‘Which Ewing Dies?’ It’s [Spoiler]

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Warning: This article reveals the identity of the character killed during “Dallas’s” third-season finale. Other storylines are also discussed. Scroll down to read more.




No, seriously, if you don’t want to know, stop reading now.




You’ve been warned.



As promised, TNT’s “Dallas” killed off a Ewing in its third-season finale. The victim: Christopher, who apparently perished in a car bombing. In another surprise twist, John Ross learned he has a sister — or maybe a half-sister — courtesy of J.R.

During the back-to-back episodes, Ann and Emma (Brenda Strong, Emma Bell) were rescued from the cartel, Elena (Jordana Brewster) shot and wounded Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) after discovering he was responsible for her brother’s death, and Bobby and Ann reconciled, although she worried Tracey (Melinda Clarke) was making a play for her husband.

At the end of the second hour, Bobby and Sue Ellen (Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray) joined forces to buy back Ewing Global from the government after the feds seized the cartel’s assets. John Ross (Josh Henderson) — angry that he was shut out of Ewing Global and that Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) was cheating on him with Nasir (Pej Vahdat) — formed an alliance with Judith (Judith Ryland) and reconnected with Emma, who gave him a mysterious red file that Harris (Mitch Pileggi) had been compiling on J.R. before his death.

Meanwhile, after a more-menacing-than-ever Nicolas ordered hits on El Pozolero and Luis (Miguel Sandoval, Antonio Jaramillo), Elena was seen getting sick in a gas station bathroom, where the results of a home pregnancy test revealed she was expecting. She was on her way to join Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) in the car when it blew up — the result, apparently, of a bomb planted by one of Nicolas’s henchmen.

The final scene: John Ross was in the back of limousine, where he received a call from Bum (Kevin Page), who wanted to discuss the contents of the mysterious red file on J.R. “What do you want me to do about it?” Bum asked. John Ross’s response: “I want you to find her, Bum. I want you to find my sister.”

Dallas Decoder’s coverage of the season finale will continue throughout the week, including a special edition of #DallasChat on Tuesday, September 23, as well as full-length critiques of the season-ending episodes, “Endgame” and “Brave New World,” and much more.

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  1. Love a good story. Wow! Got to have a season 4. The writing on this story is phenomenal. Great!

  2. I thought it was very good. Josh Henderson was out of this world good .Loved hearing J.R’s voice. Loved Josh’s song.Love that John Ross has a sister

    • Always thought he had a sister. Unless I am mistaken, in the original series Jr’s child bride, Callie Harper was pregnant when she left JR and when he found her he saw the baby but never bothered her and left her to live her life. I am sure that is the mysterious sister we are left to wonder about till next season. And let’s not forget Bobby has another son as well. Lucas was Jenna’s son by Bobby so if Christopher is dead maybe Lucas will show up as well. Ya never know!

      • Very good call on Callie being the mother. She was at J.R.’s funeral. I hope the get this one right. I would think it is great if they bring Callie back, at least for a few episodes.

      • I’m pretty sure Callie’s child was established as an unamed boy. The family tree on wikipedia supports this and (although it seems to be down at the moment) I’m pretty sure the Ultimate Dallas family tree said the same. I don’t recall exactly what was said on screen and I won’t have a chance to check that out for a couple days.
        Now oddly enough a quick Google search revealed one tree actually naming the baby Terrance. That would support the boy thing but that tree can’t be right positive because I’m positive the baby was never named.

      • Thought Callie’s baby was a boy though…

      • I believe John Ross’s sister will be a moral person, somebody has to help Bobby offset John Ross, Harris, Judith, Pamela, Emma, and sometimes Sue Ellen and Elena.

      • Cally (& JR’s kid) was stated on screen to be a boy, although we never saw it. That COULD be a lie, however, set up by Cally to keep JR off the trail.

        The closest we came to seeing this kid was when JR tracked her down, saw her at a mall, putting the kid in a car, and driving away. JR left her alone. While it was stated it was a boy, I like the idea of her lying about the gender to throw JR off from finding them later on.

      • I’m still going off memory here. When it was stated on screen to be a boy wasn’t that down by a P.I. type? JR wasn’t know for hiring incompetant PI’s so I tend to put a lot of stock into Callie’s child being a boy.

