CBS, Here’s Your Chance to Save ‘Dallas’

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To: Leslie Moonves, president and chief executive officer, CBS Corporation

From: Dallas Decoder

Re: #SaveDallas

Mr. Moonves, have I got a deal for you.

You know better than anyone how hard fans are fighting to save “Dallas” after TNT canceled the show last week. There’s an online petition calling on CBS to pick up the series, and Linda Gray tells Dallas Decoder that when she ran into you a few days ago, you told her you’ve been inundated with emails from “Dallas” diehards pleading with you to bring the show home to CBS. (Sorry about clogging your inbox, sir. “Dallas” fans are a passionate bunch.)

Most tantalizing of all, there are unconfirmed reports that CBS is interested in hearing a pitch from the show’s producers. If these stories aren’t true, they should be. After all, nothing would make more sense from a business perspective — and nothing would be more poetic — than having CBS ride to “Dallas’s” rescue.

For starters, “Dallas” comes with a fan base that has stuck with it for more than three decades. We watched the original show on CBS in the 1970s and 1980s, we watched CBS’s reunion movies and specials in the 1990s and early 2000s, and we watched all three seasons of the TNT sequel. We’re nothing if not loyal.

Not all of us are old-timers either. “Dallas” has always bridged the generation gap. I started watching when I was a kid, sitting on the living room floor while Mom and Dad watched from their easy chairs. Now I’m a grown-up and I’m still watching — and so are younger viewers like my niece, a new “Dallas” devotee who thinks Josh Henderson, a.k.a. John Ross Ewing III, is a dreamboat.

This is why “Dallas” is an ideal fit for CBS, the only network that still believes in broadcasting. You and your executive team have a gift for delivering shows that everyone enjoys, from “The Big Bang Theory” to “Big Brother.” Imagine how easily “Dallas” would slide into your Friday lineup, where it would join “Blue Bloods,” another multigenerational family drama, and the “Hawaii Five-0” revival. It would be smart scheduling and a lovely nod to “Dallas’s” glory days, when the original show ruled Friday nights.

Yes, I know television has changed a lot since then. Families don’t gather in the warm glow of a living room TV set the way mine did when I was growing up. But “Dallas” still has the power to bring people together — look at how fans have united since the #SaveDallas campaign began — and viewers will always want to watch great drama, whether it’s on TV, a tablet or a device that fits in your pocket.

Besides, the Ewings never go out of style. I realize “Dallas’s” ratings on TNT haven’t always reflected that, especially toward the end of the show’s run. But you’ve got to wonder: What kind of numbers did TNT expect? When “Dallas” wasn’t airing on holidays, it was forced to compete with the Emmys and “Monday Night Football.” To make matters worse, the network scheduled the season finale on the first night of the new season, when “Dallas” was forced to go head-to-head with multiple premieres — including the debut of CBS’s newest hit, “Scorpion.” (Congrats on another blockbuster, by the way.)

But this isn’t just about numbers, Mr. Moonves. This is about tradition too. When the original “Dallas” came along in the 1970s, CBS was getting clobbered in the ratings by ABC, which was riding high with “Happy Days,” “Laverne & Shirley” and “Charlie’s Angels.” Then J.R. got shot and “Dallas” zoomed to the top of the Nielsens, taking the rest of CBS with it. Today, the original “Dallas” is remembered as one of the greatest successes in the network’s history, along with “I Love Lucy,” “All in the Family,” “60 Minutes” and “Survivor.”

There’s a personal connection here too, Mr. Moonves. You made your mark in television as a young executive at Lorimar, the storied studio that produced “Dallas,” along with “Knots Landing” and “Falcon Crest.” You arrived around the time Bobby Ewing stepped out of the shower and gave “Dallas” a new lease on life. That’s exactly what we need right now — a fresh start.

