‘Who Killed J.R.?’ New Suspects in ‘Dallas’s’ Mystery

Cliff Barnes, Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Katherine Wentworth, Ken Kercheval, Larry Hagman, Morgan Brittany, Pam Ewing, Victoria Principal

“Dallas’s” latest episode, “Guilt and Innocence,” didn’t offer many new clues in the “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery, but that doesn’t mean we can’t update our initial list of potential suspects. I’ve dropped Mitch Lobell and Carlos Del Sol (Richard Dillard, Castulo Guerra) as suspects since each character seems too obscure, along with Kristin Shepard (Mary Crosby), who seems too dead. Of course, any of them could be restored to the list as more clues emerge. I’ve also thrown some new names into the mix and divided everyone into three categories: “more likely” to be responsible for J.R.’s death, “less likely” and “who knows?”


Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?


J.R. Ewing. I’ve always felt with few exceptions, there’s only one character in the “Dallas” mythos who is “big” enough to take out J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman) – and that’s J.R. himself. No one believes he would turn suicidal, but what if he was terminally ill and decided to take advantage of his illness by hiring someone to shoot him, then framing one of his enemies for his “murder?” This might be where Carlos comes into play; maybe the Mexican billionaire helped J.R. pull it off. How do I explain the stunned expression on J.R.’s face before he was shot? I can’t. But I also can’t explain how Miss Ellie managed to take half of Southfork away from Bobby.

Cliff Barnes, Dallas, Ken Kercheval, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?


Cliff Barnes. Until recently, I wouldn’t have considered Cliff (Ken Kercheval) a likely suspect. He’s too pivotal to “Dallas.” But at the end of last week’s episode, “Ewings Unite!,” Cliff ordered henchman Roy Vickers to blow up the Ewing Energies methane rig, even though it endangered pregnant daughter Pamela, who ended up losing her unborn twins in “Guilt and Innocence.” This is even more heinous than when Cliff made Frank kill himself a few episodes ago. Now that Cliff has become a monster, it’s hard to imagine the show redeeming him. Maybe it won’t bother. Having him turn out to be J.R.’s killer might be the final nail in Cliff’s coffin.


Dallas, Harris Ryland, Mitch Pileggi, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?


Harris Ryland. Harris (Mitch Pileggi) hates the Ewings, but his ire has always been directed at Bobby and Ann. So why would he want to kill J.R.? Harris offered a clue in “Ewings Unite!” when he tells Vickers, his henchman, that he and Cliff want to “grind the Ewing clan under our boot heels. Now that J.R.’s gone, it’s gotten a whole lot easier.” Still, that doesn’t feel like a strong enough motive to me. There’s also this: “Dallas” has spent a lot of time grooming Pileggi as its new marquee villain, even elevating the actor to the opening credits. What kind of future would Pileggi have on the show if Harris turns out to be J.R.’s murderer?


Dallas, Katherine Wentworth, Morgan Brittany, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?


Katherine Wentworth. Yeah, I know. In “Ewings Unite!,” Bobby told Christopher, “Katherine’s dead.” That’s why I’m convinced she isn’t. Think about it: “Dallas” sometimes takes a pretty selective view of its past. (This isn’t always a bad thing.) So for Bobby to mention Katherine – by name – might mean something. One theory: What if Pam died and Katherine (Morgan Brittany) “stole” her identity? Suppose J.R., in his search for Pam, uncovered this scheme, so Katherine killed him to prevent her secret from getting out. Brittany told Dallas Divas Derby she hasn’t had contact with the show’s execs. Doesn’t mean that call won’t eventually come, right?

Dallas, Dr. David, Gordon, Josef Rainer, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?


Dr. David Gordon. At the end of “Guilt and Innocence,” Bobby received an update on the whereabouts of Pam, for whom J.R. was searching before his death. Bobby read the report aloud: “1989, with an unnamed man, presumably her husband, entered Abu Dhabi. Passports expired. No record of future travel.” Could this mystery man be Dr. David Gordon (Josef Rainer), the plastic surgeon who treated Pam after her accident? TV Guide reports “Dallas” will soon bring back Gordon. What if it turns out he married Pam, only to conspire with Cliff to bilk her out of her share of Barnes Global? If J.R. was on to him, could Gordon have killed J.R. to cover his tracks?

Dallas, Elena Ramos, Jordana Brewster, TNT, Who Killed J.R.


