#SaveDallas: Where Will the Ewings Find a New Home?

If the effort to save “Dallas” succeeds — wait, I mean when it succeeds — where might the show find a new home? It isn’t clear if Warner Bros., the studio that produces “Dallas,” is shopping the series to other outlets. Warner Bros. hasn’t issued a statement since the #SaveDallas campaign began last week, and […]

‘Dallas’s’ Renewal Likely Depends on the Summer Ratings

“Dallas” could fit nicely with TNT’s new strategy to draw younger viewers by airing edgier programming, but the show’s future depends mostly on the strength of its ratings, industry observers say. For years, TNT focused on shows that appeal to older audiences, such as “Major Crimes” and “Rizzoli & Isles.” Last week, the cable network’s […]

9 Questions (and Answers) About ‘Dallas’s’ Future

“Dallas” fans have questions about the show’s future. Dallas Decoder has answers. 1. “Dallas’s” third season has reached its midpoint. How’s the show doing? Creatively, “Dallas” has never been better. The performances are top-notch, the writing is strong and the pacing has slowed down. The show no longer moves at the speed at light, making […]

Want to Help Boost ‘Dallas’s’ Audience? Here’s How

You love TNT’s “Dallas” and want the show to be a hit, right? Here are three things fans like us can do to help the series get the big audience it deserves: 1. Watch “Dallas.” If it sounds easy, that’s because it is. TNT shows a new episode every Monday night at 9, Eastern and Pacific […]

Drill Bits: ‘Dallas’ Returns to TNT — and So Do Viewers

“Dallas” returned for its third season on February 24 — and so did the TNT dramas’s loyal fans. The episode, “The Return,” drew 2.7 million viewers, matching the show’s audience average on Monday nights last year. “It was a big night of television and ‘Dallas’ held its own. That’s good news,” says Marc Berman, editor in […]

Drill Bits: ‘Dallas’ is Back! Now Start Tweeting, TV Expert Says

If “Dallas” fans want the TNT drama to stick around for a while, TV ratings expert Marc Berman has some advice for them: Start tweeting. The amount of buzz a show generates on Facebook, Twitter and similar sites is increasingly important to its chances of survival, says Berman, editor in chief of TV Media Insights, […]