‘Who Killed J.R.?’ What We Know (and What We Don’t)

Carlos Del Sol, Castulo Guerra, Christopher Ewing, Cliff Barnes, Dallas, Emily Kosloski, Harris Ryland, Jesse Metcalfe, J.R. Ewing, Ken Kercheval, Larry Hagman, Mitch Pileggi, TNT, Who Killed J.R.? “Dallas” drops tantalizing new clues in the “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery throughout “Let Me In,” the TNT drama’s latest episode. Here’s a look at what we know and what we don’t, along with some more wild speculation.


What we know: In “Let Me In,” Bobby (Patrick Duffy) lets Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) in on a big secret: Before J.R. died, he was devising a master plan against the family’s enemies, Cliff and Harris (Ken Kercheval, Mitch Pileggi). Bobby shows Sue Ellen the evidence that J.R. left behind and gives her a helpful overview of her ex-husband’s scheme. Take it away, Bobby:

“J.R. knew that Cliff and Harris would join forces and come after us. That’s why he wanted us to have this – all pieces to the puzzle of his master plan to take them down, once and for all. Barnes Global financial history. Ryland’s trucking in Mexico. Christopher’s mother’s whereabouts. Somehow it’s all connected. John Ross, Christopher and I are trying to figure it all out. Connect the dots. Finish what J.R. started. We need to find a way to ruin them, before they ruin us.”

What we don’t know: Assuming Bobby is reading the clues correctly, we now know all the pieces belong to the same puzzle. The question is, how do they fit together?

Wild speculation: One Dallas Decoder reader offered a nifty theory last week. We know Pam (Victoria Principal) fled Southfork in 1987 after being disfigured in a fiery car crash. Suppose that incident is part of the conspiracy J.R. stumbled upon before his death? Remember: Pam crashed into a tanker truck. And who on “Dallas” is in the trucking business? Harris Ryland, of course! I have no idea why he would want to harm Pam, but this coincidence is too fun to ignore.


What we know: After learning Pam was last seen in Abu Dhabi in 1989, Bobby told John Ross and Christopher (Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe) that his contact in the Justice Department is tracking her down but needs more time. Later, John Ross snooped around Pamela’s computer and found a copy of her grandmother Rebecca Wentworth’s will, which John Ross reviewed with Bobby, Sue Ellen and Christopher.

The will shows Rebecca left her estate – including her shares of Barnes Global – to her three children: Katherine, Cliff and Pam. Bobby determined the estate is in a living trust, which means if the Ewings can’t find Pam, Christopher will inherit her shares. “If we can get Pam’s shares, we can kick the legs out from under Cliff. Maybe his entire plan. That’s why J.R. wanted us to find Pam. That’s our move,” Bobby said.

What we don’t know: In a previous episode, we learned Katherine is dead. If this is true, who inherited her third of Barnes Global and why isn’t anyone asking about that? (Or does the living trust arrangement render that point moot? Help me out here, legal eagles.)

Wild speculation: I still like the idea that Katherine (Morgan Brittany) stole Pam’s identity before she died and that this whole thing is going to lead to nutty Ms. Wentworth. It seems unlikely, though, since Brittany recently told Dallas Divas Derby she hasn’t been contacted by the show’s execs. I’m also not sure the Ewings are going to find Pam alive. Given Cliff’s dark nature, isn’t it possible he offed Pam, perhaps in cahoots with her plastic surgeon Dr. David Gordon, who is expected to resurface before this season is over?

Another off-the-wall theory: Instead of bringing back Pam or Katherine, what if “Dallas” revives a member of the Barnes family who’ll be more familiar to today’s audience: Frank Ashkani (Faran Tahir), Cliff’s “adopted” son, who killed himself earlier this season? One Dallas Decoder reader recently suggested the pills Frank swallowed might not have been all that lethal. Could Cliff have conspired with Frank to fake his death so Frank could go to Mexico and kill J.R.?


What we know: After J.R.’s death in Nuevo Laredo, a Mexican border town, his friend Carlos del Sol (Castulo Guerra) told the Ewings that J.R. met a woman in a club near the hotel where he died. I previously dubbed this woman “Lady X.” In “Let Me In,” we learn her identity: Rhonda (Emily Kosloski), the club hostess. She tells Bobby that J.R. wanted to ask her about an American who frequented the club, which she said was owned by the local drug cartel. When Bobby showed her a picture of Harris, Rhonda identified him as the American in question.

“What would Ryland be doing with narco traffickers? Is that what his trucks are taking back and forth across the border? Maybe J.R. was on to that,” Bobby said. Carlos responded he would alert the Mexican federales and “let them know there may be a connection between the cartel and Ryland Transport.”

What we don’t know: Are Carlos and Rhonda telling the truth? All along, I’ve suspected Carlos is somehow involved in J.R.’s death. And what should we make of the odd expression on Bobby’s face after Rhonda tells him, “J.R.’s not the first man to invite me back to his hotel room. He just wanted to talk. Share a drink. He was kind to me. Gentlemen are in such short supply where I work. I’m so sorry, what happened to your brother.”

