BREAKING NEWS: The Efforts to Save ‘Dallas’ Have Ended

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The end

The efforts to find “Dallas” a new home have ended, executive producers Cynthia Cidre and Michael M. Robin said today.

“After a 6-week attempt to try and land our beloved ‘Dallas’ at another network, we have to inform you that we have not succeeded. Warner Horizon has attempted, in a Herculean way, to try and find us a new home, but at the end of the day it did not work out,” Cidre and Robin wrote in a statement to “Dallas” fans.

The complete message appears below.

In a recent radio interview, “Dallas” star Patrick Duffy discussed the complexities of getting the show back on the air. In addition to finding a new network for “Dallas,” new foreign and online distribution deals were required, Duffy said.

Today’s news effectively ends the #SaveDallas campaign that began October 4, the day after TNT canceled the show. In the weeks that followed, as “Dallas’s” production studio Warner Horizon shopped the series to other networks, fans sent approximately 1 million #SaveDallas tweets and added more than 84,000 signatures to an online petition calling for another network to pick up the show.

“Dallas” devotees received encouragement from stars such as Duffy and Linda Gray, who praised fans’ persistence and ingenuity in interviews and social media posts.

In their statement, Cidre and Robin also hailed the #SaveDallas campaign as “a truly remarkable undertaking” and thanked fans for their support. “We cannot fully express how much we loved making this show for you and with you,” they wrote.

Here’s Cidre and Robin’s full statement:

Hi Friends,

Well, we have come to the end. After a 6-week attempt to try and land our beloved “Dallas” at another network, we have to inform you that we have not succeeded. Warner Horizon has attempted, in a Herculean way, to try and find us a new home, but at the end of the day it did not work out.

We so appreciate the outpouring of support by all of you, and the #SaveDallas campaign was a truly remarkable undertaking. We cannot fully express how much we loved making this show for you and with you. We had 3 wonderful years together, and we had the times of our lives bringing this iconic show back to television. Thank you for your support; thank you for your loyalty to our wonderful characters; and thank you for watching our show.

We wish you all our very best, and thank you again for loving “Dallas.”

With great admiration and appreciation,

Cynthia Cidre and Michael Robin

How do you feel about the end of the #SaveDallas campaign? Share your comments below and read more news from Dallas Decoder.


  1. sad

      A petition signed by over 85,000 fans on facebook can`t go unnoticed.

    • more mad than words can say ! I blame the TNT network for their low info.. way of advertising Dallas, I am so Po.. off, but We all have tried, and should have been prepared for this, I was……………………….never ever be another DALLAS …Damm you TNT !

      • I HATE the cowardice of TNT! They have a good thing and what do they do? ? Why ..get rid of it! Need more reruns! The more reruns the less money they have to spend so they can ride their jets and go to parties on the companys dime! I’m so disappointed. 😦

    • Well while complete garbage is renewed – how sad this iconic show has not even been able to finish with even a 2 hour episode. Thanks TNT for not seeing this show was viable for you. A real thanks to the producers and everyone that did try. Strange that absolutely all the signatures – all the effort has gone by the wayside. TNT – I will never watch any show on your network again.

      • Me neither…Not so much as a Castle re run.. TNT you suck!

      • Pat Tongish says:

        Lol the current Pam is why hotter than Beckett.

      • You are right. Garbage gets renewed, but not DALLAS ! Are you seeing this major networks!

      • I dont know how to use twitter but signed the saving and facebook etc, can anyone provide a contact email for TNT please, i have a say given i too kept it going since 70’s, please amail any contact email or postal as it appears as usa postals confuse as we do per line. In UKemail wud be better, it will be strong and help make them think twice. Email: thanks if anyone can give me TNT details. Already complained to proud sponsors Carte da Dor ice cream but was snubbed months ago so thats their ice sales at an end. I have over 58,000 contacts pkus able to message over 97 million paypay users with a sibglw click of ny mouse. Here BBC-1 FIRST Screened it, mayve now sillly channel 5 wont, they might reconsider if enough USA FIGHT & PUSH. Please, or ill not watch anything from their channels again and tgen thats tge sponsors pulling out too. Very sincerely, AL Green. Come on Pttric &,Linda, FIGHT, Cone to london BBC, they did well since 70’s from u, remember the Alamor. FIGHT. I saw the back of christopher, he cud of had keys lost and was getting car stolen excuse, or taking a shower whilst waiting. J R Ewing taught me good business. Take other rubbish off. Please email me direct and signed ill forward it to the BBC which theyve just gone global, so theyd support u again to keep things sweet, but i cant do it without emails signed by casts. PLEASE, it can be done. Never say never, but act now dont give up give me email support to pass on ro high places. By cast. AL Green UK

    • Unbelievable I love the show Dallas and I hoped and prayed for years for the show to return and it did and was fantastic I absolutely love it.I can’t believe they cancelled it.The networks will show some of the dumbest,idiotic terrible acting,no talent trashy story lines.And how I wish they’d cancel them ! I’m so disappointed not only did Dallas reach my generation again I know it reached the interest of the younger generation.I’m so disappointed.I am going to hope for a miracle please return Dallas.

    • I am upset. I was really hopeful that it was going to be renewed. However, I am so so so proud of all of the fans who tried their best to save it. I would also like to add how glad I am that Larry Hagman had the chance to play his favourite role with his best friends once again. Hmmm….I am not going to get over this soon.

    • Tanya Hankins says:

      Im very sad.I loved the show.TNT sucks.Iwill not watch that channel anymore.I was really was excited about another network pickingDallas up.

    • TNT… I’m no longer a fan of your shows!! I waited each week to see Dallas. It was one of the best shows on TV and you cancel it. What viewers are you listening to?

    • I am Thankful for the three yrs we had it was amazing to be able to visit the lives of the Ewings again and to say good bye to JR as he passed the torch to his son and brother.The characters of Dallas new, old and grown up will remain in my heart and mind forever I watched them on my grandma’s floor as a child never forgot them then and learned to love them even more in the reboot.

      I am very disappointed I feel like TNT dropped the ball.I do not trust TNT anymore and will not waste any of my time becoming invested in their shows again.

    • Dallas was the only show I watched on TNT. Adios TNT


    • I think TV needs Dallas. Write the show around John Ross. This is what worked with Larry. I watched Dallas years ago just for JR. The new Dallas is better then before, and find then a home. OMG so much crap on TV and you stop a good show.

    • Ron McMahan says:

      They canceled the best dam drama on TV

      • Charlene says:

        I wish Dallas would return….It was the best show and drama on television…I hope one day soon it will return….

  2. I’m sorry to see it come to an end. You did so much to encourage fans and keep them informed, which was not always easy by any means. I’m sure they, and the show, appreciated your efforts to demonstrate the great love viewers have for Dallas. That love does not die. This chapter may have ended, but like other great entertainment legacies, there are more stories to tell.

  3. So very sad!! This is my all time favorite show!! It is going to be missed deeply!

  4. I am so sorry. I thought the show was well written and well acted. We gave it a good try but I guess fictional drama can’t compete with reality TV shows.

  5. Absolutely devastated by this news. I loved this show so much.

  6. Elizabeth Creamer says:

    I hate it i have watched the show for years!

  7. Dallas can’t end this way. We must keep trying.

  8. Am so very disappointed that they couldn’t find a way to Save Dallas!!! Really loved the show and the actors were fantastic!!! With all the JUNK that is on TV, I can’t believe that this show had to go!!!

  9. Thomas pryor says:

    Dallas can’t end this way. we must keep trying. Save Dallas

  10. I’m just neartbroken. After everything we did. All the emails and tweets we sent. Nothing? Why couldn’t someone have a heart and give this show a chance it never got on TNT? I guess when there’s money involved, what’s in the heart doesn’t matter, folks. I guess I will turn off my TV and hopefully someday soon we will hear about the downfall of every network who canceled a good drama for a stupid reality show.

  11. The World Turned Upside Down

    • Michael, I’m so sorry we fell short of our goal, but I admire all the effort you put into this fight. I salute you.

      • What impressed me is how many people came out from all over the planet. WOW!!! I know why people love this show, because it is entertaining, unique, and is built on great talent. Television, in general, has become so cheap today.

  12. KEEP ON TRYING AND THE FANS WILL TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! find another Network and the one that dropped you will lose out BIG TIME!!! Pull a jr. deal you’ll get scooped up I have confidence Petition the networks again and again we want the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would have said

  13. Want dallas back,I will never watch TNT again hope they go bankrupt,this was my favorite show and so good not fair to us fans .very sad ..we deserve to have a final episode ..

  14. I grew up watching this show. Then after it went off the first time my heart was deeply saddened. Years later it came back on. A few new people and a few that that were gone but I loved ever episode. I can’t believe tnt took it off. I am crushed. A show I loved when I was younger taken off again. Take off this other crop that’s on tv Dallas is a show that deserves to be on it shows with its ratings. Its a money maker. Bring it back. Best actors of all time.

    • lmfao it did??? this dallas series had some of the worst Ratings in cable television history…the shows ratings got worst each episode, so please explain how the show was good and the ratings showed it?? the bad ratings are the reason it got canceled to begin stop making shit up, and i seen shows like Sam & Cat which broke cable television ratings records get canceled, so this show deserved yo get canceled, rather you like it or not

      • Anonymous, look at the big picture. Even if Nielsen ratings were down, On Demand viewing was way up. Dallas performed very well that way. I ask you, if no one was watching, then why the outrage and huge 6 week campaign to try and save it? 85,000 signature on a petition, etc. Nielsens do NOT accurately tell the whole story. If you hated Dallas that much, why are you here?

  15. Rebecca Hooper says:

    I have watched DALLAS for many years since the very beginning, and loved the new DALLAS as much as the old one. I am so very sorry to see it come to an end. I will always be a very loyal fan. A big thank you to the cast, I Love You, Patrick, Linda, and Josh!! Thanks for fighting to stay on everyone.