Check out the picture I’ve attached to this memo. It shows you and Larry Hagman at a party for TV critics in 1997. I love the expression on his face — I wonder what joke he’s cracking here? — but I also love the expression on yours. You look like you admire Mr. Hagman as much as “Dallas” fans do. Imagine how proud he’d be if you saved “Dallas,” a franchise that meant so much to him.

Look, Mr. Moonves, I don’t mean to get too sentimental here. J.R. Ewing didn’t become a successful oil baron by letting his emotions rule his decision-making, and I suspect you didn’t become the most powerful person in television by doing the same. I also realize the odds of a broadcast network picking up a discarded cable series are pretty long. But this show is special, for all the reasons I just pointed out.

“Dallas” once saved CBS. Here’s your chance to return the favor.

Why do you think CBS should save “Dallas”? Share your ideas below and check out Dallas Decoder’s Save Dallas Page for links to news coverage, petitions, other fan sites and more.


  1. I love this. Pretty much sums it up for me

    • This is beautifully written letter to Mr. Moonvess. I also sent him and the entertainment person in charge, Nina Tassler an email.

      • Rebecca Hooper says:

        I feel the same way! Please #SaveDallas! And bring it home to CBS! It is a way for both the young and older generations to connec, to enjoy sharing a program together! I have watched DALLAS since the 1st time it aired on CBS all those years ago and although Larry Hagman is gone his and J.R.’s Spirit is still with us! Josh Henderson is an Excellent John Ross and J.R.’s Son from TIP TO TAIL as J.R. Would tell him. Who knows given the chance John Ross just might be an even MORE Force to be reconed with than the beloved J.R.!!! Please Save DALLAS! # EWINGFANSUNITE

      • Christian says:

        Absolutely it is well written and as a Fan of Dallas, old and new I too wish this show continues, just when John Ross gets angrier and understands who he really is and now wants to be.

        Blue Bloods is a favorite of mine as well, I can’t imagine what else I could be doing that Friday night when back to back are my only two favorite shows!!

        Make my CBS dream come true 🙂


  2. simply awesome, Christ; extremely well written!!!

  3. Ditto! #SaveDallas

  4. says:

    Very well said, DD! Excellent memo! And I agree 100 percent with everything you said!

  5. I love the show it was the one show that I watched. It was nice seeing a family show again on tv

  6. #save Dallas.. I watched this show as a child with my mother, I get excited to watch it now, best show on television! It needs to be on somewhere! Actors are phenomenal! Please put it back on t.v. it deserves as much airtime as it can get! #Ewingsrenite!

  7. I loved Dallas when it first aired on CBS in the 1970’s and am still a loyal fan of Dallas today

  8. I grew up watching this show. It holds so many memories for me. My sister and I would call each other every week to talk about the crazy adventures of the Ewing family and about what our Grandmother would have said about it. I love that the new version of this show is so true to the old show and that the spirit of JR lives on. Help us #SaveDallas!

  9. Who would have thought last Saturday that CBS was really a sane possibility to rescue “Dallas” from termination? I sent an e-mail to the network on Wednesday and even then it was more or less to do something other than another tweet with #SaveDallas.
    Now, however, I see billboards with Sue Ellen and Bobby, pleas on top of taxis, and I wonder if these, along with articles like this one by the Decoder, will have Les Moonves saying to Nina Tassler, “We gotta do this!”

  10. Part 2 of SSN 3 was beyond anything i could have hoped for. Cidre and the crew along with the fantastic cast had really gotten into a groove and then TNT snatched the rug out from underneath them and us fans. im so hopeful that DALLAS is picked up by another outlet.CBS knows DALLAS and could really push it in the right direction! #SaveDallas

  11. Eric Washburn says:

    CBS television will rise above all once Dallas is put on their network and they will see every television in America will be tuned in agian to CBS every single night

  12. Great letter to Les Moonves. CBS should save Dallas. It’s been their flagship show back in the ’80s. With Who Shot JR? and Bobby reapperaring in the shower, this series has been most talked about back then. And it can happen again. You see on CBS that they brought back Hawaii Five-O, now in its fourth season. If CBS can bring back a prestigious show as Hawaii Five-O,that was back in the ’70s, then they should bring Dallas back. Everyone who is a fan of Dallas should email Mr. Moonves, Ms. Tassler and Ms. McDaniel of CBS to bring Dallas back on CBS. We’re starting to get momentum on our side, we need to keep it up. Also go to to sign the petition to bring Dallas back to CBS.