      • I and many fans had been pushing for the introduction of Lucas ever since this new series began, and Steve Kanaly has said that he’s brought up the existence of Lucas, and the fact that Ray raised him, to the new producers when he’s appeared on the show, but they didn’t seem interested.. But I tend to think it’s less likely that they’ll introduce Lucas now. Clearly the big focus of the proposed Season 4 is the introduction of J.R.’s long-lost daughter. Also bringing in a long-lost son of Bobby’s at the same time would probably feel like it’s diluting that story. Plus, to me, the biggest appeal of the character of Lucas was to see how it affected Christopher, arousing his insecurities about being adopted. If Christopher isn’t here anymore, that can’t be done. And seeing Bobby bond with Lucas now would feel kinda crass. Like he’s just replacing one son with another, his “real’ son. So I hope they don’t do it.

      • Dan in WI..

        “I’m still going off memory here. When it was stated on screen to be a boy wasn’t that down by a P.I. type? JR wasn’t know for hiring incompetant PI’s so I tend to put a lot of stock into Callie’s child being a boy.”

        It’s been awhile since I’ve seen those episodes. What you say sounds right. I have a vague recollection that the PI found that out, and THEN JR went to see for himself.

        J.R. LeMar…

        “Plus, to me, the biggest appeal of the character of Lucas was to see how it affected Christopher, arousing his insecurities about being adopted.”

        That exact thinking is why I always felt bringing in James for a couple of episodes to mess with John Ross would be great. However, JR’s Funeral and the reading of his will didn’t mention James, so I doubt we’d see him.

        On a complete side note, I still think it would be funny to have Omri Katz show up in some new character to have an interaction with John Ross, just so the two of them could stare at each other. Long timers like me would get a laugh out of that.

  3. I thought the finale was AMAZING! Well acted, directed, written and it was smooth and tight! Great hour of television. I thought for sure Christopher was going to get shot in the penthouse but when that didn’t happen … all bets were off and I was on the edge of my seat for the rest of the show. Now, about the sister. WHo says it’s a half sister. What if JR knocked up Sue Ellen during the pageant days and Sue Ellen/JR planned to keep the baby a secret but JR told Sue Ellen the baby died and they never spoke about it again. I identity of this sister has to some how undermine Sue Ellen and/or Bobby and their taking over Ewing Global. This could also fit in with Sue Ellen not being able to get pregnant again for so long. Just a thought … the sister has to be some kind of leverage against them.

  4. Eh. The revelation of the sister would be more of a shock if we, the longtime viewers, didn’t already know that J.R. has two other sons out there, one of whom John Ross knows about, plus at least one grandson. But ONCE AGAIN, instead of utilizing known characters connected to the past, Cidre wants to create new character and force them into the back-story.

    And as for Christopher, everyone knows the first rule of Soap Opera deaths. If you don’t see the body, don’t assume they’re dead.

    • I agree. I’m still annoyed that Sue Ellen has never acknowledged Christopher as Kristin’s son on this version of Dallas. She should be have had a greater bond with him. She is his only biological elder. So much untapped potential there. As for the other Ewing offspring, it doesn’t make sense none of them are mentioned. However, it would surprise me if JR had ten more children. He certainly got around.

    • I love this show but as a loyalist to the original Dallas, I hate the way fail to carry on some of the history.

      • I have to second that! Why wouldn’t they??

      • I’ll tell you why. That would require actual research and that apparrently takes too much time.

        I’ll never forget how Cidre was originally saying that she watched the most of the CBS series. She would only say that between the entire writing staff someone has seen every episode at least once. Later on she reconned her own statement to say she watched everything before doing any writing. Even if she saw everything once that isn’t enough to get all the fact right. I’ve always said this show needs an employee who’s sole job is continuity. There are any number of commentators on this site who would fill that role admirably.

    • I think he is dead. I can’t imagine Jesse Metcalfe returning to the show.

    • Great points, LeMar! Why pass over the known history to go invent new characters and force them in? Unfortunately the current writing isn’t nearly as strong as the past, so the audience just doesn’t care and the show would continue a downward trend if this continues.

      • I for one am too the point that I would rather they invent new characters than screw of the history of an established character.

    • “. But ONCE AGAIN, instead of utilizing known characters connected to the past, Cidre wants to create new character and force them into the back-story.”

      Meh. People are so “Cidre sucks”, and forget that this stuff happened in the old show too. I was watching when they invented the character of James so JR could have a more adult son for the plotlines. Fans then mostly hated the invention of a previously unknown son, there was a lot of backlash then too – although not as vitriolic, because the Internet wasn’t around then.

      I don’t blame Cidre at all – quite the opposite. She’s doing EXACTLY the same thing the old show did. Need a character? Make it up, and shoehorn it in. This is nothing the old show hasn’t done.