Wild speculation: What if Cliff is the killer and has secretly aligned himself with Carlos, a fellow billionaire, to frame Harris for the crime? Consider this: Why would Cliff, a global titan, need to join forces with Harris, a Texas trucking magnate, to bring down the Ewings? I know Cliff told Harris he wanted to take advantage of Harris’s “muscle” and friendship with the governor, but Cliff has demonstrated he has those kinds of resources and connections himself. Could Cliff be duping Harris?

On the other hand: The Rylands seem to have real connections to the Mexican border. Did you catch the Laredo address on the pill bottle Emma showed John Ross at J.R.’s funeral?


What we know: When J.R.’s private eye Bum (Kevin Page) gave Bobby, John Ross and Christopher the evidence that J.R. left behind, the package included a gun, which was accompanied by a letter from J.R. to John Ross. It stated: “Use what I’ve given you to take from them what they want to take from us. When you’ve done that, Bobby will know what to do.”

J.R. also left behind a letter to Bobby, which he refused to discuss with John Ross and Christopher. “This is between my brother and me – for now,” Bobby told them. Privately, Bobby told Bum to “pay off whoever you have to pay off so that everybody still thinks J.R. was killed by a mugger. When the time comes, we’ll take care of this ourselves – as a family.”

What we don’t know: Precious little. I don’t think the letter reveals the identity of J.R.’s killer; otherwise, why isn’t Bobby simply going after that person? Instead, I think the document somehow lets Bobby know that J.R. wasn’t the victim of a random crime. Or perhaps it reveals something else – like maybe some sort of family secret? Recall what Bobby said when he toasted his dead brother after receiving the note: “I knew you’d have at least one more left up your sleeve, J.R. It is a good one. I love you brother.”

Wild speculation: Once again, I return to the theory that J.R. planned his own death. I know a lot of fans don’t like this idea, but it seems like you can use the available evidence to support it. Suppose J.R. knew that he was dying and decided to take advantage of the situation by arranging to have himself shot, then leaving instructions for Bobby – via the letter – to use the gun to frame Cliff, Harris or both for his “murder”? Perhaps Bobby’s last line in his recap for Sue Ellen is telling: “We need to find a way to ruin them, before they ruin us.”

Or hell, maybe it really was Kristin.

Who done it? Share your theories below and read more posts on Dallas Decoder’s “Who Killed J.R.?” page.


  1. Dan in WI says:

    So we are still going with Rebecca Wentworth leaving “Barnes Global” in her will even though no company existed by that name at the time she died…

    To take a stab at one of your questions it is possible Pam’s 1/3 of the company was in a living trust since Christopher existed at that point in time. Maybe Katherine’s share was not set up the same since she had no heirs. It would at least explain why the whole company may not have been in a living trust even if it doesn’t explain what happened to Katherine’s share if she is “dead.”

    I still believe the name of the killer is in the letter to Bobby. As much as I hate to admit it this might point to JR committing suicide by proxy. If the letter tells Bobby “I’m terminal and did myself in” that would explain why Bobby isn’t going after the killer.

    I still like my Carmen did it under duress pet theory. If that is the case her name would be unlikely to be in the letter. After all JR sure did look surprised. Maybe even if he was planning suicide by proxy Carmen coming along and killing him would be a surprise. So there could be a wrong name in the letter because JR didn’t see that twist coming.

    Or if the letter names Harris or Cliff, Bobby is going after them by trying to connect the dots to do it legally. If one rich person kills another rich person someone is likely to go to jail. I don’t think we’d get parol or a suspended sentence twice in one season and Bobby could be thinking along those lines.

    • Dan, I’ve come around on the Carmen theory. I’m going to include her in my next roundup of suspects. Too many readers throw her name around for me to ignore her!

      As far as the “Barnes Global” name: Yeah, I’m just going to go with it.

      Thanks for your thoughts!


      • Dan in WI says:

        Chris, I wasn’t pointing the fingure at you with “we are still going with Rebecca Wentworth leaving “Barnes Global”” comment. I’m directing that comment at the writers.

      • Oh yes. I figured that’s what you meant. And I think I know how you feel.

      • A lot of fans just don’t like Carmen, that’s why they’re throwing her name in. But that doesn’t make sense (but, then again, a lot of things in this show isn’t making sense), she’s the cook, right there in Southfork. If she wanted to kill J.R., she would have plenty of opportunities to do it right there there in the house (slip something in his food, make it look like he had a heart attack), instead of flying down to Mexico so she could shoot him.

