Tell TNT to Save ‘Dallas’!

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Everyone deserves a second chance

Updates (Oct. 27, 2:35 p.m. and 6:40 p.m.): This morning, I posted the following report, which states TNT might reverse its cancellation of “Dallas.” By the afternoon, TNT was telling fans it won’t reconsider its decision to drop the series. For now, I encourage everyone to remain positive and to keep showing their love for “Dallas” on social media.

The rumors are true: TNT might reverse its cancellation of “Dallas,” Dallas Decoder has confirmed. Fans should contact TNT today and urge the network to save the series.

Warner Bros., the studio that produces “Dallas,” has held discussions with other networks, but for a variety of reasons, these efforts haven’t panned out. There’s still an outside chance the show could find a new home on The CW, but for now, fans are strongly encouraged to focus their efforts on TNT.

An important note: When contacting TNT, please be polite and positive. Many fans are understandably upset the network canceled “Dallas” in the first place, but what matters now is urging TNT to give the show another chance.

Here’s the contact information:


Address: 1050 Techwood Drive NW, Atlanta, GA, 30318

Telephone: 404-827-1700 (main), 404-885-4538 (viewer comments)


Twitter: @tntdrama, @TNTPR


Write, call, tweet. Unleash the full force of your passions. If you want to go straight to the top, you can also email the executives in charge of Turner Broadcasting System, TNT’s parent company: David Levy, president,, and John Martin, chairman and chief executive officer,

There’s no overstating how important this is, fellow fans. If we want to rescue our show, this might be our last, best shot. Let’s come together like never before and show TNT why “Dallas” must be saved.

Share your positive comments below and check out Dallas Decoder’s Save Dallas Page for links to news coverage, petitions, other fan sites and more.


  1. Jeannette gibson says:

    Please save Dallas!! Thank u !!!

    • Dallas is a great show!! Great actors, writing, and so on!! Canceling it just crazy!! I’m sorry people are just not watching tv like they used to with all the new ways to get their shows watched…so please don’t make those of us that are still watch tv the old way suffer!! BRING IT BACK!!! Or I promise to never watch another tnt show ever!!

    • Please don’t cancel TV’s greatest drama. Dallas is frankly the best known show on TNT’s entire lineup. Survey Americans and ask them to name your top 5 shows. Dallas will be up there. Most of your other shows are completly unknown. How about putting some marketing and PR behind Dallas to draw in more viewers – there’s never any promotion around the show. The show is amazing, but you need to create more buzz because this past season had so many great twists and turns it was like a cliffhanger each week. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR MIND!

  2. Dallas is such an amazing show, I have watched this new series since Season 1 and just love it !! I was so sad when I heard it was cancelled and have signed petitions and liked everything I could find to try and uncancel it. It is so well written and acted, it keeps you gripped from beginning to end and is just brilliant ! It can get quite complex at times but that’s what make its so amazing. The actors play their characters brilliantly and it would be such a shame not to show it any more. So please reconsider and choose to SAVE DALLAS

  3. BRENDA MORRIS says:


    Best program on TV please bring it back.

  4. Anonymous says:

    TNT bring DALLAS back.

  5. We need to save Dallas it the bust show on tnt

  6. Angela Cotto says:

    I grew up watching Dallas and I am still watching until this day. Please Save Dallas.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Nicky Booth says:

    SAVE DALLAS!! Been a fan since it began! Best show on TV!! SAVE DALLAS!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bring back Dallas I love that show

  10. Dorothy G. Pullen says:

    I’ve enjoyed Dallas ever since it first aired in 1978, when TNT brought it back with John Ross and Christopher all grown up I did not know what to expect. Wow really enjoyed show. Patrick Duffy,Linda Gray and Larry Hagman really suprized. I am fan,Please bring Dallas back. Miss Larry Hagman he was one of a kind, but the acter playing his son on show doing quite nicely. Please bring back, and please don’t let Christopher really be dead. Thank you for letting me have my say.

  11. Abby satterthwaite says:

    I don’t understand why yall would cancel this show… just baffled at the thought. The only show I watch on TNT. Please save Dallas… my family and I watch every episode together and dance to the theme song. we love it

  12. Now that we have confirmation…

    Please join ALL of #DallasNation for the #PeaceTreaty Tweet-A-Thon occurring Wednesday, October 29, 2014 from 9pm-10pmET

    This is the OFFICIAL convince TNT event!!!

