‘Who Killed J.R.?’ 5 Questions Surrounding ‘Dallas’s’ Mystery

Bobby Ewing, Christopher Ewing, Dallas, Jesse Metcalfe, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, Patrick Duffy, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?Every “Dallas” fan has one thing on his or her mind: “Who Killed J.R?” Before the mystery is solved, a few other questions must be addressed. Will the answers lead us to one of the eight potential suspects I named earlier this week?

1. Why was J.R. in Mexico? In “J.R.’s Masterpiece,” this week’s “Dallas” episode, we learned our hero was shot and killed in a flophouse in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. According to the policewoman who investigated the crime, J.R. entered the country to go quail hunting. Later, his private eye Bum (Kevin Page) told Bobby, John Ross and Christopher that the quail hunt was a cover: J.R. was actually following a lead in his scheme to bring down Harris Ryland (Mitch Pileggi), the Texas trucking magnate who specializes in driving the Ewings crazy.

What business would Harris have in a place like Nuevo Laredo? The policewoman told the Ewings that the local drug cartels have started reaching out to “successful businessmen across the border for advice.” Bobby (Patrick Duffy) insisted J.R. would never do business with the cartel, and we don’t doubt him. Harris, on the other hand, might be the type to get mixed up in the illegal drug trade. After all, didn’t he try last season to blackmail Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) into laundering money for him?

2. Why was J.R. looking for Pam? Before J.R. entered Mexico, he went to Abu Dhabi to close an oil deal. But as Bum explained to Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe): “The reason he chose Abu Dhabi was because for the last several months, he’s been trying to find your mother.” Bobby’s stunned reaction: “You mean Pam?” Bum didn’t respond to Bobby; instead, he handed Christopher a document and said, “J.R. thought that once you’d seen this, you’d understand why it’s important for you to find your mama.”

Let’s pause here to remember that Christopher had two mommies: Kristin Shepard (Mary Crosby), his biological mother, who famously shot J.R. in 1980 and later drowned in the Southfork swimming pool, and Pam (Victoria Principal), Bobby’s first wife, with whom Bobby adopted Christopher after Kristin’s death. Assuming Kristin is really dead and that she isn’t the missing mama that J.R. was trailing, the question becomes: Why in heavens would J.R. want to find Pam, his longtime nemesis?

Some theories from Dallas Decoder readers: J.R. figured Pam, who abandoned Bobby and Christopher after she was badly burned in a fiery car crash, is the only person who might be able to talk her brother Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval) into finally ending his war against the Ewings. Or perhaps J.R. found evidence that Cliff had somehow bilked an unwitting Pam and/or Christopher out of their rightful share of the fortune they inherited from Pam and Cliff’s rich mother Rebecca Wentworth. (Could such evidence be included in the document that Bum handed Christopher?) Or maybe the aging J.R., seeking immortality, wanted to find Pam because he knew of her ability to dream dead Ewings back to life.

Whatever the reason, if Christopher resumes Uncle J.R.’s search and ends up finding Pam, don’t expect her to look like Principal. Earlier this month, as rumors swirled that Pam might return to “Dallas,” Principal issued a statement suggesting she will never resume the role.

3. Why did J.R. give John Ross a gun? After Bum handed Christopher the document about his mother, he gave John Ross (Josh Henderson) a box that contained J.R.’s gun. It came with this note:

“John Ross, if you’re reading this, it means I’m dead. And if I’m dead, that means Barnes is coming after you. You must crush him before he can win. I promised your Uncle Bobby that taking down Harris Ryland would be my masterpiece. I’d bet my last nickel Barnes will join forces with Ryland to destroy us. Use what I’ve given you to take from them what they want to take from us. When you’ve done that, Bobby will know what to do. And remember: You’re my son, tip to tail.”

Perhaps the most revealing thing about J.R.’s note isn’t his prediction that Cliff and Harris will join forces; it’s that J.R. wrote it in the first place. He knew his life was in danger, although this doesn’t necessarily rule out the theory that J.R. arranged his own death so it could be pinned on one of his enemies. If you buy that theory, you might think this is the gun that was used to kill J.R. But keep in mind: The coroner who examined J.R.’s body said he was killed with a “Saturday night special,” and that’s not the kind of gun John Ross received. On the other hand: Medical examiners on “Dallas” aren’t the most trustworthy people, are they?