      • Dan in WI says:

        Mr. LeMar> I personally am indifferent toward Carmen the character. She doesn’t have enough screen time for me to really form an opinion. But I have no problem with the backstory of her being there “all along” but never on screen in the classic series.
        If you haven’t seem my theory when I posted before here it is: While Carmen may not like JR I don’t think she killed him for personal reasons. My theory includes blackmail and ties to the still undefined relationship between Harris and Drew. My theory has Harris (or a surogate like Roy) going to Carmen and telling her about all this dirt they have on Drew. In return for Carmen pulling the trigger on behalf of Harris and/or Cliff they agree never to turn in Drew or do harm to any other Ramos family member. Carmen would be a good choice because she’s a Mexican ex-pat who can easily move around the seedier sections of Neuva Laredo.

      • Good points, J.R.

    • Anonymous says:

      Companies do make legal changes to their names from time to time.

      • Yeah, that’s what I assume has happened here. If the company was still called “Barnes Wentworth,” the “Wentworth” part might be lost on today’s audiences since the Wentworths haven’t been seen in decades.

      • Dan in WI says:

        They do. But when those name changes occur, they don’t go and retroactively update the name change in the will of someone long dead like Rebecca Wentworth.

    • Re the Barnes Global name, companies can and do legally change their names from time to time.

  2. God, you nailed all of the details. I haven’t entirely caught up yet but I am getting verily excited for that prospect eventually. I have some wild speculation of my very own below:

    JR’s Master Plan:
    I like that theory that Harris Ryland was behind Pam’s fiery tanker crash. So if Bobby was being screwed over by Harris Ryland long before Ann Ryland Ewing ever got into his life… that might put Ann’s shooting of him earlier this season into a whole new light. But then why did Bobby confess (falsely, I may add) to shooting Harris Ryland if he WASN’T protecting Ann? Maybe he had an idea that Harris was behind Pam’s fiery tanker crash (that led to the most bullpuckey plot twist in Dallas history that even TVLine decided to dredge it back up yesterday)?

    What if Victoria Principal’s “press statement” is a red herring? What if VP is INDEED coming back to give Harris Ryland what he deserves: Being shot dead? Pam probably still harbors a lot of resentment towards Ryland for that tanker crash that forced her to have plastic surgery.

    Lady X:
    I really don’t know what to make of this. My guess is it’s a complete red herring and Kristin (the original JR-shooter) decided to come back for the second and final round. OR the club hostess was harboring a fugitive Kristin… But then again that’s just me.

    The Gun and the Letter:
    The gun has some significance I think. Remember when JR was talking about how he could make the gun that shot Tommy show up anyplace at exactly the wrong time when he was talking to Frank? What if THAT gun is the same gun that is now in John Ross’s protection? Why has no one thought to run fingerprints on that gun yet???

    As far as the letter is concerned, it might have something to do with Pam but I dunno. He certainly has been more talkative about Pammy the last few episodes from what I’ve seen.

    • BJ, I forgot about J.R.’s comment about the gun. (In that scene, he also had a great line about making a body turn up at a church social, didn’t he?) The police did find the gun that was used to kill Tommy, although I wonder if that was, in fact, the same gun. I’ll need to do a side-by-side comparison of the two guns in a future post.

      And yes, we’re hearing Pam’s name mentioned a lot more these days. We’ve also gotten two references to Katherine and even some mentions of Digger and Rebecca during the past few weeks. It’s a full-fledged Barnes revival!

      As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    • Dan in WI says:

      I’m going on record of saying the Victoria Principal statement was no red herring. If we see Pam again on screen it will be another recast.
      …unless of course anybody out there hears Victoria is filming an Irish Spring commercial. Then all bets are off.

  3. What if Ryland was conspiring with Katherine Wentworth to rid Pam, Ryland had a rigger deliberatly pull out in front of Pam, so she could crash her car, so Katherine could have all her money. Now, Pam could be dead and Katherine has Pam’s identity and her millions. But, Cliff has no knowledge of this, although he has recently turned nuts himself.

    • A Ryland-Katherine connection occurred to me too, Jamie. Now all we need is to get Morgan Brittany back on the show! And I love your suggestion that Cliff, as nutty as he is, isn’t evil enough to bring harm to Pam himself.

      • Dan in WI says:

        A Ryland-Katherine unholy union could be more than fun. There is no way on earth Katherine could take on the Don Cliff of today. But pair Katherine’s know how with Ryland’s resources we could have one good scrap.
        Then when Ryland/Katherine/Don Cliff inevitably turn on each other the United Ewings snatch victory from the jaws of defeat… and then resume being intra-family enemies as well.

    • I think that could easily be true and would make a lot of sense and is it just me or does Katheirne looks a little bit like the woman with red hair in the methane deal maybe a barnes

      • Intriguing idea! I really like Annie Wersching, the actress you’re referring to. She’d make a great addition to the regular cast.

  4. That sounds like a good plot Dan and you’re right Chris, I don’t think Cliff would intentionally hurt Pam, he’s just still obsessed by the Barnes Ewing feud.

