‘Who Killed J.R.?’ Here’s My Final Theory in ‘Dallas’s’ Mystery

Cliff Barnes, Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Ken Kercheval, Larry Hagman, TNT, Who Killed J.R.? Throughout the “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery, one thing has nagged at me: Is anyone “big” enough to take down the “Dallas” legend? This is why I never considered characters like Carlos del Sol or Carmen Ramos (Castulo Guerra, Marlene Forte) to be serious suspects. Even Harris Ryland (Mitch Pileggi), as important as he’s become to this franchise, hasn’t earned the “right” to go down in history as the man who murdered J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman).

Frankly, only one character has enough stature to take out J.R. – and that’s J.R. himself. So during the first few weeks of this storyline, I figured we’d eventually discover our hero was secretly suffering from a terminal illness and arranged his own shooting – perhaps J.R.’s loyal private eye Bum (Kevin Page) pulled the trigger – so that his “murder” could be pinned on one of the Ewings’ enemies.

Many of my fellow “Dallas” diehards found the idea of J.R. taking his own life anathema, and I’ve come around to their way of thinking. Also, if the show went the J.R.-arranges-his-own-death route, it could be perceived as a cop-out – and let’s face it, this franchise already pulled a fast one on the audience when it explained away Bobby’s death as a bad dream. Would the people who make the new “Dallas” want to risk alienating fans again?

For awhile, I also theorized J.R. could’ve been done in by an enemy from his past. My suggestion: What if Kristin Shepard (Mary Crosby) was still alive and returned to finish the job she started in 1980? This idea also turned off a lot of fans, who suggested it would be the ultimate retread: It would turn “Who Killed J.R.?” into “Who Shot J.R.?” all over again, right down to the same assailant. I see their point, but I still think it would be cool.

The other great choice from the “old enemies” camp would be Katherine Wentworth (Morgan Brittany), especially if it turned out she faked her death and stole Pam’s identity. I also love the idea that Katherine is somehow connected to Harris, and that she used a Ryland Transport truck to orchestrate the car accident that disfigured Pam and prompted her to flee Southfork in the first place. What a twist that would be! Unfortunately, based on recent comments from Brittany and “Dallas” producer Cynthia Cidre, it doesn’t sound as if Katherine will be returning to the show anytime soon.

This leaves one viable suspect as J.R.’s killer: Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval). Think about it: Cliff has become a pretty soulless figure this season. He allowed his “son” Frank Ashkani (Faran Tahir) to kill himself and ordered the bombing of the Ewing Energies rig, even though it put the lives of many people at risk, including his daughter Pamela (Julie Gonzalo), who ended up losing her unborn twins. I have a feeling the worst is yet to come too. Maybe it will turn out Cliff also killed Katherine and somehow kept Pam from returning to Southfork. Perhaps J.R. was about to expose these sins, and that’s why Cliff finally offed his old enemy.

Where does Harris’s Mexican trucking operation and club hostess Rhonda Simmons (Emily Kosloski) fit in? Suppose Carlos and Cliff are in cahoots; Carlos knew his “friend” J.R. was interested in digging into Harris’s past, so he lured J.R. to Nuevo Laredo by leading him to believe Harris was up to something shady south of the border. (Could it be Harris really is transporting nothing more than ugly high heels?) Once J.R. arrived in Nuevo Laredo, Carlos tipped off Cliff, who came to town and shot J.R. (Or maybe Frank isn’t really dead and pulled the trigger on Cliff’s behalf.) Rhonda is part of the scheme and lied to Bobby about Harris’s Nuevo Laredo connection to help Carlos cover his tracks. Before all is said and done, maybe Cliff will even turn on partner-in-crime Harris and try to frame him for J.R.’s death.

Would it be shocking if Cliff turns out to be the killer? No and yes. On the one hand, J.R. is murdered by his oldest adversary? Where’s the surprise in that? On the other hand: Besides Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, Kercheval is the only original “Dallas” cast member who has a regular presence on the new show. From this standpoint, turning him into a killer would be bold.