Elena Ramos. OK, this one requires explanation. We know the new “Dallas” loves to surprise viewers. I don’t know about you, but I almost never see the show’s twists coming. So what would be more shocking than if J.R.’s killer turned out to be a member of the core cast? I think we can rule out any of the Ewings, as well as Pamela, since she isn’t enough of a daddy’s girl to kill his oldest enemy. But what about Elena (Jordana Brewster)? She has no known motive, but she’s the only current “Dallas” leading lady who hasn’t shot someone yet. (Ann shot Harris, Pamela shot Tommy, Sue Ellen shot J.R. in ’88). Isn’t it time Elena had her turn at the trigger?

Who done it? Share your theories below and read more posts on Dallas Decoder’s “Who Killed J.R.?” page.


  1. Dan in WI says:

    Dr Gordon is an interesting idea. In cahoots with Cliff to bring Pam’s fortune under his control. But I see two problems here.
    1) Pam needs to live beyond the six months advertised at the time. The Cliff of that era never would have done that to Pam.
    2) I don’t think this would pass the Patrick Duffy Jaw Dropping ™ test. If I were Duffy I would have said “who?” with my best confused face. I confess to not even remembering the name of the character.

    • Good points, Dan. I don’t think Dr. Gordon is a strong contender, but I do think it’s worth considering him. Here’s hoping they’ll get the same actor to reprise the role.

  2. Jaime Ewing says:

    As much as I would love the culprit to be Katherine, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it turned out to be Frank. We never did see his dead body. What if the pill he took in the courtroom that day was one of those deep sedative drugs that slows the heartbeat down to the point where a pulse can barely be detected. Then, when Cliff claimed the body from the morgue, he awakened Frank and waited for the opportunity to have him kill J.R.?

  3. Your reason for Elena has me rolling. Thank you for the great laugh. Seriously. However, I agree we shouldn’t put it passed the show to have her do it.

    This version of Cliff…I just hate it. I never watched the two made for TV Dallas movies, so maybe they explain this big change in Cliff. This is not the Cliff Barnes I remember from the show. It seems like Katherine in a male body. I hate it, I really do. He was the villain with whom most of us could relate on some level.

    • Dan in WI says:

      The reunion movies were removed from cannon so they explain nothing. If they were still cannon they would explain even less because those had Cliff retiring and living happily ever after with Afton.

      I do like your comparing Don Cliff to Katherine. I hadn’t thought of that but it is apt.

    • Glad you enjoyed my inclusion of Elena. Someone pointed out that Emma hasn’t shot anyone either. Maybe I’ll have to include her in my next update.

      As far as Cliff: I like the new “evil” Cliff, but he crossed a line with his latest shenanigans. Regardless, I miss the old Cliff too.

      Thanks James!

      • I don’t know what to think of Emma. Good night, she just might be our next Katherine. Seriously, does she have any loyalty to anyone besides herself? Sadly, her grandmother may have trained her to treat people like objects more than I realized at first.

  4. I think the killer may tie into the Pam story (perhaps even Pam herself & Victoria’s statement is a smokescreen). Read the description for episode 13 and notice how they connect JR’s murder investigation to Bobby & Pam:

    13: Love & Family
    After the collapse of Ewing Energies, Pamela Rebecca has to deal with a difficult decision. While new suspicions about J.R.’s murder arise, Bobby resolves to confront his estranged ex-wife Pam.

  5. Carmen was in Mexico at the time. Elena was not in Mexico at the time. I am going to stick with Carmen as my main suspect. Camren wanted her daughter Elena to be with Christopher from the start of the show. Carmen can very well be working for Cliff Barnes. She had total contempt for J.R. Ewing.

  6. if they are bringing back Pams doctor then it will be part of the explanation of Pams new appearance when we see her again…or maybe something like that but i doubt he has anything to do with JRs death… i still think its Katherine. if it turns out to be JR;ill feel its a cop-out like the original series finale 😦 and if its Carmen then thats just as bad of a let-down.. i want it to be shocking and grand!!

    • joesiegler says:

      The original series finale was never intended to be an overall series finale. It was intended to just be another season finale like any other. I was still following closely at that time, and they said when they filmed that they didn’t know whether the series was coming back or not. If you were reading the news and interviews of the era, you would’ve seen this. It was not a hidden fact. One of them or more than one of them said at the time if they knew they were ending the series while they were still making that last series they would’ve changed the way it ended.

      Which brings up another point. If the new series invalidates the two reunion movies, did we ever get a chew explanation as to what happened with JR almost himself and the mirror and all that? There was direct dialogue about that in the JR returns reunion movie. But if that now did not happen, I don’t recall dialogue in the first TNT episode that addressed that scene. Am I forgetting something about that?