  13. Karen A. Covel says:

    extremely well written!!! WE JUST LOVE “DALLAS” Please #SaveDallas!!! those silly reality show do nothing for me, I love a good story to follow, Love the Actors, Love the show since the original show in the 1970’s…….Please #SaveDallas

  14. #savedallas. CBS PLEASE bring Dallas home loved the original and the new, great cast brings me back to the days me and my mom watched now me and my 3 daughter’s watch

  15. #savedallas. CBS PLEASE bring Dallas home loved the original and the new, great cast brings me back to the days me and my mom watched now me and my 3 daughter’s watch

  16. Laura Blalock says:


  17. This letter is heartwarming, beautifully written

  18. This letter is brilliant!!! I agree 100% #SaveDallas

  19. Carolyn Forrest says:

    Please CBS be our SUPERMAN come save the day #SaveDallas

  20. What a heartfelt memo DD. You summed up what Dallas means to it’s fans perfectly. I have watched Dallas since the age of six and religiously never missed an episode. Watched all the movies and documentaries over the years too. As you can imagine when I heard they were bringing Dallas back to our screens, I was excited but also dubious. But I shouldn’t of worried because right from the start it’s had me glued to the screen and on the edge of my seat. I was shocked and upset with TNT’s decision to cancel Dallas because I was so sure we were going to get our renewal. I miss Dallas and it’s well loved characters and storylines and I know if CBS gives Dallas a new home not only will it gain loyal viewers it will also be onto a winner…because I picture a future with Dallas being in our homes and on our screens for the next 20+ years..Please CBS #SaveDallas

  21. Randy Myers says:

    I think that CBS should #SaveDallas, I watched Dallas when it was originally on CBS and was so excited when TNT brought it back, I watched every episode and was left breathless when the season finale ended. Then to have TNT cancel it just a few days later
    left me angry, it was because of TNT’s way of scheduling the show 8 episodes at a time then having to wait six months for 8 more a lot of fans didn’t even know that the show was still on. CBS can save it and make it even better. Come on everyone let’s #SaveDallas!!!!

  22. Please #SAVEDALLAS

  23. Clare Gibson says:

    Dallas needs to go back to cbs. Where it belongs. All the fans need their lovable dallas. I have watched dallas since it started, and dallas needs to go back where it belongs. Please, please cbs do this for everyone.

  24. Love this. It was written straight to the point and right from the heart, I started watching Dallas with my mother. We would take over the TV when Dallas came on and the rest of the family was outta luck for that one hour. We need to save Dallas for this generation and generations to come. #SaveDallas,

  25. Anonymous says:

    Please CBS, bring Dallas back home and give it the credit we know it you can and deserves. To much rich history with this show to let it go away silently. #SaveDallas

  26. EXCELLENT!! You put into words precisely what I am feeling. Especially loved that last sentence. Dallas was never just a TV show, it is far more, it is an American icon that deserves to be on a network that knows how to treat a winner. It is time to bring the Ewings back to the CBS stable!

  27. Tristan Banfi says:

    Well said! I sent three e-mails of my own! Save Dallas!

  28. please Cbs pick up this show.#saveDallas

  29. Kudos!! Couldn’t have said it better myself!! #SaveDallas

  30. This would be a wise move for CBS to pick up this most exciting show. Not only do they get a fantastic drama for their network, but they will also get the 4 million fans that follow Dallas. Not a bad deal CBS!! 😉

  31. Anonymous says:

    #Save Dallas

  32. Excellent letter. CBS should be honored to pick up this show. #1 it started on CBS #2 It is literally THE best show on TV with it’s action packed, edge of your seat excitement, sexy appeal to each viewer. #3 Yes, THE VIEWERS ~ what oh what would a network do without them???? CBS? You will gain 3 million+ viewers if you pick this show up. Seems like an excellent business decision to say, “YES, WE WILL!”

