The Dal-List: Kristin Shepard’s 13 Greatest Moments

Dallas Decoder kicks off its newest periodic feature, “The Dal-List,” with a look back at the 13 most memorable moments featuring “Dallas” vixen Kristin Shepard, played by the magnificent Mary Crosby. 13. Leaving Rudy. Feeling neglected by J.R. (Larry Hagman), Kristin turned to old flame Rudy Millington (Terry Lester) – and for a moment, it […]

Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘This is a Mistake?’

In “Sue Ellen’s Sister,” a second-season “Dallas” episode, Kristin (Colleen Camp) is in the Southfork swimming pool, lounging on a float, while Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) sits on the edge, dipping her toes into the water. KRISTIN: You know, I could spend the rest of my life here, Sue Ellen, instead of a few days […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 24 – ‘Sue Ellen’s Sister’

If Sue Ellen could go back in time and give her younger self a good talking-to, the conversation would probably sound a lot like the lecture she delivers to Kristin at the beginning of “Sue Ellen’s Sister.” In the scene, Kristin is resting on a float in the Southfork swimming pool and chatting with Sue Ellen, […]