      • joesiegler says:

        That should be “did we ever get a new”, not “a chew”. Also “with JR almost shooting himself” and not “with JR almost himself” – stupid iPhone autocorrect. 🙂

      • Nope, the final scene of the original series has not been addressed on the TNT show. I guess we can assume ol’ J.R. shot the mirror. Hey, that makes me wonder: Could the “angel” Adam be behind his death? (Kidding.)

      • Dan in WI says:

        Now I don’t remember it this way at all. I wish I could remember a source to cite, but I remember reading an interview some years back that they new almost from final season word go that 13 seasons (as we numbered it back then) would be it.
        The interview I’m remembering told the story about the decision to kill off April Ewing. At the time Sheree Wilson was pregnant. Because they knew there were working on the last season, rather than write and shoot around her pregnancy they decided something to the effect of “what the heck, let’s just kill her off.” By the time Sheree gave birth production would be over so it wasn’t like they’d ever get another chance to shoot another non-pregnant April anyway. That is the explanation for Sheree being in the main credits all season even though she was killed pretty early.

        Now since I can’t find a source I’ll allow my memory could be making things up. But if I’m write they certainly would have known when shooting the “It’s a Wonderful Life” episode it was over. At any rate even with the reunion movies out of cannon now the shot the mirror thing still makes the most sense.

        So am I making this up? Does anyone else remember this?

    • If Victoria Principal is brought back to play Pam, she sure would look like she had plenty of surgery. It will be interesting to see how they bring Pam back. I suspect we won’t really know who will play Pam until season 3.
      It is hard to believe that J.R. would kill himself after going through years of depression. Until I find a better suspect, Carmen is my main focus,. We can keep bringing up old-timers as suspects. What about Dusty Farlow?

      • Dan in WI says:

        Jump> We don’t know for sure anybody will play Pam. The only thing Cidre promised was a definitive answer if Pam is dead or alive.

      • Yeah, I think I’ll take a look at Dusty and other old enemies during a future post. Thanks Jump!

    • I want it to be shocking and grand too, Todd. Let’s hope it happens.

  7. I think your first thought is right… I think the only person with enough “gall” to kill JR is JR! I think he “hired” someone to do it and I think the gun he gave John Ross has the “prints” of who he is setting up. I think the lady at the end of the clip for Monday’s episode (4/1/13) is Margaret Michaels (the “face” of Pamela Ewing in the one episode of the 12th season of the original series). I think if they bring Dr Gordon back, he and Pam would have gotten married and lived far away. I just can’t explain if Pam returning has anything more to do with why JR had himself killed or not… it may just be that they need the 1/3 interest to go to Christopher. I love this show!

  8. i think that woman in the preview is Rebecca Sutter but why would they bring her back? maybe she is the killer? i cant imagine why they want a second-string character to off JR but maybe she was acting on behalf of Cliff? if i remember correctly Frank said he got rid of her when he was in court but possibly this was a red herring so that no one would suspect that she was alive..now Cliff may have forced her to do his dirty work to keep her safe or something…i dont know :/ or maybe shes just showing up in time to give some important info to the Ewings that will help with the search for JRs killer…

  9. I saw an old article from I think it was 2011 when they were trying to bring back the show that said Larry Hagman, as of then, wasn’t on board and they were rewriting to start off the new show without JR. That might be where the idea of ignoring the movies first started from.

    I hate the idea that JR arranged to have himself killed. Now if he was setting up to fake his own death and frame Cliff and something went wrong, I’d accept that better.

    Kathryn as Pam is an intriguing idea, but they’d have be careful about the very different eye colors though!

    It has to be connected to Cliff. He either hired Drew (who was smuggling goods for Ryland) or somehow Franks death was faked and its him but JR has to destroy Cliff by the end of the season, it’s the only way this can/should play out for JR. Ryland is probably implicated too and JR will almost get him but he’ll blame it all on his mother and survive for season three.

  10. Okay, I am still leaning away….way away…from JR orchestrating his own murder.

    I still think there is something going on with Pam and Katherine. Who is the unknown male with ‘Pam’ going to Abu Dhabi? Still wondering why they brought up Katherine…dead or not. All Bobby had to say is Pam owns 1/3 of Barnes Global…like he did last night… I am still considering that Katherine killed Pam and stole her ID.

