The Dal-List: 15 Great ‘Dallas’ Scenes Featuring Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman made magic every time he appeared on “Dallas,” so coming up with a definitive list of his greatest scenes feels like an impossible task. Instead, let’s just call this a list of 15 performances I love. 15. Welcome to the family. On the day Bobby brings Pam (Victoria Principal) home to Southfork and introduces […]

Dallas Parallels: Welcome to the Family

Introducing “Dallas Parallels,” a periodic feature that showcases connections between TNT’s “Dallas” and the original series. Quite appropriately, TNT’s “Dallas” pilot, “Changing of the Guard,” is chock full of allusions to “Digger’s Daughter,” the classic show’s first hour. Both episodes open with a leading lady exclaiming a male Ewing’s name (Pam: “Bobby James Ewing, I don’t […]

The Best & Worst of Dallas: Season 1

“Dallas’s” first season is comprised of just five episodes, but there’s no shortage of things to cheer and jeer. Performances Sorry Mr. Hagman, but Victoria Principal owns Season 1. The actress makes Pam confident and charming, with a laugh that would make Julia Roberts envious. Pam is also unapologetically sexual, making her one of television’s […]

TNT’s Dallas Styles: Bobby’s Leather Coat

Bobby wears a brown leather coat in “The Last Hurrah,” but it’s not the same jacket he sported throughout the original “Dallas’s” 14-season run. On the old show, Bobby rocked a snap-collared motorcross jacket that symbolized the character’s inherent coolness. The first time we see Bobby, in the first scene of “Dallas’s” first episode, “Digger’s […]

Drill Bits: TNT’s ‘Dallas’ Wrangles Big Audience

The June 13 debut of TNT’s “Dallas” drew 6.9 million viewers, becoming the year’s most-watched premiere of a cable drama or comedy. The audience included a healthy 1.9 million viewers between the ages of 18 and 49, the group advertisers pay a premium to reach. “Dallas’s” two-hour premiere drew more viewers than any program on […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 13 – ‘Election’

If ever anyone questioned the politics of “Dallas’s” first families, “Election” should clear things up. Cliff runs for state senate on a pro-environment, anti-corruption platform. Martin Cole, the candidate the Ewings recruit to run against him, is described as a churchgoer who opposes gun control, abortion rights and higher taxes. Could it be clearer? When […]

Pam Ewing, Prime-Time Pioneer

If re-watching “Dallas’s” first season taught me anything, it’s this: Pam Ewing is one of prime-time television’s pioneering women. No, really. When “Dallas” begins, Pam isn’t the Miss Goody Two-Boots many of us remember from the show’s heyday. She’s spunkier, scrappier – and more sexual. The show makes no secret of the fact Pam isn’t […]

Dallas Styles: Bobby’s Leather Jacket

Bobby Ewing, Dallas, Patrick Duffy

Bobby Ewing’s leather motorcross jacket isn’t as well known as J.R.’s Stetsons or Miss Ellie’s sack dresses, but it’s every bit as durable. Patrick Duffy is sporting the snap-collared jacket when we meet Bobby in Act I, Scene I of “Dallas’s” Episode 1, “Digger’s Daughter.” The jacket, like the red convertible Bobby is driving, lets […]

The Art of Dallas: ‘Digger’s Daughter’

Pam (Victoria Principal) considers a romantic overture from Ray (Steve Kanaly) in this 1978 publicity shot from “Digger’s Daughter,”“Dallas’s” first episode.

Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘… Put You Up to This, Miss Barnes?’

In “Digger’s Daughter,” “Dallas’s” first episode, J.R. (Larry Hagman) shows Pam (Victoria Principal) around the Southfork grounds. J.R.: Did your brother put you up to this, Miss Barnes? Pam looks stunned. J.R.: Well, I don’t think that’s an unusual question to ask, Miss Barnes. PAM: [Angrily] Mrs. Ewing. Excuse me, please. She begins to walk […]