  33. Dale Gaglio says:

    I truly believe that when managed and advertised properly, it will be the biggest hit CBS ever had! Three generations of loyal viewers is VERY impressive! Not to mention a lot of people have DVRs and I know the dollars spent in all demographics is considerably higher than what TNT estimated! Please CBS SAVE DALLAS!

  34. DALLAS has been a main stay show for many, many fans. To date, over 72,000 have signed the petition, and each day it builds. I am hoping CBS picks up dallas as fans will flock to the network in droves as loyal DALLAS fans, myself included, would want to see what happened with the finale series episode from TNT . cbs has a chance to show fans that their voice counts. I loved DALLAS when it was on CBS, and TNT. I AM hoping to love it more on CBS again! PLEASE pick up DALLAS CBS! #savedallas

  35. I think they should bring dallas back it was the cliffhanger of the week, please bring dallas back ive watched it since old jr was there and making everyone mad no its john ross pissing his wife off bring the show back.

  36. Shelley Eagan says:

    Please bring Dallas back to CBS please love new Dallas!

  37. Maybe CBS isn’t interested in the reboot because they do not like the writing of how Cidre is doing things.

  38. Joanne Brown says:

    My family and friends have been watching Dallas since 78…….When it came back on a few years back, we were soooooo excited. It’s like something magical about it. When that song starts playing in the beginning of the show, something happens and it like you feel this power inside of you just revving up like a car before a race. PLEASE Bring Dallas Back………..Some many people LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Dallas and CBS are like water to a cactus. A MUST have to survive. Dallas did CBS right before, and with all the fans, uproar over bad ratings because of an error in techno??? NOT Right move, check check. Please get Dallas back on CBS lineup.

  40. S Vopalensky says:

    Me. Moonves, I could not agree more with the message that DallasDecodet sent to you. Dallas is a legacy series that has, through the years, won the hearts of thousands. And it continues to do so today. I very vividly remember watching the original series with my parents, the same way my teenage daughter watches it with me now. Please consider bringing Dallas back to CBS and allow viewers, young and old, to continue watching the Ewings.

  41. It would be nothing less of a dream come true to see Dallas continue on. I too grew up wstching Dallas, Dynasty & Flamingo Road. All, I loved, but Dallas was my fav. In 2014 I still love Dallas. My hope is that season 4 and beyond will be available to the viewing public.
    Thank you kindly for considering giving true Dallas fans what we want!!

  42. fantastic letter, Chris !!! i really hope it finds it’s way to Mr Moonves !? Matthew x

  43. CBS Producer look at what Dallas had brought to your network in the past please save Dallas bring Dallas back and show the other networks what they are giving up. Dallas is a great line up even if you have to bring them on a Saturday night. All of the above sums it up for BRING DALLAS HOME TO CBS WHERE IT BELONGS

  44. WONDERFULLY written! #savedallas

  45. If Leslie Moonves reads no other email, he should read this one. Dear Lord I hope he does #SaveDallas

  46. Please bring Dallas back to its original home on CBS. This is a great memorandum to send to the CBS executives. #SaveDallas

  47. Please please please #SaveDallas

  48. Yes save Dallas its so much easier to watch for those of us who don’t have cable

  49. Linda Gray says:

    Bravo! Great job Chris! Really a brilliant piece of writing that should get the attention it deserves. Congratulations!

