‘Which Ewing Dies?’ New Clues Emerge in ‘Dallas’s’ Mystery

Ann Ewing, Brenda Strong, Christopher Ewing, Dallas, Elena Ramos, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo, Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing, TNT, Which Ewing Dies

There’s still no telling which Ewing will die during “Dallas’s” third-season finale, although executive producer Cynthia Cidre offered a helpful hint when she told Dallas Decoder the death will be storyline-driven. So whose demise would yield the most drama? Here’s how the loss of certain characters might affect the storytelling.

Ann Ewing, Brenda Strong, Dallas, TNT, Which Ewing Dies

Please don’t go, girl

Ann Ewing. Even if Bobby brings Ann and Emma home from Mexico, the gals may not be out of danger. Suppose there’s a final clash between the Ewings and the cartel and Ann gets caught in the crossfire? What if Bobby holds Harris and Judith responsible for her death and embarks on a quest for revenge? It would add another dimension to the Ewing/Ryland feud while evoking the last season of the original show, when April was murdered and Bobby became obsessed with getting revenge. Of course, Bobby’s anger after Ann’s death would probably pale in comparison to the rage Brenda Strong’s fans would feel if “Dallas” kills off Ann — and can you imagine how upset they’ll be when Bobby starts dating again? (You know he will. It usually doesn’t take Bob long to mend a broken heart.) Even though Ann’s death could open new storylines for Patrick Duffy, it would be sad to see “Dallas” lose Strong, a marvelous actress and one of the show’s biggest boosters on social media. Nevertheless, like KSiteTV points out, our beloved Annie might be the likeliest to go.

Christopher Ewing, Dallas, Jesse Metcalfe, TNT, Which Ewing Dies

Like father, like son?

Christopher Ewing. If the thought of watching Bobby lose yet another wife doesn’t put a lump in your throat, imagine what it would be like to see him lose a son. Dropping Jesse Metcalfe from “Dallas” would be shocking, although the show would undoubtedly send Christopher out in a blaze of glory. Suppose Nicolas runs afoul of the Mexican drug lord El Pozolero, who retaliates by ordering a hit on Elena — only to have Christopher take the bullet for her? It would be this “Dallas’s” version of Bobby pushing Pam out of the path of Krazy Katherine’s car, minus the “it was all a dream” twist. Once again, Bobby might blame the Rylands for bringing the cartel into the Ewings’ lives and seek revenge, giving Duffy a powerful storyline next year. Christopher’s death could also allow “Dallas” to introduce a grown-up version of Lucas, Bobby’s biological son with Jenna — and not a moment too soon. Now that Pamela, Elena and Emma have all taken turns in John Ross’s bed, aren’t the “Dallas” leading ladies going to be in the market for some fresh beefcake?

Dallas, Elena Ramos, Jordana Brewster, TNT, Which Ewing Dies

Adios, Elena?

Elena Ramos. Cidre told Dallas Decoder the character who dies is named Ewing, adding, “It’s a Ewing we know well.” This would seem to rule out Jordana Brewster’s character — unless there’s a quickie wedding between Christopher and Elena during the season finale and Elena kicks the bucket shortly thereafter. It’s true the show has set the stage for Elena to be at the center of a “who’s the daddy?” pregnancy storyline, now that she’s bedded both Nicolas and John Ross while using her Swiss cheese diaphragm. But what if all that pregnancy business is a decoy to throw fans off the Elena death trail? In Cidre’s Ultimate Dallas interview, she coyly hinted the pregnancy storyline won’t play out the way the audience expects. Could that mean it won’t play out at all? Whatever the case, as much as I like Brewster, killing off Elena could be an efficient way to get rid of the Ramoses, whom many vocal fans never warmed to. Think about it: Now that Drew is dead and Carmen has quit working for the Ewings, what’s left for Elena to do?

Dallas, Julie Gonzalo, Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing, TNT, Which Ewing Dies

Gone, darlin’, gone?

Pamela Barnes Ewing. Now here’s a death that would truly suck. Julie Gonzalo and her character are hugely popular, especially among fans who are clamoring to see John Ross and Pamela get back together. But what if the Bobby/Ann scenario described above happens instead to John Ross and Pamela? Suppose she dies tragically at the hands of the cartel, setting John Ross off on a mission to destroy Nicolas and/or the Rylands? What if Cliff blames John Ross for his daughter’s death and comes after him, creating a circle of vengeance? There’s also the Barnes/Ewing feud to think about. Does Cliff have other kids who might crawl out of the woodwork to do battle with the Ewings? Or what if — I can barely bring myself to write this — the show decides to drop the feud altogether? Pamela did declare it was over recently (although she also said her fight with John Ross is just beginning). I can’t imagine “Dallas” without these two families squabbling, but don’t forget the title of this season’s final hour: “Brave New World.” Could that be the biggest hint of all?

