Dallas Burning Questions: Season 2, Week 10

Will she let him in?

Will she let him in?

Here are the questions we’re pondering as we await tonight’s telecast of “Let Me In,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode.

How will Pamela cope? In “Guilt and Innocence,” last week’s episode, Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) was rushed to the hospital after being injured in the explosion aboard the Ewing Energies rig. She had emergency surgery to save the lives of her unborn twins but suffered complications after the procedure. In the final scene, the babies’ hearts stopped beating. How will this loss affect Pamela and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), their relationship with each other and their relationships with John Ross and Elena (Josh Henderson, Jordana Brewster)?

Will Christopher be vindicated? Christopher feared his technology caused the explosion, but Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) was convinced her nephew wasn’t to blame. She turned to Ken Richards (Lee Majors), an old flame who is now one of the chairmen of the state board investigating the blast, and asked him for inside information. Ken poked around and told Sue Ellen the evidence suggests the rig was bombed, although it would be “months before anything official comes out.” When Sue Ellen relayed this information to John Ross and Christopher, they immediately suspected Cliff (Ken Kercheval) was the saboteur. Will the cousins be able to prove their suspicions?

What’s Harris’s next move? After Judith (Judith Light) fell down the stairs, she was taken to the hospital, where she tried to persuade Emma (Emma Bell) that Harris was out to get them. Emma didn’t believe Judith, much to Harris’s relief. To get his mother out of his hair (so to speak), Harris (Mitch Pileggi) had her drugged and shipped to a rehabilitation center. Meanwhile, Emma slept with Drew (Kuno Becker), who was consumed with guilt over his role in the bombing and refused to obey when Vickers (Alex Fernandez) ordered him to leave town. With the ice thawing between Harris and Emma, will he try to interfere with her relationship with Drew?

What’s the governor got to do with this? “Let Me In” will introduce Steven Weber as “Dallas’s” newest villain: Governor McConaughey. In “Ewings Unite!,” Cliff told Harris that one of the reasons he wanted to form an alliance with him is because Harris has “a certain friendship with our governor.” Will McConaughey help Harris influence the investigation into the rig explosion?

Where in the world is Pam Ewing? After the blast, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) finally forgave Ann (Brenda Strong) for keeping her past from him. All was well until the end of the episode, when Bobby received an update on J.R.’s investigation into Pam’s disappearance: It seems she entered Abu Dhabi with a man – “presumably her husband,” according to the report – in 1989. The news rattled Ann. What does it mean for Ann’s marriage to Bobby – and what does it have to do with J.R.’s death?

What “Dallas Burning Questions” are on your mind? Share your comments below and watch TNT’s “Dallas” tonight.


  1. How will Drew Ramos play into the investigation of the rig explosion? He knows the truth. Will the Ewings look to him for help or not want to have anything to do with him? WIll Emma help Drew with the trouble he is in with Harris Ryland and his cohorts? How can Pamela Rebecca and Christopher ever forgive Drew Ramos?

    Will John Ross quit being such a jerk to his family? Yes I know Christopher took his woman. He hooked up with Christopher’s wife. I call that even.

    What does Sue Ellen have in store? I am very impressed with Linda Gray this season. Is she going to develop a relationship with Ken Richards or is she going to chew up the “Six-Milion Dallar Man” and spit him out? For some reason I suspect Sue Ellen may leverage the knowledge she has of the explosion towards the benefit of John Ross and in a way that could hurt Christopher,

    Will Pamela Rebecca accept that it is her father who is responsible for the explosion and not Christopher?

    As far as the who Pam thing goes… I decided to just wait and see how it plays out. There are so many ways that this story can play out. I think it is just best to watch and enjoy. I am enjoying this second season and I am glad that I did not have to wait until Summer to enjoy the episodes!

    • These are great observations, Jumpsteady. I wonder if Sue Ellen will try to use her connection to Ken and the investigation to somehow benefit John Ross? Good speculation. Thanks.

    • Dan in WI says:

      I think it is too late for Sue Ellen to leverage the knowledge of the explosives in the rig explosion. It was clear in that scene between John Ross and Christopher talking about Cliff wanting to devalue Ewing Energies that Sue Ellen already let that cat out of the bag in the spirit of Ewings United.

      • That is true. The specifics of the explosion had not yet been determined. They just know that there was a smaller explosion that occurred before the large devastating explosion. Yes that does conclude that an explosive device/bomb was used.

