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Who done it?

Here are Dallas Decoder’s posts about the “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery on TNT’s “Dallas.”


‘Who Killed J.R.?’ Features

Who Killed J.R.? Possible Suspects in Dallas’s New Mystery, March 11, 2013

Who Killed J.R.? 5 Questions Surrounding Dallas’s Hot Mystery, March 14, 2013

Who Killed J.R.? More Questions, Few Answers, March 19, 2013

Who Killed J.R.? New Suspects and Speculation in Dallas’s Mystery, March 26, 2013

Who Killed J.R.? What We Know (And What We Don’t) in Dallas’s Delicious Mystery, April 2, 2013

Who Killed J.R.? 6 New Questions as Dallas’s Big Mystery Deepens, April 9, 2013

Who Killed J.R.? Here’s My Final Theory in the Dallas Mystery, April 15, 2013

Who Killed J.R.? Dallas Solves the Mystery, April 16, 2013



Dallas Episode 17: “The Furious and the Fast,” March 4, 2013

Dallas Episode 18: “J.R.’s Masterpiece,” March 11, 2013

Dallas Episode 19: “Ewings Unite!,” March 18, 2013

Dallas Episode 20: “Guilt and Innocence,” March 25, 2013

Dallas Episode 21: “Let Me In,” April 1, 2013

Dallas Episode 22: “A Call to Arms,” April 8, 2013

Dallas Episode 23: “Love and Family,” April 8, 2013

Dallas Episode 24: “Guilt by Association,” April 15, 2013

Dallas Episode 25: “Legacies,” April 15, 2013


Drill Bits

Dallas Adds More Viewers in Week 6, March 6, 2013

Who Watched J.R.? Funeral Episode Boosts Dallas, March 13, 2013

After J.R.’s Funeral, Dallas’s Ratings Dip, March 20, 2013

Dallas Holds Steady in the Ratings, March 27, 2013

Dallas Draws More Younger Viewers, April 3, 2013

Dallas Faces Tough Ratings Competition, April 10, 2013

Dallas Ends the Season with Bigger Ratings, April 17, 2013

DVR Users Give the Dallas Finale a Big Boost, April 24, 2013



Kevin Page, May 6, 2013



Dallas Decoder Asks: How Should J.R. Die?, December 12, 2012



Goodbye, J.R., March 11, 2013



“Dad! Dad!” (“The Furious and the Fast”)

“You Were the Love of My Life” (“J.R.’s Masterpiece”)

“I Thought You Were Done With Her, Bobby” (“Guilt and Innocence”)

“Well, Big Brother, As You Wish” (“Love and Family”)

“I Shot Your Father, John Ross” (“Legacies”)


  1. Art Kelly says:

    There is even a greater mystery that is keeping me in suspense: Will Dallas be renewed for another season? I think it could either way. The deciding factor will be ratings for the season finale. If they’re good, TNT will probably bring it back. If they’re not so good, this could be the end. Stay tuned!

  2. JR found Pam and she shot him to keep her location secret. Anns daughter will get pregnant with Jon Ross’s baby and their marriage will merge her farther oil tanders with Ewing Energy. Pamela will get together with Christopher as Ewings cant resist Barnes women. Bobbys son with Jenna – Lucas will return, along with JR son with Callie.

  3. Interesting predictions! A merger between the Ewings and Rylands would be something. We’ll have to see what happens. Thanks, Amanda!


  1. […] • More questions: Now that John Ross has inherited half of Southfork, will he take up residence at the ranch, perhaps moving into his father’s old bedroom? Did Judith (Judith Light) survive her tumble down the stairs? And will we finally get some more clues to the biggest question of all: Who killed J.R.? […]

  2. […] Share your speculation in the comments section below and read past posts on Dallas Decoder’s “Who Killed J.R.?” […]

  3. […] and Innocence,” which is disappointing to those of who are desperate for more clues in the “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery. On the other hand, this episode offers a nice showcase for the “Dallas” cast, which […]

  4. […] • Where in the world is Pam Ewing? After the blast, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) finally forgave Ann (Brenda Strong) for keeping her past from him. All was well until the end of the episode, when Bobby received an update on J.R.’s investigation into Pam’s disappearance: It seems she entered Abu Dhabi with a man – “presumably her husband,” according to the report – in 1989. The news rattled Ann. What does it mean for Ann’s marriage to Bobby – and what does it have to do with J.R.’s death? […]

  5. […] on the latest evidence in the comments section below and read past posts on Dallas Decoder’s “Who Killed J.R.?” […]

  6. […] on the latest evidence in the comments section below and read past posts on Dallas Decoder’s “Who Killed J.R.?” […]

  7. […] the “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery, one thing has nagged at me: Is anyone “big” enough to take down the “Dallas” […]

  8. […] do you think of the resolution to the “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery? Share your thoughts in the comments section […]

  9. […] “Who Killed J.R.?” Here’s the question “Dallas” fans really want answered: What’s the name of the song that […]

  10. […] suppose finding flubs like these is its own kind of joy, but I got a much bigger kick out of playing detective and trying to solve the “Who Killed J.R.” mystery. Don’t forget: This storyline was created […]

  11. […] which resolved the “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery, performed especially well. When DVR users are included, the episode hit season highs in […]

  12. […] fans know who killed J.R. and what happened to Pam, but one question remains unanswered: Will TNT renew the show for a third […]

  13. […] “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery was terrific because it allowed viewers to slide into J.R.’s boots and try to piece […]

  14. […] episode, which lovingly honored the franchise’s biggest star and kicked off the fun, freewheeling “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery. Cidre also deserves applause for answering the question that has bugged “Dallas” […]

  15. […] about it – the “Dallas” producers are allowing J.R. to die, sending him off with a brand-new “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery. The character’s death marks the end of an era, although his legacy is plain for all to […]

  16. […] that “Dallas” fans know who killed J.R., we can turn our attention to a much trickier question: Who’ll be J.R.? We all realize Larry […]

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