  50. LaDonna Austin says:

    This show I grew up watching. When I heard Dallas was back I was tickled, this is a show that people of all ages adore. Its family with all of the added flavor we love, I sit back and think of the creativity of the writers, the talented actors and actresses I’m in awe to think we have an opportunity to get the show back. We love this show and as a dedicated fan I can tell you their are so many of us that want to know what happens after Chris allegedly is killed. So many reasons, I won’t bug you to long. I’m a Disabled Veteran, I Retired from USN in 2007. I have popcorn in my cabinet waiting. Please bring back Dallas. If you do I am terrified of clowns but I will wear a Clown Suit big red nose and all and walk down the street as far as I can holding a YAY we Got Dallas Back! Have a Blessed evening Thank you so very much

  51. I am 41yrs old and like many diehards I to watched the original with my mama, as said in the letter this isn’t about numbers it’s about tradition and legacy. We’re not asking for another 10yr run (although that would be amazing) a few years just to send this show off in style. please Sir you will not regret the decision to continue the series. This series deserves the proper send off the proper ending, it’s been a classic. please consider.

  52. Yes, this is just television but if you watch this new Dallas it is very good television! It’s not all soap…it suspense and thrilling, very sexy and incredibly well acted . I think Linda Grey and Josh Henderson were robbed of emmmy nominations…maybe with CBS they would get recognized. Mondays are very competitive…The Big Bang Theory, the Voce….but I made sure I watched Dallas . I do think this show deserves another chance. It’s not the 70’s Dallas and it should not be, it’s its own show and I really enjoyed it!

  53. robert sutton says:

    Please save DALLAS!!!!!!!

  54. Debbie Lowe says:

    Pretty please with a cherry on top!

  55. Vicky Jasper says:

    Very well written and point on. We love Dallas and will fight to keep our show. When I heard Dallas was coming back I was so excited. I assumed it would be back on CBS. Imagine my surprise when it wasn’t. There is no better show to have in your line up. I get excited when I hear the music. You know you are going to see a good show. They never disappoint. It can’t end like it did. “Christopher” has to have been thrown from the car, badly burned but still alive so the show can go on. “John Ross” has to continue butting heads with “Bobby” and “Sue Ellen”. So much story line there. The story must continue and I can’t think of a better place for that to happen than CBS.

  56. I think CBS should bring it back as it made good money for CBS…at least do a season 4 and complete the storylines that left us hanging #SaveDallas

  57. Please save Dallas!!!!

  58. #SaveDallas

  59. Fantastic article!!!!! You said it beautifully!! Thank you!

  60. I loved watching the original with my mother and the new one with my mother AND my daughter!

  61. #SaveDallasCBS please!!! My fav show!

  62. Patricia Martin says:

    I too watched Dallas from the very beginning and was thrilled to see it come back. It is the one show that I never missed. I watched the original at 6 and again at 8 P.M on TNT. It was also shown two more times on TNT and I watched most of those also. So I watched the same episode 3 to 4 times each. I would love to see it on CBS forever. Please pick it up.

  63. Peggy Clenney says:

    This is so well written, there really isn’t anything to say except…ditto, ditto, ditto. Please #savedallas

  64. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful letter!! I agree 100%. I have never felt this passionately about any other tv show and I NEVER will. Please Mr Moonves bring the Ewings home. #SaveDallas

  65. Wonderful letter!! I agree 100% I have never felt this passionately about any other TV show and I NEVER will. Please Mr Moonves bring the Ewings home!! #SaveDallas

  66. Elaine128 says:

    Hello from the UK. We’d really like to join your campaign. Can somebody confirm that Mr Moonves’s email address is Once I know this is correct I will post it on all of the UK Dallas Facebook pages. Hopefully we can save Dallas!

  67. Dallas is one of the biggest shows of all time. Obviously in the 80’s it was huge, but when it started on TNT it was also a big hit. It wasn’t until the network moved it to a new day, time and time of year that the ratings started plummeting. The audience is there if they’re allowed to be. Cultivate the show and the audience and you’ll reap the benefits. This isn’t a case of trying to get a hit show; Dallas IS a hit show, it just has to be allowed to thrive.

