Dallas Burning Questions: Season 3, Week 14

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Southfork showdown?

Here are the questions we’re pondering as we await tonight’s telecast of “Endgame” and “Brave New World,” the final episodes from “Dallas’s” third season:

Will Bobby rescue Ann and Emma? In the previous episode, “Boxed In,” Bobby (Patrick Duffy) learned about the kidnapping of Ann and Emma (Brenda Strong, Emma Bell) and devised a plan to secure their release. He persuaded his fellow railroad commissioners to approve an emergency drill near the Texas-Mexico border, hoping it will distract law enforcement long enough for the Mendez-Ochoa cartel to bring a train full of drugs into the United States. Bobby went to the Mexican “kill house,” where Ann and Emma are being held, and pitched his plan to Luis (Antonio Jaramillo), who said he’d go along with the scheme. Luis then threw Bobby a curveball, telling him he could take only one hostage home. Will Bobby really be forced to choose?

What will happen when Sue Ellen meets Judith? When Bobby embarked on his plan to bring Ann and Emma home, he received support from Harris and Judith (Mitch Pileggi, Judith Ryland). The publicity photos for tonight’s episodes show the Rylands at Southfork, where it looks like Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) and Judith will finally come face to face. This will probably be a low-key meeting between two understated, unassuming women, don’t you think?

What will happen to Ewing Global? After Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) moved into Elena’s old cottage on Southfork, she agreed to help John Ross (Josh Henderson) do his part to help save Ann and Emma. The estranged spouses went to Las Vegas, where Pamela charmed Nasir (Pej Vahdat), the sheik’s son, and persuaded him to give her and John Ross a huge loan. John Ross and Pamela’s plan: to make the cartel an offer it can’t refuse by buying in one fell swoop all the divisions of the company the gangsters are liquidating, piece by piece. Will the plan work?

Will Christopher rescue Elena? Elena (Jordana Brewster) was stunned when Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) confessed his connection to the cartel. Later, after Nicolas’s wife Lucia (Angélica Celaya) received the photographs her private eye snapped of Nicolas and Elena at their lakeside hideaway, Lucia agreed to tell Christopher where he’ll find her husband and Christopher’s ex-fiancée. Will Christopher arrive in time to save Elena? And why do the promos for tonight’s episode show Elena wielding a gun?

What brings Tracey back into Bobby’s life? Melinda Clarke, who made her “Dallas” debut a few weeks ago as Tracey McKay, one of Bobby’s ex-flames from the late 1980s, will appear during “Brave New World,” the second of tonight’s back-to-back episodes. Will she turn to Bobby to recover from the death of her nephew Hunter, or could she have something else in mind?

Which Ewing dies — and what’s J.R.’s secret? By now, everyone knows the “Dallas” producers are planning to kill a Ewing tonight. Showrunner Cynthia Cidre told Dallas Decoder the character will indeed be named “Ewing” and that the death will occur near the end of tonight’s finale. So who’ll be the victim? Perhaps equally importantly is this: According to TNT’s preview of the cliffhanger, “John Ross learns a shocking secret about J.R. that sends him halfway around the globe in search of a surprising new cohort.” What’s the secret, and who’s the cohort?

What “Dallas Burning Questions” are on your mind? Share your comments below and watch TNT’s “Dallas” tonight.


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  2. A Brave New World. Sounds more and more like the end of the Barnes Ewing feud. I hate to say it because Josh and Julie really are the best actors added to the show but it could be Pamela Rebecca that gets killed. What if all the I am a Barnes and my feud is just starting references are red herrings? What if a despondent Cliff puts a hit on Bobby for framing him and Pamela Rebecca ends up caught in the crossfire? The audience will forgive Bobby anything he’s done to Cliff now. In an instant Bobby is redeemed. John Ross gets Pamela Rebecca’s Ewing Global shares free and clear and she can’t claim ¼ of Southfork. Plus John Ross then gets to dispose of Cliff’s pardon.

    JR’s cohort? What if it is less someone who was working *with* JR and more someone working *against* Cliff. I was thinking a suddenly not so dead Katherine Wentworth, especially after the thing with the Prince and her emerald earrings in Las Vegas, but there is somebody else who it could be who I hadn’t considered before. Someone we have seen on Dallas TNT. A mother whose child was used by Cliff. What if it’s Afton? From the original show we know she married a wealthy guy and we don’t know that she ever married Cliff (do we?) Cliff had Pamela Rebecca spend two years chasing and then marrying her own cousin. This exposed her to the abusive Tommy who we know she ended up killing in self-defense. After JR’s death Cliff then caused the accident that ended up in the death of Pamela Rebecca’s twins, they are Afton’s grandchildren too! We can be sure this would motivate her to bring down Cliff, even without JR. Imagine how she’d react to Cliff also causing Pamela Rebecca’s death! It would be great to see Afton and Sue Ellen as enemies/allies trading barbs every week!

  3. Wouldn’t it be something if this cohort was Kathirene Wentwroth!!!!!!!!! She had a huge obsession with Bobby Ewing and also was a fling with J.R. What if she turned on cliff for wanting to destroy the Ewings because of the love for bobby so in secret she staged her death allowed cliff to think she was giving him her shares in barnes global and in turn was working in secret with J.R to take cliff down to honor her love for bobby, now that would be a great Dallas epic Twist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh gawd don’t let it be Brother Bobby again! Otherwise, Season III of DALLAS:TNT would also be have to be written off as a dream sequence which means the menage et trois at the Omni never took place!

  5. I would like to suggest a 20 question #DallasChat tomorrow. Seriously!!!

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