  13. adrie bevers says:

    please save dallas…its my favorite show all time….cant miss it….its too good played and nice stories….come on tnt….dont cancel dallas….

  14. Glenda Powell says:

    Please renew Dallas, it is my favorite show. I look forward to watching it. It is the best show on television in a long time.
    Thank you,

  15. TNT! Pleeaassee bring DALLAS back! Love the show!


  17. Please bring Dallas back! It is such a great show all of the actors and writers are fantastic! I miss Larry Hagman but they have certainly succeeded without him and I know Larry would be so proud of the show. Please reconsider !

  18. Gail Tucker says:

    Dallas is a family tradition …my mother watched Dallas when I was a kid…couldn’t wait til Friday nights…when it was in syndication she continued to watch..i watched also…and even though she’s gone i know she would have been devoted to the new Dallas…please consider letting the show come back…I enjoy the old and the new Dallas….there are lots of fans besides myself that would continue to be loyal fans

  19. Beverly Lane says:

    Please #SaveDallas ! It is the best show around! Watched the original series and was enjoying the recent series! Love, love, love me some Dallas!

  20. Anonymous says:

    TNT Please bring back Dallas

  21. #SaveDallas PLEASE

  22. Please save DALLAS been watching from the beginning. That and Knots Landing, Falcon Crest, etc. Please let us have one show that has writers.

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is the best show ever don’t cancel

  24. Please bring Dallas back! It is well written and acted by great crew!

  25. Please bring Dallas back. Thanks

  26. I WANT Dallas back on your channel. Monday is the only day I wait for to watch tv just to see Dallas.

  27. Christina says:

    Please #SaveDallas! Thank you from a loyal viewer!

  28. #SaveDallas. Best show on TNT…….

  29. Julie gaston says:

    Would love for y’all to keep Dallas playing is a great show and would be truly missed.

  30. Anonymous says:

    i want dallas back please!

  31. Myra Takerian says:

    We have Emailed you, facebooked, twittered ,you name it! Here from Milwaukee Wisconsin. We love your show. We have groups here that watch it. I am a busy mom that works full time and this is the only show I watch!! We want to see Judith and John Ross evolve. We want to see more twist and turns but keep some of the Traditional values of the Orifinal Dallas! Continue to write creatively! Atleast one moreseason to see where it goes and what it can do! We love it! Keep it going!!!

  32. please bring dallas back!

  33. Pamela Hunt says:

    Hi my is pamela and im called after pamela Ewing so ive watched all episodes from the beginning to now and each episode gets better and better now that christopher got killed that leads to the best story line to follow that would be a massive mistake to axe DALLAS all the loss of viewers would be terrible save DALLAS

  34. Please save Dallas, we enjoy this show far better then most. Thank you

  35. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas!!

  36. ARE YOU CRAZY TO CANCEL!!!!!!! I have been a fan from the beginning. EVERY SHOW IS FABULOUS WHY WOULD YOU EVEN THINK OF CANCELLATION! !!!!!!!! We have DALLAS parties. Why is the seaon only a month to 6 weeks? If you dont run DALLAS another network will

  37. Please do NOT cancel Dallas!! Love this show

  38. Vivi Larsen says:

    Emailed them: Hi, my name is Vivi. I am 33 years old and from Denmark. Ever since I was a little girl, I´ve loved the show Dallas. To imagine the show return in an even more amazing shape than before, was both astonishing and incredible. To reunite the old cast with the new is nothing less than genius. The cast and crew is extremely talented. They work hard to give us everything we need: Shivers, tears, smiles, joy, excitement and most of all: Anticipation. We wait for every new episode with an eager enthusiasm, which shows commitment. I have not yet seen another show with that character, at all, on TV. This email is to let you know that I love this show and I would greatly appreciate it, if you didn´t cancel it. And to let you know that the show is being watched, with joy, all over the world.
    Thank you for bringing Dallas back to live again 😊

    Yours truly

    Vivi Larsen, DK

  39. Anonymous says:

    Save dallas

  40. Anonymous says:

    please save Dallas

  41. SAVE DALLAS!! We need our John Ross!

  42. Becky brown says:

    #savedallas #luvjr #ewing #southfork

  43. Anonymous says:

    #SAVE DALLAS!!!!!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    TNT please Renew Dallas it’s by far the best show you have.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas. Best show ever

  46. One of the best shows on TV…Please TNT…Bring it back !!!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas best show

  48. Laura Hague says:

    I have so enjoyed the new Dallas series. I was very sad when Larry Hagman died and so pleased you kept the series alive. I ask you to please keep the series going. It has been one of the better things TNT has done in a very long time.