      Don’t understand the hate. At all.

      • The fact that the old show, especially in the last 2 or 3 seasons, made some crappy storytelling choices doesn’t mean the new show gets a pass for doing the same. At least not from me. I don’t understand the excuses some fans make for this show. At all. So I guess we’re even.

  5. Interesting to introduce a sister when there are a few other known sibs and cousins that could come back- Lucas, Margaret, James…

  6. Awesome. This is my favorite show!! Please please have a season 4!! I hope
    Christopher somehow survives and I hope Elana’s pregnant by John Ross!! Hate Nicholas!!

  7. Coming soon: Margret Michaels as Christopher.

  8. I think the writers have FINALLY got the writing for the Dallas original fans loved. I feel the editing was done in a way to we have to wonder IF Christopher was still in the car or if he got out in time. (Remember J.R. and Sue Ellen were also in an explosion, of course that was the “Dream” season) I suppose we will have to wait for two things. IF Dallas is picked up for a fourth season, as of this writing, it has not been and we will know if Christopher survives or not during the opening credits of season 4. I really hope he isn’t dead.I

  9. We never saw Christopher’s face. Could have been someone stealing his car. The promo said one Ewing will die, but that doesn’t mean a lot. Remember, Bobby died, too 😉

    • Even if Christopher is dead, he’s still alive last we saw him in two alternative Dallas universes – the one depicted in Pam’s dream, which still continued on in Knots Landing, and the universe depicted in the two Dallas reunion movies that were disregarded for TNT’s Dallas. There is a 4th Dallas universe, the one in the original series finale in which JR never existed, but Christopher never existed in that one either. Maybe next season someone from Fringe could cross over and bring him back.

    • Tired of the Mexican drug cartel. Tired of all of the violence and deaths. Tired of the gimmicky cable TV cuss words. Tired of Pamela, John Ross, Emma and Elena bed hopping.

      Pamela is back to being a monotone, robotic, cold person. Don’t like John Ross being so evil and greedy without a cause. Emma had way too much screen time, but at least she apologized for her horrible behavior. Elena needs to go. Don’t care that Christopher is the one to go, but why? Dumb “creative” choice on Cidre’s part, but that’s how she operates. The characters are all schizophrenic and inconsistent.

      I did like the JR references…painting and audio recording. I thought Judith Light was great. She is over the top, but compelling to watch unlike the younger characters who are oversexed and dull. I liked Bobby’s reference to “Mama” (Miss Ellie).

      Overall, it is not Dallas. With all of the Mexican drug cartel, violence and extraneous characters, it seemed somewhat out of place when they showed an establishing shot of Southfork. That’s when you know things are out of balance and just plain wrong…when Southfork and the Ewings get pushed to the sidelines.

      I love that Dallas is back on TV, and yet it is excrutiatingly painful to see Cynthia Cidre continue to degrade the Dallas legacy.

  10. Don’t really get the point of killing Christopher. Back when the show started, it was supposed to be about him and John Ross so why kill him off. The whole “drug cartel” has gone entirely too far and is getting old. I’m a loyalist to the original Dallas and this show is falling way too short of that standard. I like the acting, but some of the writing just makes me scratch my head.

    • Yes the show was originally about the next generation of John Ross vs. Christopher. But then again the CBS show was originally about the Romeo and Juliet story of Bobby and Pam. Somewhere along the way some obscure character named JR became the main focus of the show. Shows evolve over time. I don’t have any trouble with that in the abstract.

      As for this: meh… Christopher was probably the most polarizing male character in terms of love him or hate him. So if he really is dead (like they say in soaps someone isn’t dead until there’s a body and sometimes not even then…) the outcry won’t be universal.

      • Yes, in season 1 this show was supposed to be about the Next Generation rivalry between John Ross and Christopher, mirroring the conflict of their fathers. Once Larry Hagman died, they switch the focus to be more of a generation vs. generation conflict between John Ross and Bobby, which left Christopher out in the cold. Personally, I think Metcalf is a good actor, and never understood the hate he seemed to get online in placed like the Ultimate Dallas forums. I think there was still great potential with him, considering his adopted background. I agree with David Jacobs’ opinion that Christopher should have been the “bad” son, overcompensating for his adopted status and therefor willing to screw over everyone and anyone to gain power in order to prove that he’s a “real” Ewing. They even the chance to turn him bad, since so many fans hated him anyway, beginning with Season 3. With J.R. dead they could have had John Ross and Bobby become closer, as John Ross seemed to be reformed, now happily married to Pamela, and that makes Christopher start to feel left out. Instead they immediately spoiled the John Ross/Pamela marriage, which fans loved, by having him cheating, and then wasted Christopher in a pointless romance. With what’s her name. So many missed opportunities with this show.