  16. Lecia Forester says:

    I am very sad to hear this! Dallas was an excellent show with wonderful story lines, great writers and talented and dedicated cast! I loved the old Dallas and grew to love the new Dallas just as much! I always looked forward to Mondays.Hope to see a movie tie loose ends. Can I get it on DVD? Good luck to all!

  17. Mary Ledford says:

    This stinks. I was so hoping they’d find a new network. I love this show and was thrilled when it came back.

  18. I feel that we were led to believe we we gonna have DALLAS for as long as we had the origional show. I know it would of continued if producers didn’t quit after Jr. Died. I still love the others as much. Please keep trying.

  19. NO! This can’t happen! I’m so sad😢😭😭.
    Thank you for your hard work. But please don’t give up yet. 😭😪😭😪

  20. Hate to see it go. Loved this show since episode one. Will be greatly missed.


  22. Michael Huston says:

    Its a very sad day. Great show and magnificent Cast. Im deeply saddened by this news. Dallas will always live on in our hearts.

  23. SOOO sad, been a Dallas fan for 34 yrs. this show so lived up to the other and I don’t understand it’s cancellation. It’s a loss! Gonna mourn for awhile! They were filming my last time at Southfork! It was amazing seeing Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Jesse Metcalf and Brenda Strong doing scenes! Oh yes, Elena too! 😔

  24. So sad.thank you actors and writers and all who made the old and new. the best show on television

  25. Simon dredge says:

    A very sad day for all us fans all around the world . Will we see a one off TV movie just to tie up any loose ends?

    • Even if we never get a TV movie to tie up loose ends, I suspect as some point Cidre will do an interview where she reveals things like who this new JR offspring was and other plans she had forming. It won’t be told as TV show but we’ll know and not be left forever hanging.

  26. I am devastated. TNT, how dare you help us fall in love with the new generation of Dallas, then take it away.

    To the “Ewing/Barnes/Ryland” families, you will be forever missed….

  27. so sad.

  28. So many wonderful shows are being squeezed out by the likes of brainless Kardashian-like television that adds nothing to society and has no story to tell. This most certainly leaves a horrible taste in my mouth for TNT, which I did not watch before Dallas returned to TV. And, I doubt there’s anything they can do to get my viewership back with the lack of loyalty they’ve shown, not only to Dallas, but to other shows as well. What an incredibly sad day for television!!

  29. Belynda Martin says:

    I’m so sorry that another network could not see the vision of Dallas like you fans.
    I wish each and everyone of Dallas (cast and crew) the very best with your careers.
    May God bless you all! 💜💜💜💜💜

  30. What about a movie via kickstarter or a webseries via kickstarter?

  31. Sueanne Swisher says:

    So sad but they’ll jump at a chance to save an unknown stupid show that isn’t as popular it just sucks that a show with great actors like Dallas has ended,loved the whole cast!!!

  32. I can’t believe it devastated. I for one will miss it so much.

  33. I’m angry. Or, in the words of Bobby Ewing, “I’M PISSED!” It really irritates me to no end that these dumb stupid reality shows go on and on, and a wonderful show like this isn’t even given a proper chance. I think I’m done with contemporary television all together. I have many of my favorites on dvd, I have ME-TV, and can watch anything else I want online. Screw TV and their dumb ass networks, especially TNT! I wish them nothing but the downfall they deserve.

    • Jennifer Irons says:

      I could not agree with you more, John! I will never understand why people like shows like The Bachelor and Keeping Up With The Kardashians! Those shows are so stupid and trashy, unlike our beloved Dallas! I am so upset at this news!

      • I’m so sorry, Jennifer. You’ve been wonderful throughout this campaign. Please know how much I appreciate your support and dedication.

  34. Thomas Licon says:

    we will never give up the fight to save DALLAS

  35. Dallas_France says:

    If i win $200 millions at the lottery i will put DALLAS back on.

  36. Nadine De Smul says:

    I dont know what to say 😦 , i’m feeling so sad that this is realy the end, i’m a Dallas fan for so long and i loved the new shows , that they didn’t find a new home for Dallas!! ,i loved the new shows so much and all the actors .

  37. The networks have proven once again they don’t care what their viewer want in programming. So very disappointed that such a well written program such as Dallas with such talented cast could just be dumped the it was. I personally will not watch the trash that us being put out there now. To many reality programs that are not truly reality, to many talk shows as well. And way to many news cast.
    Dallas will be missed by many hopefully these Networks will wise up and change their minds and give the viewer’s what they want in programming.
    We viewers need to hit the sponsors of these networks.
    Right in their pockets.
    Wish the cast of Dallas a bright future in the days to come.
    We will always love the Ewing’s.

  38. Jennifer Irons says:

    I am absolutely devastated and heartbroken not just for us fans but for the cast and crew who put together 3 FANTASTIC seasons of the show! We all tried so hard and did everything we could to save our beloved show! I just can’t believe that our efforts were in vain! I am sure somewhere in Heaven Larry Hagman is crying tears of sadness for his castmates! My heart is just so broken over this news! But a big thank you to you, DD, for keeping us informed of everything related to our campaign; I don’t think anyone worked as hard as you did to keep our spirits and encouragement up so thank you so much for that! I feel like we let Patrick, Linda, Josh and the rest of the cast down!

  39. Noooooo please noooo Put Dallas Back on our Screens. Love Dallas so much. Grew up watching this Show always been hooked Love Dallas. How do I feel Very very very So Sad Misable Very Disappointed please don’t do this. Please please please. :(((((((( You must see 85.000 fans cant go un -noticed.. Sad

  40. I’ve been silent during most of the save Dallas campaign. I still love these characters so much. I even love many of the new ones. But the show itself was something I had an increasingly hard time getting behind as the three seasons wore on.
    I’m the continuity hawk. Anybody who has ever read one of my posts can see that instantly. This show had so many continuity problems. It became increasingly clear to me as time wore on that Cidre and company did not place continuity as a high priority. I aslo felt these plotlines just didn’t fit in with anything from CBS’ prime. (They arguably do fit in with CBS’ later years but that is not necessarily a good thing.)
    This was a writing team that had specific stories they wanted to tell and to them the story was everything and established history (sometimes even their own history let alone CBS history) was simply an annoyance that could be ignored as needed. The very best writers will always find a way to tell their stories within the framework of their continuity. This is why Cidre and her team will never be great writers in my book.
    Now there are thousands and thousands of fans who don’t place the same importance on continuity as I do. I accept that. These fans have often said “don’t sweat the small stuff” to people like me. But sweating the small stuff is my right as a consumer. I’ve said it so many times: Ignoring continuity will turn off a certain segment of the viewership. I truly believe that is a huge reason for the declining ratings. On the other side of the coin if a writer does take care to work within established history they will keep continuity hawks like me happy and those who don’t place importance on continuity shouldn’t be put off in the least. In short this is a case were honoring continuity will get them the most viewers. It seems to me a no brainer that should have been the way to go.
    Then there are those who trot out the old “if you don’t like it then don’t watch it” epitath. Well I’m going to argue that is exactly what happened. Now nobody gets to watch it anymore.
    End of the day: While some may hope for a TV movie to tie up loose ends, I’ll believe it when it happens. As such I truly believe I’ve seen Bobby, Sue Ellen and even John Ross and Pamela for the last time. That makes me very sad. At the same time I’m still glad in a way I don’t have them further sullied by the poor writing.
    There is a lesson to be learned here and I’m sorry Dallas fans suffer for the learning.

    • @ Dan.. WI…….YOU ARE 100 % right, I have tried with this. #save dallas, to help, for show I have always loved, but.. The writer was terrible from the beginning, I I REMEMBER READING SOMEWHERE SHE WOULD,RUIN DALLAS, (cidre ) and she did! I GUESS THAT’S IT, WILL FORVER LOVE DALLAS, HAVE TO LOOK FOR RE-RUNS. BUT YOU ARE RIGHT ON ! OF COURSE, MANY ARE IN DENIAL ! WISH NOW DALLAS HAD COME BACK WITH CBS, OR NOT AT ALL, LOOK @ HAWAII 5-0 REBOOT, A SUCCESS , HAD THEY REBOOTED DALLAS, IT WOULD BE ANOTHER..HIT IT’S A DIRTY SHAME !

    • You know have many complaints, some that mirror yours, about the show as well. But it feels like this isn’t the time or place for it. Let the remaining fans get through their grieving here. We can play the “What Went Wrong” game in future posts, I’m sure.

  41. This is a very sad day for all of us fans.

  42. Al Peterson says:

    I’ve never been so sad to see a tv show end. I was a huge fan of the original Dallas as well as Knots Landing. The new Dallas was just as good as the original.

  43. What REALLY sad day for all that love Dallas been a fan for both the new and old shows t.v.doesn’t realize a great show they’ve all turned down

  44. gaye johnson says:

    This news saddens me greatly. You’ll never be able to replace this show or its followers. TNT you’ve made a big mistake.
    I understand Dish Network may be dropping your station from their lineup. What’s up with that?

  45. I am very disappointed but not surprised by the news. It was a good show and I enjoyed watching it. I do thank TNT for bringing the show back for the time we had it, but I also deplore their decision on cancellation. It is too bad all of these “technicalities” exist that deny another network from picking up the show. It is an iconic show with a wonderful cast of characters and actors that made watching Dallas a pleasure each week. The show was well written and provided plot twists at every turn. As a viewer of the old show and new show, I would have to say I liked the more fast paced story telling of the new Dallas. Thanks once again to the cast and writers of Dallas. It was a hell of a ride!!

  46. I don’t think they have tried at all. I think that with all the support they could have done a better job. When someone’s mind is made up it is made up. Business gets in the way of what the people wants. There is to much NCIS, Criminal Minds, Realty TV, and so on. You finely get a GREAT DRAMA and it goes away.

  47. its An absolute shame. we the fans feel cheated as we never got the absolute final episode answrring the unawered questions. It really sucks cuz they left all of hanging
    oh well y’all we yried. It will be sadly missed.