    • james thompson says:

      Please keep Dallas going I love the show and feel like I’ve lost a great part of my tv life without it I have watched it from the start and it’s not the same without it nothing to look forward to always made plans to be free when it came time for Dallas never missed a showing I don’t think. PLEASE RECONSIDER AND KEEP IT SHOWING.

  49. paula moser says:

    #savedallas please bring dallas back

  50. Thanks for the confirmation. Sending out the emails now to #SaveDallas.

  51. gayla Howard says:

    Please bring back Dallas. I love the show. I got Directv just for Dallas. Before I didn’t have any pay tv. I love TNT and want to come back.


  53. Pam Peacock says:

    Save Dallas.
    Don’t cancel.
    This show TOTALKY ROCKS!!!

  54. Please save Dallas, I also have watched the show since I was a little girl, my grandmother would always watch it on Friday nights and we all had to stay quite when it was on. So there was a tradition started and when you decided to restart a new generation showing John Ross and Christopher all grown up it made me feel all good inside once again it stirred up great memories for me. I am sad that JR has left us all but Bobby is still a very big part of Dallas as is Sue Ellen, I know that JR would like for the show to continue on, so please SAVE Dallas for all of us….

  55. Sheila Lancaster says:

    #SaveDallas Please bring back Dallas the original show was fabulous and so is this one it is the only show I watch on tv.

  56. My wife and I been watching this program since 1978 never missed and episode ,when it came back we were so pleased. So bring back Dallas it was the best evening of our week on mondays. Maybe anoher night would be a lot better for the viewers !!! Thank You. From Montreal.

  57. Kim McFarland says:

    Please save our show! Pleeeeeease!

  58. Please, its a great show and I love all who is on there. The show is the one thing I look forword to on tv. So please #savedallas

  59. #savedallas

  60. Please please please #savedallas. PLEASE.

  61. Dallas is the best show on tv. I watched it when it was on before, and was so glad when they brought the show back. Please reconsider cancelling!!! #SaveDallas

  62. Tnt is the best ch. To have Dallas on. So #savedallas

  63. Anonymous says:


  64. Monie Mugnano says:

    #SAVE DALLAS! I love this show and I want to see it tell it’s story about the Ewings! The actors are fantastic and pull you in week after week! I’ve been a loyal fan since the old series and the new one is the best! Please bring Dallas back! It is better than anything on TV!

  65. #SaveDallas PLEASE!!!

  66. Anonymous says:

    Please save Dallas TNT you guys took this show to the next level and it was AWESOME.Please Please Please bring Dallas back I always watched live even when I was out of town on my vacation and then I re watched on my DVR about 2-3 times that week. I miss Dallas come on TNT bring this show back. #SAVEDALLAS

  67. Cathy Mudd says:

    ”PLEASE TNT #SaveDallas”

  68. Please save Dallas love Dallas .we want Dallas . Grew up with old. Dallas. Love it also.can’t wait for Elena, to have john Ross baby.

  69. shanon R hoffman says:

    Dallas isn’t just a show for some of us., it’s a memory., a place that takes us back to the days of watching it with our parents. The new Dallas is by far the best show on TV and one of the only reasons my tv ever goes to TNT. I know ratings failed us., but the show has a huge following and die hard fan base that will always keep watching! Please save Dallas!!!

  70. Joanna Whittick says:

    Please bring back Dallas.
    I grew up watching it with my parents, now my children watch it with me.
    We all love it and would be devastated if it gets cancelled

  71. Sarah Cockerill says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, please please please #SaveDallas I have watched it since I was a child and I’m 40 next month. It’s an amazing show with an amazing cast. I’m from the UK and absolutely love Dallas, it’s one of the best American shows around #SaveDallas xx

  72. Please save Dallas. I work 2 nd shift . That is 10:45 pm to 6:45 am i have to be there at 10:30 Pm. i have to leave home by 9:15 pm to be there on time. So irely on the DVR to record it. And if that falles i watch it on TNT web site. I look forded to watch when i get home.There are a lots of Dallas watchers that cant be at home when it airs. Yall need to change they way yall rate vewers. We can not watch tv the way we did in the 80’s.Thank you

  73. Rita Grzyb says:

    Please reconsider and keep this show on the air. Love it. Thank you.