  5. I think Pam will be put to rest. I feel that we will find out that she is dead. There has to be closure for her character. She was a major part of the show. It seems that Cliff Barnes wants to keep the illusion that Pam is alive so Christopher does not get the 1/3 ownership of Barnes Global. Maybe J.R. was looking for Pam’s body. It is clear that the Ryland family has a history of organized crime involvement. Carmen is a viable suspect. She was in Mexico at the time. Perhaps Carmen works with Carlos del Sol. The address on Emma’s pill bottle is an obvious clue. It seems to me that J.R. knew he was in a situation that would likely get himself killed. I do not really feel like it was a suicide. I think it was reckless and intentionally dangerous. I think one of the very best scenes this season is when Bobby reached out to J.R. for help dealing with Harris Ryland. Bobby was very serious and J.R. understanding how series Bobby was in his plead, decided to do whatever it would take to honor his little brother’s request. I look at is a an act of love and sacrifice for his brother and not as some form of suicide. The Ewings face an uphill battle. I, for some reason, feel that J.R. was shot by a female. I really do not base it on anything that I saw this season. I was a little surprised when the lady, Rhonda, referred to J.R. as a gentleman. She also knew that the questions J.R. was asking her could get her killed. I think in the end, we will know what happened to Pam. Christopher will own 1/3 of Barnes Global. I think when Cliff Barnes told Christopher that he is a Barnes at J.R.’s funeral, there was a clear meaning to that. Look, Cliff Barnes wants what the Ewings have. He always did, just like his father Digger wanted what the Ewings have. In J.R.’s letter to John Ross he made it clear that Barnes is coming to take everything away that the Ewings have. Miss Ellie left half of South Fork to John Ross and not to J.R. because she did not want her grandson to destroy himself going after South Fork, the way J.R. had. Cliff Barnes made it clear that he wanted South Fork in season one. While J.R. was in his care home with his resentments, Cliff Barnes was running Barnes Global with all of his resentments. J.R. and Cliff Barnes are two men that are clearly blinded by hatred and resentment. Two things that can destroy a persons soul. Bobby wants everyone to think J.R. was killed by a thief. I think part of that reason is to keep the real murderer and possibly the people behind J.R.’s murder to keep thinking they got away with it. This would make it easier to find them. Perhaps it was not Pam that killed J.R., instead the person who had assumed Pam’s identity killed him. We know Harris Ryland, Cliff Barnes, and the Governor are all in cahoots.

    • These are great points, Jump. I’m thinking we’re going to find Pam dead, too. I like the idea that Cliff has been keeping the idea that Pam is alive to prevent Christopher from claiming one-third of Barnes Global. And like you, I predict Christopher is going to wind up with his mom’s share of the company before all is said and done.

  6. JR’s letter to Bobby.

    Why does Cliff seem to be willing to do anything to Christopher while at the same time trying to convince him he’s a Barnes?

    Has Cliff found out something about Christopher that has made him turn on him?

    Does JR’s letter to Bobby reveal that JR is actually Christopher’s biological father?! Imagine Cliff’s reaction if JR’s son was going to inherit part of Barnes Global. Maybe that is why he wanted Pamela Rebecca to marry him, not to get half of the Methane patent in divorce settlement but for half of Chris’ Barnes Global holdings which Cliff would conveniently allow him to inherit will he was married to Pamela Rebecca. Maybe that is why he is keeping Pam “alive” until he can get 50% control of Rebecca Wentworth’s Trust so he can remain the unchallenged Trustee…

    The named Trustee must be mentally competent, could this be how they wrestle control of the trust from Cliff with Pamela Rebecca’s help?

    • I forgot to say. Bobby’s reaction to the letter when he’s in JR’s room would fit with this…

    • Nick, I think we’re very much on the same wavelength regarding J.R.’s letter to Bobby. As far as the mental competency issue: Wouldn’t J.R. love it if Cliff was hauled away in a straitjacket?

    • Dan in WI says:

      Unless secretly did a DNA test on Christopher somewhere along the line he can’t be the father and I would be upset continuity-wise if he was. I would also think Bobby would have a whole different reaction to reading that in the letter.

  7. Okay…. I’m going out on a limb and am moving Cliff Barnes up to ‘strong’ candidate as JR’s killer. I know, I know,,,,,,Cliff is always the bridesmaid and never the bride when it comes to crimes against or around the Ewings. But what if the most obvious choice to be accused actually did it this time? Like the story of the boy who cried wolf…….remember, eventually the wolf did come. I think that Cliff has been on top of the world for years now. He finally had out did JR and is worth far more than JR was at death. This came after years and years of being JR’s whipping boy. After Cliff had that affair with Sue Ellen, JR destroyed every chance he had at being a successful lawyer or politician. He beat him at business. He constantly meddled in Cliff’s life. Then the tables turned thanks to the winds of fortune. JR was down and out and Cliff owns and runs a billion $$ company. Then we have JR getting back to his old ways and spirits. He concocts the grand scheme to to take Cliff and Ryland down.