    Btw….did you guys notice last night during the Ryland action that we found out new information? Emma knows about Ryland dirty business, as does Judith. And we now know that Judith’s side of family has been involved in it for a long time. So if they have running an illegal business down in Laredo/Nuevo Laredo for many years…that means they have a lot of contacts down there….JR may have tripped something that got him killed. So Harris stays on the radar and also his mother moves onto the list. Even though she is barely on the list. BTW…loved Judith last night! I actually felt sorry for her for a brief moment. Her scenes are so fun tho watch. Her hair was just wild!

    Frank is an interesting thought. We don’t know for sure he is dead. He would be pissed at JR if he was alive.

    Cliff remains on the list as well. I think he is nuts. So that means he could be a contender. If it is him, I think it could be Pam related. What if he inadvertently did something to Pam years ago? And over the years has convinced himself that it wasn’t his fault that it was the Ewings who caused him to do it. His own guilt drove him nuts and JR’s snooping around got him killed. You know, everyone says that it can’t be Cliff because it is just too obvious…..What if the most obvious person ….the person who is always accused when violence happens to a Ewing……is actually the person who killed JR?
    I think it is certainly tied up with his investigations…..was it the Pam one or the Ryland one? Which investigation was digging up the worst information? What information was worthy of contributing to JR’s masterpiecs? Think of all the crazy and grand schemes JR pulled in his life. He pulled off some huge ones….this was going to be bigger?

    Did Cliff do something so bad to Pam/Katherine that he would never want anyone to know and would want keep anyone from getting at Barnes Global? Did Katherine do something to Pam? How involved is Ryland with the cartels? That could be huge and Ryland industries is big enough that JR would enjoy taking it away from Ryland.

    Okay…I am going to backpedal and put Carlos back in the mix big time. Not necessarily the killer, but he is involved…..very, very involved. What do we know about him? He is a billionaire. He is an old friend of JR’s. He runs the Del Sol conservancy……one of the largest ones in the world. He also showed up at the police station rather fast. He is supposed to know everything that goes on….yet could not get the correct information regarding JR’s death. Bobby still trusts him…and has asked him to gather more i formation.

    So, whomever killed JR is either so powerful that they could hide/obfuscate information from someone who is very wealthy and knowledgeable. OR it is someone who could slip in unnoticed to Mexico and kill JR…the proverbial lone gunman?

    And we can’t forget about the mystery woman? Who is this person? Aaaaaggghhhh

    • Do you think the mystery woman in next week’s trailer could be Lady X? And I think you’re right: Carlos is most likely involved, even if he isn’t the person who pulled the trigger.

    • Dan in WI says:

      I’m with you on a lot of this Hel.
      I absolutely don’t want to learn JR did himself. This show already killed the Cliff I love from the later years. I don’t want to have a second beloved character fall victum to major character changes. That said I can’t quite rule him out.

      Something about the math doesn’t add up here. I don’t recall the line about Pam owning 1/3 of Barnes Global but I have no reason to doubt it. So if the company is divided into thirds and Katherine is “dead” who owns the final third? Or if Pam is dead and I think she is, who owns that third? I too have very serious doubts about Katherine’s death.

      Frank: I see him as dead. While there are ways he could be alive it would be a pretty good stretch. I’d rather not see the writing go there. But you and I have had our gray area disagrements before. 🙂

      Cliff: I still say no only because that is too easy. There just has to be a bigger swerve than that. Cliff is the traditional Dallas Murder Red Herring(TM). He’s always questioned but he never did it. (except for Johnny Dancer)

      I like the Emma observation and the theory JR was getting too close to the Rylands on Bobby’s behalf. I doubt either Harris or Judith personally pulled the trigger. But it could be a Roy Vickers type acting on orders from either one. So Roy should probably be added to the suspect list. Only probably here is Roy might not pass the Patrick Duffy Jaw Drop(TM) test.

      • yeah, i don’t believe that Frank is alive. But …we didn’t see him declared dead…we have only Rebecca/Cliff conversation about it…so I have to leave the door ever so tiny, tiny cracked.

        the Pam owning 1/3 comment was made by Bobby to Ann when she asked about the package.

        See…there is something really amiss regarding the Barnes Global thing. If Katherine is really dead…she would NEVER allow her shares to go to Cliff. She hated him. If Pam is dead as well…one would think Christopher would be her heir. So…I am thinking there has got to be LOT more going on there.

        Yeah, ROY does not fit the Jaw Dropping standard. We barely know him.

      • Here’s Bobby and Ann’s exchange regarding the ownership of Barnes Global.