4. Who is Lady X? When J.R.’s friend Carlos del Sol (Castulo Guerra) visited Southfork to update the Ewings on the investigation, he explained J.R. met a woman in a club near the hotel where he died. “Not your professional sort of lady, mind you, but there are witnesses to their assignation,” Carlos said. According to the policewoman who accompanied Carlos to the ranch, this mystery woman – let’s call her “Lady X” – asked J.R. to meet her near her workplace, which is how he wound up in the Hotel Colon. A witness saw someone follow J.R. to the hotel, but that person could not be found, the policewoman said.

So who is Lady X? Could she be one of the women I named as suspects earlier this week? Did she intentionally lead J.R. to the hotel, knowing he would be killed there? Did she pull the trigger herself? Does she really exist? Or did Carlos invent her because he’s involved in the killing and wanted to throw the Ewings off his trail?

5. What does Bobby know? Of course, despite what Carlos and the policewoman told the Ewings, we know J.R. was not the victim of a robbery. After Bum distributed J.R.’s “gifts” to John Ross and Christopher, he gave Bobby a sealed envelope. Bobby opened it, read the document it contained and walked out of the room, dismissing John Ross and Christopher’s plea for more information. “This is between my brother and me – for now,” Bobby said.

Outside the room, Bobby told Bum to “pay off whoever you have to pay off so that everybody still thinks J.R. was killed by a mugger. When the time comes, we’ll take care of this ourselves – as a family.” Bobby then walked into J.R.’s room, noticed the framed wedding photograph of J.R. and Sue Ellen, poured himself a glass of bourbon, sat on the bed and said: “I knew you’d have at least one more left up your sleeve, J.R.” He glanced at the document in his hand, half-smiled and continued: “It is a good one. I love you brother.”

So what did Bobby learn? During the “Dallas” cast’s panel discussion last week, Duffy revealed the show’s producers told him who shot J.R. so he would know how to play certain scenes, including this one. So whatever the document reveals, it holds a big clue to the identity of J.R.’s killer. I have my own theory, but for now, I’d rather hear yours. What do you think it says?

Who done it? Share your theories below and read more posts on Dallas Decoder’s “Who Killed J.R.?” page.


  1. joesiegler says:

    I want to know WHOs gun that was he gave to John Ross. Could it have been Jock’s?

    • Possibly. We saw Jock’s pistol on the old show; it didn’t look like the gun that John Ross received. But you never know!

    • Dan in WI says:

      I’m no gun person so I’m speaking as an uneducated idiot on this one but it sure looked to shiney new and fancy to be anything that would below to Jock.

      • joesiegler says:

        I’ll buy that. But one never knows – Jock was alive when John Ross was born. Could have bought him something to keep until it was time.

        More likely it has something to do with the murder – could even BE the murder weapon.

      • Especially if the Mexican coroner was lying about J.R. being killed with a “Saturday night special.”

      • I agree Dan, although I’m no gun person either. I just inserted a new photo collage with this post that shows the gun. Hopefully that might help us consider its significance.

  2. What does Bobby know from that letter? i really have no idea ! I don’t know where we are going with Pam and how she would be involved. The most probable to me, is that she stayed alive for a while (meaning why Christopher will have to search for her in forthcoming episodes) and we’ll find she’s enventually dead, thus closing all speculations about her possible come back. I also think that the Ryland / Barnes association may have something to do in there. It’s not clear if they were associated before (and we didn’t knew) or if it will happen next. Cliff and Harris are two big businessmen so they might know each other for a long time.
    Who killed J.R.? i once thought that Emma would have commanded it. She may have learned somehow that J.R. was plotting against her father, whom she was still very supportive at the time of Ann’s trial. When she changed her mind about her father, she would have stopped it but it was too late. That’s why she came closer to John Ross so she could control his feelings when he would learn it was her… well i am a twisted mind? lol

  3. In the note to JohnRoss, JR says ‘use what i have given you (the gun) to take from them what they want to take from us.’ That is the key: what they want to take from us. What does Cliff want? Southfork? EE? The family itself? Inheritance? ….So use the gun to take the same from Cliff?

