Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 111 — ‘The Ewing Touch’

In “The Ewing Touch’s” most memorable moment, Miss Ellie warns Rebecca not to cross her family. “Other people have fought the Ewings before — and they’ve regretted it,” Ellie says. This is a great scene for several reasons, not the least of which is the fun that comes from seeing two old pros like Barbara Bel […]

Drill Bits: ‘Dallas’ Faces Tough Ratings Competition

“Dallas” felt a ratings pinch on April 8, when TNT telecast back-to-back episodes against tough competition on the broadcast networks. TNT showed the first hour, “A Call to Arms,” at 8 p.m., an hour earlier than usual. The episode drew 1.9 million viewers, including roughly 760,000 adults between ages 18 and 49, a group advertisers pay […]

Drill Bits: ‘Dallas’ Holds Steady in the Ratings

“Dallas’s” March 25 telecast, “Guilt and Innocence,” was seen by 2.6 million viewers, including roughly 890,000 adults between ages 18 and 49, a demographic that advertisers pay top dollar to reach. The numbers are down slightly from the March 18 telecast, “Ewings Unite!,” which scored 2.7 million viewers, including 1 million people between 18 and […]

‘Who Killed J.R.?’ New Suspects in ‘Dallas’s’ Mystery

“Dallas’s” latest episode, “Guilt and Innocence,” didn’t offer many new clues in the “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery, but that doesn’t mean we can’t update our initial list of potential suspects. I’ve dropped Mitch Lobell and Carlos Del Sol (Richard Dillard, Castulo Guerra) as suspects since each character seems too obscure, along with Kristin Shepard (Mary Crosby), who […]