    Like I said before, for JR to call it his masterpiece means it has to be a really big scheme….think of some of the crazy stuff JR pulled over the years. The sole reason the Ewings went from being a family worth a few 10’s of millions to being worth a few billion was solely due to JR schemes. (& let’s face it…it was some of his schemes that eventually caused them to lose a billion or 2!)

    I think Cliff could have found out somehow that JR was on the verge of realizing that Chris possibly owns 1/3, 1/2 (if Katherine is dead and her shares split between her siblings), or 2/3 (if Katherine is dead and she gave her shares to Chris). And that Cliff has been keeping this knowledge secret either just because he is greedy or even for more nefarious reasons(like he was involved in one of their deaths) And since Chris identify a as a Ewing,,,not a Barnes….Cliff would not be happy that his company would be in his hands. At JR’s memorial Cliff tried to tell Chris he is a Barnes not a Ewing. Was this a attempt to keep Chris from possibly getting involved in JR’s scheme? Since JR managed to turn Frank against Cliff, maybe his paranoia is so over the top that he thought Jr knowing that Cliff actually doesn’t own all of BG…he had to kill him??? He

    But of course my theory has a big hole in it…….Ryland….how does Ryland figure into it? Maybe JR’s machinations against both of them at the same time alerted one of them to the other. Who made the first contact between Ryland and Cliff? Whomever did had to have found out what JR was up to. He (whomever made first contact) might be the one who killed JR to prevent his dark secret from coming to light. Maybe JR was investigating them at the same time because he just happened to be plotting against both of them. They joined forces now because they are enemies of the same enemy.

    Actually, that does mean that Ryland moves up on my list of strong suspects, too. But, I honestly think Ryland is just being opportunistic. He thinks that he has a chance to take down Bobby and Sue Ellen because JR is no longer around. I think he doesn’t /didn’t have a beef with JR in particular. Now… That could have changed if JR was about to expose him as being in bed for a really long time with the cartels. So he could have been the one who found out what JR was up to in Laredo and had him killed. He might have then decided to use Cliff to put down the Ewings and help him get control of Ryland industries.

    But…..I am putting Cliff higher than Ryland. Cliff has had a long, long sordid history with JR. I also think he has become very twisted over the years. The thought of JR actually coming back after all these years and being the cause of him losing a chunk of Barnes Global and exposing his secrets might be enough to push him over the edge enough to finally kill JR. (Btw…Chris truly being the owner of the majority or 1/2 of BG might be the reason that Cliff sent PR after Chris 2+ years ago.)

    I am not ready to bet money on either Ryland or Cliff. But I am certainly moving them higher. The next clues might change it all….lol. Katherine remains a wild card for me.

    Btw…I loved all of Ryland’s stories last night. He is certainly a wicked character. I am still a little shocked what he did to poor Drew and Emma.

    • Hel, I’m with you on this. Cliff is near the top of my list of suspects too. I still wonder if he’s “playing” Harris — getting Harris to do some of his dirty work for him and perhaps setting up Harris to take the fall for J.R.’s murder. I don’t think Cliff is going to get away with it, though.

      • Dan in WI says:

        Absolutely Harris and Don Cliff are playing each other. Neither is the type to want to be anything but top dog. The will both be looking for the opportunity to turn on each other. See my other post in this thread on that topic.

    • Dan in WI says:

      The only problem I have with Cliff doing it (besides the off camera reasons of too easy and not passing the Patrick Duffy Jaw Drop Test(tm.)) is that Don Cliff still doesn’t strike me the type to get his hands dirty. He didn’t kill Frank either. Then again it would have been hard to directly kill Frank…

      I also think you jumping the gun giving Christopher half of Barnes Global/Wentworth Industries/Consolidated Lint. Who out there believes Katherine is actually dead?

      • I might differ with you on the jaw-dropping test, Dan. If it turns out J.R. was murdered, the killer won’t have much future on the show, right? The audience isn’t going to stand to have J.R.’s killer around week after week. So what could be more shocking than to have the killer turn out to be someone who has been part of “Dallas” since 1978? I know Mr. Kercheval isn’t a regular on the new show, but he is still an important part of the series.

        I see how it might seem predictable to have it turn out that J.R. was finally done in by his oldest enemy, but there’s also something ironic about the idea that Cliff being the killer. As others have pointed out, he’s always the “bridesmaid” when Ewings get shot on this show. Might there be shock value in the idea that this time, he really pulled the trigger?

      • Dan in WI says:

        I guess what you are saying is even shock or jaw dropping is in the eye of the beholder. No it wouldn’t shock me if was Cliff. He’s not my top prospect but it wouldn’t shock me either. But you point out we don’t all shock the same. Now I have to rethink my entire suspect list.

      • I can also remember some cast members predicting audiences would be shocked by the revelation that Rebecca is Cliff’s daughter. A good twist, but that one didn’t shock me.

