#DallasChat Daily: Which Gal Should’ve Married Bobby?

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Bobby Ewing has dated many women on “Dallas,” but not all of them got to marry him. For every Pam Barnes who makes the cut, there’s a Jenna Wade who doesn’t. In retrospect, which girlfriend deserved to become a Bobby bride?

Was it Jenna, who had a bad habit of leaving him at the altar? How about Tammy Miller, the old flame who briefly reunited with him after his divorce from Pam? What about lobbyist Kay Lloyd, or pool hustler Tracey Lawton, a.k.a. Tracey McKay? There’s also Pam lookalike Jeanne O’Brien and young Jory Taylor, as well as the gals Bobby dated during the “Dallas” reunion movies — friend-of-Afton Julia Cunningham and friend-of-J.R. Jennifer Jantzen.

Your #DallasChat Daily question: Which girlfriend should have married Bobby?

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  1. Dan in WI says:

    None of the above. I’m going to stay consistant with what I said yesterday. April was the right one and that should have happened sooner. She would likely still be alive today if their honeymoon to Paris hadn’t occurred when it did.

  2. sunnycd says:

    The most logical choice – Kay. The most twisted – Jeanne.

  3. Anonymous says:

    since the series began in the 70’s,it started off with bobby and pam,and it remain like that for number of years,despite the number of people that came and went in both their lives. however,there is one lady that was never given a real chance,it was over,before it began,and I am talking about april stevens. she may have done a lot of bad things,but she cleaned up her act,started dating bobby and eventually she married him. during their honeymoon however,she was kidnapped,shot and killed,at the end,and bobby grieved for the longest time. now years later he married again.

    so my answer would be april stevens.

  4. If Brother Bobby had married Mackay’s daughter Tracey this supposed grandkid on DALLAS:TNT would have never existed. Mackay had no grandkids & I thought of Tracy as 3rd class & a tad to nightclubish & skanky. The answer is Bob should have married the 3 ladies he did. He needed their qualities each of the times he married them.

  5. Jennifer Irons says:

    None of them!!

  6. Good question… I admit that anyone else beside Pam as Bobby’s wife or girlfriend appears to me like “it wasn’t meant to be”. (I don’t know the new series too well yet so I can’t really say anything about Ann at this point.)
    I also admit my memory isn’t functioning too well… I don’t recognize some of the ladies in the pictures! Can anyone help me? I recognize Jenna, Jeanne, Tracey, and Tammy. But who are the other four?
    Thanks! 🙂

  7. People are commenting on how April never had a chance because she was killed off, but I would have loved to see Bobby and Pam stay together after their 2nd marraige forward and Pam not get killed off. Just imagine how different TNT’s Dallas would be today if Bobby and Pam were still together. That said, out of the choices above, I think Bobby had the best shot with Kay. She was smart and sexy and they really seemed to have chemistry together. Jenna would have been ok if Pam never came back into the picture. Once he jilted her to marry Pam a 2nd time, there was no reconciling for those two. Everyone else on that list never would have worked.

  8. Thank you, Cris!
    Now I have to admit I don’t have a clue who Jory, Julia and Jennifer were… I vaguely remember that towards the end of the series there was a young girl (Jory?) who liked Bobby a lot and even thought she was his daughter, or something like that? Or am I completely on the wrong track now?…

    • Bobby being romanced by a woman who might be his daughter. Oh my, wouldn’t that been scandalous!

      Kay Lloyd (Karen Kopins) is the Washington insider who helped Bobby win back the “Ewing Oil” name during Season 11. Jory Taylor (Deirdre Imershein) is the daughter of Hillary Taylor (Susan Lucci), the woman responsible for April’s death in Season 14. Julia Cunningham (Rosalind Allen) and Jennifer Jantzen (Michelle Johnson) are the women Bobby romanced in the “J.R. Returns” and “War of the Ewings” reunion movies.

      Hope that helps. Thanks again for reading and commenting.


  9. LOL, yes, a girl romancing Bobby who might be his daughter would have been scandalous indeed. But then, in the world of soap operas, there can’t be anything scandalous enough, right? 😉 …
    Still, I’m wondering what gave me the idea… Maybe Bobby told Jory because of her young age he would think of her rather as a daughter than as a girlfriend? Something like that… *scratching my head* Oh well!
    As for the others: Ah, I see – I’ve never watched the Dallas reunion movies, so I hadn’t heard of Julia and Jennifer before. Kay I remembered only vaguely.
    Thank you again, Chris!

  10. Out of these choices in the photos. Definitely Jenna. She was his first love and loved him so much. Besides he seemed to love her a great deal, even though he picked Pam over her.

  11. Maryann says:

    These actresses look bland, boring and not that beautiful (Brenda/Ann included) compared to Victoria Principal/Pam. When Pam left Bobby really went downhill in his taste for women didn’t. I didn’t like April or her with Bobby but to me she was second best to VP/Pam,

  12. Anonymous says:

    Bobby’s taste in women went downhill after he lost Pam. They are a far cry from Pam, not that beautiful and not classy or look like Bobby’s type. I mean if they were looking to replace Pam/ or find another great love for Bobby they could of picked better looking actresses!!! I am talking about the other women except for Jenna.

  13. Kay Lloyd was the best of those pictured. I hated Jenna, she was so whiney and annoying. Tracey Lawton and April were no where near good enough for Bobby. I was shocked by both of those choices and didn’t believe Bobby would have been attracted to either one of them. Tracy was cheap and trashy looking and April was too hard looking. I don’t know who the bottom left hand woman is. There is only one and only Pam, the show went down hill after Victoria P left. Kay Lloyd and the Pam lookalike are the only ones I can see Bobby being genuinely attracted too. I never liked Bobby and Jenna together. No chemistry at all.

    • Thanks for your comments. The women on the bottom row are, from left to right: Julia Cunningham, Bobby’s love interest in the 1996 reunion movie “J.R. Returns,” and Jennifer Jantzen, the woman he dates in the 1998 film “War of the Ewings.”

  14. Willie Ginyard says:

    I’m of the belief that regardless of meeting several fantastic women throughout the course of your life, there’s always that one that is really destined to be your eternal true love. Pam was the one for bobby regardless of their struggles. They were the REAL DEAL, and at the end of the day if i’m bobby and the love of my life passed on (if she’s really deceased), that’s a rap for me. I won’t try again. That’s my take on it.

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