Also, consider this: “Who Killed J.R.?” has never been much of a traditional whodunit. From the beginning, this storyline has been about tying up loose ends (“Where in the world is Pam Ewing?”) and settling old scores. Now that J.R. is gone and Cliff has taken control of Ewing Energies, what else is left for him to do?

Besides, it’s not like there isn’t room for a big twist: There’s still the matter of the letter that J.R. left for Bobby. What does it say? Perhaps it will reveal John Ross (Josh Henderson) really is Cliff’s son after all. J.R. faked the paternity test all those years ago to spare his family – and himself – a lot of embarrassment and raised John Ross as his own. This would undoubtedly upset a lot of fans, but it would also add a new shade to J.R.’s character and give new meaning to the famous scene where he holds John Ross for the first time. As for John Ross’s recent nuptials to Pamela, look at it this way: She already married her cousin. Why shouldn’t her brother be next?

I think it’s more likely the letter to Bobby reveals that Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) is actually J.R.’s son. Perhaps J.R. concealed the truth from Bobby because he knew how much his brother and Pam needed a child of their own. This might explain Bobby’s heartfelt line after he received J.R.’s note after the funeral: “I knew you’d have at least one more left up your sleeve, J.R. It is a good one. I love you brother.”

As for the gun that J.R. left John Ross? Maybe it will turn out to be the gun that Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) used to shoot Tommy and the Ewings will use the weapon as leverage to gain control of Barnes Global. When the Ewings threaten to expose Pamela’s crime, Cliff finally does something selfless and protects his daughter by fessing up to J.R.’s murder, allowing Pamela and John Ross to take control of two-thirds of Barnes Global, with Christopher finally inheriting his mother’s third.

Once the Ewings control Cliff’s company, maybe they can turn Harris out of Ryland Transport, assuming the money Cliff gave Harris last week comes with strings attached to Barnes Global. This might explain J.R.’s cryptic description of the gun in his note to John Ross: “Use what I’ve given you to take from them what they want to take from us.” In other words: They want to take our company from us, so we’ll take theirs from them.

Then again: Knowing this show, there’s a good chance every one of my guesses is wrong. Who knows what twists and turns await us tonight?

Who done it? Share your final theories below and read more posts on Dallas Decoder’s “Who Killed J.R.?” page.


  1. Interesting theories. I do think the gun is the one that Pamela used to kill Tommy. And wow, wouldn’t it be interesting if John Ross was Cliff’s son and Christopher was J.R.’s?
    However, I do think it would hurt the show – too many historical rewrites in one fail swoop.
    That being said…would all of this open the door for Bobby and Jenna’s son to enter the canvas?

    • I agree: A lot of fans wouldn’t like to see that much history rewritten. I’m not sure it will actually happen but I think it’s a possibility.

  2. It would make more sense to have Christopher as J.R.’s son than it would be to have John Ross as Cliff’s son. J.R. would be somewhat of a disgrace to have a child with his wife and also with her sister.

    Cliff has to be suspect #1 without a doubt.

    Someone in here mentioned that Judith Ryland killed J.R.. Once I read this theory, it made perfect sense. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes. Listen, Judith Light is big enough to take down a legend. Here is my analogy, Carlito Brigante (Al Pacino) Killed by: Benny Blanco (John Leguizamo). The point is, AL Pacino’scharacter was killed by someone of caliber. I also fe3el that because Judith is in an insane asylum, she may be found not guilty by reason of insanity. She was planning on taking off to England. She had plenty of motive to kill J.R., based on what J.R. was up to at the time of his murder. I even think that Harris Ryland knew his mother killed J.R. and that is what gave him the confidence to have her locked away like that. Perhaps Judith did it to protect not only her criminal organization, but also to protect her son.

    I also feel that the drugs the Rylands are involved with smuggling are prescription drugs and most likely counterfeit prescription drugs.