  74. Dwayne Weaver says:

    To whom this May concern,
    I grew up watching Dallas. When TNT started airing Dallas again, I was excited. Dallas is my favorite program I look forward to watching. Please continue to show Dallas.

    Thank you

    Dwayne Weaver

  75. terri goodlander says:

    #SaveDallas!!! Dallas is an amazing and awesome show on TV!!! I watched it when it was on before meaning the first Dallas and then when the new Dallas came on i watched it to. We the fans want our Dallas back please reconsidering putting it back on

  76. Anna Sylvester says:

    Bring Dallas back it’s a good show

  77. Dallas is awesome!!! Keep it coming back with the same crew members for years and years!!!! #tnt #savedallas #dallas

  78. Anonymous says:

    #SaveDallas – please put Dallas back on…as a lifelong fan of the show I was so happy when a remake was announced. I watched the original ..never missed an episode..bought all the VHS tapes and then the DVDs when VHS became obsolete. I am a true fan!! And now TNT brought us the new DALLAS and it was amazing…fell in love all over again!! The writers did an awesome job and the actors ,old and new, were fantastic!! But we need more…please don’t end this iconic show!!

  79. Delana Curlee says:

    Please reconsider canceling Dallas. I love that show. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve actually looked forward to watching television. I particularly look forward to Suellen getting drunk. Please reconsider. Thanks,
    Huge Fan

  80. I have been a fan since the 1978 mini series. Dallas is my favorite program. Pledge renew / #savedallas

  81. Diane heard says:

    I have watched Dallas from day one from the old version right through to the new. I think it is one of the best programmes on TV. I didn’t think it would work second time around but it has been amazing. Please reconsider and bring it back and make an avid fan from the UK very happy. Thank you

  82. Tabitha Christie says:

    There are only operators in Atlanta we want to call NYC — David Levy 212. 275. 6912 PLEASE CALL NYC !

  83. I want my DALLAS back

  84. kandie williams says:

    I sent my email. I love Dallas, old and new!

  85. PLEASE BRING DALLAS BACK!!!! I wasnt the type to watch shows like this but one day I saw my boyfriend watching it, and I just got into it. It caught my eye!! ( John Ross ):) I love all the actors, suspense and twist to this show. When the show was on it was like a movie date for me and my honey 🙂 we never watched it without one another !!! So PLEASE SAVE DALLAS !!!!!!

  86. Nancy Conner says:

    This is a Wonderful show—–PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider & Save Dallas—THANK YOU—THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  87. **EVERYONE* You MUST send emails to AND and give the emails to your friends, family, neighbors, strangers whatever.. but those 2 have to be targeted!! Don’t just post a message here email it to those 2.

  88. Dear TNT – Keep Dallas on the air. We are asking for entertainment. I was so happy when I saw the promotions that TNT is bringing back Dallas in 2012. I was so happy when Season 1 started. I was so moved at the opening statement by Linda Gray when season 2 started. Season of “Dallas” on TNT was something I could never imagine – “Dallas” was great without J.R. Ewing. There is much talent on this show. The last thing I would ever do is even try to tell you how to run your business. What I will do is tell you I know what is great television. “Dallas” is a great show. In my opinion it is the very best show. I understand the ratings for the season finale were down. In fact the last episode had lower than average ratings. I believe that this might have something to do with fans of the show not wanting to see a “Ewing die.” One thing, among many other, that makes “Dallas” unique is that anything can happen. Please #SaveDallas because there is no other show that is like it.

  89. Please Save Dallas! Loved the original Dallas and love, love, love the new one! PLEASE renew Dallas! Best show on TNT!

  90. Please please reconsider bringing this show back. When it began I was excited that JR and Bobby were returning to Southfork. But to my surprise this show has been well written to introduce the new generation of the Ewing Family. It has included the familiar faces of old and it has been just an awesome show. Please reconsider the the cancelation and show us what is to come for the Ewing Family. Who is Elena’s babys father, is Christopher dead, Who’s is the new Cartel, who is John Ross’s sister. Please please, the fans are here to stay. Thank you☺

  91. TNT, I love all your shows but Dallas is my favorite. Please reconsider to SAVE DALLAS! Best show on TV. I am an original Dallas lover. You can imagine how excited I was when this show returned. Thank you!