    • Well, if we apply the jaw dropping test to Cliff….I think he would pass it. Everyone is discounting Cliff as the killer because they all say he is the obvious suspect and that writers always make him a suspect… But the fact that this time he is the actual wolf bride (combining 2 there.lol) this time would blow most viewers out of the water….new and old. Especially old viewers…..that would cause a complete uproar. Cliff is high on my list….but I still will be shocked if he is the killer. I am truly highly suspicious of him…..but like I said not ready to put money down on him yet.

      Dan, I am not saying that Chris is definetly going to get 1/2 or 2/3 of Barnes Global. (Actually it is even speculation that he will get the 1/3….Pam might still be found.) I am putting it out there that if Katherine and Pam are both dead or disappeared….that it is a strong possibility that Chris could be in line to inherit one of those larger portions of the company. Let’s face it…..we all are speculating and Bobby and the others are speculating as well. No one knows for sure.

      My point is that if JR found out that Cliff shouldn’t own/control all of Barnes Global… and we all know JR would actually do something to take it away from him… as paranoid and twisted as Cliff is now, if he found out what JR was up to…..he becomes a top suspect in JR’s murder.

      • Very good point. Wow if Cliff Barnes shot and killed J.R. Ewing, that would be quite remarkable. Any person watching Dallas has to consider Cliff Barnes as suspect #1. I mean we really could ask – “Who (besides Cliff Barnes) killed J.R.?”

      • I’m kind of thinking the same thing, Jump!

      • Cliff Barnes, wolf bride. I love it! We’ll have to trademark that one too.

  8. just a little comment: “Barnes Global” could be an old Wentworth-Industries-firm. After it became big, Cliff renamed it. So that is why it wasn’t mentioned on the old show.

  9. As to the “startled” look on Bobby’s face after after Rhonda’s comments, I got the impressin that he was trying not to let on that something she said didn’t sound right. (No kidding). I’m wondering if JR was ever really in her room. If not, is she lying, or did someone impersonating JR speak with her? But, then, certainly she’s seen pictures of JR, right. I also don’t recall the comments about making a gun appear or disappear. I remember the comments about the body, but not the gun.

    • Yeah, I think you’re right about the gun/body appearing thing. I need to watch that scene again. I also agree it looked like Bobby was trying to keep a poker face in response to what Rhonda said. But what about her statement didn’t sound right to him? The mystery deepens!

  10. I think that it won’t be kristen although would be great as she origianlly was the ‘who shot jr in the first place. I was worried at first the who shot jr would be vincente and would be boring but hes dead so he won’t but I think that alot of the conspiracies and theorys people have come up with not many don’t have any chance of happening. I think it won’t be Cliff as it would be a very obvious choice and when he bombarded the funeral and he to John Ross I would have but somenody beat me to it. I also agree with Sue Ellen most of the people in the phone book wanted to kills him. Something the writers didn’t take from the oled shot jr is the episode where it happens they didn’t make everybody angry with him and show a many array of supsects and the fact jr was in another country made things even more complicated. I thinks it unlikely that frank will come back when he killed himself they wounden’t have just given his body to cliff it would have ierd and frreakishly hard to regain the body as he crumbled incourt and he was probably buried and he was buried alive then he woulden’t have survived anyway. I think that the woman who chris and john are doing a methane deal with may be involved. She already tried to screw them ver once and they wrre just lucky that chris had those pics of her and john ross or Cliff may have got the contract instead although shes been silenced for nowI woder wther she will come back in bloackmailing herself. Wit jr’s masterpeice I think its quite obvious that a JR eants John ross to shoot ryland and cliff for him basically kill them beofre they kill you. The info for chirs is pretty self explanatory but I rthin the conspiracy about pam being a hidden partner of barnes global makes alot of sense and but the chances of being able ti get pam on to a team against cliff is near to impossible especially fter them not in contact for years. In the old sereis she found it hard to ever side against cliff she has to many morals in that way and even if cliff had killed someoe I don’ think that she could side with everyone else. i think that the chance that cliff has already known pam is around and has dealed with her to help him against the ewing will have been said but I think she won’t join a side with anyone. I can’t beleve that she hasn’t after the years like 25 years she hasn’t come back to see her son at some point I understand why she left but I think that its ridiculous and she left expecting bobby wouden’t want to see her and remeber her how she used to be . Bobby would’ve stayed with her all his life what ever she looked like you can guess that fromho bobby’s charactors is portrayed in te show through all the year.s Ann I am certain that ann has nothng to do with the murder but h3r marriage with bobby is already on a ledge and if Pam comes back then she almost has no hcnace of getting back to how they were becasue Bobby I’m sure still loves pam . Now I am aware of the press statement from victoria principal saying she wants to honour the charactor by leving it and stuff but although shes doign what she thinks will exclude pam from returning I think from the fact she sposed to have had plastic surgery thy can bring in another actress because I think they will die to the part I think shes gonna play in the jr’s masterpiece plan.
    With the letter from bobby I think it will say who murdered him on that sheet but it can’t be someone thehy don’t like because otherwise he would have told john and chrid and they would have gon after them. but the fact they have to sort it out …. as a fmily meens its probably a memeber of the family. and it must be someone he wants to protect to say make the polic keep thinking it was amugger .