  48. There is always Hope! Look at the CRAP they put on Tv!! I’ll never stop looking fwd to the answers , who John Ross’ sister is, was Chrisopher really killed, does Ann need to worry about Bobby’s x Girlfriend, it just can’t end this way! It WILL be on again! I’m dissappointed and shocked but won’t give up hope! There hAS to be a slot somewhere!

  49. Hey, Chris B., any chance you could use your connections to talk to Cynthia Cidre and ask her to post that 60-page Bible she wrote for Season 4, and possibly the full scripts for however many episodes had already been written? While you know I was not the biggest fan of the direction the show took in Season 3, I’d still be interested in knowing what the future plans were, like who was J.R.’s daughter supposed to be, who was her mother, and what else was in that files that John Ross got from Emma?

    • I would also love to see the scripts they had written. I think they had at least three episodes’ scripts written. I would love to know what happened next. Season 2’s finale could have been a series finale, but this season so many big surprises were left up in the air.

  50. Very sad news an proof of total disrespect of the viewers. Will never ever again watch any TNT show. #SaveDallas

  51. Well you can thank social media for bashing this show to death. Everytime I get on their website, all they do is bash the new Dallas series. “Oh it ain’t like the original” or “Cidre is destroying the series” stuff like that. To me, as a loyal die hard Dallas fan, it’s like someone just punched me in the stomach. How could they say such negative comments about this new series. It’s rare in TV today to see a series that was a huge hit for 13 or 14 seasons and come back 20+ years later and recapture the magic. It’s also sad that a network couldn’t bring a show that with such history as Dallas to be put on their network. It would bring in more viewership than those reality programs on TV. It just goes to show you that networks want the cheap thrills and not serious drama. Thanks to fans of this new series that didn’t give up hope, who tweeted and hashtagged #SaveDallas so many times, thanks for Cynthia Cidre and Michael Robin for bringing back an iconic series. You are the true Dallas Fans!! And for one last time, #SAVEDALLASFOREVER

    • I had the same reaction to those comments which were really negative & pointless. Probably a bunch of crab apples from a nursing home who only wanted to watch Miss Ellie sipping tea. #SaveDallas

  52. Terrible news. I was really hoping someone would see the wisdom in putting on their network an established show with a deep fanbase. Truth is, TNT doomed this show with their incessant tinkering with the timeslots and breaking for months and months on end.

    As much as I would have loved to see CBS taking a shot at it, unless there was a dedicated timeslot without all of the jerking around, it would have just failed again.

    But today I’m heartbroken. Again.

  53. I don’t know what goes on in Execs. minds—-You have a huge Fan Base, a Wonderful Cast with potentially marvelous storylines available! Unbelievable Idiots at the Helm of these Networks! An established vehicle & no one wants to renew this historic show—-Just Sad!

  54. Pat Tongish says:

    I think it’s pitiful. The reality crap we see on TV. Dallas gets the axe and here we see Dwanye Johnson with foolish reality show. The Turner Network show be ashamed of itself. Who makes these idiot decisions?

  55. They who don’t wanted DALLAS on are jealously cuz dallas are popular yayyy. Since Larry Hagman gone never the same what about Bobby duh don’t shut him out he’s last one. I won’t vote any shows who turn down Dallas . Hugs guys

  56. tomtagliente19 says:

    We are all Ewing’s now. And the cast and crew of this amazing show are all members of our extended family, and they always will be. maybe we will see a stright-to-DVD wrap up of the story? We can only hope.

  57. I only hoped we could save this remarkable show. Maybe, one day we will see our favorite stars again.

    Thanks for all our support.

    God Bless..

  58. pamalla williams says:

    This news just makes me sad. I was so excited about finding Dallas a new network. I just love this show and everyone involved.
    # Foreveradallasfan

  59. The show is too good to give up on. It has too much history AND too many of us loyal fans.

  60. Sad love Dallas 😰😩x

  61. Alex Forrester says:

    I can’t believe this !!!!!! I am done with TNT and CW and will not be watching those networks any longer. Guess I will move to Netflix

  62. Hate the news. So mad

  63. TNT did the same thing to a show called Hawethorn a few years ago. Left the ending on a cliffhanger and did not renew it. Now the same thing has happened to Dallas. Do they not remember the many, many years the original Dallas played out?? What a sad way to end this saga. But as always power and money rule and we just have to “eat” what is forced down our throats. I will NOT watch anything again on TNT!!!!! A person tunes in week after week to see some of the best shows the channel brings and then you get stuck with no endings…. What a shame and what a terrible lack of consideration TNT has for it’s viewers!!! TNT is 1 network that needs to be taken off the air!!!

  64. We need to campaign for a film now!

  65. Melissa Sanchez says:

    I can’t believe another network didn’t pick up Dallas! This is truly shocking and some network is missing out on ratings that this show would create! So sad to see Dallas end!

  66. Mary Brady says:

    Valiant effort! I haven’t seen any “save Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo” petitions or groups.

  67. Michael Bettinger says:

    Sorry to hear no one picked up this awesome show. I was a fan of both series. Very sad news 😦

  68. Wayne Curley says:

    A real shame. It was great to have a show I grew up with back on the air. I was hoping that it would get picked. If I win the lottery (a big win). I will bring it back!

  69. Jean osgood says:

    its a shame that we couldn’t save DALLAS . It’s been around since I was growing up I watched Dallas and knots landing . Apparently there is support for the show and why a tv station won’t pick up the show is beyond me. It has left me has a fan upset especially how you ended it. I was really looking forward to next season. Maybe you will have a change of heart and bring it back .

  70. it is really sad to hear that Dallas has not found a home, to go on where TNT,has left off, the new generation has so much potential to go on for another 13 years,now we will never know who JRs daughter is,or did Christopher actually die in the car explotion,or who is Elenas potential father is to her baby,or how about the unexpected new comer to the show,all these questions and no answers,so now we are left hanging,now with all that is said and done,and the bad choice that TNT made I say thank you for bringing back the most beloved series to t.v.

  71. Mark Askew says:

    Gutted to say the least – when there is so much utter rubbish on TV that survives , and a iconic show with so much history and great characters such is Dallas is cancelled it really makes the mind boggle as to who actually makes these ridiculous decisions .

  72. Time to find a new channel for my mornings. Sad, I’m sure I won’t be the only one leaving TNT high and dry. Mayne I will start a petition to move R&D from TNT line up so I can still watch it. It’s a sad day #saveDallas fans.

  73. Heartbreaking. I literally am crying at the loss.

  74. Start your own network! Your own .tv or YourTube (paid subscription of course to cover costs). Don’t give up, go independent!!!

  75. Sad not happy that DALLAS wasn’t saved it had yrs of great story ahead the end season3 left open and there no ending or conclusion not happy thought as Christmas present it be great news saying saved series , guess not now with bad news.

  76. Sad not happy that DALLAS wasn’t saved it had yrs of great story ahead the end season3 left open and there no ending or conclusion not happy.

  77. We are so sad to hear that the fight to keep Dallas on TV has come to an end. My husband and I have enjoyed this show since it first came on TV. It truly was TV at it’s best. We can not understand why there are shows still on TV that not only insult our intelligence but are not even entertaining and they take off a wonderful show like Dallas.

  78. My heart is broken and I know if JR Ewing had, had a heart it would be broken too. I know that Larry Hagman’s heart was broken too, from the great beyond.

  79. Victoria H says:

    I can’t believe no one would pick it up! Don’t give up – there has to be one!

  80. Amanda Chestnut says:

    It’s really disappointing that we all got so drawn in on the new Dallas. Couldn’t wait each week to see what was going to happen next. Not to mention having to wait for each season to start. But to end it so suddenly when it was such a breathtaking episode. I grew up watching Dallas with my grandmother who is now passed. I was ecstatic when it came back. Please can’t we do something.

  81. William Johnson says:

    This sucks I love the show since day 1 back in 1979

  82. I am just sick about this, I really hoped that things were going to turn around, we were given so much hope and to just do this to fans of the show is just sickening even if it was for one more season to tie up loose ends somebody could have done that I am sure. I hate to see it end Dallas was great entertainment I did not always agree with Cynthia Cidre writing or her stories but all in all I would rather have Dallas on tv then not.

  83. I am incredibly sad about this. I feel like I have lost my own family. I want to thank the great writers and amazing actors from the original series and the new Dallas. There is sure a lot of talent in that group! Your fans have grown to love each and every one of you. Thank you to all who tried to save the show. I do hope that somehow this is not really the end – can you do a Netflix series? How can we find out what the writers had in store for us next season? Thank you to all who tried to save the show. Please let DallasDecoder live on and fill us in on any Dallas updates…just in case there may be some other possibilities. Your fans will follow you anywhere and everywhere. Thank you for a great show that deserves to still be on the air!

  84. How about a TV Movie to wrap things up!!!!

  85. How about a TV Movie to tie up loose ends???

  86. Can’t they just get WB to finance a 25 episode final season on DVD?

  87. Gussie Guarino says:

    I watched the first Dallas diligently, never missed an episode. When the new one started I didn’t want to get swept up again in another series. That didn’t happen. My daughter Kim McGrath, the one who started SAVE DALLAS, got me hooked again. This show will be sorely missed. My only hope now is that a 2 or 3 hour movie will be made to tie up all loose ends. That should be not a problem with any of the major networks. It will probably be the most watched movie on tv.

  88. Robert Williams says:

    I’m sorry to see Dallas go. I was a Security Officer on the set for season #1, it was a true honor to work with all of you. This was a Great crew to work with. I hope I could get another job on another set one day.

  89. After hearing this news, I’ve decided to remove TNT and TBS from the guide of my menu. I’m not going to watch either of those stations again.

    It may not be possible to save Dallas “this year” without an interruption, but we can always focus on bringing it back for the year after.

