#DallasChat Daily: What’s Bobby’s Worst Act?

Bobby Ewing, Dallas, Patrick Duffy, TNT

Bobby Ewing has been “Dallas’s” white knight for more than three decades, but he’s no stranger to the dark side. He pulled more than one dirty trick when he was battling J.R. for control of Ewing Oil, and there’s that whole business about framing Cliff Barnes for J.R.’s “murder.”

Your #DallasChat Daily question: What’s the worst thing Bobby’s ever done?

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  1. Kelley Tyler says:

    His wife Pam was the love of his life until Ewing Oil and his desire to beat JR changed his priorities.

    • Dan in WI says:

      First off I think you’ll get some who disagree Pam was the love of his life. They had a whirlwind romance capped off by a quickie wedding. Then they quickly found out in the first season they didn’t know everything about each other and that caused problems. They were seperated for a period in that season which would be during the first year of marriage. Then comes the fight for Ewing Oil leading to the first divorce. That is a tough one to pin entirely on Bobby. Being asked to choose between his father’s legacy and his wife, when he loves both, is not an easy thing to do. Pam didn’t show a tond of compromise or understanding on that one either. Here again this can be a sign they didn’t take enough time to get to know each other in the first place.

  2. Jennifer Irons says:

    I hate to say it but I think his worst act was not chasing after Pam when she first had her car accident and disappeared. He should have moved heaven and earth to find her or at least try to find her.

  3. sunnycd says:

    Considering how much I loved the dream season, coming back in the shower!

  4. When Bobby pretended to be his father Jock Ewing. He went to the mental health asylum and in order to find the location of information to save Ewing Oil. When Amanda Lewis saw Bobby she thought he was her husband Jock Ewing. Bobby went along with her delusion and pretended to be her husband just to extract information from this poor lady. Amanda Lewis is suffering from severe lifelong mental health illness and Bobby takes it upon himself to make her believe that her husband is still alive and that he in fact is her husband. Disgusting! Who knows what damage is done. All the years of therapy out the window. She will now tell the doctors that have invested a good deal of their time and resources to help her that her husband is not dead and in fact he is alive and visited her. As far as I know, Bobby never went back once to visit his father’s wife. He abandoned he in that asylum, just as Jock Ewing abandoned her. Sad. Shame on you Bobby.

    • Which season did this take place? I have the entire series on DVD, but haven’t watched them all. I’d like to see more of this story.

      • Jim, Bobby first visits Jock’s first wife in “The Wheeler Dealer” (Season 3, Episode 24). The Ewings visit her again in “Deeds and Misdeeds” (Season 8, Episode 28).

    • Dan in WI says:

      Wow. This is a tough one too. I don’t remember a ton about either meeting between Bobby and Amanda so maybe my facts are mixed up. What I remember about the first meeting was no intention to pretend to be Jock until Amanda made the mix up. What do you do then? You have a make a snap decision on the spot. Amanda was clearly not a well woman and it is very likely no matter Bobby would have said it might never had sunk in anyway. I can’t say I’d have made the right decision in his spot as I’m no physcologist either and would have been way out of my depth.
      As for the second meeting when info was mined: I remember less about that. I just remember never thinking twice about it. I don’t even remember if Bobby was looking for info for himself or the family as a whole…

      • I looked for the review of “Deeds and Misdeeds” and I see that it had not yet been reviewed. I will watch this episode when I have time tonight. I am more familiar with and was referring to “The Wheeler Dealer” episode.

    • wow i forgot about that epesode of Dallas.I could not Beleave what bobby did.

    • I don’t have a problem with that. Amanda was mentally off, Bobby was humoring her, If he’d denied he was Jock and tried to insist that he wasn’t, that would have been more cruel to the old woman, in my opinion.

      • I would agree with you if that was the primary reason. He humored her to get information. I do agree with you that it also would be cruel to not go along with her.

  5. I don’t remember much from the original but right now his treatment of Ann. Berating her for keeping secrets when he has his own. He’s a hypocrite.

  6. Dan in WI says:

    This really is a tough one. Selling Cliff up the river for a murder he didn’t commit is pretty bad. Then again I’ve had trouble with TNT Cliff from the word go. I still don’t buy him becoming the man he is today and Cidre has never offered any type of explanation. So I guess I’m not sure if it is another dream or not. It doesn’t feel real to this longtime Cliff fan.

    So what is the worst thing Bobby ever did that was believable? That too is tough. I never did enjoy seeing him taking any page out of JR’s blackmail playbook and it did happen more than once.

    I also thought it was quite unsettling when he was in that short lived relationship with the Pam look alike when he had something good going with April at the time.

  7. Michelle says:

    His sting on Walt Driscoll in the original series

  8. Framing Cliff for J.R.’s murder was the worst in my opinion. But like Dan in WI says, Cliff was not the same person he was in Dallas 1.0. It’s almost like you have to seperate the two series because ALL of the characters are different from who they were in the original. Example: If Pam died in 1989 as Dallas 2.0 would have us believe, she definitely would have written a letter to Bobby like she did for Christopher explaining her reason for running away, her love for him, etc. The fact that Dallas 2.0 just disregarded the deep love that they had for each other in the original series and kind of blew that whole issue off with a one liner from Bobby telling Sue-Ellen ” I made my peace with that long ago” seemed unrealistic and again, another opportunity for Cidre and her writing team to bend and mold the old show to fit into their vision. Could you imagine if Victoria Principal did join new Dallas? What would that do to the story? Would Cliff still be gunning for the Ewings like he has been? Would Bobby frame Cliff is he was still married to Pam? Would Pamela Rebecca be a stranger to Pam & Bobby? Probably not. The whole story would have to be changed, which makes me think maybe they didn’t invite Victoria back because then they would have to change the whole outline of the new series.