  3. I agree a lot with your theory. It does seem to make the most sense. To have JR arrange his own murder because of an illness doesn’t gel with me or with his character. Cliff is one of the few people with both the history and gravitas to be the culprit (whether it was him or he hired someone to do it). Not to mention, it would be the perfect punctuation on all of his sins that he has committed this season from Frank to the methane rig bombing to Pamela’s babies. One thing is, Cliff will escape the justice system (most likely). The murder occurred in Mexico and it seems unlikely Cliff would ever see the inside of a courtroom. His comeuppance will come in other ways (losing his daughter, his business, and maybe his sanity).

    I do not think John Ross is Cliff’s son. I do think it is possible that Christopher is JR’s son. If JR concealed that for all these years, I can buy it, in order to give his brother a son. I considered the gun JR left John Ross as the one Pamela used on Tommy, but if you look at the gun from season 1 and the one in the case, they are different. I’m not an expert myself, but the barrels are different and the one in the case looks older to me. So if it turns out to be the one Pamela used, that is an issue with their props department! If Katherine is dead, perhaps it is a gun Cliff used on her? Or perhaps it is linked to another one of Cliff’s past sins.

    I don’t see Harris Ryland leaving the show, since they are setting him up nicely to be a long-term villain. Maybe he loses his company, but avoids prosecution because he turns on Cliff? Harris seems considerably more aware of his actions and their impact, then Cliff does. Regardless, this season has been quite the ride and I am really looking forward to tonight’s conclusion!

    • Dan in WI says:

      Excellent point about Cliff and Mexico. That is the perfect way to have him do it and still keep the character around.

      • Good point, Dan. But I don’t think audiences will tolerate having J.R.’s killer hang around after he or she is revealed. My guess is that the killer will be exiting the stage after the revelation.

    • I agree, PMM. If Cliff is the killer, justice won’t be served in the courts. I don’t necessarily think John Ross is Cliff’s son, either, but I think it’s a possibility. It would certainly shake up the character to learn he wasn’t J.R.’s son. I also agree that the gun J.R. left for John Ross and the gun that Pamela used to shoot Tommy don’t look much alike, although I figured that could be a continuity error. I’m eager to learn the truth, once and for all.

      Thanks for commenting. I appreciate your feedback.


  4. Dan in WI says:

    First off Chris, I disagree with the way you say Don Cliff “allowed” Frank to commit suicide. He pretty much straight up ordered it.

    Whatever happens the thing that will anger me the most is any solution that rewrites history.
    Take Kristin for example. Not only would her doing it be retread of 1980 as Chris points out, but in my mind she is unambiguously dead. Chris points out that bringing Bobby back to life permanently turned off a lot of fans back in the day. This site shows there are those that would welcome Kristen back but I have to believer there would be a roughly equal number of people who don’t want to see it.
    I also don’t want to see any parantage revised. John Ross’ is JR’s. Period. You might be able to convince me JR is the type of person would have publically accepted a John Ross fathered by Cliff to save face. But you will never convince me he would have ever been anything but cold and resentful to him behind the closed doors of Southfork. Look at the way JR treated half-breed Ray over the years. There is just no way he’d accept a no-blood John Ross. Also I just don’t want the ick factor of John Ross marrying a half-sister. That is all kinds of wrong. Sure Pamela married cousin Christopher. But at the very least it was only a step-cousin. Marrying a half sister takes the gray out of it and crosses a line. I don’t think (hope) they’d go there.
    Along the same lines Christopher is the biological son of Kristen Shepard and Jeff Faraday. Period. If he were truely JR’s then there is no way that wouldn’t have been used by JR long before now. Just off the top of my head I’d say JR would have used that to blackmail his way back into Ewing Oil following the BD Calhoun affair. JR would use anything and everything available to him that that would have included a Christopher that was his. Besides JR seems to be quite proud of flushing Barnes out of the hen house so he wouldn’t let Bobby have Christopher in order to help Pam.
    I’d even be a bit uneasy if the tanker Pam crashed into all those years ago turned out to be a Ryland tanker. The only reason Harris is a Ewing nemisis today is Ann. Period. Tying him to pre-Ann history would be lazy story writing.
    There I’ll step away from the revisionist history rant now.