  90. Shanna Ray says:

    I am definitely saddened by the news. I was so excited 3 years ago when yall finally brought Dallas back. I can remember as a young teen watching the old episodes (then new) of Dallas. I could not wait for it to come on each week. I was so excited the day I heard that it was finally returning to tv and just couldn’t get enough of it; that hour went too fast and didn’t want to wait a whole week so see it again! Television will not be the same without the line up of Dallas! All of the actors are great on the show but I especially love Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray (the two originals). With all of your talents, I know GOD will bless all of you in another role soon just hate to see it in something other than Dallas.

  91. raffertybr says:

    This is really sad, and I am so upset! ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH! Like Michael said, there is so much rubbish on TV; I can’t stand to see another minute of the Kardashians (they seem to be everywhere), or any of these shows where there is not talent, the characters are not interesting, or those gimmicky things they do like having gay people kiss or minority people be the star of the show to gain that viewing audience, none of that has enough substance to sustain my attention. But DALLAS DID! It was crazy-fun, the story lines were intriguing, I loved the dynamics of the characters and plot lines, and I don’t care if it was inconsistent, or what Cynthia Cidre did, and all of that, and no, I didn’t like Christopher dying, but just to have it back on, would satisfy me! TV is TV, and the storyline will never be what we want it to be all the time, but it was great fun to watch, and that’s what I will miss. No need to watch TNT again after this. (Didn’t watch it before anyway).

  92. I am upset at TNT as well, why did they not at least give the show one more season on a new night to prove its ratings and to allow the fans a chance to end properly, TNT put in a statement that they were proud of the new series but yet they pulled the rug right out from us fans and had no compassion to hear our hearts. WHATEVER TNT

  93. This is sad. How can a show liken prison wives stay on tv but yet they cancel Dallas?

  94. how about reruns on A&E or ION television!!! and that could cause a buzz!!! to get millions of people to watch who didn’t even know it was on again? This is one of the greatest shows I have watched in years, I am devastated that it would be taken off any cable station. TNT has all reruns of Law and Order and any new show was a bust…but Dallas was phenomenal!!!!! At least, run the reruns and advertise like heck on as many stations as possible…..what about OWN/WE/Lifetime? Oprah’s network? one last option, the old actors that played in the original could fund the show and keep it on, like “Baywatch” producer/actor did—Hasselbeck?

  95. Just one more season would let them finalize a great storyline that we will never know how it ends! Much like Scarlett and Rhett! We very much need an ending to this saga!!!!

  96. Susan Madden says:

    Just one more season would tell us how this saga ends!!! This leaves us much like Scarlett and Rhett! This story needs an ending!

    • Pat Tongish says:

      I don’t want a Damn Movie. DALLAS needs a home. It surely needs to a weekly show. There’s so many ridiculous shows on All Networks now here they are chopping down a TV ICON. What kinda fools run The Turner Company???


  98. Tyler Corn says:

    WE SHOULDN’T GIVE UP NOW WE HAVE GOTTEN SO FAR!!! We should still boycott TNT though

  99. I loved the original “Dallas” and I loved the new version equally well. My taste in television somehow does not match the “ratings winners”. I loved “The Yellow Rose”. It lasted 22 episodes. I loved “Homestead” (or “Four Corners”). It lasted 4 episodes. I loved “Lone Star”. It lasted 2 episodes. Now this.

    I’m back to listening to music. There’s nothing on TV worth watching.

  100. TNT Boycott…?

  101. I am very sorry to see this show end
    I wish the awesome cast and writers much luck in their next endeavor. I really wish TNT at least could have given the show closure whether in another season or a true final episode. (They have cancelled other shows too). It has been fun meeting other Dallas fans has we tried to #saveDallas. Thanks so much for keeping us posted, for all you tried to do to save the show and for the wonderful 3 years I left an indentation on my couch as you had me sitting on the edge enjoying every minute!!!

  102. I want Dallas back to come back next year I love Dallas very much!

  103. Clare Griffies says:

    Absolutely gutted 😔 were still midway thro the new season here in the UK, so sad such a brilliant and iconic show, it will be missed x

  104. It’s ridiculous with all the viewers that were dedicated to saving Dallas the networks don’t care. I vow to NEVER watch TNT and have now blocked it on my TV .
    Shame on you TNT.

  105. Please Cidre! try to do a spin off, featuring the Rylands with Ann and occasional guest from Dallas. I suspect there were legalities that kept it from being picked up. It was the best show on TV. A new show would not have those legal problems. Please try.

  106. It sucks!!

  107. This is bullshit. That show should not have ended. There are so many crappy shows on tv and you get rid of Dallas! This series was better than the original Dallas. I lived for Monday’s! Scrap the damn reality shows and put Dallas back on the air! #disgusted #pissedoff

  108. How can u ended it the way you did and not bring it back for another season. I wanted to see how it would of played out with the death of bobby’s son. The other story line with Elena being pregnant. Not fair I was getting good. What a tease. So sad! Thanks alot

  109. Very disappointed,

  110. Noooooo mannnnn

  111. oh please say it’s not the end…..there has to be another network willing to have all the devoted fans of Dallas become new fans of their network.

  112. Laurie Harvat says:

    This is the worst Day. I thought for sure another network would have picked Dallas up. What are they going to play now some bogous reality shows. I love all the characters and the show so much and will miss you all terribly. I hope this is just a suggestion but they should have a fan appreciation day at the Southfork ranch so we get a meet and greet or something with all our favorites.

  113. Terribly disappointed, I feel like a friend has died,

  114. April Chambers says:

    This show was so interesting and a true nail biter. Today I’m in morning for good television. All of these silly shows on television but no room for a really good drama. I WILL NEVER WATCH TNT AGAIN! !

  115. this sucks when they keep retarted shows on the air and won’t save Dallas after all those signatures can’t believe it

  116. This is BS! Really? Over ONE million #SaveDallas tweets and bc they can’t work out the business end, It’s over? BS! Resurrect #Dallas!

  117. Heartbroken

  118. I wont be watching TNT either for doing this I think a lot of Dallas Fans will also do the same and not watch TNT. TNT dont know what they have until they loose it

  119. This is a final sad goodbye to any future stories about my fav fictional family. I am glad that all of us fans were able to express our love and devotion for this show. I am glad the Dallas team was able to see how much we loved their work.

    I am so grateful that I got to watch 3 more seasons of Dallas. I loved this new show. I am glad I got to watch Larry Hagman breathe life once again into an incredible character…. One that has inspired many other roguish villains. I am glad that I also got to watch Linda, Patrick, and Ken bring my beloved characters to life. I am glad that the JR and Sue Ellen story ended in such a beautiful, crazy way. I am glad that we got to see the brothers together again.

    I am glad that I got to see John Ross and Chris as adults… I now AMA forever fan of the actors… Especially Josh.

    I am glad that we got to meet Pamela, the Ramos family. And ESPecially that we got to meet and know the crazy Ryland’s. Wow. Loved them!

    I am glad that we got to meet the other minor characters as we’ll

    CHRIS, I have so enjoyed reading your blog here. It has been a huge part of my enjoyment of this show. It is incredibly fun to wallow in the love of Dallas expressed here on this site. I have enjoyed reading your op eds and have been ecstatic on reading all of your interviews with the cast and crew of the show. It made me appreciate the talent and love that they gave in recreating such an iconic and beloved show.

    Thank you Chris for this site!

    And a big thank you to Cidre and Robin for bringing this show to us. And thank you to the wonderful actors who breathed life into great characters.

    RIP Dallas… I will always love this show. Thank god for DVDs!!!!!!

    • Hel! I so appreciate your kind words, as well as your support for “Dallas.” You always have such insightful feedback too.

      I look forward to continuing Dallas Decoder and (hopefully) finding new ways to help keep the “Dallas” spirit alive.


  120. Dianna Huszar says:

    The soap of our times was left unfinished! What a sad day! I hope Patrick Duffy and Linda Grey always know we loved them as well as all the new people! Good luck in your new jobs! I hope to see you!

  121. John Howat says:

    Very Sad Day Today You Can Save Baywatch but you Can’t Save Dallas I Do Not Understand Please Explain Dallas is Just Awesome !!!!!!!

  122. Well, to start off, now that it’s over I’m absolutely FURIOUS with TNT. My original stance was to cut them some slack since they were the ones that gave Dallas the chance in the first place. Now that the efforts are over though, and seeing how upset fans truly are, I cannot believe that they haven’t stepped back in to AT LEAST resolve the horrific cliff-hanger that they allowed the show to leave us fans with.. Personally, I’m going to seek out a “boycott TNT” social group if I can find one. Beyond that, I’m just plain old sad. I just have a hard time believing that the TV business is so “demographically” driven and that all networks are driving to touch that virtually broke demograph of 18-30 year olds. I don’t know…I have a hard time believing that this is the end. I really do.

  123. Lisa Coleman says:

    Dallas is one of the Best Shows onTV. I am hopeful that Dallas will be back on TV again. I hope so. Thanks

  124. Marilyn Hadey says:


  125. Regina Altobello says:

    Is there anything the fans can do to still save Dallas. I am heart broken to know this may be the last season. My husband and I have ever Dallas DVD from the begining. Before the new Dallas we spent our evening watching the old Dallas. When the new Dallas stared we were over joyed. We are so much a part of the Dallas family we cried like losing a family member when JR died. WHAT CAN WE DO TO STILL SAVE DALLAS????????

  126. So sadden with this news! #SaveDallas Did anyone talk to Oprah about putting this on OWN? Her network would be the perfect place for Dallas! Just saying…..

  127. Oh so all the networks are too busy with all the stupid reality shows than to show a show I grew up with I am tired of all these rich jackasses telling us all their stupid problems now what am I going to do it has been so hard without it

  128. Was Netflix approached? They are starting to save other shows cancelled by networks. It will be a great way to build their viewer base – bringing back fan favorites, viewed on demand.

    • The netflix deal was not possible because of the international distribution in place. Apparently, that played a big factor in finding a network too.