    What is that damn gun? Did Cliff kill someone? Did Frank kill someone for Cliff? Did Frank kill Katherine or Pam to take their inheritance for Cliff?

    • Dan in WI says:

      Again… Cliff the mob boss/calculated killer is just so foreign to me so I’m really having a hard time processing this gun. I can’t recall a time he ever seriously talked about killing someone. Did he bluster it once or twice? Sure. Who hasn’t? But name a time Cliff ever seemed to be contemplating cold blooded murder. I can’t. So I just can’t reprogram my brain to understand this new Cliff.
      For that matter I can say all the same things about JR and in that respect the new Dallas JR seems to be the same man as the old Dallas JR. So I just can’t wrap my head around him saying go avenge my death. But isn’t that gun and note saying just that? Am I missing something here?
      Traditionaly neither man was the cold blooded killing type.

      • Good points, Dan. Cliff did kill Johnny Dancer in 1990, but that wasn’t an act of premeditated murder. I’m not sure J.R. is telling John Ross to avenge his death. It seems to me his instructions are more about using the gun to protect himself from the family’s enemies.

    • The gun! The gun! Who would’ve thought the gun of all things would perplex us so much?!

      • Dan in WI says:

        I think anything that Bum would have shown up with in that box would get this kind of attention.

  4. I must say I am definitely intrigued… At the moment, I have no idea what gun that is or what might be written in the letter for Bobby. I am just very grateful for having such a well-arranged list of existing clues and hints on DALLASDECODER. That will allow me to come back to it whenever I feel like checking what we know so far.
    Then again, when it comes to crime fiction, there are two types of readers: those who consider all the clues and evidence and try to solve the mystery as early as possible, and those who just flow with the tide and wait to see things as they unfold. I don’t quite know yet how I will follow the rest of this season. However, I feel pretty sure that, one way or another, we are in for a big ride, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Let’s fasten our seatbelts…

  5. Is this “Lady X” Carmen? Could it just be pure coincedence that both J.R. and Carmen happen to be in Mexico at the same time? The point about Dallas coroners is so true. Did Kristen Shepherd really drown in the South Fork pool? Faking her own death would make plenty of sense, because Christopher Ewing’s father was killed by drug dealers. Harris Ryland is in to money laundering. I remember the look on J.R.’s face when the news came out that cost Sue Ellen the election for Governor. I do not thik that J.R. faked his own murder. It is obvious that J.R. knew that he was putting himself into a situation that was most likely going to get himself murdered. Carlos del Sol seemed so oblivious that people were impersonating his daughter and fraudulently representing his business. He did not even seem the least but upset about it. If I had my way, I would bring back Kristen Shepherd. Mary Crosby rocks! Cliff Barnes made reference to Christopher being a Barnes at the funeral. John Ross was given a gun and told to take on the wrath of Cliff Barnes, not Bobby, or Christopher. Now the third generation of the Barnes vs Ewings has begun. It seems clear that J.R. knew who was going to kill him. There is enough suspicion to include Carlos del Sol in on the murder. I am going to say that Kristen is the mother of Christopher who J.R. was seeking. Christopher is Ewing Energies. We can say whatever we want about who owns what. Christopher is the most important person, as far as the company goes. John Ross and Christopher fought enough, they better stick together. I am curious to find out who killed J.R. and that is one of the many reasons why I will continue to watch.

    • Dan in WI says:

      Jump, but remember Kristen died before Jeff Faraday was killed by drug dealers. She wouldn’t have needed to fake her death at that point.

      But in general I do not want to see Kristen back. She is dead. She assumed room temperature. She is no more. People pine away from for a return of Pam because she never died on screen so people think there is a way back. But the same doesn’t work with Kristen. One would have to suspend tons and tons of disbelief to have her be alive again. If she were alive the Ewings would have to be in on it directly and if she were alive it would NOT take her 25 years to resurface. She’s just too greedy to lay low that long. So I do not want to see her back. I just can’t think of a believable way to do it and I want Dallas to remain mostly reality based.

