will set it up that there will be no prenup. She’ll be revealed to be pregnant but it is the father Christopher, John Ross, or Nicholas? On his deathbed they’ll make Christopher make Bobby promise to look after her, so then they’ll have Elena end up at Southfork living with the Ewings, a bunch of people who hate her (like they originally planned for Pam). Without her marrying Christopher I really don’t see the point of Elena on the show now. She’s really written into a corner and poor Christopher, the Ewing we all wanted to like. They have given him so little to do and he is such a poorly developed character at this point I think we’d miss the idea of him more than the current reality.

    Of course they *could* kill both Pamela and Christopher if they want such big changes. I think changing the writers would be a much better option than killing a Ewing! They haven’t figured out that killing people, threesomes, whorehouses, drug cartels, and dog fetishes are not drama, wont make a show ‘hip’ nor are they even particularly shocking. They’ve made Dallas CSI lite when it is the ratings winner and pop cultural icon Downton Abbey model they need to be emulating.

  35. Asuming its one of the shows main Ewings, I’m guessing Ann, which would then be used to make the show’s main storyline the Ewing-Ryland feud.
    My runner-up is Chris – it seems Cidre & Co have a hard time finding him a decent storyline, and it could be used to reintroduce Lucas – followed by Sue Ellen, John Ross and then Bobby, as my least likely candidate. IMO only Bobby and John Ross are totally safe, but killing off Sue Ellen would not only be a creative suicide – it would also serve no reasonable story developing.

    Ofc, it could also be Pamela, or it could be someone who Chris run off to marry, or any which Ewing from the original Dallas, or some previously unknown Ewing, or real-life basket star Patrick Ewing, or…

    with that said, i really cant see the show getting a Season 4 pick-up.

    • I think they should not kill off any important EWING, IF THEY DO, it has to be ann or maybe Lucy,, if it’s Christopher, I am betting the show will not get good ratings, if they want the 18-49 crowd, killing off that CHARACTER, IS SUCIDE, I L8IKE Christopher, THE CONNECTION TO Bobby /Pam is tied, to us ole DALLAS FANS, IF IT IS CHRIS, I WILL BE VERY ANGRY AND PROBABLY NOT WATCH ANYMORE MY 50 CENT OPONION, ANFD I AM NOT ALONE ! HOPE CIDRE KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING ! IF IUT’S CHRISTOPHER, BIG MISTAKE !

  36. SORRY ABOUT MISTAKES, SEE ABOVE, IF IT IS CHRISTOPHER, BAD IDEA, IF YOU NEED 18-49 CROWD…HE IS TIED TO bOBBY/PAM . I LIKE Christopher, AND WILL ME MAD…. IF THEY TOSS OFF HIS ROLE,…. US OLE DALLALS FANS, LIKE TO KEEP THE FAMILY INTACT, , UNLESS THIS ACTOR (METCLAF ) WANTS OUT, bIG Mistake, my opinion…………..write off Ann or Lucy, Lucy is a real Ewing, In any event, TNT has made dallas into a circus,.

  37. I still say that it will be an off screen Ewing that dies. Why jeopardize one of the core cast members? It’s insane.

  38. We don’t want them to kill off any of the Ewings! If they do “kill off” a main character, for example John Ross, they’d better show a scene where another character wakes up from their bad dream! (Just like they did with Bobby Ewing in the 80s).

  39. Dallas TNT fans: It’s so great to hear from all of you. This is our favorite show, we want it
    renewed for Season 4 & beyond, Email your comments & requests for Season 4 to:
    info-tnt@turner.com and/or any other email address to TNT. Believe me, the executives are listening to the fans! Yes, there will be a Season 4!!!!! Keep emailing!!!

  40. Rumor has it – “Linda just confirmed on her Home & Family interview that it is in fact one of the six (Sue Ellen, John Ross, Chris, Ann, Pamela, Bobby) who dies. They made a pie chart and had viewers guess and asked her if it was one of the people on the chart who dies and she said yes. “

  41. Kill the wrong Ewing & you kill the potential for Season IV Chris!

  42. All we know is that a Ewing, one of the six, will die. Are we going to know which one will die? Meaning, are we going to have to wait until 2015 to find out which one is dead?

  43. I totally think this writer, CIDRE CLUELESS, ! And wonder if she ever watched orginal dallas, BECAUSE, if she truly did…., then she is a terrible writer, and TNT needs to write her OUT, because IF SHE DOES, WHAT…..everyone seems to believe… kill off a real EWING,… DALLAS, WILL BE OVER…, FANS WILL NOT WATCH THIS GREAT SERIES BE BUTCHERED BY HER ANYMORE………………WHERE IS A LEONARD KATZMAN (AGAIN) WHEN YOU REALLY NEED HIM, ( OR ANYONE LIKE HIM) IF HAWAII 5-0 CAN BE A GREAT RE-BOOT, THEN DALLAS SHOULD BE HANDS DOWN, ….BUT NOT WITH CIDRE @ THE HELM. my OPONION ! WE SHALL SEE HOW IT ENDS TONITE!

  44. So mad they killed off Christopher tonight. Hoping he rises from ashes but I am truly mad.

    • I also am very disappointed, to kill off Christopher was stupid, sure it was Nicholas, (because he was jealous so Elena, would not go to him ) She would be back to Christopher, but to write off a important cast member, makes me furious, Don’t feel the samer anymore about Dallas, Cidre has and is ruining this show,I can’t believe the fans will like this one ! And still stick around. If it gets renewed ( and it will)..This was very foolish,…..same happened, in orginal dallas when they killed off Bobby, then he came back, ratings went downward. This takes any enjoyment I had left for Dallas, ….why not kill off Nicholas, Instead she takes Christopher, J R had many flings, who cares, about a long lost daughter somewhere.