  129. Plz. Save Dallas I love the show I have no idea why TNT cancelled the show so you can still fight for a other network take over. Don’t give up just yet. We not going to

  130. It’s like my 1st love was killed in a horrific accident. These fake reality shows really make us as a society seem stupid. I would rather watch a show I know isn’t real than to have a network say this is REALITY. At the very least as fans we could have gotten 1 final season with some warning that this was final.
    PS if any network wants reality they can follow me I’m a single mother of 3. I have reality they haven’t even thought of. & Since when did only the rich and famous have real lives.

  131. Joyce combe says:

    very sad to hear we won’t get to see another series of this brilliant show 😟😱

  132. So very disappointing. I had hoped the show would have gotten another chance on another network. I think the show had so much potential to be so good and was dropped before it truly found its legs. I wish they would have dropped the crime angle and focused more on the Ewings and the Barnes. It could have been really good if they had. 😦

    My best wishes to the cast, they were all superb and I hope they will find other work soon. But I will miss not seeing my favorite show on TV.

    There is nothing I really care about on TV now. 😦

  133. Deanna Neifing says:

    I am terribly disappointed that Dallas has come to an end. I was a big fan of the first Dallas and a big fan of the New Dallas. I am so sad that we will not be able to watch Dallas any longer. I’m still holding out hope that Dallas will be able to come back to us. Shame on TNT for cancelling our Beloved Dallas!!!

  134. cristie blazer says:

    Don’t give up on Dallas. Bring it back on the air.

  135. Meredith Daniels says:

    there are no words…this is truly a sad day for Dallas fans. I am glad I was a part of the campaign to save our beloved Dallas, there will never be another show like this one….I remain hopeful that one day we will be reunited.

  136. please dont let this be the end . it is one of my favorite shows . please some network please pick dallas up dont let it die…….please

  137. I am madder than a Hornet!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn you TNT!!! No more TNT programming for me! What about HBO? I am Pissed off!

  138. THIS REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!NO CLOSURE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. It is a sad day, indeed. Simply, I feel as though I have lost a family member. Long Live DALLAS.

  140. Very Sad! All the fans worked very hard on the #SAVEDALLAS campaign. It seems that the networks didn’t care or didn’t listen to the one million fans. So when the next “reality” tv show airs maybe my tv will be turned off as a way of protesting. I guess a well written and well acted show like Dallas could not compete with the illiterate junk that bombards our tv sets weekly.

  141. Very disappointed that while crap reality tv continues, good drama is cancelled

  142. I’m very much sad today that this article is the first thing i see… so unfair there’s no closure for everyone’s character..just like when they killed christopher at the end… but anyway i,m just glad that i am apart of this campaign #SAVEDALLAS.. I just hope that maybe for sometime some network will save Dallas as much as we do…. See you again Ewings..!

  143. I don’t have a reason to watch TNT now,

  144. It sucks. I can’t believe they could not find someone to take this show.
    I am so tired of reality shows. I think I will stop watching TV. Just go with Netflix movies.
    This is un acceptable.

  145. John Conca says:

    i am very sad to see this show end. A special needs to be done to tight up the storyline. I always will love Dallas. Rest in peace JR Miss Ellie Jock Clayton Pam and Christopher

  146. Well I’m certainly not happy about this. I looked forward to every episode. And the Dallas theme at the beginning of each show literally gave me chills every week. Brought back sonny good memories of watching it in the late 70’s and early 80’s with my mom and dad. Gosh, they loved Dallas.
    I flip through the channels and wonder what the heck I am paying DirectTV for every month, and a great show like Dallas, with an amazing cast gets cancelled. I’ll never understand. Thanks a lot TNT for once again letting fans down!! 😞

  147. I’m sooooo disappointed. I thought for sure a new network would be found. Some of the best acting and writing on TV. Just don’t understand why it was cancelled

  148. Christina Piazza-Mascorro says:

    I cannot believe the efforts of so many people did not get through to these people!! There are so many programs not worthy to be on television and they choose to end this incredible show with incredible actors. I just can’t believe it. I will not be watching anything on TNT ever, and I must say it is a loss for the WB not to take on this program. Hats off to all the great actors of Dallas, we all know it was a great program, so hold your heads high and proud and remember it was truly their loss!!!

  149. This is a bunch of horse pee. Really you have a show that everyone one loves that beats this reality crap. A show that a family can sit down and watch and enjoy and can’t wait till the next show to see what happens. Great actors and story line. Brought back some of the originals and younger generations so the older people who loved the old shows and getting the younger ones to love the new. Don’t stop trying to get another station keep trying.

    • Pat Tongish says:

      I really think the writers of This DALLAS helped bring it down. I loved seeing Lucy, Sue Ellen, Bobbie’s old girlfriend. Ray Gary and Vallene. The writers should have been more in tune with the true roots of DALLAS.

  150. savvybear1981 says:

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  151. I am so sad to see such a great show no being picked up by another network .Your whole cast will be sadly missed and so will the great story that has yet been told. It a sad day for all Dallas fans!!

  152. Sandi Mueller says:

    Sad! Pathetic! So much trash out there and yet they end an amazing show and keep the trash. No more TNT for me! #savedallas #ewingsrock #tntsucks

  153. These networks wouldn’t know good television if it jumped up and bit them in the butt!!! They could have slid DALLAS into Honey Boo Boo’s spot and had some decent TV for a change.

  154. I am truly sadden by this. Dallas has been a big part of my life from the original series right up to the current…I proudly introduced many a friend and my daughter to this iconic show. We used to hold Dallas parties where we would get together and I would play the original series right up to the next season of the new Dallas. Its hard to watch any decent tv due to most of everything being reality tv. I will go back to watching my dvds and still hope that maybe some network wises up and snatches up a gem like Dallas…over 1 million fans can’t be wrong:'(

  155. hated the show says:

    much much too violent

  156. Please everyone. Let’s not give up! Please let’s keep trying, keep writing letters, keep together, eventually a network somewhere will listen to us. Never never never give up! If we stick together we can bring the show back somehow! Persistence will pay off if we all keep on!

  157. All I can say is that I am sad and disappointed. Hard to believe that NOONE would pick up the show!

  158. It sucks, another good show bites the dust and this week they decided to end Hot in Cleveland as well, shows today are not what they used to be, it’s sad not much good TV on anymore and I for one will certainly miss Dallas!!

  159. I’m so upset that they canceled Dallas, it was the best thing on tv. Since Dallas was canceled they should create a new show called something else like “Ewing” or something, to continue the story.

  160. What is Cynthia Cidre and Michael Robin took their outline for Season 4 and turned it into a DALLAS NOVEL to wrap up their story and give the fans a proper ending. And who know, maybe DALLAS could live on in NOVELS like Star Trek, or Star Wars did for years. I would buy and read every one!

  161. Longmire got their pick up from Netflix after 3 months of trying. Wish we were as lucky. I read they drew over 5 million viewers though, and sadly we Dallas fans were only about 1.5 million. There just wasn’t enough of us to matter. I never even heard of Longmire until about 8 months ago, found it on Netflix and got caught up. Are previous seasons of (new) Dallas on Netflix? I dont think so. Maybe if we had been, more people would have discovered it. Sigh.

    • PS: It still could happen for us. Ever hear of “24”? It ended a few years ago on Fox and just came back from the dead for a new season this year. But Dallas needs to be put on Netflix for ppl to find it, binge watch it, and fall in love with it.

  162. This is a sad day! Best show out there. Well all I have got to say is this show deserves better than this Dallas has span over 30 years and it deserves to have at least a 2 night 4 he mini series to wrap things up! Dallas I loved as a kid and now I am 45 and still love it. So as fans we need a new petition for a tv movie to wrap up the characters we have watched. The epic show Dallas and it’s fans deserve a tv movie or 2 night mini series to give a happy ending Ewing style! This show is to epic to just end the way it did.
    Time for us as fans to start a petition to get a tv movie!
    So we can say farewell to Dallas!

  163. I only hoped that Dallas would return. It was an outstanding show. It will always be in our hearts and minds. Maybe one day, we shall see it again…Here is to hoping.

    A true fan!

  164. Just goes to show you today’s tv companies just don’t understand the concept of producing such a outstanding show as DALLAS. I am greatly sadden by this news as DALLAS has and always have been the greatest show in American television history. I hope next year somehow the show can still find a new network and get everybody together again. As good as this show has been and no new network, REALLY??

  165. So sad that #save dallas didn’t find a home for Dallas. What a great cast we have lost – just so stupid. TNT is undergoing a ‘sea change’ Yeah – right …hope they drown in it. The time lost might mean that we never see Bobby, Ken, and Sue Ellen together again. Just pathetic to lose such a great show with the dynamic Josh, Jordana, Emma, Mitch, Judith, Kevin,Brenda & Pamela too. Looked forward to watching every week to see the exciting plots & twists and the photography was absolutely stunning. Like a fool, I usually watched it on demand not knowing that TNT was too stupid to include that in their ratings. Are you kidding me? Thank you, Dallas Decoder, for your forum, your updates, and for letting us know that the support for Dallas was tremendous and included fans of all ages.

  166. It is sad that they didn’t find another network were all going to miss Dallas it was awesome show Thanks for bring it back even though it was for a only 3 year’s

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  168. Are you kidding????????? If it was going to be cancelled…WHY didn’t they just blow the WHOLE cast up?? How stupid to leave such a cliff hanger!! It was getting really good & they END IT?? Makes NO sense!!

  169. Can’t believe they cancelled such a great show…..the rubbish that’s on today….this show was unique. Very sad.

  170. Can’t we set up a kickstarter for at the very least a tv movie to tie up loose ends? Or if they can’t find a network – then a mini webseries. Just to bring the cliffhangers some closure!

  171. This is terrible news.. I do hope a movie can tie up story lines or a two part mini-series. I will gladly sign on to that petition and I encourage other fans to do so.

  172. Well just reading the news about we lost Dallas it won’t be back on I am totally discussed with every network . If it were any other show or even hockey any network would of found a way . DALLAS was the best show ever . I for one am not finished fighting someone must want to #savedallas . Patrick Duffy , Linda gray & the other cast members thanks for everything but I hope you all don’t give up either . DALLAS I will never FORGET loved it !! Thank you Dallas Cast mates for everything .

