We’re Another Step Closer to Saving ‘Dallas’!

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Step by step

The #SaveDallas campaign is working!

Since the fan-drive effort began, we’ve had two goals: 1) to persuade Warner Bros., the studio that produces “Dallas,” to find a new home for the show, and 2) to demonstrate our passion and loyalty so another network will want to pick up the show.

Well, we can now scratch one item off the list.

In an upbeat interview with Yahoo! yesterday, executive producer Cynthia Cidre confirmed Warner Bros. is indeed shopping “Dallas” to other networks. According to Cidre, the studio is focused on pitching the drama — which TNT canceled earlier this month — to other cable channels, including CMT, WGN America and Reelz.

Streaming services such as Netflix aren’t an option because of complications with “Dallas’s” foreign distribution deals, Cidre said. It isn’t clear if Warner Bros. is pitching the show to broadcast networks too, although many fans remain hopeful “Dallas” will go to CBS, home of the original series.

Fans will follow “Dallas” wherever it goes, of course. That’s why I believe we should channel our energies into the second item on our to-do list: demonstrating our dedication to “Dallas” so no matter which network considers picking up the show, the programming executives will know they’re going to inherit many loyal viewers who are eager to see the Ewing saga continue.

Here’s what I recommend:

• Boost the petition. The “Help Save Dallas TNT” petition remains the single most powerful expression of enthusiasm for the “Dallas” brand. The petition has more than 72,000 signatures — which is impressive — but if we could push this number to 100,000 signatures, our efforts would surely attract more attention from the press and television executives. Let’s make this our goal. Please, if you know any fan who hasn’t signed the petition yet, encourage them to do so now.

• Show your love on social media. Keep posting on Facebook and Twitter using the #SaveDallas hashtag, which makes it easy for TV execs and reporters to find our tweets. Remember to keep your messages positive — especially when communicating with networks that could become “Dallas’s” new home. We want to make a good impression, after all. Also: Some fans are planning a “tweetathon” on Monday, October 13, from 9 to 10 p.m. Eastern. Get online during this time and send as many #SaveDallas tweets as you can. (I won’t hold my usual Monday evening #DallasChat on October 13 so fans can focus on participating in the tweetathon.)

• Thank Warner Bros. We’ve all spent a lot of time during the past week encouraging Warner Bros. to do its part to save “Dallas.” Now that we know the studio is trying to find the show a new home, let’s all send tweets to @warnerbrostv and let the executives know how much we appreciate their efforts — and to urge them to keep fighting to save the show.

Thanks also go to the many “Dallas” diehards who continue doing their part. We should all feel proud of our achievements, but make no mistake: There’s still a lot of work to do.

Share your ideas and positive comments below and check out Dallas Decoder’s Save Dallas Page for links to news coverage, petitions, other fan sites and more.


  1. S.D. Cole says:

    I pray its not CMT. Cant get it where I am without paying more each month.

    • I agree. I think Dallas will do great on CMT…Let us pray the show will return…

    • I want Dallas to continue! I am a huge fan, too. I don’t think I get CMT, either. I don’t even know what it stands for. I think Dallas is to sexy and steamy for a local network like NBC, ABC, etc. and there is some cursing, as well. So, cable is probably the way to go. Maybe lifetime. I hope these petitions work in bringing back the best show on television!

  2. : @vicar65: #SaveDallas! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please. Keep up all the marvellous work all the fans are doing each and every one of your involvement counts

  3. I want Dallas back!!! It’s my favorite show! I grew up with the Ewings. They are like family. It broke my heart when Larry Hagman died. He would want the show to continue. With that said, I was livid when Christopher was killed. I am still upset over it. I know it’s fiction, but he, Bobby and John Ross are my favorites! I want Jesse Metcalfe back. I hope they bring him back with the show. TNT was foolish to let Dallas go. Their loss will be someone else’s gain.

  4. Shelley Eagan says:

    SaveDallas I fellow DALLAS I love Dallas!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dallas was the only series that I looked forward to . I love it . I have several friends that followed this series with me and every week we were excited to talk about . I watched it years ago and I love watching it now . I’m a true fan of this series.

  6. #savedallas

  7. yes please #savedallas if we lose dallas it will be like loseing a old and dear friend

  8. The #SaveDallas campaign is gaining momentum day by day. #SaveDallas

  9. I want it back. Did I make myself clear?

  10. bradleyplunk@yahoo.com says:

    We can’t be concerned which network it is going to be on. Our only concern can be getting on ANY NETWORK that will take us.