  2. As we wait for tonights episode let’s review our DALLAS Rules so that when we find out where Pam and Katherine moved to we will be able to predict their fate and figure out how that fits into JR’s Masterpiece.

    We know that someone from DALLAS can move to California and return at anytime, and can even move back to Dallas later. This appears to be the only State that you can move to from Dallas and hope to return from. So Val and Gary should be just fine. This might also explain why no one from DALLAS is involved in the oil boom in North Dakota, they are afraid they might not return.

    Moving to “Europe” is permanent. Sorry Lucy, Ray, Lucas, and Jenna… but you knew what you were getting into when you moved there. You can visit Dallas for a guest spot or run of guest episodes but you can never move back permanently. More likely you’ll only live through off screen updates. Travel to “Europe” appears to be fine, but a “European” Honeymoon can be fatal to at least one spouse. Second Honeymoons also are eventually deadly too.

    The exception to the rule above appears to be London, where people can move to and return to Dallas permanently at anytime. Not sure if this applies to the whole of the UK or just London. We need more data on that one.

    We don’t have much to go on with “Asia” but it appears to be like London and California. Christopher and Pamela Rebecca both lived there and returned just fine. (Nice touch too moving Chris to Japan, the birthplace of Victoria Principal, missed that first time around!)

    With the “Middle East” again we don’t have much to go on. What we do know is that Cliff was in Iraq (where he met Frank) and he made it out alive. So visiting the area at least is not necessarily fatal (See South America.)

    South America, and now it seems Central America, appears to be the most dangerous spot in the world for DALLAS. The only way to return from anywhere south of the border appears to be if you are looking for someone who has either gone missing or died, or if you are traveling to take care of your own business. All other travel there appears to be deadly. Going south of the border to do anyone a favor is especially dangerous, normally resulting in an offscreen death.

    So going forward we might be able to predict Pam’s fate when it is revealed where she moved to. From the DERN report Bobby has it looks like they didn’t look in “Europe” so a cameo is out. If she only visited Adu Dhabi she might have survived but if she moved there we are really in uncharted territory. Besides an unspecified “USA” which could mean anything for her fate (unless she’s in California), they also looked in “Asia” (full return here we come!) and lastly “Mexico” (oh dear off screen death!)


    • This is a hoot! We joke a lot around my house about all those “Dallas” references to “Europe” and “Southeast Asia.”

      Thanks so much Nick. Great stuff.

  3. Sam in IA says:

    Has anyone else considered that the twins are alive? When Pamela lost the twins, I was immediately thinking about Val, Bobby and Betsy. It’s a long shot, I’ll grant. But this is Dallas.

    I would be surprised and disappointed if Pam didn’t make some kind of appearance. Just seems like they’ve brought her into the “Who Killed J.R.” plot too far to not have her back in some way, shape or form. And she’s connected to so many characters. So many potential plot lines that could be explored if they did bring her back.

    By the way, I am so looking forward to seeing Steven Weber. I’ve always liked him.

    • Hey Sam: I think the twins are probably dead, although as you say, this is “Dallas.”

      I have mixed feelings about Pam. I don’t think we need to see her alive again to have an emotional payoff. I think it could be quite poignant if Christopher’s search ends with the discovery that Pam died years ago and that the reason she stayed away from Southfork is to spare her family the pain of having to watch her die. Of course, I also think it would be cool if Pam returned.

      And like you, I’m looking forward to Steven Weber. Most of the villains on this show have become bonkers. I hope Weber’s character is at least a little sane.

  4. Brandon Gene Childers says:

    Maybe, since the M.E. outed himself day before election, Harris was already destroying the Ewings. He was friends with the M.E. and made him confess, earning favor with the new Governor, who is working for Cliff and Harris now, time for the Ewings to play politics

  5. Big question for me…..what clues will we got in the Who Killed JR mystery?

    Why is Chris fighting with Ken?

    Will the guys finally tell Sue Ellen about the JR mystery? Will Sue Ellen continue up to drink covertly?

    How is drew going to handle knowing he killed Chris’ babies?

    The Governor only won thanks to Ryland and his blackmail. So how deep is he in with Ryland? Is he involved with Rylands smuggling?

    Soooooo. Many ?????????????s

  6. tonights episode was so intense! lots of info to mull over and it certainly looks like a certain person is the prime suspect!! hmmmm. i loved everything about this episode except it was over too quick!

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