  92. Linda Adams says:

    Please save DALLAS! One of the best shows on tv! My husband and I have watched since the beginning of the original! We LOVE Monday nights and can’t wait for the next episode! Thank you for your consideration!

  93. We want Dallas back, PLEASE!!!!!! Love it & miss it!!!!!!

  94. #SaveDallas please please please! I watched Dallas as a child with my Mother, and I want to keep it going with my daughter, she watches it with me! We are devastated that it is gone! Please find it in your heart to keep these amazing actors going and bring them back into my living room as a part of a tradition and as I almost feel as a part of my family too! Thank YOU!

  95. #SaveDallas

  96. please save our show Dallas. Please Please Please………😊

  97. Sandy Beasley says:

    I have NEVER from the beginning of Dallas missed one show. U r taking away the best show on TV. U need to bring it back u left us a huge cliffhanger and would really love for u to bring this back. A lot of people want this back. These characters r friends and enemies of mine. PLEASE bring it back

  98. Please save Dallas!! It was one of the best shows on Tv! I looked forward to every Monday might to see what kind of drama was going to happen next! We need it back on so we can see how the Ewing family handles all the tragedy of the finale. TNT please please please bring Dallas back!!!! #SaveDallas!!!

  99. Phyllis Riley says:

    I enjoyed the show ever Monday night I never missed a show, I have watched this program since it begin the first show so you know I am of senior age,why take the time to make a show have the public like then cut it off. One of my favorite past timeis watching TV SHOW. I never understand why you take off good show but leave on garage I am so sick these reality show show or later all you network will be begging the public to watch,We need quality TV show back .and me thousand of othe want to see Dallas back and make the series longer,NCIS.

  100. Donna Hornick says:

    Please save Dallas!!!!!!! Its been great watching the old characters & now with the new characters of the next generation. Please keep the show on!!! 🙂

  101. Please bring Dallas back please don’t cancelled to Dallas not done series I wanna watch it my favorite show Save Dallas

  102. Moni Barber says:

    Please, please Renew Dallas…!!!!! It’s a GREAT SHOW….we LOVE all the Characters & the twisted plot lines are great…I LOVE DALLAS….PLEASE, PLEASE RENEW IT ….!!!!!!

  103. It’s the best show on tv!!!! Save it please!!!

  104. TnT! Dallas is the best series you could invest in.

  105. Please save Dallas it is such a great show

  106. Wooooohooooooo This is a great way to start the day, I hope they do bring it back and I hope they give it another night to thrive. I read where Linda Gray said that CBS moved the show three times before it launched into its Friday night success. Please TNT bring Dallas back!!!!!!!!!

  107. There’s still so much story left to tell! Bring Dallas back so the stories can be told! There are so many faithful fans out there and new fans who will watch, who love and supported BOTH Dallas shows! There is an audience out there that will continue to watch and support this show! Awesome cast, awesome writing, plot twists and turns, drama on top of drama – this show had it all!! Don’t kill it. Bring it back!!

  108. Please save Dallas! It was so good to get it back after many years of not having it and we don’t want to lose it again. It has always been a favorite of my family and we hope desperately that you continue the series.

  109. Please renew Dallas for many series into the future. No, I may not be in the “target” group of 18-49 (or whatever it is) but tell your advertisers I have money to spend as well that isn’t targeted for school loans, car payments, kids tuition, etc. My money is discretionary and I’ll spend to support the sponsors of television programs that I enjoy.

  110. #SaveDallas!!

  111. TNT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK DALLAS!!!!! tHE SEASON FINALE I WATCHED LIVE AND DVR’D IT AND THE BLACKLIST!!!!! THAT’S HOW DEDICATED I AM TO THIS SHOW!!! It is one of the best written programs on TV and by far is my favorite show. I would watch and re-watch it every time it was aired. I can honestly say that I’ve NOT watched any program on your network and plan not to since Dallas’ cancellation. I am a HUGE NASCAR fan and am willing to give up watching those particular races that are aired on your programming next year as well. PLEASE RECONSIDER YOUR ACTIONS AND #SaveDallas!!!!!!

  112. LaJuana Holt says:

    #SaveDallas or plz find this epic show a me home. I’ve watch Dallas since the 70s I truly love this show!!!

  113. Please save Dallas. This is one of the few shows on the air without the violence of today and still is a drama. My husband and I love the show and hope they save it!