      As for who is Ewing Energies: that all depends on which side you come down on the oil vs. methane debate.

      • Dan, I appreciate what you’re saying. And yet! I still think it would be cool to see Kristin return. Maybe I just have a soft spot for Mary Crosby. Regardless, thank you for making so many well-reasoned points.

      • Dan in WI says:

        Understand I’m not saying I didn’t like the character. Kristen was delicously devious. I’m just saying there is no credible way to bring her back. If they tried then this show would be as bad as it is painted on another forum found on the interwebs.

      • I understand what you’re saying, Dan. The widespread consensus seems to be the show shouldn’t bring her back. I respect what you and our other fellow fans are saying.

    • I’m glad you like Kristen too! I’m not sure about Carmen being Lady X, though. We’ll see. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Dan in WI says:

    Pam: I’ve just outlined above why I don’t think (or want) JR is looking for Kristen. Now I’ll tell you why I think it is Pam. The biggest reason I think it is Pam is reason not related to the story at all but related to the fans. Based on past interviews I’ve gotten the impression that Cidre had no desire to ever deal with Pam and that she believed Pam died an off screen death shortly after that stand in actress had that scene with Cliff. I tend to agree with that. But Cidre underestimated how body fans wanted A) Pam back or failing that B) concrete resolution for Pam. So Cidre feels like she needs to deal with Pam even if wasn’t in the original plan. Working Pam into the storyline is Cidre doing just that. Since she doesn’t seem to have much attachment to that character I suspect it will be definitively giving closure to the issue. Time will tell.

  7. Dan in WI says:

    Bobby: What does he know? I think he knows exactly who JR feared would murder him. If the name Bobby read in that letter is wrong, it’s only because JR wasn’t killed by the person that had him scarred.

    • But are we sure it’s a letter that Bobby received?

      • Dan in WI says:

        I talking about the letter that Bum handed to Bobby in front of Christopher and John Ross. My gut says that note contained the name of the person JR believed was coming after him.

      • Oh, yes. I understand. But are we sure that Bum gave Bobby a letter? I referred to it as a “document” in my post because I wasn’t sure it was a letter. I suppose a letter is the best guess, but I figure it could also be a legal document of some kind.

      • that is a great point, Chris. Everyone keeps assuming that since JR wrote JohnRoss and Sue Ellen a letter that he wrote Bobby one as well. Bobby didn’t appear to stop and be reading a letter. I am one that believes it was not a letter. Because if it was, he would have done like JohnRoss and read it out loud automatically. Bobby looked at it and stayed quiet.

      • Or maybe it is a letter and Bobby is an Evelyn Wood disciple!

      • Dan in WI says:

        Why didn’t Bobby read his letter/document out loud? We wouldn’t have this cliffhanger to debate if he did.

        I’ll concede it wasn’t necessarily a letter Bobby had.

      • Ha ha. Good point, Dan.

      • Dan in WI says:

        I just took another look at this scene. First we see what appear to be documents given to Christopher and John Ross. They are in plastic “report covers.” Next we have the gun given to John Ross with the handwritten note. Finally Bobby receives the standard #10 envelop with what appears to be single piece of paper sealed inside. We don’t get even the quickest of glimpses of this piece of paper. So while we don’t know anything for sure, I’m back to leaning toward this being a letter instead of a document.

      • I hope we find out soon Dan! Isn’t it remarkable how the show is making us scrutinize every last detail, right down to the kind of paper Bobby was handed? Goodness gracious, we’re true fans aren’t we?

        Thanks for the good TV detective work!


  8. BJ Wanlund says:

    This whole mystery is only going to get better and better. But I think that this is going to be fun. I do not think Pam is the one who pulled the trigger now (and as far as Victoria Principal’s “statement”, AJ Gibson on Afterbuzz TV called b.s. on that one almost immediately). I do, however, think Kristin might be the triggerwoman (and with the high heels we heard as the shots were fired, it can only BE a woman who pulled the trigger), as the theory being batted around that she faked her death in the Southfork pool, only to do stuff behind the scenes for Cliff for years is a good one. Especially since Kristin wanted badly to do another assassination attempt… maybe that is something Harris and Cliff wanted, I dunno.