Bobby Ewing, Dallas, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, Linda Gray, Sue Ellen Ewing, TNT, Which Ewing Dies

No, nope, nada

Bobby, Sue Ellen or John Ross Ewing. I refuse to entertain the thought of any of these three characters dying. It also seems unlikely the show would kill off a beloved character from the original “Dallas.” It’s hard enough to imagine losing Ann, Christopher and Pamela! If pressed, I guess I could envision a scenario in which … nope, sorry. Can’t do it.




Who do you think will die? Share your theories below and read more posts on Dallas Decoder’s “Which Ewing Dies?” page.


  1. My fear is they kill John Ross, so Pamela becomes 1/2 owner of Southfork .A Barnes owning Southfork. Elena is pregnant with John Ross’s child and gold digger that Elena is she will fight Pamela for thehalf the ranch.Christopher would side will Elena too.
    If Dallas kills John Ross I do not think I can watch any more.Josh Henderson has been so good.
    I real do not want to see Ewing’s die

  2. Hmmm. All likely scenarios. Why does anyone have to die at all? Geez. If Ann dies, I’m not watching anymore. No more dead Bobby wives. It’s getting old.

  3. “…now that she’s bedded both Nicolas and John Ross while using her Swiss cheese diaphragm…”
    LOL – great use of the word “bedded”.

  4. I am one of those fans who will not watch if Ann dies. I will never forgive Cidre if she does that.

  5. elena should be killed off,she never really fitted right in,a little off,so here is what happens,yes bobby recsues and brings back home ann,and emma. the cartels are not happy that Nicolas, screw up the plan,so they decide to go after the one person he is involved with from the start,elena,the cartel heads to southfork,to seek their revenage on Nicholas,there they see Nicholas,elena and john ross talking,and tells them she is pregnant,but does not know who the father is,nicholas thinks it is his,because he was the one started poking holes in her diaphragm,but young JR thinks it is his,because of the night they spent together in bed,in walks Pamela,she finds out that that john ross slept with elena,and now she is pregnant,mean while outside,the cartel hitmen are lining up for their shot,to take at elena,and no-one sees them,a shot rings out,nicholas is hit,another shot rings out,john ross is hit,the last one rings out,but this time Pamela gets in the way,she is hit,falls to the floor,and blood is pouring out,elena escapes uninjured,she calls 9/11 the police,ambulance and the rest of the ewings are there,the cartel men are captured,but they do not talk.meanwhile at the hospital,all the ewings are waiting for the news on john ross,nicholas,and Pamela,christopher runs in after hearing about the shooting at southfork,and see elena,he makes sure that she is safe,and is ok,they both realize that they are still in love with each other,dispite what has happen between them,they both declared their love for each and decide to get married right there at the hospital in the chapel,so they asked for everyone to attend,and the minister is there performing the ceremony,but no-one sees a shadow lurking around the corner,with a gun, the minister pronounces them husband and wife,elena becomes mrs.christopher ewing, shots rings out,not once,not twice,by the fourth,and fatal shot,elena goes down,and falls into christophers arms,where she dies,but no-one knows who shot her,we will not know until the next season,and it will be revealed as who shot elena.

  6. I really hope they don’t kill off Pamela. She is my favorite ingénue on the show and her chemistry with John Ross is red hot. John Ross and Pamela are this generation’s J.R. and Sue Ellen and it would be a huge, huge mistake to let her go. Pamela is also a legacy character and Cliff Barnes’ only child. As twisted as Cliff has become, it would be a big mistake for Cidre to not take advantage of Ken Kercheval’s talent in future storylines. The Ewings/Barnes feud should never end.

  7. Many fans would also be very upset if Bobby Ewing loses his son Christopher. I really hope that Cidre wouldn’t do that to his long-suffering character. If Bobby has to lose a son, couldn’t it be his never seen son with Jenna – Lucas?

  8. I don’t want anyone to die. There is a lot to do on this show, I Agree with everyone. Elena should go, or what about Emma, the little troublemaker, but everyone has some really good scenarios. Have to wait 24 hours

  9. I think Dallas may be losing money for TNT.

    The ratings are, at best, only mediocre and show NO sign of significant improvement. At the same time, the production costs, including a large cast, for each episode are probably enormous.

    It may be the ONLY way the show can be renewed for another year is for the production costs to be REDUCED. The easiest way to do that is to eliminate some of the big salaries of various cast members. Hence, one of the major stars will have to be killed off, while other cast members are written out of the show.

    Who goes and who stays? It might depend on their salaries.