  173. I say we all stop watching tv till we get Dallas back on Patrick Duffie ,Linda Gray and good ok Jr. Are my heros

  174. Amanda Day says:

    I love this show. Dallas was the best show on television and I anxiously waited for Monday nights to see what would happen next.
    If Dallas cannot be on TV can someone write books? Book sales are a potential door to a network picking up Dallas down the road.

  175. It seemed like we were going to be successful in mid-October, but once November arrived … Anyway, it still was a drop-kick when I saw the “breaking news” headline yesterday on this website.

    Though there won’t be a show, I think “Dallas” will survive somehow (it did from 1991-2012). People have mentioned Cidre’s scripts and books (good idea, Albert); there is still interest for someone smart to capitalize on (JR would).

    And hopefully, however “Dallas” goes on, we have Dallas Decoder to report about it.

  176. I really don’t understand still what TNT was thinking. So sad. Hopefully maybe in the future they can do some reunion made for TV movies to continue the stories.

  177. Sonny Ragusa says:

    I am truly saddened to learn this news. I adored rhe first series never missing an episode. The return of the new series was exciting. The 3 seasons were excellently written with such attention to detail which is a testement to the writters.
    In my opinion this was the best show on television. I do not watch any regular tv anymore. Now I have no reason to watch anything on TNT. What a mistake they have made not listening to the fans.
    Thank you Dallas cast members for giving us 3 seasons of a great show and story worth telling…we will never forget DALLAS.

  178. Such a huge disappointment! This was an awesome show, a wonderful continuance of the original. Unbelievable that TNT cancelled it in the first place, and now the added shock of no one else picking it up. I’ve been a watcher of TNT for years but now I opted for a cable package that does NOT include TNT. Goodbye and good riddance, I will never watch your network again!

  179. I can’t believe that with all the CRAP that is on tv they can’t find a home for an iconic show like Dallas. I have been a fan since the original show and always will be. Maybe someday another network will have the brains to continue the Ewing saga…I hope so.

  180. With all the absolute TRASH I see on television, this is above and beyond sickening. So many reality shows based in the gutter and absolute stupidity; 19 Kids and Counting, My 5 Wives, the meanderings of the Amish, a sickening amount of police and lawyer shows that all blend together, losing weight, singing, dancing, cooking, eating. ENOUGH! While a quality, well written and acted show like Dallas goes under. The television in this country is garbage. TNT is off permanently in this house.

  181. Clayton Branch says:

    I think this is crap, kill a reality show and get me real drama. Bring Me Dallas Back.

  182. Bring back Dallas

  183. I really hate to see Dallas cancelled but it won’t be the same without Christopher and to me not as good. It will be hard to watch and don’t know if I will for the last season

  184. I am extremely disappointed that the fan effort to save Dallas did not work out the way that we wanted it to. I have been a fan of the show since I was a kid. My dad and I used to watch it together and that made the show very special to me. I enjoyed watching the reboot as well with my dad. The new show also made a fan out of my younger brother. It is sad to think that the story lines that left us hanging will never be resolved. I was so looking forward to finding out what JR’s daughter would be like and whether or not she and John Ross would have become a team. Perhaps the new petition online to show support for a possible movie to resolve these issues will make a difference.
    I will always love this show. I would also like to thank all of those that fought so hard to try and save Dallas.
    As for my thoughts on TNT: I will be boycotting the network until a I get over my disappointment and anger over their decision to cancel Dallas.

  185. How sad, had great memories watching Dallas as a kid on a Friday night,beating pizza with the family. My husband and I watched it faithfully. I hope some networks will reconsider! 😦

  186. JRsGranddaughter says:

    This show came on after I lost my home and then it turned out even more – and then it was a light that kept good memories alive for me. I’ll share all of it some day, just sad now and disappointed that QUALITY seems to matter less these days than a hideous woman who takes off her clothes in order to “break the internet”. DALLAS will, however, outlast that low-brow stuff for all of us – we have to start supporting (AKA watching!) good scripted television or we will be stuck with junk. Fight for what you want.

    – another beloved “JR”s Grand-daughter

  187. JRsGranddaughter says:

    Oh and TNT, if you are paying attention? Don’t bother bringing that skanky little “Housewives of Nashville” thing back. I for one only watched it because it was on the same night as DALLAS You might be losing far more than you bargained for.

  188. Cody Tyler says:

    I usually don’t respond to articles, but I am compelled to do so now. I like most of you grew up on Dukes of Hazzard, Dallas, and Falcon Crest. As a boy, I really perferred Friday night drama, over the Saturday morning cartoons. I was the only 8 year old who wanted to be either Jr. Ewing, or Joliet Jake Blues from the blues brothers for halloween. I’m sure my halloween choices made my parents so proud

    I am a business owner now, no not oil or renewable energy, so I understand making unpopular business decesions to better your companies bottom line but under the circumstances you have an obligation to the source of the money youve received to tell that story to finish it.

    Dallas wasn’t commerical free meaning you recieved compensation from sponsors for telling that story, and the viewers paid the sponsors by buying the sponsors goods or services advertised while the story was being told.

    Bottom line is by accepting money for the story you have an obligation to finish it. You can choose not to continue telling the story each week, but you must finish the story to this point.

    Not finishing it with a final episode to tie up the loose ends, is unethical and that’s why people are pissed off at TNT. The viewers did our part, we tuned in, bought the products advertised during the show, the sponsors did their part by not only providing us with the goods or service we bought from them, but by paying you to tell us this story.

    Had we known that TNT had no respect for the viewers or sponsors, or even their own shows, we very well may have decided to watch somthing else and buy goods or services from those sponsors instead.

    I for one feel duped by TNT. Duped that I invested my time on their show anticipating the ending that never came. I also feel duped because I spent money on dvds I purchased of an ongoing story thinking that the story will come an end and I could buy the remaining seasons on dvd and have the complete story on Dvd to be retold from start to finish anytime I wanted.

    Just because the deal between the 3 groups, networks, sponsors, and viewers comes to an end, you still have to conclude the story because the viewers already paid for the conclusion by buying sponsors products, who already paid you to conclude the story. No one buys half a story. If you don’t want to continue the saga that’s fine, no hard feelings to TNT, but you have to wrap up what has been told thus far.

    Don’t advertise a story or show, and earn revenue by showing that show if you have no intention of concluding or ending the story.

    Over one million people petitioned in someway to either keep the show on the air or end it properly. One million, that’s a whole lot of people you pissed off. Are you hearing me Geico, Statefarm.
    Can you really afford to associate with a network with over one million unsatisfied, unhappy former viewers Mr. Lexus, or Mr. Lincoln.
    Do you want to be in bed with a company who pulls out early with no warning and doesn’t finish the job? Trojan condom man.

    My fellow Southfork fans, TNT has already established a reputation of disregarding what viewers want or request. All the pleading, and the threats of removing TNT from your favorite channel guide won’t mean a damn thing to them. I’m sure some executive behind closed doors at TNT laughs at our efforts. If you really want to get closure on the Ewing story or at the very least kick TNT right in the balls, begin contacting TNT sponsors. Threaten to boycott their products or services. If one million Verizion customers threatened to leave Verizion due to its relationship with TNT, I guarantee you, it would stir up a hornets nest for TNT and Verizion would say so long TNT, “can you hear me now”

    Do the right thing TNT. Have 1 last special episode to conclude the story. People will still be disappointed to see Dallas go, but the anger, and distrust in your network and products will significantly reduced.

    For me personally, I couldn’t care less about TNTs new edgier model. I will not invest my time, energy, money and love in anything they have to offer for the simple fear of them doing this again with another show unless the changed their position and gave Dallas the sendoff the series, cast, crew, fans and even good ol Larry JR Hagman deserve.

    Hey Dish Network, bring back tru tv, take TNT instead.

    It’s 1 am, I’m very sleepy so please ease excuse any grammar or spelling errors.

    Cody Tyler
    West Chicago, Illinois

    • Cody,

      Thanks for your comments. I appreciate reading a business owner’s perspective on this. You make a lot of excellent points. TNT kind of broke its contract with viewers, didn’t it?

      Thanks again,

  189. Cody Tyler says:

    I’ve got it. It just came to me. I know how to save Dallas. The networks love cap tv. Let’s all do a reality show about saving a historical non reality show from a shitty sup par short sided network station .

    It’s really absurd that the show Dallas is more well known then the network it was on TNT. Ewing oil, has more brand recognition then TNT. Some big shot with a little censored is making decesions about a show that in its day had more of a following then the entire network it’s being shown on.

    That’s like the hot dog vendor deciding what songs Elvis is going to play at his concert

  190. what a waste tv networks do not know a great show when they see it

  191. Cody Tyler says:

    1 million people protested in someway to save Dallas. If everyone put in just 10.00 that would be 10 million large, very large. Might not buy a season, but it sure would be enough to produce, and convince a network to air the conclusion of the story.

    TNA wrestling just found a new network today after spike tv bailed. Why can’t Dallas find a home. Honey boo hoe took up valuable air time and Dallas can’t find a home. No wonder why tv sucks now, the networks have all lost their mind on what is entertainment.

    What a screwed up world this is

  192. Erika Jarrett says:

    I was so excited when Dallas came back now I’m so depressed that now I have to say goodbye to Dallas

  193. Cindy Cash says:

    That really SUCKS. Dallas was a great show.


  195. Peter Carollo says:

    What seems like an end today is just the beginning of a new start tomorrow for Dallas. Just don’t give up and try again in 2015 or 16 or 17 etc. but get it back on and continue where you left off when you guys are back. Good luck.

  196. What’s the matter TNTyou cant make money unless it is rerun tv shows and movies 3 years old and much older. I never watched TNT until Dallas came to your station. Since Dallas is nomore now I can go back to watching tv shows that don’t show old reruns. Sorry to see no other station couldn’t see the viewers they would be getting.