    I still like Katherine Wentworth as heavily involved. You don’t have to rewrite any history to make that happen. Now I’m pretty sure Morgan Brittany will not be on screen tonight. That would have been a secret too hard to keep. A stand in absolutely would have had to be used to prevent spoilers. But if you use a stand in tonight never giving the stand in a clear camera shot and bring back real deal in season three, that kind of misdirection I’d have no problem with. And if Katherine did it, that could explain the final look on JR’s face. Seeing Katherine for the first time in decades with a gun in her hand could easily illicit that reaction. JR may have been fearing for his life, but that doesn’t mean his number one suspect did it.

    I still say if Cliff is involved he didn’t do it personally. The Don Cliff we know know doesn’t get his hand personally dirty. He has people for that.

    I still say my pet Carmen theory is possible but I don’t believe it as much as I once did.

    Carlos Del Sol: It’s possible. He could be the Cliff trigger man. Then again while we all seem to think everything we see on this new show usually means something, but this plot pretty much dictates there has to be some red herrings. My gut says that is all he is.

    Finally could the gift gun be the one that killed Tommy. Maybe but only if the coroners linking the gun planted by Cliff early this season wasn’t the one that killed Tommy. But that is possible. I might suggest it could also be the gun that killed Rebbaca Sutter but I don’t know how that will tie to everything else.

    In the end I don’t have a theory right now I’m personally embracing. I can color anything I think of with doubt. I guess I’ll just sit back and enjoy tonight.

    • I have to agree with the idea that J.R. would have long ago used the fact that Christopher was his son (if that were the case). I also agree that J.R. wouldn’t have treated John Ross like his son had the paternity still been in question – especially if he knew Cliff was the father.

      Also, at this point what does it serve to change Christopher and John Ross’ fathers up? Christopher is always going to call Bobby his dad. He’s know his entire life that they aren’t biologically connected. I doubt that would change anything now (except that he’d be a blood Ewing). Actually, that would turn the tables on his relationship with John Ross…or at least level the playing field.

      • You make a good point, gwh3. I think reversing the parentage would be a surprising twist, but I’m not sure it would really alter the balance of power on the show.

    • I agree that Katherine would be a fitting, elegant solution. If it turns out we’ve been mislead by Ms. Brittany and/or Ms. Cidre, I won’t complain. And you’re right, Dan. Frank’s suicide wasn’t all that voluntary. Good point. Thanks.

  5. I have heard this theory for sometime… and while it’s not totally outrageous, I still believe that Katherine Wentworth killed J.R. Your theory does sound like something J.R. would do… and the whole thing makes good J.R. sense… but I believe someone else did Ol’ J.R. in. Well, less than 8 hours ’til showtime.. guess we’ll know soon!

  6. I know I’m way out of left field but the woman Christopher stops in the promo looks a lot like Mary Crosby (Kristin Shepard). Bum told Christopher JR was searching for his mother and it was Bobby who said Pam. Bum didn’t say anything. Aannddd it was Cliff Barnes who pulled Kristin out of the Ewing pool back in the day. If she was supposedly high on drugs, maybe her heartbeat couldn’t be detected or something.

    • Brandon Childers says:

      love it, when my grandma watch the promo she said “Kristen!”
      so we will see

    • Could be, Sandy. We’ll know soon.

    • I never liked the way Kristin was written off the show. It felt like her demise was rushed so Pam could adopt Christopher. Another reason I wouldn’t mind it being Kristin is so everyone can stop thinking Christopher and Pamela Rebecca are blood relatives.

      • Sorry it took me so long to respond, Sandy. I agree: Kristin would’ve been a fun choice but I’m satisfied with the way things worked out.