  11. I’ll take Dallas wherever it lands. I don’t get REELZ, but if it does happen to land there I will be satisfied in knowing that I can buy the DVD’s when they are released. No matter what, lets make sure the show continues to live and grow. And now I have to add the hashtag, whether it works here or not: #SaveDallas

  12. ill be thrilled if Dallas finds a new home but im praying that itll be a channel that we all can receive.. we dont have REELZ where i live so thatd be a disappointment. unless of course i could watch the episodes on something like Amazon OnDemand or Itunes.itll work out one way or another #SaveDallas

  13. Mo Pollock says:

    #SaveDallas I will follow the show to wherever it lands 🙂

  14. Elvira Seymour-Carter says:

    I use to watch Dallas a little girl and know as an adult I still love this show. Please bring Dallas back!

  15. Please please save Dallas and let it be on a channel that is shown in the UK.

  16. PLEASE put Dallas on a network that everyone will be able to watch without having to pay more outrageous $$$$ to have the station.

  17. #SaveDallas! I’ve been a fan of the show since the original series aired! Monday nights are not the same without Dallas!

  18. #SaveDallas! CMT, CBS or WGN are all good choices to aire Dallas. I’ve watched the original series on CMT a few years ago. It would be nice to see the original Dallas and New Dallas shows on CMT. Please do not choose Reelz Channel because it is not offered in my cable area.

  19. Bring back Dallas!!!!

  20. My family and I absolutely love the new Dallas!!! Please please PLEASE find a network to pick it up for many many many more seasons!!!!!

  21. Die-hard fan since the show originally aired in 1978- 1991. I started watching when I was 8yrs old faithfully til I was 21 and the show ended. Also watched Knots Landing from beginning to end. I cant imagine just letting the show end the way it did. Dallas fans need closure and to see how this story plays out. I do hope CBS picks it up, but will follow wherever they may go.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I wish cbs would pick it up that’s where it belongs where everybody even old die hard fans could watch. Love the Ewings!!!

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Anonymous says:


  25. Kathie Gelski says:

    please bring Dallas back to one of your other stations one of the best shows on TV here also excited when the new show started. The actors on the show have been excellent and dedicated to their craft.

  26. Monie Mugnano says:

    Please #SAVE DALLAS!! It is the best drama on TV! The actors are fabulous and their passion makes it so deserving to continue on TV!!

  27. Val Zamora says:

    I lived by Southfork Ranch near Dallas and love the Show . Love the Original and now love the new One . Please bring it back . I now live in Portland. Oregon and won’t miss an episode. One of my top rated shows . Thanks .

  28. Thrilled to hear this news! I will follow the show anywhere. I will continue to advocate for its return. Sad to hear netflix is not an option, but that is understandable. Actually the comments about it are heartening…Dallas being very profitable overseas means more incentive for Warner Bros to find it a home!

    Nice to hear that the producers and writers and the actors are personally invested in continuing the show. Some fans have went out of their way to bash Cidre as not caring about the show. Hopefully those fans will finally acknowledge that she and Mike Robin do care allot about the show.

    Can’t wait until the news of a new home breaks!

    I love Dallas. #saveDallas!

  29. Sherry DeAngelis says:

    Please do not cancel Dallas. I love the show and it is a good quality show compared to the numerous reality shows and other dramas. Please keep it

  30. i grew up in the 80’s in Dallas. The cast on the new Dallas is by far as good as the originals. Please give us this kind of entertainment

  31. I don’t care where it winds up. I’ll watch Dallas on my phone if I have too.

  32. I am saying prayers that Dallas will return. I watched the original Dallas on Fri nights on CBS until it was taken off & I was as upset about that as I am now. I watched Knots Landing on Thursday nights on CBS to really keep up with the Ewing’s. Now I want my new Dallas back & it would be great to have it on CBS on a Fri night ….oh my the memories!!! I think the Ewing’s let us know that everyone faces family issues no matter the wealth or not. Please please give us our Dallas back.

  33. Love to have Dallas !!!! It was one of the died I watched as a child with my family and enjoyed it when it started back up, I was upset to hear they were taking it back off, evrytime you have a favorite site they want yo cancel it, I could really think if a couple to get rid of. Love Dallas.Hope you bring it back would make slot of people happy, even my mother wants it back again.

  34. Doesn’t Warner own part of “The CW”??? What putting Dallas on The CW?

  35. Debbie Blackburn says:

    I am a fan from the early years,and yes I watched it since it started..PLEASE PLEASE get it back…I feel like i know the members of the cast personally..love it!!!

  36. I have watched this show from the very beginning with Miss Ellie and Jock and the rest of the stars and want it to continue as long as the stars want to continue making it. It has just really started showing us what the next(the kids) generation can do and get into.