        BOBBY: It’s about Pam, Christopher’s mother.
        ANN: You’ve been looking for her?
        BOBBY: No, J.R. was, to help us with Cliff. She’s one-third owner of Barnes Global.

      • Dan in WI says:

        I agree Christopher would likely be the heir of Pam’s Barnes Global/Wentworth Industries/Consolodated Lint shares. That begs the question why was Christopher so hard up for investors for methane research in the first place?

      • Maybe Miss Ellie somehow rose from the grave and took away Christopher’s shares of Barnes Global and gave them to someone else. She has a way of doing that, you know.

      • I’m glad you trademarked the PDJD test, Dan. And I’m with you: It seems unlikely Cliff or Harris would’ve pulled the trigger.

      • Dan,

        Chris clearly has not inherited anything from Pam. Sooooooo…if she turns up dead…it means someone probably got his inheritance. Cliff or Katherine would be at the top of my list.

  11. Btw…why haven’t the guys told Sue Ellen what is going on???

  12. I think the J.R. arranging his shooting theory should be layed to rest. This is why, Cliff would completely able to get off. Harris (as stated above) is the new show’s “big villain in grooming” so TNT would not have him taken away. Therefore, neither person J.R. was trying to frame would pay (which J.R. would have realized this) and thus J.R.s final plan would flop. He wouldn’t arrange to have himself killed for nothing.

  13. Well, if it has to be BIG and something over the top and someone other than Pam I will have to go with Jenna Wade. I can not think of anyone bigger than Priscilla Presley that could be used for this. It would certainly draw a reaction

  14. I still am with those thinking the Pam/Katherine connection. In addition to bringing her up, they keep mentioning Pam’s 1/3 share of Barnes Global. If something happened with Pam, it’s logical to think she would leave all or some of that to Christopher. Neither Cliff nor Katherine would want a Ewing owning any portion of a Barnes company (see where I’m going with this) 😉 Any thoughts? Help me build on this.

    • What if Katherine really did kidnap Pam from the hospital. Then what if Katherine changed her will to leave her 1/3 share to Pam. Real Pam then dies but it’s reported instead that Katherine died and Katherine then takes Pam’s identity giving her 2/3 control of Barnes Global.

      Imagine the last scene of the last episode. Christopher and Bobby go to find Pam. They walk into the room. We see a woman from behind and Christopher walks in. Christopher says, “Mom?” Bobby walks in. A familiar voice says, “Hello Bobby.” Bobby looks at her and exclaims, “Oh my GOD!”

      Now we wait until next season to see if it is Katherine, Pamela or if it is Victoria Principal who we initially think is Pam but she eventually turns out to be a surgically altered Katherine pretending to be Pam. Hey Katherine was obsessed with Bobby.

    • I’m with you, Sean. We keep hearing about Cliff, Pam and Katherine owning one-third of Barnes Global. Who controls Katherine’s third? Also: Wouldn’t a company as big as Barnes Global be public?

      • I never would have thought it at the start of S2, but the more we chat and the mention of the collapse of Ewing Energies in the new synopses. We might end this season with a Ewing hand in the Barnes Global cookie jar.

      • Interesting twist, huh?

      • Oh, no. The company doesn’t have to be a public one to be that big. Even in fictional Dallas, Ewing Oil was worth billions..(thanks to JR). There are private companies which are worth multiple billions.

      • I suppose I just assumed Barnes Global was a big, multi-national public company. Then again, it does kind of have a mom-and-pop sensibility about it, doesn’t it? Cliff installs his daughter as president. His driver Frank also seemed to be a top executive.

      • Dan in WI says:

        If Barnes Global/Wentworth Industries/Consolidated Lint isn’t public, then explain that boardroom scene where Frank was announcing casino expansion when Pamela stormed in and squashed the idea early this season.
        If this is a private company then the new Don Cliff doesn’t seem the type to have a board. It’s going to be all Don Cliff all the time.

      • I wondered the same thing, Dan.

      • Guys, lots of private companies have a board of directors. You don’t have to have one legally, but many, especially really big, private companies do set them up. Why? It helps companies to have an outside point of view who can be objective to help advise the owners.

      • As long as we don’t get any storylines like the one we saw in “War of the Ewings,” when Westar, a public company, tried to stage a “hostile takeover” of Ewing Oil, a private one. That one made me chuckle.

  15. midnightrose434 says:

    Do you think that Ann could be jealous about Bobby searching for Pam? There was an indication of that towards the end of “Guilt and Innocence”.

