Tonight, #DallasChat Reviews the Season Finale

All good things

All good things

You’re invited to Dallas Decoder’s next #DallasChat on Twitter, which I’ll hold Tuesday, September 23, from 9 to 10 p.m. Eastern time.

Our topics: “Endgame” and “Brave New World,” TNT’s final “Dallas” episodes of the year, as well as the answer to the “Which Ewing Dies?” mystery.

If you have ideas for questions, leave them in the comments section below, tweet them to me @DallasDecoder or post them to my Facebook page. I may choose one or more questions and ask them during our discussion.

New to #DallasChat? Here’s how it works: For one hour, I tweet 10 questions to my fellow “Dallas” fans. Each question is numbered and includes the hashtag #DallasChat, so your answers should do the same. Please include the show’s official hashtag, #DallasTNT, in your tweets too.

Here’s a sample exchange:

Q1. What did you think of #DallasTNT’s season finale? #DallasChat

A1. Well, I liked it until my favorite character got killed off. Why, oh why did you do this to us, #DallasTNT? #DallasChat

Two tips:

  • During the discussion, enter #DallasChat in Twitter’s search field. This will help you watch the search results so you can follow the conversation. Click “All” to see all the related tweets.
  • Be sure to include #DallasChat in your tweets. This allows the other participants to see your contributions to the conversation.

If you have opinions about the show, share them with your fellow fans. See you tonight!


  1. Dallas TNT Season Finale was a blast!!! The show is just fantastic!. The writing is worthy of due respect, after our beloved JR passed away. Writers & producers: Bring back JR with today’s technology. In the scene where John Ross was crying, I thought surely JR would appear to his son! Fans would have gone wild & ratings thru the ceiling to the moon! Season 4, no doubt in my mind! Give us more episodes, more of the old characters and OUR BELOVED JR, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! On to Season 4!

  2. Since there are two episodes, I humbly suggest 2 hours and 20 questions for #DallasChat Am I the only one that thinks this way?

  3. Unless JM wanted off the show or the show wanted him gone…he will appear next season in fine form! That could have been a car thief getting in the car!

  4. R.J. Koopmans, President, Ewing Oil Co. Ltd.-Canada says:

    The entire show is about pretending this family is about “normalcy” C.B. when its really about “chaos.” And frankly boy, don’t ya just love it?!

  5. How would a sister play into the story?? Has to be some twist to it.

  6. Marilyn Hadey says:


  7. I am shocked and appalled that it was Christopher that got killed off. It should have been Ann that got killed off and Pam re-enter the picture. THE EP has a way of taking this show and…g all over it, making a big mess of things. The old show would never have killed off Bobby like this. This is gonna create a big void in the show where there is no rivalry with John Ross and who? THE EP did it first with Pam a year and a half ago and she’s done it again, messed up bigtime.

  8. Margaret Michaels should have been immediately contacted when Victoria bowed out and the re-cast should have taken place and Pam and Christopher should have a mother-son reunion a year and a half ago. Cidre does not listen to the fans. She had her twitter account disabled and had her lead writer’s twitter account disabled as well which goes to show she doesn’t give a s…t about what the viewers think. A typical Democrat. Democrats are not interested in what the people think. They believe on imposing on the people.

  9. How can John Ross’ s affect the plot twist, if he had two brothers that haven’t been used and no child except John Ross was named in the will. I’m thinking that he might contest the will to get his mother’s share reduced but what about his brothers he could have tried using them.

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