      • Brandon Childers says:

        I was hoping it would be Kristen, and I thought it was going to be, because Patrica if I remember correctly was Sue Ellen and Kristen’s mom’s name. But I am happy that it happened the way it did, and I do think killing Pam off once and for all was the right choice. They could always bring back Jenna.

        Since Cliff is in prison, and JR, Pam, Jock, and Miss Ellie are dead, I kind of want Ray to become a regular on this Dallas, or maybe even Lucy. Anyone agree

      • Brandon, I’m all for bringing back Ray and Lucy on a regular basis.

  7. Brandon Childers says:

    See what i thought about the letter attached to the gun was. the gun used to kill JR, and he was saying use this against cliff, JR never killed anyone and he wouldn’t tell his son to kill anyone, because he wouldn’t be there to get him out of it. If Katherine is how did she die, she is younger than Bobby and he is sixty on Dallas. I believe Carmen has something to do with it, because in an interview before season 2 started they said Carmen’s back story will be revealed.

    Carmen the cook, widow, and mother of two is not a likely suspect to kill JR, but what if it was Carmen the cook, widow, and mother of two by day, and JR’s spy by night. What if she worked for Cliff or Harris. I am saying there could be something we don’t know about Carmen, and once we find out it may be obvious that she is the killer.

    people keep asking why are they exhuming JR’s body, what if it is Katherine’s and when they open it there are a bunch of sand bags in it.

    I am going to love it because not only are the Ewing’s going to get Ewing Energies back and steal Barnes Global from Cliff, they are going to get Ewing Oil back.

    • It looks to me like it’s J.R. body that’s being exhumed, Brandon. I didn’t even address that in this post because I couldn’t figure out why that might happen. I’ll be curious to see what that twist is all about.

  8. Katherine wouldn’t have left Cliff anything, she hated him for taking part of her father’s company and she had most of everything when she left. What if Cliff has been her puppet because she couldn’t come back and she is now able to?

  9. as i explained in an earlier post,i totally think its Judith! for nostalgic reasons,id like it to be Katherine but as many people have pointed out that the newer viewers wouldnt know who she was other than being mentioned so it wouldnt be a shocker..Judith however is well known on the current series and though shes been important to some of the storyline shes not so important that they couldnt do without her…so im going with my gut and saying its Judith!!

    • Todd – Your Judith theory makes more and more sense to me. I am abandoning Carmen as a suspect and putting it on Judith! There are plenty of clues that point to Judith. I also think she will get away with it.

    • Judith could be cool, but I think it could also be odd. J.R. and Judith never had a scene together. On the other hand, having the Ryland matriarch kill J.R. would be a great way to elevate the Rylands as Barnes-level foes.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Good theory although I can’t see them pinning the murder on Cliff. It’s to obvious. Where’s the big surprise? Bobby went to the hospital and got Christopher’s birth records and tracked down Farly? Farly admitted Kirsten gave birth and the son was still born, and had another boy(Christopher with Farly) to continue getting JR to pay Kerstin. Kerstin died, and Farly sold the baby to Bobby. I can’t see that being the storyline. I feel BUM, the detective who JR totally trusted, somehow was working for Cliff and relaying information to Cliff all along. I think it was BUM on instructions by Cliff to kill JR.

  11. I am still going with Cliff as my number one suspect. And even if it turns out to be him…..I am going to be shocked that they would dare to have him do it. After 35 years of being accused of being the culprit every time something bad happened to a Ewing and after 35 years of never being the culprit….I think Cliff is going to be the wolf bride. I think the reason will turn out to be he somehow got wind that JR found out some crazy information about him….and finally couldn’t take it or he really believes that no one would ever, ever really think after all the years he would finally kill his worst enemy. I do think Cliff has become twisted and extremely paranoid over the years. His reversal over letting go of past sins a d his recent behavior indicates someone who has slowly went over the edge mentally.