    But back to Bobby – His worst deed in the original series – probably black-mailing Walt Driscoll. The series of events that occured because of that was devastating for many people. J.R. left Walt in jail, which then made Walt go crazy and seek revenge by trying to run J.R. off the road, but instead he hit a drunk Sue-Ellen with Mickey in the car, causing Mickey to be paralyzed and then lose his life – by Ray pulling the plug in the hiospital and being arrested for killing Mickey. Walt committed suicide because of what he’d done, and I believe it was the start of Pam & Bobby’s problems that lead to their divorce.

  9. Setting Cliff up for JR’s ‘murder’, pretty low, considering how they actually got on previously

    • To be fair, Bobby did give Cliff an out. Cliff refused. All Bobby asked is that Cliff tell the truth about the rig explosion and Cliff refused. Yes, Bobby did help frame Cliff for murder, this is true. Bobby went to J.R. for help with Harris Ryland and J.R. gave his life, to help his brother because he knew that his family would not have a chance against Ryland and Barnes unless his “Masterpiece” is successful. Bobby knew this and also convinced everyone else to go along with setting up Cliff. You can not deal with people like Harris Ryland and Cliff Barnes by being nice and playing fair. Yes it is a low blow to send to prison in Mexico for a crime they did not commit, so I do agree with you on that point.

  10. Cliff did murder his grandkids in Pamela’s womb so Brother Bobby, the other grandpa had every right to do Cliff in & set him up.

    • Yes! I’ve been reading these comments, waiting to see if the folks who are complaining about Cliff being framed would mention this. Okay, so Cliff might not have killed J.R., but he did order that explosion, which could have killed several people including his own daughter and did lead to his daughter having a miscarriage. And then he had the man who set the explosion killed. So either way Cliff belongs in prison.

      Now, I agree with some others here, that I hate the way that Cliff has been written on this new show, they’ve made him pure evil with no logical explanation why, but in this context I don’t have a problem with him being in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, when he did commit other crimes.

  11. This is easy, the biggest mistake Bobby ever made was his decision to try for “something more” and leave the show to broaden his career which resulted in a thunderous thud. BTW – to all Producers going forward…stop “killing” characters off of shows…there are a zillion reasons that a character can leave a show…when you “kill” them off you eliminate their ability to come back…unless you’re Dallas, and then you do something real silly like a dream season. In Season 2 (TNT) during JRs funeral – that must have marked the only time in history that 2 brothers have buried each other, and were at each other’s funeral…lol

    A lot of people seem to think Bobby did something wrong where Pam was concerned. Opinions vary, but I’ve seen every episode ever filmed, and Pam was the most uptight, self righteous character on the show. She failed in so many ways to support Bobby that it was maddening. I found myself yelling at her on the TV on numerous occasions when during her numerous lectures for Bobby. Not a supportive wife folks, and Bobby was far better to her than she was to him.

    • Excuse me but Bobby Ewing was a lot of things but a supporting husband he wasn’t! Bobby was willing to leave his new bride alone with his family and he knew they hated her (just so he could go to Austin and pimp for EO). Then he seems completely irrational about Pam having a job and berates her for even thinking about it. Then Bobby becomes obsessed with power and practically forgets that Pam exists after JR was shot. Then Bobby again puts Pam at the back of his mind and even shows no interest whatsoever in supporting Pam with her search for her mother! That was cowardly, selfish and pathetic of Bobby!

      When Pam doesn’t support Bobby it’s usually because Bobby is up to no good or completely ignoring Pam. For instance when he’s obsessed with power, blackmailing Hicks with hookers and blow, putting a gun in Walt’s briefcase, buying a baby, etc.

  12. The worst thing he did was when he was initially willing to go along with adopting Christopher without telling anyone that J.R. was Christopher’s father. Sure, they later found out that J.R. wasn’t the father (supposedly) but in the beginning Bobby thought he was. Sure, you can partially excuse him because it wasn’t he original intention, and he only went along with it because of Pam’s reaction when she saw the baby, and she’d been suffering severe depression before that so he didn’t want to hurt her. But the fact remains, Bobby was going to steal what he thought was his own brother’s son.

    I’ve mentioned this before here, everyone always criticizes J.R. because when he found out about Christopher he tried to blackmail Bobby to let him control Ewing Oil, in exchange for J.R.’s silence on the matter, which is trading his own son for business. And that’s pretty low, but I point out that Bobby was just as bad.

  13. Framing Cliff for JR’s murder

  14. The worst act is not moving heaven and earth to find Pam after she disappeared, that was unlike Bobby or maybe it was a way for the creators to stick it to Victoria( her /Pam’s role importance to the show) because she refuse the money and left. Bobby framing Cliff was not bad because Cliff deserved it if he could not be charged with killing the babies which he did then the frame for JR’s murder serves as justice!!!! If Cliff was capable of hurting his child and grandchildren imagine what he would have done next, Cliff deserved to go to prison by any means necessary. Bobby did some wrong things in the fight for Ewing Oil but nothing worst that what JR and Cliff had done.

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