  37. All the weird shows out there and they finally have something to look forward to and they cancel it please bring it back

  38. stephanie says:

    #Save Dallas..
    Please bring Dallas back I really enjoyed the Ewing’s drama. I grew up watching Dallas and I love this newer version. Hey I need my Monday night drama fix…Lol..
    #save DALLAS # love the Ewing’s

  39. #SaveDallas

  40. Dallas my favorite nighttime show, u cannot leave us hanging, it a good show, what wrong with these network, the same thing you all did with closer, not as as it was. Dallas is hit, don’t mess with that….

  41. There is so much I could say about the show Dallas. It was the show my family looked forward to on Friday night. My husband and I loved the show, but maybe not as much as our young son. My son is now forty, and loves it even more. When Dallas would go on summer hiatus, my girlfriends and I could not wait for it to return. Besides the new storyline, we were also interested in how Victoria Principal and Linda Gray had changed their hair, the clothes they were wearing. Then we would all try to achieve the same look. I was very excited when the new show returned. We all loved, that we would be able to see many of the original characters, J.R. Linda Gray and of course Bobby. I loved the fact when it returned it would also be a new generation of the Ewing’s I am now 72 and have loved every show these last three seasons. There is no looking forward to Monday nights, now that it has been cancelled. Please bring back Dallas. #SaveDallas

  42. Why can’t Dallas be pitched to TVGN or TVLAND? TVGN is owned by CBS because same day episodes of Bold and Beautiful and Young and Restless…TVLand is a great leap to another drama to go along with comedy that I only watch.

    • hardrockfootballfanatic says:

      Dallas has too many controversial scenes and profanity to work on TVLand which is a family channel. It would be a bad fit.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Bring Dallas back it`s my favorite show ! I`m a fan from the very first show in the 80s !

  44. #savedallas


  46. Anonymous says:

    Please please #SaveDallas I love the show, and really want it to continue

  47. Please please save dallas mean the world to me my family and all love to continue to watch dallas saga continue please save dallas thanx the Stewart family in maccleny florida west of jax florida

  48. Kathy Koehlmoos says:

    #SAVEDALLAS!! I watched Dallas in the ’80’s and don’t want it to end. It is the best, “set on the edge of my seat show” I have ever watched. BRING IT BACK!!!

  49. SAVEDALLAS!!! I love this series and can’t do without it!! please give us back our Dallas!!

  50. Please save this show. It’s really good with cast and crew and writers keep u on the edge of your seats like a rollar coaster ride.

  51. Paul Kearney says:

    Please I love this show I grew up on it and I’m 36 I love this show please save it

  52. I love Dallas please bring it back

  53. Please #saveDallas!!! I love the old cast members and the new young JR too! 🙂

  54. I’ve been very skeptical about the chances of the show being salvaged, but I’m a little more hopeful now! It’s an uphill battle but it can be done. Save Dallas! I don’t care where it lands, I get every avenue that is being proposed so far. I just hope a conclusion is reached soon. Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray can afford to be patient at this stage of their careers, but I can’t see the very much in-demand Julie Gonzalo waiting around terribly long. I’ll always be faithful to the program, but my interest level would take a significant hit without her attached at this point.

  55. Clare Gibson says:

    Please, please will someone renew the best show ever dallas, I love dallas, the actors. Have watched the show since it started, dallas is so fabulous & so important for the network to take the show on. Do this for everyone. Bring dallas back where it belongs now & forever

  56. Anonymous says:

    #please save Dallas.. Ned’s to be CBS, their real home..

    • hardrockfootballfanatic says:

      CBS is the worse place it could go. It wouldn’t get the numbers there it needs. Cable is where it has some staying power.

  57. Sounds like fans have just begun the fight! It will be a hard fight C.B., J.R. Ewing style! Down & dirty in the mud! The only way to really battle! Ah the oil bidness, gawd help me I love it so boy!

  58. I want see Dallas because see who died I hope it’s not Christopher

  59. Gina Smith says:

    Dallas must continue, there are too many fans that would be so upset……..

    • I totally agree. I, for one will be disappointed if the show does not return. I have a feeling it will be back. Better and bigger than ever.