  11. Dang, I was so sure it would be 105-year-old Wes Parmalee, who would be revealed to have been Jock after all.

    Was the gender of JR and Cally’s child ever revealed? I always thought they had a boy, but someone told me no, it was a girl. I do recall James once joking that JR was only capable of having sons. Either way, I like the story angle.

    I’m cautiously optimistic Season 4 will happen…even if it were just made with the understanding there would not be a fifth season, and they are simply wrapping it all up for the benefit of those of us who still care enough to follow the whole thing. The 2.5-3 million viewers (counting DVR people) is theoretically good enough to warrant that, I would think. Regardless of what some folks think of the show from a creative perspective, I think TNT wants very much to keep it alive and will make every effort to do so.

  12. Why did any Ewing have to die at all? There are very few Ewings on the show and only two of them have Ewing blood. Its shock value and nothing more.

    And don’t get me start on why the Ewings are being so nice to Elena.

    If they had to kill off anyone, why not Elena or her mother.

  13. It pretty much went how I thought it would. Great episodes. Could have used a bit more drama surrounding the hostage situations. It all went very fast. But ok, that’s pretty much how it goes. Fast paced. I think Bobby, Ann, Sue Ellen and John Ross are by far the strongest characters. I feel I should be more sad about Christopher, but the character had sort of faded into the background. Elena comes off as very clueless and switches between over- and under-reacting to what is happening around her. Pamela had grown into a very interesting character but seems to be regressing to where she was in the beginning, which is a shame. Hoping for at season 4. Wonder when we’ll know …

  14. I think leaving it to Bobby and Sue Ellen to fight John Ross is enough. Christopher was really not needed for that. And the character never found its own function in this ensemble, especially this season. However, I question the way he was written out. The hashtag campaign of who will die looked a bit desparate. Somebody was drumming up ratings to save a show. (Fine by me, the show is worth being saved) And if it hadn’t been for the hashtag campaign, the explosion would have been a huge WTF-moment. It came out of nowhere and had no prior built up, neither in the plot nor emotionally. Christopher had no function in the last couple of episodes. He could have saved the day in Mexico in order to be dearly missed afterwards . But, no, he will not be missed because he had not contributed anything anymore. Killing Elena would have made sense because the cartel wanted to hurt Joaquin. Killing Christopher, probably ordered by Joaquin, makes a lot less sense as he and Elena weren’t even close enough to illicit Joaquin’s jealousy.
    To me Christopher’s killing looks like a last minute decision of the producers. It looks like pasted into an otherwise fairly coherent plot. I suppose in the end killing Christopher was an adhoc financial decision to accommodate a shrinking budget next season. That’s understandable. But it could be executed a bit more sophisticated.

    • Once we saw new kingpin Joaquin telling his henchman there was no need to go to Dallas because the “problem” would be taken care of and Elena would come to him in eight or nine months it was pretty obvious to me it was going to be Christopher. While Christopher and Elena weren’t close right now he was still clearly Joaquins greatest known threat for her affection.
      I’m not even sure I’d call this a ratings ploy. First of all it was then it is infinitely better than a threesome. But just smells to me like some kind of mutual parting of ways. After all something like this is a one episode ratings bump at best. I don’t see how it would keep anybody coming back. Then since it was already decided it was going to happen yeah they promoted enough for the one episode bump because why not? I just don’t think that was the primary intent.

  15. If Christopher is no longer needed on the show I don’t think me looking at it is either.lm done with Dallas.

  16. It was one wild ride last night!

  17. Cally had a son with JR and at first she lied and said it was his grandson and James Beaumont was the father. JR found out otherwise but decided to leave her in peace with the baby. So this “sister” can’t be JR and Cally’s baby.

  18. OMG! They Killed Christopher! You Bastards!

  19. Though it was necessarily a drug cartel… go watch the original… there was a whole storyline (for a while) with “the cartel.” Cartels are just part of the Dallas storyline. However, I agree it’s time to move on!

    • The independant oil cartel lasted throughout the CBS run actually. But I’d hardly compare the roles of Jordan Lee, Andy Bradley, Marilee Stone, etc… to Luis, El Pozolero or Nicholas/Joaquin in terms does it fit the main theme of the series. An oil cartel was a natural (even though illegal in real life at the time) but a drug cartel not so much.