  197. Several of my friends and I are also very disappointed about the non renewal of the Dallas series. I have watched every episode since the beginning. I don’t understand all of the business reasons for TNT’s decision to cancel the show or why other networks didn’t jump at the opportunity to pick up the series. How many viewers are needed in order to be considered a successful & profitable show? 1.5 million viewers sure seems like a reasonable amount of followers and fan base. I applaud the efforts of the fans who campaigned to #Save Dallas. It appears to me that the Dallas execs have surrendered the white flag (for now) but I still believe there are some strategies we could focus on that have been mentioned in previous posts:
    Get Netflix to add the series (that will increase the fan base)
    Campaign for a mini series or a 2 hour special to close the loop on unanswered questions
    Ask Oprah & Dr Phil to join forces to put some teeth to the #save Dallas campaign.
    There’s still hope! Don’t give up.

  198. How in the hell could you end your #saveDALLAS efforts? When asked for a quote on how he felt about the #saveDALLAS efforts being cancelled Jock Ewing said: “I’m mad as hell boy!”

    • Pat Tongish says:

      Working just 6 weeks tells me the producers just really didn’t care if Dallas continued or not. Really the show. Was not true to the original standards at all. I miss Larry. Patrick Duffy and Linda Grey were the glue that held things together after we lost Larry Hagman

    • I know how Jock feels, R.J. I wish things had turned out differently.

  199. Anonymous says:

    Boycott TNT and DON’T GIVE UP! Squeeky wheels get the greese, keep making noise and one smart network exec will eventually listen.

  200. I regret what happened to Dallas. My husband and I always looked to the next episode. Although at times we were disappointed with the ‘R’ rated scenes. I don’t believe scenes like that have to be shown in order to make it a good episode. I believe it leaves the audience with a bad taste…like the scene of the last episode in Season 2.

    • Mr AL Green says:

      I feel VERY furious we are forced to go against religious values such as no man shall lye with another man but were expected to put our hand on the good book in court which to me has made the whole Christian faith a farce, I for one will no longer use the bible in a court of law, I agree it did get a bit seedy & goodness knows why the producers used such content as a fresh pilot, Don’t get me wrong we know it’s a way of life but not whilst starting off without first giving chance to get re-established again. Bad choice, clearly on a suicide mission, and what I don’t get is the total disregard for an earlier written bit of advice and that was to re-connect with the BBC-1 who has now gone global who would of jumped at the chance of taking it back on to brown nose it’s expansion into the global market but that avenue got shot down, dismissed and now look, so no, you deserve a big well done for being so ignorant to someone who actually aired it for 3 decades THE BBC
      Who are now currently active brown nosing for the USA Custom. You didn’t try every avenue, you could of vowed to lower the tone ( blue content). And so much for not quitting, one hurdle and that’s it. The UK make and break, you forget Elvis ? They’d of took it back on given 3 decades of support, but no, you didn’t read it, you didn’t listen and no doubt you still wont ruddy bother. TANKIS A LOT6 UK Could of saved this. One speed bump, that’s it ?? Yeah we can see you tried every avenue, you just failed to read the ruddy last message sent from me LONG BEFORE you give in. The BBC are brown nosing the US, and given they supported it from the 70’s tom 90’s, and wish to do everything to keep the US happy, it wasn’t worth pitching to them for the sake of mutual interest, the biggest failing of all programs is the long breaks unlike the 3 decades where it never was taken off and people were missing it, it was a household regular weekly thing, stupid breaks killed it and the to blue scenes which wentworth was more blue and their going into 4th season, for the lobe of god tone it down on the 3 some’s, and take your efforts to the UK’S BBC who are busy keeping the US happy by expanding. IF any of you listen to this message before its to late and stop the half year breaks. For the love of god, don’t quit till the fat lady’s sings. FICHT the UK BBC to step in AGAIN who did well for weekly not once every 6 months for 3 decades. HELLO ???

  201. Mr AL Green says:

    I feel VERY furious we are forced to go against religious values such as no man shall lye with another man but were expected to put our hand on the good book in court which to me has made the whole Christian faith a farce, I for one will no longer use the bible in a court of law, I agree it did get a bit seedy & goodness knows why the producers used such content as a fresh pilot, Don’t get me wrong we know it’s a way of life but not whilst starting off without first giving chance to get re-established again. Bad choice, clearly on a suicide mission, and what I don’t get is the total disregard for an earlier written bit of advice and that was to re-connect with the BBC-1 who has now gone global who would of jumped at the chance of taking it back on to brown nose it’s expansion into the global market but that avenue got shot down, dismissed and now look, so no, you deserve a big well done for being so ignorant to someone who actually aired it for 3 decades THE BBC
    Who are now currently active brown nosing for the USA Custom. You didn’t try every avenue, you could of vowed to lower the tone ( blue content). And so much for not quitting, one hurdle and that’s it. The UK make and break, you forget Elvis ? They’d of took it back on given 3 decades of support, but no, you didn’t read it, you didn’t listen and no doubt you still wont ruddy bother. TANKIS A LOT6 UK Could of saved this. One speed bump, that’s it ?? Yeah we can see you tried every avenue, you just failed to read the ruddy last message sent from me LONG BEFORE you give in. The BBC are brown nosing the US, and given they supported it from the 70’s tom 90’s, and wish to do everything to keep the US happy, it wasn’t worth pitching to them for the sake of mutual interest, the biggest failing of all programs is the long breaks unlike the 3 decades where it never was taken off and people were missing it, it was a household regular weekly thing, stupid breaks killed it and the to blue scenes which wentworth was more blue and their going into 4th season, for the lobe of god tone it down on the 3 some’s, and take your efforts to the UK’S BBC who are busy keeping the US happy by expanding. IF any of you listen to this message before its to late and stop the half year breaks. For the love of god, don’t quit till the fat lady’s sings. FICHT the UK BBC to step in AGAIN who did well for weekly not once every 6 months for 3 decades. HELLO ???

  202. William Newton says:

    We r totally gutted that Dallas is coming to a end its fair better then original story lines r amazing please save Dallas luv form the uk

  203. Janice davies says:

    Please please someone take it on
    Loved dallas for years my favourite ever tv show and the new dallas was also very exciting .

  204. Jessie trent says:

    Please bring back Dallas

  205. Anonymous says:



    • Bill Newton says:

      Are you gonna show dallas season 4 here in the uk

    • Bill Newton says:

      Are you still going to show season4 here in the uk

      • Mr AL Green says:

        Don’t write in CAP’S, it tell’s people you are shouting which is rude. numpty. if their not showing in the USA then of cause their not going to just air it in the UK. are you actually reading what’s being written or just a nut job ?


  208. Travis Brimlow says:

    I don’t understand why TNT had to cancel the show. I Agree with some of the other comments about most shows on tv now are just garbage and I hate watching re-runs. Dallas is an iconic one of a kind show and I’m gonna miss watching it because no other major network realizes how much potential this show has and don’t want to spend the extra money to put on there network. This sucks. I appreciate your efforts Cynthia Cidre and Michael Robin but I think more could have been done to save this show. 85,000 signatures should have been enough. I’m venting because I’m going to miss my favorite show. Thanks for trying.

    • Mr AL Green says:

      Travis, The BBC has gone global whilst only us in the UK still have to pay for lincense for it but for USA etc its free to watch but i keep telling everyone whilst BBC is brown nosing for more places to buy their network, they used to air dallas in the past decades till the end, now its on a advert channel 5, BBC kept it for 3 decades and right now would re-take it on given the brown nosing and kept it for 30 decades so they know its worth having back especially now the USA is their most sought after place, I also suggested contacting ALL sponsors that your no longer buying their products and if everyone stopped watching the network, boycotting it, theyd take naotice if no hits of people watching the channel anyonemore full stop, but until word of mouth that everyone stands together to fight back, we cant win whilst others keep supportiung sponsors items or watchuing the network. maybe get them to listen the actual watches where you are because i cvan only address the UK people. let me kknow. regards AL Green: it makes sense if you re-read it. boygott products and boycott network. trust me, they cant keep running channel if no one watches it so we do have them by their mmmm soft parts so to speak but so far peope re just waffling but no one is making a stand an doing anything about it. FIGHT stand together, we will win. that I know we will IF they want network to run or others which they do.

  209. Dawn in KC says:

    I’m very upset and disappointed in TNT I think all of us 80,000+ fans should bycott TNT until they agree to bring Dallas back or until it’s pick up by lanother network chanell. What do everyone else think and say about that. Let’s officially send a message to TNT and to the show Dallas that we will stand up and fight for this very much loved show. If we all hit TNT where it hurts the most which is in their ratings they won’t have any other choice but to take notice and bring it back.

  210. I THINK TNT Is A HEAR LESS network for canceling Dallas tnt you have Dallas fans upset but you don,t care all you care about is hurting fans by not bringing dallas back you are a shelf network you don,t care about anything but making the money on shows that are junk

  211. Dallas fans all over the world want a season 4 for dallas all tnt or cbs network has to do is bring in more of the original cast back like Ray,Donna, lucy, Jenna , and get Christopher to come. Back trust me their are are more storylines to do tnt did not give the show a fighting chance it makes me mad at tnt you just want junk shows on that network maybe tnt network should be canceled

  212. i have watched dallas from the very beginning im so upset you canceled leaving a story like that. you need to take off some of those stupid reality shows there not worth watching there will be plenty of room for dallas

  213. CARL BAUER says:

    i hope tv land picks it up this summer 2015 like aug 18 and if they dpo I hope they ask Victoria principal to play pam for 2 or 3 episodes and bring valene and gary ewing to live at southfork with twins now 19 and 20 and donna mills for Patrick ewing and kill hos wife off and let abby come on to south fork then val and gary 2 episodes later with a donna mill abby and bobby marriage and lucy with a daughter who is18 then kill lucy ewing in a cat fight with donna mills and down the stairs she goes at south fork in the 6th episode only make 8 episode the finally and donna mills goes blind and gary and jr jr in a car crash which leaves jr jr paralyessed and sue ellen and valene in a cat fight at ewing oil and a fire erupts leaving both screaming for air come on let go go now feb 16 2015 tv land tv land now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l I CAN SURE WRITE AND BY THE WAY PAM EWING IS A COLLEGE PROFESSOR AT A COLLEGE INDALLS WHERE THE TWINS GO SHES A COMMUNICATIONS PROFESSOR FOR 3 EPISODES THEN KILL HER A STALKER COLLEGE RAGE JUST WHEN VALENE SEES HER ON EPIDSODE 3 WHERE VALENE TAKES HER TO THE HOSPITAL AND SHES CALL BOBBY TO COME SEE WHat shes how found pam

  214. Jane Mula says:

    Tragic! The only show I watched on television!