  16. Whoever it may be, i think, to really satisfy original fans the killer will have to have strong ties to the original series, and to interest the new fans they must have some tie to the new cast. That leaves me with only Katherine or Kristin (I don’t think I’d want her story changed, but we never truly saw the body after JR saw Cliff with her body). Both characters lead back to Christopher. Plus Bobby did say at the end of JR’s masterpiece, We will deal with this in the family when the time comes…or something to that effect.

    • Katherine seems more and more like the best choice, does’t she?

      • joesiegler says:

        Katherine seems like YOUR choice. I wouldn’t call it the best one.

        I still maintain it’s something modern series. Not a character from the past like that – at least not an obscure one. And let’s face it – to folks who aren’t up on all the characters (which rules out ANYONE commenting on this site), Katherine is a minor character.

      • Your points are well taken, Joe. Thanks.

      • Dan in WI says:

        I agree with Chris. Katherine is the best choice and pretty high on my personal list. That said I don’t know if it is her. If it is, Britanny would already be cast and possibly filmed. That would have leaked by now. If it is Katherine that casting it was an impressively well guarded secret.

        But if we restrict ourselves new series major characters we restrict ourselves to the first three names at the top of this thread and on that list only JR would pass the Patrick Duffy Jaw Drop(tm) test. But as I said before that would be a polarizing choice. Some will love it. Others like me will hate it. Does the show really want to go the polarizing route?

        Now joesiegler comments that Katherine would be a minor character to new fans. Let’s back up a step. What do you suppose the new fan to old fan ratio is at this point?

      • Thanks Dan. I have a feeling this thing is going to turn out to be polarizing, no matter how it plays out.

  17. Katherine Wentworth has been my guess all along. I heard the theory about J.R. taking himself out sometime ago… but I’m sticking with Katherine.

  18. Maybe by number of episodes Katherine is a minor character, but not in the main scheme of things. Sister to Cliff and Pam, aunt to Christopher. Schemed with JR. Now Carmen the maid, she is a minor character.

  19. What if we are not thinking big enough. what if we shouldnt be focused on who actually pulled the trigger and think more about what JR was about to expose. What if it is a conspiracy?

    Nuevo Laredo is just across the Rio Grande from Laredo Texas. Laredo is a major trucking route and you can see on JRs iPad that Ryland trucking has offices there, also Drew was driving the trucks through Laredo. Emma Rylands pills have a Laredo address on them.

    Ryland is smuggling goods into the US. Could he be working with Carlos del Sol? If del Sol is on the wrong side of the law he probably has the police in Nuevo Laredo in his pocket and could easily cover up JRs murder. Which is probably what JR explains to Bobby in the letter and why they want it to look like they believe it was a random mugging, while they follow through on JRs plan to bring them all down. JR knew he was in danger.

    Since Ryland helped the new Governor get elected the conspiracy will probably bring down the Governor plus the links to Mexico and Abu Dhabi will expose an international crime syndicate.

    Maybe there is something in the idea that Drew is an FBI agent, maybe that’s why he’s getting close to Emma to find out more about Ryland, or Drew pulled the trigger for the money to buy his fathers land.

    It’s got to involve Cliff and Barnes Global too. Not sure how Katherines death works into this but Pam must be the key to control of Barnes Global so Cliff wont want her to reappear. Is Cliff also involved with Carlos del Sol?

    Could it be that it was one of Rylands trucks that hit Pams car?

    It’s all going to tie together somehow I’m sure!

    • Dan in WI says:

      I’ve said before I believe Katherine is the best choice but I don’t think she is the writer’s choice. I’ve said before Carmen is still a suspect for me. I think she is a jaw dropper though others disagree. I say she is only because she just doesn’t seem capable of murder. I also don’t believe it has to be a major character as the actual trigger man. There just has to be a connection to a major character. Along those lines I’ve also said recently I do believe Harris is behind the murder. I don’t think he’d personally get his hands dirty. He is the type who has people for that. And we’ve already seen even his people don’t directly get their hands dirty. They blackmail others to do the grunt work. So I’m going to refloat an idea I tossed out there a few weeks back. Harris send Roy Vickers to Carmen who tells her about all the dirt they have on Drew. They explain to Carmen it would sure be a shame if the authorities learn about Drew because he’d go away for a long time. Maybe they even throw in a threat on Elena as well for good measure. We’ve seen that done already. So Carmen takes a quick trip to Mexico at the same time JR is murdered. JR even looks surprised. Carmen doesn’t seem to have much of an opinion of JR but still who believes she is capable of murder?
      As for Carlos Del Sol: He’s JR’s friend. Isn’t being some sort of dirty a prerequisite for that. Naturally he has some cops in his pocket just like JR always had back in the day. Now if he double crossed JR and was working with Harris… Maybe that’s why JR gave John Ross a gun. But I’d had to see John Ross get into the cold blooded revenge murder game.