      The closest thing we have had to a drug storyline in the CBS show was Tommy McKay but that was only a supporting character on the fringe. It was never the main focus.

  20. Even if Christopher is dead, don’t forget, nobody ever dies permanently on Dallas – except, unfortunately, the greatest of them all – still missing you Larry!

  21. Steve Sadler Jr. says:

    Awesome show last night. Like Pam, Christopher’s exit was a blaze of glory. Can’t wait for season 4. If not, J.R. ghost will haunt them.

  22. Christopher went out in a car explosion, just as his mother. Even if the character did live, which it didn’t, it would never be played by the same person again. It seems that everything was done as diplomatic and professional as possible. I do not think that Jesse Metcalfe was a good fit for the show. TO have Cynthia Cidre go out in interviews and say they written in a love interest for Christopher because they felt bad for him is real lame. Saeson 1 was good and then they just forgot all about him and his lines and even storylines became more and more of an afterthought. Jesse Metcalfe can act and I feel his talent was wasted. I feel that the writers squandered an excellent opportunity. Kristen is supposedly not his real mother and she ended up dead anyways. They could have done 1,001 things with him and they didn’t. I love the show and will always watch “Dallas”. I did not see any point in keeping Christopher on the show if they are not going to use him.

  23. “As promised, TNT’s “Dallas” killed off a Ewing in its third-season finale. ”

    A lie. They killed nobody. We didn’t technically see Christopher in the car. Could have been anyone. It’s seriously weighted to make you THINK Christopher died. But I maintain we didn’t see him get in the car, and the shots were very vague when it showed who was in the car right before it exploded.

    We see Christpher outside the bathroom door, and the last we hear (but don’t see) was him saying “I’ll be in the car”. The scene with the HPT happens, and they cut to someone walking into the car and getting in. It looks like Christopher, but we never saw the face. The shirt looks the same, but the hairstyle does NOT look the same. Screen captures. Look at the back of the hair. I say no, he’s not dead. We’re meant to think it obviously. But I’m not buying this. It’s a typical Dallas season ending shock.

    • And yeah, the screen captures are dark, but the scene is dark. If you look at them on a monitor with a white background, you’re likely not to notice it. 🙂

    • There is another possible explanation for never seeing Christopher get in the car.

      First the question is: Did Metcalfe want out? I’ve never seen anything definitive on that so I have my doubts if that is true or not.

      But let’s suppose he did want out. It is entirely possible he announced his decision to the creators after the completion of principal photography. If that is the case then that too would explain not seeing him get in the car. But seeing Brewster in the explosion scene shoots at least a partial hole in my theory. (Or was that lifted from Fast and Furious?)

      I’m not saying I believe this. Just throwing it out there.

    • Yeah it’s clearly not Jesse Metcalfe when you look but the guy does look like one of the stunt doubles for Bobby and Christopher on that ALS youtube video. I’ve learned not to read anything into on screen discrepancies on this show. Like the same deeds being different from season two to season three. Packages being shipped to Ewing Energies when that company had been swollowed up by Barnes Global then changed to Ewing Global. The addresses of banks when they were searching for Pam. Did you notice Southfork was in Parker again this season? So you are right it wasn’t Jesse but I think at this point they intend it to be Christopher in that car. I know they said they reshot that scene recently. I wonder if Jesse Metcalfe knew he was going to be written out?

  24. R.J. Koopmans, President, Ewing Oil Co. Ltd.-Canada says:

    Did you not notice that Father J.R.’s laugh was dubbed in to laugh simultaneously in full glorious audio as Son John Ross sat in the back of the limousine drinking J.R. Ewing Bourbon from the Southfork Distillery Company Limited of Braddock County, Texas? It was positively devilish! A Masterstroke really!