  215. Steve Martin says:

    It needed cbs to return the show
    they need something any way the number one network of the 60 is now number 3 of the top 3 N BC IS #1 IN THE LAST FEW YEAR The number one ABC OF THE 70 80 90 IS AWFUL Now …TNT HAD A GOOD THING …sorry they lost the fight.

  216. Very sad news. I want Dallas back!

  217. Linda Albecker says:

    I feel like I’m back at the school board meeting which would determine the fate of my eldest son’s kindergarten class size… Despite the overwhelming and indisputably solid testimony given by the parents to keep the kindergarten class size at 19 instead of 26, we were all patronized… yessed to death, and then they did whatever the bleep they wanted to anyway, because THEY have spoken and what the vast majority decides is meaningless… bottom line…. they don’t give a flying f+#! About what the fans want.. . It’s wherever they see $$$$, whether or not they are correct… it’s so sad… I unfortunately don’t have much to look forward to in my life… Dallas was one of a very elite few. Yes… I admit That a drama series has that much of an impact on my life should show you just how much I have left to hang onto… thanks for annihilating the one thing that kept me looking forward to another pathetic as that is… I hope you can sleep at night…

  218. I do like way it end I about dallas movie

  219. I did like end about Dallas move

  220. I understand that it is now too late to even consider bringing back the show since I am sure the actors have moved on to other contracts etc. But what I do not understand is why did executive producers Cynthia Cidre and Michael M. Robin give up so quickly? Other shows fight and it may take months but they get someone to pick up their show and they move on to the next network or spot to air the show. Just seemed like the FIGHT was given up too fast.
    Also I know it was reported that Patrick Duffy said “new foreign and online distribution deals were required”. Can someone explain what that means? And is it because of that being needed is what makes it “cost too much” maybe to get the show back on the air with anyone??? Don’t other shows need this to as well to be picked up by someone else?
    Sorry about the questions….I like everyone miss the show. I know there is no way it will come back but I still have these questions when I read the comments.

    • Denise, I wish I could offer you some answers. I’ve asked the same questions. Getting answers from knowledgable sources is difficult. I would like to know the answers too.

    • Charlene says:

      I truly hope that one day soon, Dallas will return…That would be so great.

  221. j.barrett says:

    #save Dallas!!!! I have been a Dallas fan from the very start in the 80`s. I`m a true die hard fan. So # Please Renew!!!!

  222. I think it is really sad that it ended, I hope somehow it can come back.

    • Mr AL Green says:

      I’m in the UK & I know it’s ABC you should be boycotting. programs such as 100 / Revenge, Ressurrection etc etc etc, Also maybe contact ALL Sponsers advertising you won’t buy their products until its returned, without sponsers, no one watching ANY programs coming from ABC or in your case TNT, don’t watch anything they produce, they won’t last a year without the hits people keep them in business, and IF possible, stop everyone bleeting about the past decades of who wore the best clothes, who was the best actor, who was this and that, if the TV makers see were all happy to talk about the good old days more, they’ll be content were happy to carry on bleeting away about the past, id rather get back to what we set out to do, FIGHT to get it back..
      I can’t believe no one noticed this but I’ll say it one last very time cause I have wrote it endless times already.

      Whilst Christophers girlfriend was getting dressed / cleaned up etc, NO ONE saw what happened between Christopher leaving the room to getting in the car. here’s a clue !! NO ONE Actually saw HIS face outside coming out the place, NO ONE Actually saw his turned head getting into the car. But what EVERYONE saw was killers in a car watching, but what nbo one saw was the killer in the car watching the bomb, his mate was inside the building and when Christopher went up to see his girlfriend, he’d left his car keys at the bar, they got stolen by the second killer, When Christopher came down, EVERYONE thinks it was him leaving the building, No it wasn’t, he was side tracked into looking for his car keys at the bar where he first sat, what you did see was someones legs coming out the building, you then saw someones face turned away from the camera whilst getting into the car when it blow up, you also didnt know the one watching in the killers car failed to tell the other killer that he was planting a car bomb whilst he thought he was just going to be stealing the car, he was double crossed as a way to send the Ewings a warning message but end up keeping him alive for future take over plans of Ewing energy. But wanted the ewings and clearly EVERYONE watching to think it was Christopher blown up afer all it was his car right ?
      Tell me if that is more real than coming out of a shower years later ?
      EVERYONE has been hoodwinked. they got you good lol.
      if you find that hard to think is the reality, then tell me this, why would they just show you someones legs coming out the buildingt, why would no face be seen getting in the car, why have it turned away ???.
      And even if they had done a breif follow up episodes, that is very easy to reconstruct into what I have said.
      it’s time we stop going on and on about the good old days and who’s wearing what and best scene and actor etc, maybe we should fight by cutting off the resources needed by the TV Company and stop watching ALL programs made by them and dont buy any sponsors products until they bring it back. maybe write in the 1000’s to the network of plans to fight back instead of just banging on and on and on and on zzzz FIGHT BACK, yes it takes a little efort, just as it did to start these 1000’s of signed bits, but maybe a little real effort to sound much liuder might make a bigger point. if you agree, pass this on that way you dont have to biother writing anything more rather than cause finger pains to make a genuine real effort and difference.

      • Eh, I don’t know. I rather enjoy “bleeting about” the show’s past. I think I’ll keep doing that for the time being.


  223. Anonymous says:

    Dallas was the best show on TNT… BOYCOTT TNT!!! …No More watching that channel!

    • Charlene says:

      I have not watched TNT since they cancelled Dallas. I have no plans to watch it at all. They need to bring Back Dallas and I will watch it again. But, If Dallas does not return, I will never watch TNT again. I loved Dallas, It was a great show.

  224. Iva Raines says:

    Tnt is so full of it I just don’t understand why Dallas was cancel considering all the station show re-run charm been on since 2006 and they can’t leave Dallas on tnt are you kidding me

  225. Tawanna Sloan says:

    I had no idea. I was searching to see when the new season was going to start and noticed it was cancelled!!! I am sick of these networks cancelling excellent shows. It is crazy. I hate the fact that they are replacing great shows with stupid reality shows. Give reality shows their own network and leave room on the other channels for good ole fashion TV shows with substance, great story lines, and maybe something you can watch as a family. I watched the original Dallas and still watch it today. I was thrilled with the new Dallas and thought they did a great job. It picked up right where it left off. Unbelievable!! This is just foolishness! Thank goodness, I love music and other things to do because I am done with TV shows. If it is a good show, they take it away!

  226. I have never missed a single episode of Dallas and neither has anyone in my circle of friends and family, I feel like someone just pulled the life support off of a dear friend. SHAME ON YOU TNT!!

  227. I’ve just on-line to find out when Dallas is returning and had found out devastating news that it’s finished. Last episode I seen was Christopher’s car goin up in flames I was dying to see the next one. How could this have happened Dallas is amazing I’d rather watch that then soaps I was gripped to it all the time x

  228. Gwen McNamara says:

    i am gutted that New Dallas isn’t coming back for a fourth season. I watched old Dallas and New and was hooked on both I can’t believe it’s not going to come back lots of people love Dallas and enjoyed the series old and new I can’t believe this would be finished yet CSI is kept on and on and on just not fair…

  229. I’m a 43yr old male, been watching since the early yrs when i would sit with my mom as a 10yr old on friday nights. Its hard to believe with all the garbage thats on TV these days not one network can find 60mins a week to continue this iconic show. Such a disappointment, my 12yr old daughter and 9yr old son still to this day ask frequently if Dallas will “be on TV again” and I still hold out hope that one day someone will pick this series up. Maybe we can get Jerry Jones to help fund. Have always and will always LOVE the show the characters and SOUTHFORK.

  230. M. Hemphill says:

    Still mourning it. Surely all of these fans should mean something…

  231. boycott tnt do not watch mabe fx will pick it up

  232. Ryan Kadlec says:

    Will there be a Big Screen movie version of Dallas? it worked on the Veronica Mars Movie earlier this year. the Dallas Movie could make a trilogy of the continuing ewing saga if it makes money at the Box-Office.

  233. JRsGranddaughter says:

    Only if you are willing and able to do a Kickstarter deal hat makes $2mil in an hour. And those fans were united… there were so many Dallas groups on FB, it was sad 😦 Have to be unified.

  234. Garnet McGee says:

    I was disappointed by not surprised. How sad never to see John Ross and Pamela again. As much as I might enjoy Julie and Josh in their future roles it will not be the same. I really want to know what Cidre had planned for season 4. I wish they could have been warned ahead of time this was to be their last season.

  235. Ryan Kadlec says:

    We are giving up on Dallas, ever! we’re not giving up until there’s a Big Screen Dallas Movie which would planned a Trilogy to follow the continuing Ewing Saga if the movie is a hit at the Box-Office.

  236. Ridiculous world we live in where Jerry Springer and Maury Povich violate trailer park trash daily on TV and a quality show like Dallas gets a .4 rating in the 18-49 demo and gets shafted after being aired opposite stiff competition on Monday nights. Madness has overtaken society.

  237. Pat Tongish says:

    You’re forgetting TRASH LIKE PAWN STARS. The history channel is a disgrace also.


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