  10. If these are the true choices, then I think it should be Elena!

  11. By process of elimination: not Bobby, Sue Ellen or John Ross for obvious reasons; not Pamela because she and John Ross will be the power couple the show needs; not Anne because she connects the Ewings & Rylands – a story line that will continue; that leaves Christopher or Elena. My money’s on Christopher: John Ross needs a stronger opponent as the show goes further and Bobby eventually dies, which opens the door for JR’s son James to come back in the picture. I don’t think anybody cares enough about Elena for her death to be much of a cliff-hanger; and she’s not a Ewing. I think the Ramos storyline will dry up and go away, as will Elena.

  12. Now C.B., did u ever think they might instead kill off ol’ Clifford Barnes, Attorney-At-Law? After all, he is the daddy-in-law to John Ross Ewing The IIIrd & the former daddy-in-law to Christopher Ewing! How about that as a curveball?

  13. This show hasn’t even been picked up for next year, so a major character death is not out of the question. If it does come back it will need a major shakeup to help with the ratings issues it has struggled with since Larry Hagman passed away.

  14. All I know it I cannot even put my head around on who is going to be killed off tonight, I thought John Ross would be safe but now I am having doubts, J.R. has other sons out there that Dallas could bring in to create some new fresh angels for story purposes, also sue ellen made a comment that should be an alcoholic until the day she dies HOLY COW I hope I am wrong on it possible being sue ellen. The possibilities are endless with who it could be, I have a feeling Carmen could be the one who is pulling the trigger in her revenge against the Ewings, her son dies because of J.R. so she kills J.R. son the suspense is driving me nuts

  15. i love Dallas ….I cannot belive it was Christopher I am devastated just hurt

  16. Aughhh! Nuts! This is another way of Dallas and it’s famous cliff hanger do thingy. After going back a few times, that wasn’t Christopher simply because he always wears his top clothing tacked in lol. OK here’s what I thought: Christopher went back around the store to look around or better yet he parked the car in front for Elena’s convenient and goes the bad guy mistaking the wrong car a Christopher 🙂 easy as pie

  17. Watched last night’s season finale. Just RIDICULOUS that Christopher was the target for “One Ewing Will Die!” What were the writers thinking! Should never have been a Ewing, but a “Dallas Character Will Die.” Christopher is such an important part of the show, superb actor and wow – so handsome!!!! His character offsets the devious side of John Ross (another superb actor). My opinion = Emma or Elena should have been eliminated if anyone must leave the show. Best scenario = keep all the characters and the writers could have come up with a far better “cliff-hanger” for the season finale than Christopher being eliminated. BAD MOVE INDEED! Not a good way to improve audience viewing! If Christopher does not return next season, watch for audience decline!

    • YES bad move on writers part killing off Christopher. Yep definite audience decline if he doesn’t return next season. Hope series is renewed. Yep should have been Emma! She’s not a significant addition to the show.

      • Total opinion of all my friends since watching the show, if Christopher was actually killed in the car explosion and does not return next season – NONE of us will be watching the new season. Stupid choice to eliminate Christopher!

  18. All I want to know is when the Fall Premier is ?

  19. I had a feeling it would be Christopher – my favorite character – for a few reasons. First, Christopher really wasn’t it too much this second half of the season and his plot lines with Heather were all solved quickly and he wasn’t given any new ones. Second, if you follow the cast on Twitter they are always mentioning each other and praying for another season, but none of them ever tagged Jesse Metcalfe in those posts because they knew he wasn’t coming back if the show is renewed.

    I thought his death terrible not just because I liked him, but because it was so out of character. Christopher is too much of a gentleman to let Elena, who is puking the bathroom, to leave her alone in a scary deli or wherever they were, and go sit in the car and leave her wondering around alone especially after she just tried to kill a drug lord who escaped. Also, clearly Nicholas’ order was to kill Christopher and not Elena so blowing up the car made no sense since they had no guarantee (or even the likelihood) that he would be in the car without her at any point.

    I have a feeling the show is going to go downhill from here. I think the reason Christopher was killed had more to do than Metcalfe wanting to leave than anything else. Apparently, he did not even want the role in the first place, he wanted John Ross and didn’t even think the show would be a hit. He only took the part because he found out the old cast was coming back.

    I think a better person to kill off would have been any of the women except for Sue Ellen and Emma. I do not like Ann at all as I feel her sole purpose for being on the show is to have a connection to more interesting characters like Harris and Emma. Elena grew on me, but I feel like her plots have peeked and without Christopher she has absolutely no connection with the Ewings (except for baby, maybe.) I can’t stand Pamela. Julie Gonzalo’s acting has really declined (she used to be fantastic) and now she really just delivers overdramatic one liners. Her death would have added another layer of interest to the Barnes-Ewing feud and possibly some tension between John Ross and Christopher and John Ross and Sue Ellen.

  20. I want more Dallas! I need my weekly dose to continue! I hope another network will pick it up!

  21. In fact no matter if someone doesn’t understand afterward
    its up to other people that they will help, so here it occurs.

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