    My second choice is Harris Ryland. He too has secrets. I also don t believe that Harris has any problems with violence of any sort. He has shown an acute propensity for violence. He didn’t even blink at the thought of terrorizing his own daughter by brutally beating her boyfriend. His motivation is the same as Cliff’s will be. To squash JR before he revealed Ryland’s secret which is the smuggling. Ryland killed out of simple necessity and is just a truly amoral person.

    I do think that Ryland is smuggling drugs. There have been too many hints about his business. We know he had Vickers change out the load because he was onto the Ewings watching him. I think the shoes themselves might contain the drugs in the heels or something. Not all of the shoes are drugs.

    I am still at a loss as to who actually is in Switzerland. I have postulated Katherine, Pam, or an I poster…..I can argue for any of the 3.

    I do wonder if Drew is going to make it out alive. I really hope so, I do like the character and the actor. He has made a good impression on me.

    I think The triad of evil are going to turn on each other like savage dogs. It is going to be fun to watch. All 3 are great to watch…..

    I cannot wait to see how the Ewings pull off JR’s masterpiece. I cannot wait to see his plan in full.

    have been on pins and needles for days waiting for tonight’s finale. I cannot believe it is a mere 30 minutes away.

    The master junkyard of Dallas is dead. Long live his master plan and his legacy of cunning trouble and fun!!!!!

  12. Tanner Young says:

    Oh my god. You nailed it.

    • Well, kind of. I had all the pieces but didn’t quite put them together. I didn’t think the people who make the show would have the courage to deliver a J.R.-killed-J.R. twist. I’m glad they did.

  13. Omg…Chris I bow to you ….you call it. And I thought I wouldn’t buy it…….but actually it is very satisfying…..only JR could take down JR

    • Thanks Hel. I didn’t think the people who make the show would have the courage to make J.R. the shooter, but I’m glad they did. It was really the only way to go.

  14. uh im letdown. i was on pins and needles the whole time until they revealed who really killed JR… im sorry but its a cop-out of major proportion.. certainly,the writers couldve come up with a better ending for him than that… having Cliff as JRs killer wouldve been fitting or even Ryland but having Bum do it under pretense of framing Cliff is just stupid. i have loved this season immensely but now i feel like ive wasted my time being invested in a lame plotline.. even if i believed JR would do himself in to frame Cliff, i dont believe for a minute that Bobby would go along with it. if for no other reason, Bobby would have told the truth because hes always taught Christopher to be a honest person etc.. yes i know Cliff killed Pamela’s babies and maybe thats justification to a degree but even so Bobby was going along with JRs masterpiece before the rig explosion so its just not plausible to me. i know people have been predicting the “JR doing himself in” possibility for awhile but i just couldnt fathom it. when i rewatch these episodes later,ill stop after they arrest Cliff and thatll be the ending for me. this season finale seems an awful lot like the final season ending of the original series so it makes me wonder if they really are planning on bringing it back for another season….

  15. Wow….I loved the finale. And I loved the set up for Season 3. Wow….loved that JohnRoss was working with Emma!
    Elena controls 1/3 of Ewing Global and is most likely against the family. John Ross is using PR and Emma to control 1/3 of EG and probably Ryland Industries. Sue Ellen has the Governor in her pocket. Cliff is in jail. And Bobby followed JR’s plan and framed him to get him there. Will he stay? Who the hell is Joaquin?

    I am glad that we finally after 24 years got closure in the Pam story. I am sure that it will start a firestorm among some diehard Pam fans. But honestly, the writers of the original series mangled that story…..I am glad that Cidre closed the book. The character deserved an ending instead of a big question mark. It didn’t bring Pam back …but it did redeem the character. She died, but she died loving Chris and wanting to be back in his life. Christopher deserved to know the truth. Ay other ending where she was alive would mean that she purposefully let Chris go on believing she just abandoned him and didn’t really loved him. BTW….Jesse sold those scenes. He was so good.

    The graveside scene with the guys…..made me cry.

    Off to rewatch the finale!