    • Ooh, I need to find this A.J. Gibson clip. I want to hear what he says. Your theory about Cliff being involved with staging Kristin’s death is interesting, although that would seem to require a lot of rewriting of “Dallas” history. I’d rather find out Kristin faked her death on her own. But I’m getting way ahead of myself here.

      Thanks for commenting!

  9. While I really enjoyed Kristen as a character….I dont’ think she is involved in this story whatsoever. It would require way to much rewriting of history. We all saw dead Kristen.

    I think the mama in question is Pam. And I think the search is something to do with money and Cliff. We have never got an answer as to why of the 2 Ewing boys Pamela conned Chris. She targeted him on purpose….not JohnRoss.
    Also I do wonder if Katherine is involved.

    Cliff, Harris, Pam, Carlos, JR, Bum, perhaps Carmen, Bobby’s document, JohnRoss’ gun, the AbuDhabi oil deal, Chris’ documents are all open questions.

    • Yeah, like I’ve said from the beginning, I don’t expect Kristin to come back. I would be OK if it happened, but I realize I’m alone in that opinion. So if we can’t bring back the original sinister sister, let’s bring back Katherine!

  10. Lisa Muntzner says:

    I really do believe that Cliff Barnes and Riley has something to do with JR death. Both of them hated him with a passion. As far a that gun goes, I believe that is Jocks gun…Pam is a whole different story, she might have been the reason why JR was in Mexico.. But I guess we just have to wait and see…

    • Bum did say that J.R. was in Mexico “following a lead” on Ryland. Of course, that doesn’t mean Pam doesn’t have a Mexican connection too. As you say: We’ll have to wait and see!

  11. i totally think its Kristen and shes been locked away all this time by JR who realized was she wasnt dead in the pool .. now she got loose and JR was trying to find her..if its not her then Katherine is my next choice. as for Cliff saying Christopher is a Barnes, he is an adopted Barnes/Ewing but brought up by the Ewings. technically,hes only related to Sue Ellen by blood..

    • Kristin on the warpath! I like the idea but I think we’re alone here, Todd. Perhaps we better start getting our hopes up that Katherine will have a role in all of this.

  12. At first I thought it was Kristen, as far fetched as that would be. Now I think either Pam or Katherine. Katherine is still alive, dangerous and would have that big of an axe to grind. Pam would not originally have done such a thing, but who knows post-accident. Especially if she found out that JR was behind her accident the whole time.

    • I know that JR didn’t like Pam at all, but I do not believe that he was behind her accident. He loved Bobby and wouldn’t put him through that agony.

    • I agree, Dan, although I don’t like the idea of Pam turning homicidal. Katherine, on the other hand, has always been a lunatic. Having her turn out to be J.R.’s killer would be perfectly plausible.

      • joesiegler says:

        As much as I like an out of left field plot twist.. I don’t think “new Dallas” will dig THAT far for a solution here. I think we should focus more on plotlines established in the new series.

        Not that I wouldn’t love old characters – I LOVE that kind of thing. But my gut feeling is that the answer is something “new series”.

      • Very true, Joe, and something I think I’ve been overlooking. The resolution must make sense to today’s audience, which is why I think you’re probably right that it’s going to be something “new series.”

      • Yes, I don’t think our gal is done with the drinking just yet. She surely does look like she has a drink in her hand. I don’t know where I read it but Cidre said recently that since they did choose to open that door, they are not going to just shut it, that they do have to explore her alcoholism. Linda said in another interview that she does take a dip but she is handling it as a different person than she did in the past. Basically, Sue Ellen will always be an alcoholic but she is not a victim now and no longer sees herself as a victim.

        Yes you are right, it could be very interesting to see how the Sue Ellen of today deals with falling off the wagon.

