Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 113 — ‘The Wedding’

“The Wedding” is a strong episode with a silly ending. In the final scene, J.R. and Sue Ellen stand under a big tent in the Southfork driveway, where a minister is conducting their second marriage ceremony. He asks “if there be any man” who can say why the couple shouldn’t be remarried. Cliff, who is […]

Critique: ‘Knots Landing’ Episode 55 — ‘Daniel’

J.R. Ewing is sitting across from Abby Cunningham in his hotel room, where he’s invited her to join him for a seafood lunch. Of course, J.R. wants more from Abby than her company. She promised to sneak him a copy of Val’s soon-to-be-published novel about the Ewings, but Abby sent only a handful of chapters. […]

Critique: ‘Knots Landing’ Episode 30 – ‘Designs’

In “Designs,” J.R. once again visits “Knots Landing” and once again, the results are disappointing. These crossover episodes are almost never as good as they should be. On paper, occasionally sending “Dallas” characters to Seaview Circle makes perfect sense. “Dallas” was television’s most-watched series in the early 1980s, when “Knots Landing” was still struggling to […]

Knots Landing Scene of the Day: ‘… But You’re a Royal Pain’

In “Knots Landing’s” second-season episode “A Family Matter,” Valene (Joan Van Ark) visits J.R. (Larry Hagman) in his hotel room. J.R.: Well, it’s quite an honor. VAL: I need to talk to you, J.R. J.R.: All right. Shall I order up some drinks or some yogurt or something like that? VAL: I wanna talk to […]

Critique: ‘Knots Landing’ Episode 22 – ‘A Family Matter’

The “Knots Landing” episode “A Family Matter” brings J.R. to Los Angeles, where he meets Abby Cunningham, his Southern California counterpart. This inaugural matchup between two of television’s greatest villains has its moments, but overall, it’s not as much fun as you might expect. The problem: J.R. and Abby are too much alike. These characters […]