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Here are links for the fan-driven campaign to save “Dallas” from cancellation.


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Why do you want to save “Dallas”? Share your positive feedback, ideas and suggested links below.


  1. Tyler Ewing says:

    We need to keep up the good work and #savedallas Larry would be so proud of us all!!!

  2. Mandy Downer says:

    Save Dallas, its my childhood memories.

  3. Marsha Horton says:

    Pls Save Dallas! The story lines are amazing and the characters are riveting.
    We look forward to every episode to see what the writers have in mind for each character. Please Please Save Dallas!!

  4. I have a personal emotion on why I want to save Dallas, and they are Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, they deserve Dallas to be back for another season, they are iconic legends and both of them were so happy to be back playing their roles, broke my heart for them both being so disappointed on the cancelation, I am fighting for them and the great Larry Hagman

  5. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas. I grew up watching this show. I love all the people on Dallas. So we need to bring it back.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas . I love this show and look forward to it every week. I love the actors. So sad by this news. Pleeez don’t cancel. 😦

  7. Save Dallas please!

  8. #SaveDallas

  9. #SaveDallas Love the show please bring back. Best show on tv.

  10. RaeAnn Posner says:

    Have really enjoyed this show… dedicated fan!

  11. Joanne Brown says:


  12. Peggy Clenney says:

    The fans love the show, the cast loves the fans, and the show brings in lots of visitors who come to see Dallas and visit Southfork.
    Also there is unfinished business…the show stopped with a cliffhanger.

  13. 67 SS Camaro Crazy says:

    To help simplify & quicken the process for busy people I composed a sample letter for anyone to copy & paste or re word as they wish to ask them to pick up Dallas. Email (CBS CEO) (Chairman of CBS Entertainment) and (Head/Senior Vice President of CBS Daytime). You can write to Leslie Moonves, Ceo-CBS Corporation, and Miss Nina Tassler at 7800 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90036 Telephone: 818-655-5000 (CBS Studio Number) For Leslie Mooves and 323-575-2747 ( Nina Tassler’s Number)


    TNT has canceled Dallas and there is a campaign to save it. Google #SAVEDALLAS to find out why the fans are outraged and stunned with disbelief at this decision. Coming from a Blacklist fan-Dallas has the best actors & best writers I’ve ever seen! We’re on the edge of our seat every episode! Just go to Netflix and watch one of the episodes from the new Dallas and you’ll be hooked! The original Dallas was a hit and debuted on April 2, 1978, as a five-part miniseries on the CBS network and was broadcast 13 full seasons from September 23, 1978 to May 3, 1991. This series would be an extremely lucrative investment for CBS. Please pick up the series so we can find out what happens next!!


    • While this isn’t a bad idea, if also feel that each person should be writing their own letters i their own personal words. This way the selected Network will get many different reasons of why we feel the show should be picked up by them. Nancy Wizner

  14. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas, I have been watching for years and was very happy when they it restarted so to stop it now would be very sad and not what JR would have wanted…

  15. jackie duncan says:

    I agree all comments common excutives at warner brothers studios find dallas another home how about cbs again or another company save dallas want to see it back Patrick and linda gray deserve this they are icons watched them for years in dallas and other programmes

  16. The rating were down on season 3. Lets give TNT and or other networks proof that life on TV’s Dallas is worth saving

  17. I think we can’t stop until we win this. Big mistake in this cancellation when they should have just moved it to another night. Also the dvr recordings and the On Demand recordings should have been added into the counts as it would have raised the ratings to a much safer count. MUCH SAFER! So my word to everyone is to WRITE LETTERS, SEND EMAILS, CONTACT TALK SHOWS TO MENTION US AND OUR CAMPAIGN AND THAT IS IT IN FULL SWING. ~~~ and we WILL WIN!!

  18. rich breitfeller says:

    as a dallas fan from the begging, I was amazed at how well the new show is.the cast is a great mix of young and veteren actors. Patrick and Linda, have been great. I hope the show will continue, there are a lot of fans out there.

  19. bree Himmel says:

    I too am a Huge Dallas fan right from the 80s till now. Please Please PLEASE TBS don’t cancel the show. I need my Bobby Ewing Fix!!

  20. ross macleod says:

    i loved dallas and have all 14 seasons of the 1980,s on dvd and was very excited when dallas came back on our screens and have the right balance of the old cast and new young actors alas larry hagman passed away and i knew it was going to be tough as he was dallas but come T.N.T. give the new dallas a chance as i think they are going in the right direction keep dallas on television , what would larry hagman say if he was with us today he gave everything to the 80,s dallas and what does T.N.T. do insult his memory to him and all dallas fans

  21. I have been a Dallas fan since the original started and was really excited to have it back on TV. I hope another network picks up the show or TNT changes their mind. Great characters, great historical story line. Please, please somebody rescue Dallas! We fans love this show and want it back.

  22. Anonymous says:

    #savedallas loved this programme as a child even better now!

  23. I don’t care where Dallas ends up, as long as it comes back WITH Jesse Metcalfe! I was livid that they killed Christopher and wasn’t sure I’d continue to watch. I have a solution to that problem. He was kidnapped by the cartel and someone else was in the car. I love my Ewing men! I really don’t want to see Bobby lose more than he’s already has. That would be horrible.

  24. How about cmt or gactv? Will they appreciate dallas on tv?

  25. karen martin says:

    Save Dalla . This was an amazing show with a fabulous cast. Just as good as the original. You need to renew the show or have another network pick it up. It is too good to cancel it

  26. Save Dallas !!! i’m a Dallas fan since it all started in the 80 t’s, i have been watching Dallas with my mother and gave me alot of great memorys , and now i’m watching the new shows with my own doughter and she also is hooked already ! please anyone save this for us , all Dallas fans around the world would have the best time of there lives !