      Bring our show back…

  60. Greatest TV show of all time #SaveDallas

  61. I don’t know if CMT is the right fit simply because their programming is more family friendly.. Dallas was never a “family” show, the original was far too racy and was intended for an adult audience, Dallas TNT was a bit more racier still as it aired on a cable network.. If Dallas finds another home on another cable network, let’s all hope it is a network that will welcome programming targeted towards adults.. How about FX? That cable network airs some great original shows like Sons of Anarchy & American Horror Story, Dallas would fit right in with their programming. My preference is CBS for the simple fact that there is a potential for the show to be able to reach a larger audience if it becomes a hit and most people would be able to get CBS in their areas. I live in Canada and was lucky enough to be able to watch Dallas TNT on the Bravo Canada cable network on Monday nights at the same time as everyone else that watched on TNT. I do hope Bravo Canada will air Dallas if it gets picked up by another network. Here’s another idea.. IF say CBS picks it up, why not film alternate scenes that could air on Netflix for example, extended scenes that would fit in on cable like TNT did but would be too racy for prime time network television. Game of Thrones which airs on HBO usually has a running time of 50-65 minutes per episode so extended episodes could be possible for Dallas on digital streaming.

  62. I love dallas! They cant just end it where they left off. There are too many stones unturned. I really look forward to each new twist and turn and im not ready to give up yet. SAVE DALLAS!!!!!

  63. Please consider picking up Dallas so it can be home where it belongs. #savedallas

  64. I finally composed a letter to CBS. I hope that this will help! Thank you all for #SaveDallas. The Fight must go on!

    Hello Leslie;

    I know by now you have already have a lot of requests to #SaveDallas. If you don’t read anything else, please read this.

    I was in radio for almost 15 years in small, medium and large markets so I certainly know all about ratings and how the system works. The Nielsen ratings are So outdated it is unreal. And now, they are saying the ratings aren’t right. In this day, they are outdated and overrated, and in 2014 we should not be relying on outdated information. This is the digital age and as TV Networks you should rely on new technology. With that being said, I’m moving on.

    Dallas has been in my family for generations. We were all born in Raised in Amarillo Texas. My Mema watched it, my mother watched it and still does, I was raised on Dallas. Every Friday night my mother, my sister and myself watched Dallas. My son at 5 years old started watching with me. And then bless their hearts, TNT brought Dallas back. My daughter joined the Ewing family and then we had four generations to continue to watch Dallas. I understand that mostly this is about money because ratings sell advertising and advertising makes you money. Again referring back to radio same thing.

    What makes me mad, is being in this industry, it is time that we start listening to what the fans want and not what Nielsen says. You have a very loyal following with Dallas. I think the fans have proved that with #SaveDallas. I know there are a lot of us that are so sick and tired of reality shows. They are shoved down our throats and we change the channel. There is so much garbage on anymore and mostly aimed at the younger viewers. Well, let me tell you something. My children are 27 and 24. They have busy lives. They are certainly are not sitting home on Friday and Saturday nights or for any other night. Their lives are so involved with technology that not many of them are watching TV. In demographics, you have to look at the larger picture. Most kids are in debt by the age of 20. They are busy, they live on a shoestring budget and they are not spending the money that your older viewers are. We pay the bills, we buy the merchandise but most importantly we are faithful to our TV shows.

    I think that it is high time that all TV Networks to stop treating their viewers as numbers and start listening to what we want. I am not saying this to just CBS but to a whole slew of TV networks. We as fans are tired of being pushed aside because big networks care all about money and not their fans. Dallas was never advertised on any other channel than TNT. I watch CBS a lot! I love Person Of Interest, Two and a Half Men, Two Broke Girls, Blue Bloods and so many more. If you can make it happen please do. If not then rally up the troops to find a network who will not only advertise the show as it deserves but give it the up-most credit. This is a legacy. We as fans, are Ewings. Out of any show ever made I don’t think that any show came as close to making us feel like family. Maybe the Waltons. Lol. Leslie, I would so appreciate, if CBS would at least consider giving Dallas fans what they want. You won’t regret it. Dallas deserves to be home where it started. Even if just long enough to get closure, a final ending with everything wrapped up in a neat little package. That’s the way it should be. I thank you for your time and consideration. If you can Leslie, please Save Dallas. And if not, send us somewhere we can be appreciated. I will personally tell you I never watch TNT until they put Dallas back on and I probably never will again. The one thing that is constant in TV and Radio is that there’s always someone changing the channel or the station. But when you have such a grand following how could you go wrong? Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Trace Ardrey

  65. Lori Dean says:

    Love watching Dallas!! Its an awesome show! Please dont take it off the air!!

  66. Trace that is a great letter and very well put, I agree 100% I do believe it is time that Fans do get a lot more attention then what we do, It is sad to me because Networks will say the show will not live without the fans and ratings, however when ratings start to decline and fans are not happy with the direction of the show it seems networks do not care, you would think that if networks needs ratings for survival then networks would be listening to why ratings are declining. There is a proper balance to everything and it is time networks start hearing the fans voices!!!!!!