        Ahhhhm you are right it could be Lou! For the life of me, couldn’t imagine Harris showing up at EE without there being a huge blowup before he made it into the conference room. Whatever it is, Gary didn’t look that happy in that shot…but previews can deceive…lol

  13. Okay…I want to add something. Ryland doesn’t appear to have HAD bad feelings towards JR. The only time he mentioned him ever was last season to Ann…when he said he always thought JR was a prick. Ryland clearly is not a fan of Sue Ellen after she refused to comply with his blackmail and is clearly pissed at Ann and Bobby. But I think that he might have been held at bay over wariness concerning JR in general. Like Cliff, without JR around, Ryland might feel that the family is vulnerable. (I called that before…btw..lol…I think JR has caused so much crap over the years most sane people seemed to avoid messing with him…or even doing business w/JohnRoss b/c of JR) But I don’t think that Ryland held particularly antagonistic feelings towards him. (That might have changed over the past few days if he had found out JR was snooping in Laredo on him>)

    Now, JR had incentive to gun for Ryland…..1) Ryland went after Sue Ellen 2)Bobby asked JR for help taking Ryland down 3) JR is JR and likes to take advantage of a situation. I think JR knew he was dirty and he has a lot of money/power JR could take from him.

    Now my question is….JR has been snooping around Cliff since last season. He started snooping around Ryland over the past few months. Why was he sure that Barnes and Ryland would pair up?

    By the way, you know another business that is easy to launder money.. Gambling. Who has been making bukoos of money thru gambling enterprises? Cliffy.

    BTW…we know that Frank had been cleaning up Cliff’s messes for years. What messes was JR referring to and who will do that service now?

    Total off the subject: but did you notice in the preview, Gary is setting in a white chair (looks like EE) and is talking to someone who looks bald/balding? It is just a mere glimpse, but since I was clicking thru the preview a second at a time…I noticed that.

    • Could Rebecca Sutter have some kind of tie to Pam/have something to do with Jr’s death? It just seems odd that her ‘death’ is the only one that hasn’t been seen onscreen so far. We only have Frank’s word for it that he actually killed her. Will she return and reveal some kind of hidden past/tie to the Ewings?

      • LOL..you know that the secretary that has spied for Chris….her name is Jill Sutter. Yes, you are right….we don’t know for sure that Frank really killed the real Becky Sutter.

      • I’ve seen that Jill’s last name is supposed to be “Sutter.” I figured that was a production error. It would seem odd to bring in another lost Sutter relative at this point.

      • Great point, Dan. Plus, I really like the actress who plays Becky. I wouldn’t mind if she returned to the show.

    • I think Rebecca Sutter is going to come back and reveal some kind of, unknown up until now, tie to the Ewings. We only have Frank’s word for it that he actually killed her, and generally when people die off screen in Dallas, they’re not necessarily dead. I think the killer is going to be someone that no one has considered. Though I would probably still put money on Kristen/Katherine being the culprit.

    • Oh my, Hel! That’s a good catch with Gary. Who could be the baldie he’s talking to? I’m tempted to suggest Harris, although it could just as easily be Bobby’s lawyer Lou. I also noticed in the preview that our gal looks like she’s drinking. I do like that flirty wink she seems to be offering the framed picture of J.R. Maybe it will be fun to have Sue Ellen off the wagon, at least for a little while.

  14. Anonymous says:

    But Sue Ellen went to Kristen’s funeral in the original series. That would involve Sue Ellen in the cover up of Kristen’s death. I don’t really see that…

    • Yeah, I don’t see that either. Is it possible Sue Ellen went to the funeral not knowing that Kristin’s death had been staged? Perhaps it was a closed casket? (OK, I know. I’m reaching here.)

  15. You know, the idea of an old series vs a new series character being the better culprit is quite interesting. We do have 7 episodes to get to the bottom of the story. Cidre &team, as we often comment, can pack a lot of information into one episode. It is possible that Katherine can be brought into the investigation and therefore they can introduce her to the new viewers in this time frame……BUT…wouldn’t that just flat out give it away? So I am thinking that you guys are right and it someone that has been introduced already on this Dallas. But, she could thrown in some red herrings for us as the characters take up JR’s investigations.


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