      • Dan, you’re starting to sell me on this Carmen idea. Let me throw out this idea: What if Vickers blackmailed Elena instead of Carmen? Would you “buy” her as the killer? The timeline probably doesn’t work — she was at the racetrack with Christopher and the rest of the Ewings, right? — but there might be some wiggle room there. What do you think?

      • Dan in WI says:

        The timeline is definitely a problem for Elena. Plus we have nothing to make me think Elena knows Cliff, Harris or Vickers. Now if you do connect her to any of them…

      • Yeah, I don’t see any connection between Elena and those characters either. I’m just reaching for the most unlikely suspect of all. I surely hope it wouldn’t be Elena, although I do wonder about Cynthia Cidre’s hint that Elena is going to have a prominent role in the finale. Hmmm….

    • joesiegler says:

      Nick, that kicks all kinds of ass. I vote Nick’s theories here to be exactly what happens.

      I really – and I mean REALLY love the tie in to Pam’s truck crash. A LOT.

    • Nick, I really like where you’re going with this. The more I think about it, the more it seems like the Nuevo Laredo/Laredo stuff isn’t random. And the idea that Pam’s car struck one of Harris’s tankers? That’s mind blowing stuff!

      Thank you!


      • Agreed on the idea of Pam crashing into a Ryland tanker, that’s pretty cool. I still can’t accept the Carmen thing though, to me ends up like the old cliche “the butler did it”.

      • That raises a good point, Sean. Does anyone know Raoul’s whereabouts on the night J.R. was killed? How about Theresa?

  20. of the new cast,Elena would be the most jaw-dropping choice…but Carmen would just be anti-climatic. i hadnt heard that Elena was going to be a prominent figure in the season finale but if she is then shes probably the culprit. which would be fine by me as theyve kinda let her character meander around aimlessly for awhile..being more of a sidekick to Christopher than anything else. Jordanna Brewster is a really good actress but her character has become second-tier on DALLAS.. personally id love to see Katherine come back if only as JRs killer..and id love for them to recast Pam since VP wont come back. of course as a longtime fan,there are alot of original series characters that id like to see again….but thats neither here nor there. back to the killer; im still hoping for Katherine but whomever it is ,itd better be good!!

    • Whether or not Elena is the killer, I think Jordana Brewster is a terrific actress and I’m hopeful she’ll get some meaningful storylines in the remaining episodes this season — and next season too.

      • joesiegler says:

        I really hope they don’t announce a Season 3 today. Today is not a day for real news. 🙂

      • Joe, I thought the same thing! I hope no one tries to prank “Dallas” fans today. If there’s real news to be made, save it for tomorrow.

      • Dan in WI says:

        For that matter, does anything that happens in tonight’s episode count?

  21. How about Christopher? Bring it full circle and have the son of the woman, who originally shot JR bring down the man who possibly bumped her off in the South Fork pool. What if he found out something sinister about Pam’s disappearance and his true origins before JR’s demise. With fighting John Ross for EE and thinking JR wants him out of the way and feeling he isn’t a worthy Ewing, enough is enough and he flip and heads down to Mexico in his Methane super car and takes his revenge. He may have a secret personality disorder. Hell he may have even tracked Katherine down one day and killed her too.

  22. If it turns out that JR and an accessory are the answer to “Who Killed JR?”, not only will I scoff, but I will put on a blond wig and douse my TV with V-8.

  23. Wait a minute. Katherine really has to be dead or at least have no ownership of Barnes Global. There is no way she would allow the company to just carry the Barnes name when it is based on the company HER father founded. At the very least it would be Barnes-Wentworth Global! Now she had no time for Cliff so if she were going to sell she’d want to cause Cliff as many problems as possible! What if JR secretly owns the other 1/3 of Barnes Global. The retirement home was just a scam to convince Cliff that he’d won while all the while JR was setting Cliff up for a fall.