  68. Monica Ervin says:

    I’ve been a loyal fan for 30yrs. Bought all 14 seasons of the original Dallas and got my husband interested. We spent 3yrs watching this every night. When this was over we were just saying “now what are we going to watch” With in a month the new Dallas on TNT was announced…YEA. Much to my surprise this show was GREAT!! We loved it and were so upset about TNT cancelling it. PLEASE #savedallas

  69. Cynthia Cidre says:

    Dear Chris, what a lovely letter you’ve written to Mr. Moonves. Dallas has been a dream come true for me, and I’d like nothing more than to keep it on the air. The writers, producers, cast and crew of Dallas owe you a huge debt of gratitude for your passion and commitment. Dallas would not exist without the remarkable support and love of fans like you. Thank you.

    • Ms. Cidre,

      Thanks for your kind words and thanks for everything you’re doing to keep “Dallas” alive. I’m honored to be part of the fight to save this show. Please let fans know if there’s anything more we can do.


  70. Great letter and spot on in describing the passion of the fans. I’ve been watching since 1978 and have my 3 kids watching now! Mama like Dallas!!

  71. What a lovely thing for Cynthia Cidre to say and I agree with everyone Chirs this is a great letter and very well said. I am so blessed hearing of all the fighting that is contributing to getting Dallas picked up by another network, I am also blessed in hi hopes that CBS will return the favor and bring Dallas back home where it belongs. I have signed the petitions and I have even contacted a producer of Dallas sharing my hopes the show will continue. I am getting excited that Dallas will be coming back and soon!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. What a great job you did !! 🙂 Thank You From France !! 😉

  73. I feel the same. Love this show. I watch it with my daughters as my mom and me watched it. It’s a legend.

  74. Jon S. - Connecticut says:

    CBS is where DALLAS belongs. TNT network did not appreciate or understand DALLAS. DALLAS is a FRANCHISED-BRAND and iconic show. Paired with Hawaii 5-0 on a Friday night lineup with CBS’s national promotions, proper air-time, campaigns, market share and attention to detail, DALLAS can do incredibly well. The fans are from all generations in their 20’s to 70’s. CBS, Lorimar and Mr. Moonves know that a fortune was made off of DALLAS 1978-1991, 1996, 1998 and via Mr. Hagman. Bring DALLAS home to CBS in honor of Larry Hagman and the rest of this iconic cast and PLEASE give the show the creative and financial investment respect it deserves. Mr. Moonves’ own wife Julie Chen is a huge DALLAS fan as she loved them all when The Talk had them on in 2012 and 2013. There are still millions of fans across America and the world who will watch DALLAS on CBS. Loyalty is loyalty.

  75. Michlelle Downs says:

    I grew up watching Dallas too, and it was and still is today the most exciting, nail biting, edge of your seat sitting, jaw dropping drama ever. Dallas was and will remain the most successful Drama ever. I would much rather watch real actors in a Drama series such as Dallas than any reality show. It’s sad that our television world has been consumed by reality TV rather than having real actors providing us with real entertainment we love to watch week after week. I am and will always be a loyal fan of Dallas Television Series and hope you will help us #SaveDallas. You Mr. Moonves can help make it bigger than ever and what a legacy you would leave by being the one who saved Dallas and Larry Hagman’s legacy. Thank you for taking the time to read our campaigns and reasons to #SaveDallas

  76. You know C.B., ol’ R.J. agrees that Leslie Moonves & the Columbia Broadcasting System Television Network should heed your fine oration very carefully!