  45. natasha horn says:

    Why would you kill off Christopher??? I’m very disappointed

  46. How in the world could the writers kill off Christopher?This move was sooooo wrong on so many levels. JR had 2 other sons besides John Ross, but neither one of them carried the name Ewing. To bring them back in the next season would be nonsense. The writers didn’t even bring them back for JRs’ funeral or burial. Cally showed up for the funeral, never mentioning her and JRs’ son. James Beaumont was never mentioned again once he left the original series. What purpose would it serve to insert them into the story now at the expense of Christopher? And since when did JR have a daughter? They should have killed off Pamela, now that she has been neutralized financially. Elena is either pregnant for Nicholas or John Ross as she had sex with both of them within a matter of hours using the same compromised diaphram!! The original Dallas was flawed in that Bobby was never allowed to have a happy ending with a love interest, while JR went through women like he went through a fifth of bourbon. Bobby deserves some happiness and it is a damn shame that the writers killed off his one legitimate child. This was so unfair and it is NOT gonna sit well with the fans.

  47. Disappointed they killed off Christopher. Wrong Ewing to kill off, but, I really hope that TNT renews Dallas. I think Ann would have been the better choice to kill off leaving Bobby to hook back up with Tracy. Obviously they created a daughter no one knew JR had, but they could bring James, JR’s first born with his “first love” Vanessa, or the son Callie his young bride post SueEllen had after she left JR. They could also bring Lucas, Bobby’s biological son born to Jenna and Ray raised in euorpe! They should also have Afton get Cliff out of the Mexican prison and Dusty could come back and make SueEllen forget about the booze! Lots of things can be done with this outstanding revival of the best night time drama Dallas, but TNT must let it LIVE ON!!!!!

  48. Dallas MUST STAY ON THE AIR. It is the best written show EVER since the 80s. They have stayed TRUE BLUE, and the cast of the two Ewing Boys are perfection.

  49. Fans, I dont think Christopher was in that car! I dont remember seeing Pamela anymore in the show last night after she lost all her money. It may have been her in the car! The season finale was great! The daughter of JR? Maybe Sue Ellen had a child that JR took from her (so called miscarriage or twin)?. Yet the union of John Ross with Mama Ryland is an unholy horror with many angles to explore. Writers: With today’s technology, bring back JR! I though he would appear to John Ross when he was crying! I would have not been able to contain myself. Bring JR back, give us more episodes, keep up the excellent writing & listen to the fans! Dallas TNT 4-ever!

  50. Ok I am so confused for weeks all I have ever read on here is how useless the character of Christopher is and now that he possibly died (which I do not believe he did) everyone is saying that was a mistake. Which direction do you want this to go keep or lose him? I though last night was epic once we got past the cartel nonsense, but then watching Nicolas have them killed was a breath of fresh air for me!!!!!!!! I am excited to see how all of this unfolds and hang in there fans, we only saw Christopher get into the car we never saw him explode in it!!!!!!!!!! WOW and the biggest shocker of all John Ross has a sister, I am really excited to see how that all plays out, with all the affairs and JR has had it certainly makes sense a hidden child would be out there somewhere, Please TNT give us a season 4

  51. Very disappointed that they killed off Christopher – Bobby’s son and a legacy character. Also don’t like that there’s too much story about new characters – the Rylands and John Ross’ new probably evil “sister.” This show is supposed to be about the Ewings. John Ross already has two never-seen half-brothers and Bobby has a biological son raised by Ray and Jenna – why are these characters not being featured or mentioned? And this show already has enough female characters. Adding yet another woman to the cast will probably push out fan favorites like Pamela.

  52. Every unhappy with the killing of Christopher… Looks like writers are going with the new blood line … I watch Dallas back in the day . The only reason I watched the new one was the original characters. Good Luck I’m done ..won’t be watching next season . That’s what’s happened to the day time soap getting rid of the older characters .

    • agree with Sabrina, I have been a dallas fan Forever ! Very disappointed, Good :Luck with season 4, if there is one ! It’s a shame to see such a beloved series/show butchered by cidre !

  53. Renew Dallas yes! But if you think about it, killing off Jesse will lose more viewers rather than gaining them. I LOVE DALLAS!! It is my favorite tv show! I think the writers are brilliant! But killing off Jesse right after losing J.R. was a too big of a move! I hope the show gets renewed and I hope they change their minds and say, “Hey let’s bring him back! Let’s say he jumped out right before or it wasn’t his car.” Or something along those lines. I just know I will be super sad if they keep it to where he is dead!

  54. Just for something different. Watched an old episode and actress playing Ann was Cliffs one night stand. Also a big mistake. There was a one-off special episode where Chris and John Ross met Pamela ….. Though in this “new” Dallas no-one had originally known she was Pamela Barnes. Erm writers should re-watch the old episodes!!

    • Yeah well lousy TNT cancelled Dallas. Because of her lousy writing. Fans are livid. I one of them. Bring back Dallas. Big mistake tnt

  55. I think I am P—-d at TNT!!!

  56. This is just gut instinct, but I have a feeling it will be Sue Ellen who dies. Linda Gray and Larry Hagman became close friends on the original series. I’d bet his involvement was the only reason she decided to join the cast of the new “Dallas.” And now that he’s gone, she probably feels a little extraneous. Obviously, I could be wrong. But “Sue Ellen” may have lost her will to live with the sad passing of J.R.

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