  67. Poul Vestergaard says:

    NO EWING,NO BARNES,NO DALLAS. It is Cliff, Pamala, Bobby, Sue Ellen, John Roos.
    It is them we will see Again 4 season.
    Bring Dallas back too USA AND EUROPA.I come from Denmark.

  68. David Richmond says:

    Please save Dallas

  69. Russ Drinnon says:

    I can’t understand why the network would even consider dropping such great entertainment. Dallas is # 1. SAVE DALLAS

  70. justanotherfanofthegenre says:

    If everyone who signed the petition, or the fans of Josh Henderson would send an email to sam.linsky@turner.com they would be overwhelmed! tweets and petitions are great but bigwigs seldom see them, sending him thousands of emails is bound to get his attention 🙂

  71. James King says:

    I have watched Dallas since I was a child and I love the new Dallas as well. I would hate to see the show go. Please save this show!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Please find a new network for dallas need renew of season four and five six ect the stewart family

  73. Want more Dallas…the Ewings have much more delicious dysfunction to offer. Please save Dallas! !!!

  74. Anonymous says:

    I love Dallas and look forward watching it every week. I do miss it.

  75. Anonymous says:

    They need to bring back Katherine Wentworth to stir things up! They can replace Jesse Metcalf with a real actor. Of course major plastic surgery after the bomb.

  76. Hopefully, Dallas will be back on the air soon. I Hope……..

  77. Save Dallas how can they cancelled such a great show its been my favorite since it firist came on in the 70 and its still my favorite now. I want it back bring back dallas

  78. jarie brockman says:

    Pls help us save DALLAS. It is the main show I watch evry wk om TV. The show is very thrilling & exciting in all of its stories. They all seem like real life to every person I talk to. I have many friends who also watch & love DALLAS. Pls DO NOT cancel such a brilliant show. Thank u.

  79. I’ve really enjoyed the new Dallas. I watched the original and the new one is as good if not better…. I got lost in that hour, just as I did back then.. please save the show………… Short and sweet… #Save Dallas…

  80. Bring Dallas back! Whatever network its on, I’ll watch. Save Dallas!!

  81. Shelly J Gregory says:


  82. Bring it Back!

  83. melanie shellenberger says:

    It’s a shame no one will pick up a number one TV show dallas please keep trying I will miss it terrible it has been my favorite show from the 80 s an now please don’t give up someone out there should b able to pick it up don’t throw the towel in yet please thank u

  84. Harold Harrington says:

    I have watched Dallas since it’s first episode years ago. When the new Dallas series came back on TNT, i was impressed with the reality of it.My son, my daughter, and the people my son works with all watched it. we were all disappointed when we heard about the cancellation.Please, pick it up, another network.

  85. Mr AL Green says:

    Does anyone agree with me ? The BBC used to air the original years ago, now theyve expanded globally, may I suggest given everyone globally doesnt pay a tv fee for BBC except us in the UK, their now brown nosing for bigger better deals to get more funding etc, The BBC-1 Chjannel who hosted it from the 70’s til 90’s, They refused but given its now upto date with fracking and greener energy etc, I promise given their brown nosing to USA & beyond, they seriously would jump back in again ONLY if you contacted the world wide site BBC & UK site and even bomard with a one off letter by everyone even if it meant using a tazer on those against. the BBC would step in again & no adverts and still in HD. their desperate to do business with the USA & Global TV Giants. please, contact the BBC at:
    watchdog@bbc.co.uk; TV Consumer show
    alan.johnson.mp@parliament.uk MPS Even get people out of prison in soaps in UK for real. despite it being just a soap. so hit the MPS
    johnsona@parliament.uk; ed.miliband.mp@parliament.uk; nigel.farage@europarl.europa.eu; MP Parliament
    BBC Complaints
    PO Box 1922
    DL3 0UR

    I’ve passed on the request to friends etc, the only way this will work if everyone does more then talk about it, the westmister MP’s and all contact details will only work if you do online messages though limited to 400 letters, or actually put pen to paper to over run them with post. is anyone willing to stand up and fight ?? I’ve done this for my part, beats just talking, I do know when our channel 5 it on and its was upto date with fracking and newer energys etc, the BBC kicked themselves for not listening back in 2010 when I was long before it came back, pleading with them to bring it back. but more of it so’s people dont get fedup of the breaks and then miss new re-starts, so they give up, it was better kept on than off for breaks.

    I seriously hav done a lot at my end, anyone willing to back me on this ? Because now the BBC is expanding global, trust me, this is something that unites us all, thy wont want to risk stepping on toes upsetting people.

    The BBC like befiore could take this back again.

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