  24. It makes sense tome that it is Katherine. Pam probably died 6 months later like the original Dallas provided us. Katherine and Cliff probably made a deal. Katherine assumes Pam’s identity, and somehow fakes her death. This gets the police off Katherine’s trail, and keeps the Ewings (Christopher) from inheriting Pam’s stake in Barnes Global. Katherine can continue to live her high priced lifestyle, and Cliff has total power. This could also explain Cliff’s change to a godfather mentality, working with Katherine all of these years. Katherine was already a nut.

  25. Right Here Goes…..
    JR Ewing – all the cast when interviewed about how jr dies they all said he would please and happy with the ending , if he ad killed himself personally I don’t think they would have described it that way. Also referring to a earlier statement he woulden’t have been shocked when the killer came in to the room. I think tis more likely he died while planning his masterpuece either to do with finding pam or trying to take ryland down for bobby.

    Cliff Barnes – Well In the old series cliff was always the underdog and you always felt sorry for him and in a lot of cases were on his side he didn’t sound as bad a s JR , well I never thought that Cliff could lower himself to what he did in episode 9 and still explode that methane rig with his pregnant daughter on it. I never thought I would say this ever but I would much rather jr was my father than cliff barnes because JR is capable of love and although he wants to take Barnes he was never screwed over by barnes and hes always won therefore hes less bothered but Cliff wants to beat JR and finally win over the ewings because for all hi life hes been known for losing against them. I don’t hinki it was him though because when he bombarded the funeral he sid somebody beat me to it which I coud believe. I have one big question though how did Cliff barnes fortune come around? because as far as I know he was not rich at the end of dallas season 13 and maybe it was to do with Katherine share in barnes global and maybe she did steal pams identity.

    Judith Ryland – I can’t believe no one has mentions judith yet she has more reason to than harris in my opinion I realsie now that harris and judith arent’t as chummy and now re totally against eachother I I have yet to see wether judith survives the fall but I think she had plenty of reason to kill jr such as there family trying to kill harris and just being an evil woamn in genral I don’t have a hard rock evidence but I know that shes evil and most probably has alot of incentive.

    Harris Ryland – Well JR was exactly right in thinking that harris and cliff woud team up and just shows how evil both of them are to set off the bomb under the rig and also how dumb they are not to think that someone would get hurt even slightly. Harri although is less evil than cliff he is capable of love , he does love his daughter but he takes it all in the wrong way. Im ep 7 or 8 judith and harris have an arguement and it brings out how he has been controlled by his mother for all his life and e even sticks up for ann at least some of his life is an act and for a little you feel a little sorry for him and certainly when he said to judith that ann had nothing to do with it My heart warmed to him and then he conspired with cliff and I hated him again. He has a alot of incenntive to kill him and the offer cliff offered him after his death he took becuase he wanted more than anything to hav that money to steel his business from hi mother. Hes very angry at the moment because of Emma running away and hes taking actions which are not nessasary, Now Emma has suddenly retaliated bi time sleeping round and drinking heavily. Now shes ‘ dating’ drew and having sex when she wants with john ross they seem like 2 very different relationships but rely both of them are being played. I feel more sorry for drew but john Ross doesn’t actually love Emma. Now when Harris found out about Emma having a boyfriend he got very angry and said to his spy guy to get rid of him. and drew ended up getting blackmailed into making a bomb and if he didn’t rhey qould kill his sister but it uturns out that elena was on the place where the bomb would go off anyway. He has a hell of a lot of incentivve too, Also people wonder wether he was around and was the ruck who pam got killed in a car crash as he owns a trucking business.

    Frank ….. – Now frank is supposedly dead and alot of people think that frank may be behind the murder I think it very unlikely. firstly its unlikely the ‘body’ of frank cliff could have got to him to revive him, Also the fact he ‘died’ in court it would very hard to get the body as they would have buried it and he would have d ied anyway if he were buried alive. Also I don’tt think the othe the cliff setting up the death of frank because he looked genuinely upset but now I woulden’t put it away from cliff as he probs coud do it.

  26. Would you please remove JR as an option of taking his own life! The context makes this totally impossible. In light of that tender letter he sent Sue Ellen asking her out to have dinner with him when he returns…it would all be a cruel, cruel joke if he was ALSO planning to take his own life. I may not [yet] know who killed him but at least I know who didn’t!

  27. ?what were the swiss bank account numbers again-did ewing oil really make a loan- under oil and petrolium the rumored report is 43.article 1. oil and petrolium under ways house committee did not recive a filing on any wrong doing by the removal of ewing oils former head.i woul like to take a look at the entire bankerage naot brokerage of cash flow trading. thank you .

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