#SaveDallas Closes In on 1 Million Tweets

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Don’t give up

How many #SaveDallas tweets have been sent since “Dallas” fans began campaigning on social media to rescue the canceled series?

Good question.

Figuring out a precise number has proven tougher than expected. The #SaveDallas efforts began October 4, the day after TNT dropped the show. During the first month, many of us relied on data from Topsy.com, which allows users to enter a hashtag and see how many times it’s been tweeted — but only during the past 30 days.

However, as the Emmy for Linda Gray Twitter feed pointed out this week, you can use Topsy’s mobile app to find the number of “all time” #SaveDallas tweets. On November 12 at 9 p.m. Eastern, the app shows #SaveDallas has been tweeted more than 900,000 times.

This means we’re close to 1 million #SaveDallas tweets!

I hope fans will continue sharing their love for “Dallas” on social media, although there are other ways to express your support for the show. Sara Duckworth’s “Help Save Dallas” petition has reached almost 84,000 signatures, and Josh Eilberg is continuing to encourage fans to send barbecue sauce to The CW, one of the networks that’s been cited as a possible new home for the series.

Elsewhere, the Globe supermarket tabloid is urging TNT to bring back the show. In the November 17 edition, readers are asked to complete a coupon and mail it to the publication by December 10; the Globe says it will collect the forms and forward them to TNT.

If I hear about other #SaveDallas ideas or if I receive useful information, I’ll pass it along. Until then, let’s continue to follow the advice Patrick Duffy offered last week: Keep going and don’t give up.

Share your positive comments below and check out Dallas Decoder’s Save Dallas Page for links to news coverage, petitions, other fan sites and more.


  1. Marilyn Hadey says:


  2. save dallas

  3. Please save Dallas. It is such a great show and has such a great history. The actors are phenomenal! It is seriously the best show on television and there are so many loyal fans. Keep it alive!

  4. Let’s Hope by this time next month, That we are looking at the return of Dallas for season 4.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    Good Luck.

  5. TNT is so stupid to cancel Dallas. I was a loyal fan of the original series and when I first heard that it was coming back, I couldn’t wait, was so excited and then on the first episode I became a big huge loyal fan all over again. I love Dallas and I want it back now. #SAVE DALLAS

  6. I will have to find a place that sells Globe. As far as other ideas go – I made a google+ “#SaveDallas” community. I had to name it with the quotes.

    Also I made a video on youtube http://youtu.be/FXAJTjOmcPs the other great #SaveDallas videos I watched this month really inspired me. I know that if we keep making more #SaveDallas content more, there will be #SaveDallas visibility!

    Until I hear it from Patrick Duffy or someone like that, am going to keep marching!

  7. Sad to say I think TNT is done with Dallas, however I do believe all this social media is going to give Dallas a new home and I am shooting for either CMT or CW, I actually prefer CW even though the demographic is different but I believe the fans will be loyal plus gain new ones along the way, whoever blesses us with Dallas please do not put it back on Monday nights, give it a night to prove its greatness, I love this show

  8. Cathy Mudd says:


    • Please bring back our show. We love Dallas. It is the only show on Television at the moment, worth watching. All other Television is horrible.

      Listen to us fans. Bring back Dallas!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Cathy Mudd says:

        We love DALLAS. Please put DALLAS back on the air.

      • Hello!!!!!!! Let’s close hurry and close in on 1 million tweets so we can bring back the dirt and dish of Dallas. I love Dallas. Jesus, honey-I hope this time next month we are looking at a new season of Dallas to return. Keep up the good work!

  9. #SaveDallas

  10. Please bring back Dallas! I looked forward to the show every week as a kid and now with the new generation of Dallas. It has a different story line other than detective/crime shows, ER shows, reality shows, etc. Any network that would take on Dallas would be very lucky to have a show that has always been successful and already has a great following.

  11. Maria Randisi Ernandez says:

    Millions of DALLAS Fans Worldwide Can’t Be Wrong !!
    Original DALLAS Fan since 1978 , I would love to see DALLAS acquired by a new Network and added to their lineup of shows.
    A Great Drama with a Superb Cast and Creative Production Crew…
    #SaveDallas #DallasNation

  12. betty collins says:

    please save dallas. love thae shpw

  13. #SaveDallas

  14. Dallas revived has given me fond memories of the past with family please save Dallas some network pick it up!!!

  15. Any updates for us? Latest word floating around is that they are now trying to get Lifetime to pick up the show. Any comment on this?

  16. It’s a shame that good movie’s are thrown away, And Evil Movies, rated R & X, violence and reality arguments discontents are on the charts. What kind of moral minds are these networks? Has our world become that corrupted that Evil trumps Good? I’ve almost have given up watching network television. Everything on network is not worth tuning into.

  17. vicki ortiz says:

    I just emailed direct tv they told me step by step how to block TNT from our programing I did it NO MORE TNT IN OUR HOME SCREW YOU TNT

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