  27. Barbara A. Collins says:

    #SaveDallas . I love Dallas. It means so very much to me. I never missed an episode of the old Dallas. The old Dallas was what made me want to live in Dallas. My son moved here and went to work after receiving his Masters from Texas A&M. I was so excited. I loved visiting here. Finally talked my husband into moving here after retirement. Wish I could have been here before, that was about 8 years ago. When “The New Dallas” came on the air—I was soooo excited. Have watched every episode. Love, love, love it. Please make this old lady happy. #SaveDallas .

  28. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas! It’s perfect, fun, binge-worthy soap opera with characters we love and hate at once. Every episode delivers smart, intriguing, devilish, all-in-good-fun plot twists.

  29. Save Dallas! It’s smart, devilish, binge-worthy fun – cleverly penned with characters we love and hate at once, and endless plot twists that keep us tuning in.

  30. #SaveDallas #SaveTheEwings

  31. I think you need to get more media involved – try Jimmy Fallon – he has a HUGE audience and would be a great help!

  32. Please SAVE DALLAS!!! GREAT Show let the Great Cast New and Old Characters keep going still Sooooooooooooooo MUCH More stories need answered ect… old Characters could return!!!! Plsssssssssss Save Dallas!!

  33. Ever so anxious for an awesome network to pick up Americas favorite television show. Thank you Warner Brothers for pressing on to find us a home!!! Bring on the Ewings – Don’t Mess with Texas! #savedallas

  34. Dallas devam lutfen

  35. so proud of all the fans for not letting TNT get away with this….”Nobody puts Dallas in the corner” LOL #PLEASESAVEDALLAS

  36. G. Charles Yates says:

    I would love to see “DALLAS” on either MeTV, AntennaTV or GetTV. These are Networks showing the newer and older TV shows!

  37. Scott Richardson says:

    The show D A L L A S is an icon !!! We have to have it on the air please!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Started DALLAS from the 1st episode…yrs ago….still love it….keep it going!!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Love Dallas. SAVEDALLAS!!!!!!

  40. SAVEDALLAS!!!!!!

  41. Save Dallas!! It’s a great show with an awesome cast! Need a way to sign petition for people who are not on Facebook like myself!

  42. jodi west says:

    Please #savedallas ty kindly … it’s the best drama show on TV

  43. Lisa Kennedy says:

    Please save Dallas. It has been such an interesting and exciting show to watch again . Love all the characters

  44. Ellen Ryles says:

    Please #savedallas we need it here in the UK too. Keep up the good work. Its a fab program. 😉

  45. Darlene Meli says:

    #SaveDallas…please bring Dallas back for all the devoted fans. The writers and actors are all stars they provided hours of real entertainment.

  46. We need to save dallas I loved it as a kid and even more as a adult …….maybe we should boycot tnt maybe if everyone s stops watching there station they will think twice about putting dallas back on

  47. Please save Dallas I have been watching since a little girl….I have many good memories with my Nana and my mom watching…and today my mom and I watch….sooooo please don’t cancel the show…

  48. Gary Sackett says:

    Save Dallas it is a great show

  49. Debra barker says:

    Please save Dallas love the show

  50. Save Dallas! Great show, great cast with a great following!!!

  51. #savedallas We love love love the show! We looked forward to watching it every Monday. It’s what got us through the Monday blues! Please SAVE DALLAS!!!!!!


  53. Mona Grant says:

    Save Dallas!! I was heartbroken to learn that any network would cancel such a great show!

  54. Save Dallas please we love The Show,

  55. I cannot believe that no station will pick it up. Oprah would not pick up the show on her station. She would have tons of viewers. \

    • Do no cancel Dallas. They keep stupid stuff on TV and cancel the good ones. The ratings could not have been that bad. Someone please pick it up

  56. Sue carter says:

    Surely we should keep on fighting for this show ,don’t give up its the best show on TV

  57. Anonymous says:

    Pls bring back Dallas on CBS! Love it beginning to now! Dont let it end this way by TNT!

  58. You can’t be serious about cancelling Dallas. With all the other crap on TV these days – reality shows – REALLY? America’s Got Talent – Never watch it. Comedy shows that are just stupid. The return of Dallas was one of the only shows I watched on TV. The never ending drama and great acting were so refreshing. I am so sorry for Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray. I wish them and the rest of the new Dallas cast all the best. I certainly enjoyed every episode.

  59. Dallas is the best show ever please keep it on tntf

  60. If only Mr Duffy or Miss Gray would contact me so I can show that getting Dallas back into production is possible with my skills etc

  61. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t they make an ending television
    movie that wraps up the story for the fans?

  62. Dallas Fan Forever says:

    I visited Southfork Ranch recently, and I still can’t believe that Dallas isn’t back on television. There were people touring Southfork Ranch that traveled all of the way from the Unitied Kingdom (Wales). Dallas is popular worldwide!

    With the 40th anniversary of Dallas coming up in 2018, I would hope that CBS gets to work in 2017 with a special treat to honor this show and the fans. Dallas made a lot of money for CBS, especially during the ’80s. We need a reunion, mini series, some tribute to wrap up the storylines and honor this iconic show. Better yet, another series continuation with a new producer and new writers. Please bring Dallas back, CBS!

  63. ross macleod says:

    we need to keep up the pressure to get dallas back on tv these days all television has is cheap reality shows lining the big tv bosses pockets get dallas back on tv

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