  25. I loved last night’s epic finale, I am in shock about John Ross saying find my sister I loved it!!!!!!!!!! I believe Christopher is dead for now but not dead and gone, He either was thrown from the car or someone kidnapped him to protect him from the cartel since he brought the FBI in to save Elena, rest assured it is only by story he is gone he will be back if there is a season 4. I hope hope hope there is a season 4 after last night we def need to see how this all plays out, fingers crossed

  26. I thought that finale was very good, but I’ll say this (and let me say, this is 1 million percent without any intent of starting debate), I love Dallas fans, they’re incredibly passionate, and that’s what makes us a special group, and while we can blame the ratings drop on many things, I’m starting to wonder if the drop in ratings isn’t in part due to the large legion of chronically unsatisfied fans. I haven’t loved everything that Cidre has done either and I’m dying to see characters such as Katherine and Ray come back myself, but if I’m evaluating Cidre with a non – passionate (non-fan) eye, I think she has done decently well with incorporating the original with the new. I think there is that large group of original fans out there that Cidre cannot win with no matter what she does. I understand that once in a while she’ll add in what wasn’t there or get some of the historical facts wrong, but overall, I truly think she’s done well. I talk Dallas in so many places and it just bothers me that there are so many fans who criticize, and it’s nearly always fans from the original, who I guess just hate that this Dallas isn’t how they want or think it should be. I say, can’t we just enjoy that this show is on, and be thankful that this show has done what no other show in television history has? I absolutely believe that everyone has a right to voice their feelings on it, good and bad, I suppose I’m just shocked at the consistent negativity, and I feel it’s helping the ratings drop. I think it’s sad to see Chris go, but it happens and this show will rock without him. Season 4 is setting up to be very good. I believe each season has actually got progressively better.

  27. Just remember Bobby was dead once too. I could see this being a while dream thing if Jesse Metcalfe wants back. Apparently, he didn’t get the part he wanted (which he didn’t name in the interview I read weeks ago and can’t find. It was on Buzzfeed if anyone has time to look) which sounds just like Patrick Duffy when he left in the 80s.

    A good dream scenario would be this whole thing is a figment of Sue Ellen’s imagination during a drunken stupor if she really fell off the bandwagon hard. A good place for it to begin would be when John Ross exchanges himself for Emma and he somehow got killed (if Henderson wanted to the leave the show) Sue Ellen become delirious and drinks imagining his death as Christopher’s to cope.

  28. For what it’s worth, I check Metcalfe’s Twitter, he posted this status last night:

    “What a finale!!! I want to thank everyone who’s supported me over the years and all the incredibly loyal @Dallas_TNT fans. You’re the best! #Ripchristopher 😉 “

  29. Marilyn Hadey says:


  30. Ruth Gillis says:

    There is nothing they could have done that would have hurt Bobby more. They are in the process of destroying the old Bobby. He will be bitter, resentful. He will blame Ann and Harris for bringing the cartel into their lives even thought they are not to blame. The cartel wanted Ewing Global and it had nothing to do with Ann and Harris. But their child is alive and his is dead and it’s just not fare! He will drive Ann away no matter how hard she tries to keep the marriage together. I wonder if she tried as hard to save her first marriage. I can hardly wait for season 4

    • Really if you want to play the extended blame game the finger points at Elena. The drug cartel never had their eye on Ewing Global until she brought Joaquin into the picture. The rest is history.

  31. But it wasn’t Christopher’s car that blew up…..he has a Tesla Model S. The car that exploded was a Ford Fusion.

    • I’m not sure we can go by that. TNT Dallas doesn’t seem to be as consistant with cars as CBS. I’m pretty sure John Ross has only driven his Corvette C6. Past that we’ve see Christopher drive a couple different things. And it makes sense. He needs a backup when his Tesla is recharging.
      And what ever happened to Sue Ellen’s Panamera?

  32. Cynthia Cidre has done an Interview stating the Christopher for sure has died, however I am a firm believer that has is dead for now and she will not tell anyone when they plan to bring him back into the fold, I think they removed his character to make room for Bobby’s other son and to do something a little different for awhile, you know the more I think about it the more I see the car explosion an epic moment of Pam Ewing is she could survive that awful explosion then so could Christopher. He will be gone for now but I believe we will see him again if Jesse wants to return.

  33. there are lots of things i havent liked in the TNT Dallas series:the 3some,the drug cartel,the flip-flopping of character traits etc but when all is said and done i look forward to every episode of Dallas. as a longtime Dallas fan, i cringe at some of the re-writing of history but i still appreciate the twists and turns that those creative liberties bring us..i griped about Miss Ellie’s revised Will not making sense but thats far more believable than an entire dream season.. so i want a season 4 and yes id like some of the old characters to show up too but im just grateful to TNT and Cidre for bringing back Dallas!!!


  1. […] And while Metcalfe and his new co-star AnnaLynne McCord, who played Heather, had good chemistry onscreen, the storyline didn’t go anywhere. Halfway through the season they just had Heather get back with her ex-husband and move way. So what was the point? Christopher just kind of floundered around for the rest of the season until in the “shocking&#… […]

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