  16. I LOVED the ending!! “Only JR could take down JR” was one of the best lines of the night, and JR got Cliff Barnes one last time from the grave!! Kudos to the writers for doing justice to the memory of JR Ewing AND Larry Hagman! GREAT job!!
    NOW….. what is going to happen with the land….. Did Bum exist in the original series? I don’t remember him…

  17. And that’s wrap. I’m done. The idiots who write this show ruined J.R. Ewing, by starting off with him broke and in a Nursing Home, and they’re Hellbent on ruining John Ross. He and Pamela Rebecca were the ONE saving grace this show still had without Hagman (R.I.P.), and they’re already messing that up?!?

    Don’t get me wrong, I know that “Happily Ever After” doesn’t make for compelling TV, especially a Soap Opera like Dallas. So I didn’t expect them to be perfectly in bliss forever. In fact, the potential for explosiveness between these two was one of the great appeals of this couple. I wanted to see them have conflicts, in the context of business, where they want to one-up each other and compete, while still being in love, but not cheating, that’s so cliche.

    I mean damn, this couple was the ONE saving grace of the series. And they couldn’t let them last one full episode before they reveal John Ross is cheating?!? This goes against everything we’ve seen about the way his feelings developed for her over the season! It frakkin sucks.
    As far as I’m concerned, the REAL Dallas ended with “J.R. Returns”. This new series is just some bizarre Star Trek Mirror Universe junk that I won’t waste any further time on.

    • I’m really sorry to hear you didn’t like the show, J.R. I enjoyed it, but I understand what you’re saying. I’ll be transitioning back to classic “Dallas” coverage soon. I hope you’ll stick around and share your comments on those posts. I always enjoy reading your input. Thanks again.


  18. Best part of the finale was the their finally unveiling the JR painting. It was about time, I’ve been waiting for it since he died. Now, where did the Jock painting go? Obviously, the original one is in the entrance area to Larry Hagman’s house but couldn’t they get it back or use the duplicate from the museum and put it next to JR’s at Ewing Energies? It would be quite appropriate and symbolic as a way to say that they are back in business. After all, JR did say to John Ross once that Ewing Oil is wherever that painting is.

    • Russ, apparently there is a legal issue with the estate of Jim Davis. I wish it would get resolved so the Jock portrait could return. I like the idea of a J.R. painting but I didn’t like the one revealed at the end of the “Dallas” season finale.

      • Brandon Childers says:

        I read that heir of Jim Davis doesn’t want to lend the painting to the show, because they wanted to keep it at home, plain and simple, maybe just a sentimental thing. Not sure if that is true though.

        They may also not have it in the budget to pay the painter of the Jock painting and the Davis family.

    • Dan in WI says:

      Actually Larry sold off the original Jock portrait 3-5 years ago. It’s current whereabouts are unknown.

  19. Tony (from Switzerland) says:

    I was thinking about so many times about, that John Ross could be Cliff Barnes son. It could be (after J.R.’s death) a interesting storyplot. I was watching recently the old episodes on DVD. And we saw that J.R. spoke to the doctor when Sue-Ellen and J.R. did bloodtest. We Know J.R. could have done anything.

    • Brandon Childers says:

      yes, but he didn’t want John Ross if he was Cliff’s, and he finally accepts him as his son after the blood test, if he still wasn’t sure because he paid off the doctor he wouldn’t have changed.

    • I’m glad the show didn’t pursue that possibility, Tony. John Ross is J.R.’s son, and that’s how it needs to remain.

      • Brandon Childers says:

        JR3 being Cliff’s son would be sucide. People can’t stand adoptive cousins Chris and Pamela, and still can’t get over half Uncle/Niece Ray and Lucy. Half siblings John Ross and Pamela, would turn off a lot of viewers.

        I think Cliff needs a son out there, Barnes women and Elena are not stupid enough to carry on a feud, he needs a son. Still would like to know why Christopher is more a Barnes did he realized.

      • Dan in WI says:

        Amen Chris.


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