  77. When I first heard about Dallas’ return two years ago I was so excited. I was shocked that it wasn’t on CBS. I grew up watching Dallas with my mom. Now all these years later I look forward to watching Dallas with my daughter in a few years (she is still to young now). Dallas’ return to CBS would bring even more viewer then TNT ever had. Jesse Metcalfe (Christopher) wanted something new. Maybe a new network can bring him back. #SaveDallas and Save Christopher

  78. dsmith in t-town says:

    I agree to some extent with these comments, but the show needs to focus on the Ewings. That is what made the show so great. I watched the original show with my grandmother, and fell in love with the new generation of Ewings. But I think Ms Cidre doesn’t get it. She went too far out on the mexican cartel garbage. We don’t need to cater to the mexicans. The story that Jock stole the land from the Ramos family was the wrong direction. And no, I’m not a racist. She doesn’t seem to understand what actually drew people to this show originally, and what will keep their interest. You do not kill off the main stars. John Ross and Christopher are the next generation, and anyone who thinks otherwise does not need to be apart of this show.. They need to get someone who understands what this show was and is about. Ms. Cidre is rewriting it, and doing a poor job of it. The show started out great finding out that Rebecca was Cliff’s daughter, and all the lies and deceit, but this last season, it definitely went south. I really want the show to continue, but it needs to get back to its original roots.

  79. Anonymous says:


  80. Great show deserves renewel

  81. My favorite show, wish it were on CBS.

  82. Shirley Welch says:

    Please bring Dallas back. It’s not fair to the fans to cancel this beloved show.

  83. Bill Lazarus says:

    Dallas and its huge fan base deserve to get back in the saddle! Please bring back the Ewings to ride high for at least another season. And, I must say, Linda Gray is such a special and talented woman – a class act all the way!

  84. PLEASE bring out BELOVED DALLAS home again. We fans are very loyal to the show, and it would show in your ratings.


  86. Anonymous says:

    This is a no brainer. CBS has everything to gain and nothing to lose.

  87. La Donna Cross says:

    Please save dallas!!!!

  88. watched this show with my mother, now i watch it with my daughter, or I did until TNT cancelled it. This television show doesn’t have a perfect “demographic” it is a show that is watched by the young and the old, male and female, nationally and internationally. You have a genuine multinational treasure with a built in fan base, and to have it tossed out like yesterdays trash is an insult to the cast and the crew, but the fans as well…The fans. The fans who have tweeted their war cry #savedallas over 500,000 since Oct 4, fans that have come together on many Facebook sites to air their grievances and come back with a passion and fire that amazes people, petitions that have been signed (over 80,000) and come together as one #DallasNation, to find our beloved show a home or have it renewed, whatever the case may be. Don’t ignore them, they aren’t going anywhere! We love our show, we love our cast and NOW we want our Dallas back!

  89. Save Dallas!!! The show BELONGS on CBS with a 9 month run each year. I was and am so disgusted with the type of cable programs, reality smut & endless commercials for prescription meds forced down our throats, that I cancelled my cable completely last April. Dallas is the ONLY cable show that I wanted to see so my boyfriend would DVR Dallas every Monday at his house, and we’d watch it together. This show brings generations together to watch! I have a TV antennae now and am shocked at the limited shows available to watch. Best Buy told us they can’t keep up with the amount of consumers purchasing antennae’s and cancelling their cable. Perhaps CBS should consider that too…people are fed up with paying cable rates and are looking for GREAT shows on TV…TRUE television.

  90. Sheri Garron says:

    Please save Dallas the show is great we look forward to watching it every week Tnt network is in the wrong for canceling the show please save Dallas

  91. we want Dallas. No matter what its bullshit that you got it back and get everybody to like in it and then take it away again everybody loves Dallas we loved it the first time it was on and we love it now so give us back Dallas

  92. Linda Lorenc says:

    We love Dallas, please please save it, we always look forward to watching week after week

    • Please save Dallas it is a great show i was very happy when Dallas came back to tv it is a great show i look forward to watching it every week just because Larry Hagman is gone does not mean the show needs to end start bringing back somemore original cast members back like Ray, Donna Krebs, Victoria Principal things will really heat up




  94. Darlene says:

    i would love to see show pick up on a network hopefully CBS or USA .

  95. Anonymous says:

    would be wonderful to have dallas back on its original network, and definitely do not cancel there are alot of stories left to be many twists and turns and who wins…..always the ewings, love this show

  96. Mary jo Locke says:

    Please bring Dallas to cbs


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