    • Two of the items JR left for Bobby, Christopher, and John Ross connect to Cliff. We still don’t know what the letter is about. From a plot writing point of view you’d think one would point to Cliff, one would point to Ryland, the other JR’s killer. Nothing seems so far to point to Ryland other than the trip to Mexico.

      What if JR is using Ryland as a pawn in this to get Cliff. JR not only predicted Cliff and Ryland would work together but also said Ryland was a child about to be schooled by a very dangerous man. Maybe be wanted to force Cliff to seek out Rylands help so that when JR takes down Ryland who is a much easier target he can implicate Cliff.

      What about this gun? I can’t see JR wanting John Ross to shoot Cliff. There must be a body connected to it! What body might help? Tommy would implicate Pamela Rebecca but that doesn’t really drive the plot much. Rebecca Sutter is probably dead but unless Cliff pulled the trigger I can’t see how that helps. I can’t think of any other person than Katherine. They made a point of saying she’s dead. What if it’s the gun that killed her which of course then would have to tie back to Cliff.

      Who else gains from Cliff being out of the way… Pamela Rebecca, she’s about to be very powerful!

      Do you think Emma is going to throw in with the Ewings against Ryland?

      I’m not saying any of this is what I WANT to happen!

      • Ooh! What if the gun was used to kill Katherine! That would be a delicious twist, even if it eliminates the possibility of Morgan Brittany’s return.

    • Anonymous says:

      As fun as it would be for Kristen to come back to finish what she tried to all those years ago. I believe she died at the end of season 4 after drowning in the Ewing pool.

      • I think you’re probably right, Anonymous. It seems less and less likely that TNT is going to spring Kristin on us again.

  11. I think it was Carlos Del Sol in cahoots with Ryland and the cartels they where all doing business together and J.R. was about to bring them all down. How else would have Carlos known to be at the police station so quickly and know what happened to J.R.? Also he brought Rhonda in to try and help cover it up. LOL her saying J.R. was a gentlemen is what put Bobby on guard about that lady and I think that is why he asked her to stick around a few days in Dallas. I do not think she ever meet J.R. or at least not the real one because everyone knows how the real J.R is. Cliff is using Ryland to do is dirty because he no longer has Frank. I do think it would be awesome if that pill Frank took only took him out for a little while but not permanently and he was the killer but I doubt it especially after Cliff told him his family would be taken care of once he was gone. I am just on the edge of my seat waiting to see who it is!

    • I also question Carlos’ motive. Being a friend of JR’s makes him a little fishy in itself. Lol…however, having said that I do have to acknowledge that Bobby and Sue Ellen both seem quite convinced that he is a straight shooter. Years of contact with JR highly honed their ability to see and feel sordid ness in others.

      I don’t know if the bobby reaction to Rhonda is meant to be questioning of her. When I saw the scene several times, I read his reaction as sorrow at her reminder that JR is dead.

      • Hel, that occurred to me too. Maybe Bobby is just sad to be reminded that his brother is no longer around. Regardless, I really think that actress nailed the scene, as Aaron Allen pointed out on Twitter the other night. She did a lot with a small role and made her character seem very sympathetic. I kind of don’t want her to turn out to be a co-conspirator in something nefarious.

    • I’m on the edge of my seat too, Dee! It’s hard to believe there are only two weeks left.

  12. Chris, your question in the OP about living trusts re: Katherine’s share. It all depends on the terms that Rebecca set up in that trust. She could have spelled out specifically who inherits what if one of the siblings died. She could have also set it up that each beneficiary gets to choose to whom they leave their portion. There is no set answer here. The writers can choose any scenario they would like. (This goes back to my explanation on trusts I gave about the JR and Miss Ellie wills episode). Since Chris was alive when Rebecca died, it is realistic that she set it up that he inherits if anything happens to her children….regardless of what that child (Pam, Katherine, or Cliff) wanted to do with her/his share.

    I read a case where a woman owned a large family estate that had been in her family for over 175 years. Before she passed away, her first few great grandchildren had been born. She wanted to insure that they would at some point own the estate. She set up her will in a trust that dictated the exact passage (in specific order) of the family estate from her children, her grandchildren, and the first 2 great grandchildren. After that point, the woman set it up to end the trust.

    That is the benefit of trusts . It allows the deceased to determine what happens to their property from the grave.

  13. Sean T. says:

    All the little pieces we are coming up with are awesome! I just really hope the trigger person does not just become a side bit to this larger conspiracy. The reveal of who killed JR has to be big!