  114. PLEASE Save Dallas! Watched the original from begining to end, and now this new one. Was and always be one of the best drama shows on tv. With all the silly so called comedy’s that are on these days, it seems strange that you would pull the plug on this great show….please bring it back!

  115. Rosemary Farias says:

    PLEASE PLEASE DON’T CANCEL DALLAS!!! I grew up watching Dallas and even back in the day it stopped showing i was missing it. So now you want cancel the show just like that the way it ended no that is crazy. This show has wonderful actors, actress, awesome writing, and i hate to see it go. PLEASE think of the fans of this show we want it back on TNT NO OTHER NETWORK!!!

  116. josh henderson’s mom says tnt not rethinking the cancellation. what gives? who is getting info and who is not? this is frustrating.

  117. Dallas decoder! please double check this news! but now we are hearing from Josh Henderson’s mother that TNT is NOT interested??? Please update us.

  118. We fans of Dallas aren’t giving up….we miss our legendary show and want it to come back. Our ongoing fight for it’s return is still attracting enormous publicity so come on TNT, use that to your advantage and please bring back our beloved Dallas!

  119. Robert Siefert says:

    #savedallas Done and Done….Emails and hash tags sent!

  120. Please reconsider, love the show DALLAS. Been watching this show ever since it came out. All the new actors are great, love them all.

  121. Well this is crazy now TNT is making it sound like they have no desire to renew I am so confused why would TNT not want this show back? It was not the lowest rating show on the network and with DVR ratings Dallas rose pretty well, maybe not enough to keep the TNT interest, I am still hoping for CW to pick it up

  122. hardrockfootballfanatic says:

    TNT has made it clear they are not interested. We are running out of options. I am not trying to be negative, but I am beginning to think Dallas is done.

  123. Shelley Eagan says:

    Please TNT bring back my favorite show Dallas please I think Dallas needs a second chance. Thank you!

  124. Anonymous says:

    Dallas is the best thing on tv me and my family have watched this since it first started even my sons love it why axe something that’s good it’s just stupid

  125. Pat Wallace says:

    So happy that TNT might reconsider, I watched the original show on CBS and never missed an episode. I was so happy when TNT decided to show Dallas and again never missed an episode. It was always the highlight of my week and the only show I never missed. After the show was always a 1 hour phone conversation with my daughter who also watched religiously. We both hope you reconsider and bring it back and make so many fans happy. Perhaps another night of the week would be better, but we will watch it no matter what night.

  126. just another fan of the genre says:

    To all of you just commenting things like save Dallas, don’t cancel Dallas etc. In the comments here, this does not help! You have to do one or all of the options above. It only takes a few seconds

    • CW or CBS please, we’ll take our quality viewer demographics to a network that deserves to feature Dallas in its line-up. TNT made s bad decision and it’s time to move to another network. The fans deserve to have a better conclusion.

  127. Debra Holdgraf-Baker says:

    Save Dallas , enough said.

  128. Please do not cancel Dallas! Love the show! Great actors…miss it when it’s not on…please keep it on.

  129. Charles & Adele Connolly says:

    I & my family have watched Dallas from the start of it on TV. I grew up with this family show & was so happy to see the continuation of the next generation of the Dallas family.
    P L E A S E, keep the show on for all of us viewers who enjoy such good actors with a story line. We would appreciate your consideration!!
    Charles & Adele Connolly
    Lafayette, La.

  130. I think TNT is not going to reconsider, but that does not mean that fans should feel defeated there are other networks out there such as The CW Network that fans should send e-mails and leave positive messages on The CW Facebook page.. TNT has not given Dallas the promotion it deserved in my opinion.. I think another network would support Dallas better. #SaveDallas

  131. #SaveDallas. I’ve been a lifelong fan of Dallas since 1978 & have been riveted by its return. There have been many shows that have tried to imitate Dallas & but there is nothing that has ever come close. South Fork ranch, the iconic Dallas theme tune, JR, Bobby & Sue Ellen are globally recognised.
    The cast of Dallas TNT have been outstanding & have continued the legacy of the Ewings.

    Dallas has all the perfect ingredients of a superior bottle of bourbon, mixed with ice, which invites you to have more – addictive!

    Dallas needs a new home, so we can all indulge in our guilty pleasure.

  132. Please Save Dallas Please Please Best show ever. I love this show

  133. Anonymous says:

    Please save Dallas!!!! It’s our favorite show!!!!!!

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