Drill Bits: ‘Dallas’ Holds Steady in the Ratings

Bobby Ewing, Dallas, Guilt and Innocence, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, Patrick Duffy, TNT

Steady fellas

“Dallas’s” March 25 telecast, “Guilt and Innocence,” was seen by 2.6 million viewers, including roughly 890,000 adults between ages 18 and 49, a demographic that advertisers pay top dollar to reach.

The numbers are down slightly from the March 18 telecast, “Ewings Unite!,” which scored 2.7 million viewers, including 1 million people between 18 and 49. Like all new “Dallas” episodes, “Ewings Unite!” received a healthy boost from people who record shows digitally and watch them later. By the end of last week, DVR users had boosted the “Ewings Unite!” audience to 3.5 million.

What does all this mean for “Dallas’s” future? It’s hard to say, but consider this: Steve Koonin, president of Turner Entertainment Networks, recently told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the show’s numbers are in line with what TNT promised advertisers.

Koonin, who says he’s “incredibly proud” of the show, knew the risk of bringing it back in the winter after its successful run last summer, the Journal-Constitution reported. He also told the newspaper he’s a longtime “Dallas” fan who recalled taping the show on a new-fangled VCR in 1983 so he could take his future wife on a date.

New Album from Landers

Audrey Landers, Dallas, Dallas Feels Like Home

Afton sings!

Here’s something I’m delighted to write: Audrey Landers, fresh off her sensational guest spot in “Guilt and Innocence,” has dropped a new album full of the songs she wrote and performed on the original “Dallas”!

The album, “Dallas Feels Like Home,” is available from iTunes and includes favorites like “Steal Me Away” and “Let Me Down Gently.” Five of the album’s songs comprise my latest “Dal-List,” which honors Afton Cooper’s greatest hits.

Paging Dr. Gordon

In case you missed it: “Dallas” plans to bring back Dr. David Gordon, TV Guide reported this week. “Dallas” diehards know Gordon, the plastic surgeon who treated Margaret Michaels’ version of Pam, was seen in “Carousel,” the 12th season premiere. He was played by Josef Rainer, who previously portrayed Mr. Barton, one of Sue Ellen’s lingerie industry associates, as well as Sam Culver in “Dallas: The Early Years.”

J.R. Ewing: TV’s Top Villain

Speaking of TV Guide: The magazine ranked J.R. as television’s top villain in last week’s issue. He beat “The Simpsons’” Mr. Burns, “The Fugitive’s” one-armed man and Al Swearengen, the anti-hero of “Deadwood,” portrayed by “Dallas” alum Ian McShane. TV Guide also ranked J.R. and Sue Ellen as one of TV’s all-time best couples.

And while we’re on the subject of Larry Hagman: In a new documentary about the Starck Club, a famed real-life Dallas nightclub, the actor recalled how he unintentionally scuttled a planned drug bust. The Dallas Morning News has the story.

Bottoms up

Product placement alert: TNT has struck a deal with MillerCoors to incorporate the beer company’s beverages into the cable channel’s programming, Variety reports. So grab your Microsoft Surface, pop open a Miller Lite and do your part to support “Dallas.”

“Drill Bits,” a roundup of news about TNT’s “Dallas,” is published regularly. Share your comments below.


  1. Brandon Gene Childers says:

    I hope there is a season three, and I would like Dallas to be a fall to spring show.

  2. The Microsoft Slate is really cool. I am very impressed by them. I think the commercials are a joke. I do not really care for Miller beer. I used to drink it when I was younger. I suspect there had been some Maker’s Mark product placement in an episode or two this season.

  3. Dan in WI says:

    Here’s a silly question. What does that 2.6 “overnight” number include? Is it just the debut showing or does it include the replay two hours later? Furthermore how and when do other replays count? We talk a lot about DVR numbers and there conflicting anecdotal stories on the interwebs if those DVR numbers help or not but I’ve never seen anybody talk about replays.

    Am I the only person starting to sweat a third season renewal? We keep hearing things like similar to the statement that because of the switch to winter, the TNT execs are happy with the numbers. That said over and over season 2 was announced (if I remember right) by the third episode of the first season. Here we are ten episodes into season two and nothing we can bank on. If you want to talk about season 2 being longer than season one fine. In season one we had the announcment at the 30% mark. In season two we are now at 67% and officially we have crickets. If the TNT execs are so pleased what are we waiting on? I’m a big Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan and I’m starting to see similarities between the treatment show got from the network during its later Comedy Central years and our new Dallas.

  4. its been announced that the Neilsen ratings are being overhauled to include dvr,hulu and internet viewing,so all the extra viewing numbers help DALLAS quite a bit. as far as the replay viewing,i think its called live + same day;maybe there will be a better explanation of the ratings categories at some point. i do hope DALLAS gets renewed soon..even if TNT decides to move it back to summer where it was more of a ratings success.there seems to be alot of talk about TNT & its advertisers being happy with the DALLAS winter ratings though im sure theyd be more happy if it pulled in the same numbers as it did in summer.. its good news that MillerCoors bought product placement time in DALLAS;that helps with the cost of the series and also helps companies bypass the problem they face with dvr owners skipping the ads…this season gets better and better with each episode and the series has found its groove,itd be a shame to not let it grow. though JR is gone,you feel his presence in everything especially in John Ross & Sue Ellen!

  5. I know that product placement has been around for a while….but more shows should utilize it. Too bad they didn’t do it with JR and his bourbon!

    • I’m still hoping some J.R. Ewing brand bourbon will hit the market soon, Hel.

      • Me too! I don’t even drink bourbon, but would buy some of that the day it hit the market. I would keep a few for souvenirs. Plus, I do know a couple of bourbon drinkers who would get a total kick out of drinking JR bourbon! Great gifts! I think that it would do very well as a niche product.

  6. Okay, had a second and hit the link about The Starck club on. 2 things: 1) That photo of Larry Hagman is one of most favorites of him when he was older. It is a lovely photo. 2) Can you imagine the headlines if they had busted the club that night and all 4 of them were there? That would have made news around the world!!!!!

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