  14. First, my best to you and Andrew.
    I’m a longtime fan & thrilled to have the show back. I’m a bit concerned/confused about how JR’s masterpiece ties into Rebecca Wentworth’s will? Maybe someone can decode this. After she died, she left her shares of Wentworth Industries to Kathryn & Pam. Cliff didn’t inherit Wentworth Industries stock, but he did get Rebecca’s shares of Barnes-Wentworth oil company. Finally, Herbert Wentworth’s original company, Wentworth Tool & Die, was split between the three. So how did Barnes Global come into existence? Rebecca never had any shares of Barnes Global because it didn’t exist yet. Moreover, Pam never had any shares of Barnes Global, nor of Barnes-Wentworth Oil Company (although she did eventually work there). So how does Christopher stand to inherit “1/3 of Barnes Global” if neither Rebecca Wentworth nor Pam Ewing ever had anything to do with it to begin with?

    • Wentworth tool and die was most likely renamed Barnes Global by Cliff. Which in itself is telling…. I can’t imagine Katherine willingly ever allowing her father’s name to be taken away and have it changed to Barnes…… Tells me that Katherine might be out of the pic …perhaps due to Cliff?…..

    • Hi Ted!

      Regarding Barnes Global: I think we just have to accept that this probably isn’t going to be explained any further. As you point out, there were lots of various Wentworth companies. It seems as if the show has “simplified” them a bit by putting them all under the umbrella of “Barnes Global.” Given how complicated the Wentworth corporate web is, I don’t mind this bit of revisionism. I’m usually a stickler for continuity, but in this case I’m willing to go with it.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting!


  15. I too suspect CARLOS! I have from the start. I’m not so sure he’s the killer exactly, but he knows who the killer is or is in cahoots. There is something about him that’s not right.

    I am still holding out hope that J.R. did not set up his own death. Honestly I’ll be hacked off, because it was HIS letter to Sue Ellen asking her out on a date that made her start drinking again. I’m holding out that he wouldn’t have sent her that letter knowing he was going to die.

    I’ve discussed this on Twitter, but really, I’m disappointed with the violence on the show. Not that I’m against tv violence (you know what I mean), but I am on THIS show because back in the day, they used bribery, extortion, wire-tapping to do the dirty work.

    I think my problem is I want it to be 1978 and it’s just not.

    • I’m with you on the violence, Wendy. I’m savoring the “Who Killed J.R.?” storyline, but I don’t want any more shootings on the show for awhile. Or maybe ever.

    • Dan in WI says:

      That is an excellent point against a JR suicide. He should have know that would have pushed her over the sobriety edge. If he’s trying to make up for things that is the last thing he would want to do.

  16. 5 clues that must be connected:
    1)Emma having prescription bottle from Mexican pharmacy. either her or Ryland were in mexico.
    2)picture of Ryland trucks in Mexico. I felt this was tied into Pam’s accident as soon as I saw that picture.
    3)Carmen being in Mexico…not sure what this means but not a coincidence.
    4)Katherine being dead according to Bobby…Pam alive should have been the opposite not sure if this is sloppy research by writer’s or intentional.
    5)That speech by the waitress about JR seemed out of place as well as Bobby’s reaction.

  17. Rhona looked like she had a mask on, could be Katherine Wentworth in disguise. But only JR knew the whole puzzle and unfortunatly he’s not around anymore to save his family.

  18. ejknight says:

    Pam Barnes Ewing#1 has become too obvious. I immediately thought it was her, then maybe Vanessa Beaumont and/or James Richard Beaumont. But now that they keep mentioning Katherine’s name and Pam#2 got her ear rings, maybe it was Pam#1 who died and Katherine assumed her identity and is the culprit. Can’t wait to find out, but God I hope they dont make it turn out to be Kristin.
    Cynthia Cidre and her team has done such an excellent job on this series. I don’t think they would succumb to the daytime soap habit of lazy writing and have Kristin revealed as the killer.

  19. ive felt like Katherine is the killer for awhile but theres one woman that doesnt come up when discussing JRs killer and shed be the perfect culprit. shes someone ruthless and wealthy and has reason to have been in mexico….Judith Ryland! it would make absolute sense that shed be in mexico,whether for the trucking company “business” or possibly buying Emmas tranquilizers across the border..if she found out that JR was onto the Ryland smuggling business,she would be more than capable of doing what she had to do to protect her son and company! and shes been conveniently absent since Harris has her drugged up and sent away…so my new guess is Judith Ryland!!!


  1. […] puzzle and try to outsmart everyone else, just like our hero used to do. Despite my own attempts to analyze the latest evidence, I still have no idea where “Dallas” is going with all of this, but I’m having a hell of a […]

  2. […] Will Bobby solve J.R.’s puzzle? Carlos (Castulo Guerra), J.R.’s Mexican friend, introduced Bobby (Patrick Duffy) to Rhonda […]

  3. […] does Harris’s Mexican trucking operation and club hostess Rhonda Simmons (Emily Kosloski) fit in? Suppose Carlos and Cliff are in cahoots; Carlos knew his “friend” […]

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